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Amazing ways to execute a whimsical garden wedding!


While there is some amount of magic in every wedding day out there, some just speak differently and immediately encapsulate one in those iridescent magical threads and whisper promises of some unforgettable time ahead! Whipped up in a flurry of Dickinson poetry come to life, a page borrowed from the storybooks filled with stone castles and elaborate rose gardens, and the warm nostalgia of Disney movies of the princess, the shoe that fits, and happily ever after, a whimsical wedding is special in its special way. It allows you to live your best whimsical fairytale even as two grown-up adults, and do so with all the elaborate splendor and earnestness of a child. 


While whimsical weddings look different ways, from woodsy forest weddings to fairytale weddings in a castle to celestial weddings, we are here today to talk about a specific one which has our hearts in special way-garden weddings! From Secret Garden to Bridgerton, there is something so incredibly romantic and magical about a gorgeous garden, it is no surprise that garden weddings are already set out for success because there is no way you can go wrong with that one! If you have your set for a spring fete or a refreshing summer wedding, a garden wedding seems like the perfect fit for the equation. One might suspect it is a burst of gorgeous flowers blooming in abundance which might have something to do with it. Or maybe it is the gorgeous sunny days that beg for days out in the sun. But everything comes together like the perfect recipe every single time. If you and your special person love flowers and the outdoors, this might be the perfect option for you! Here are some of the amazing ways to execute a whimsical garden wedding, so take notes!


The location is key: As it is with every location, location is key with everything, and can truly bring a theme together in the most memorable way. And when it comes to a garden wedding, the most important component is, of the course-the garden! While choosing the wedding venue, pay close attention to the outdoor ceremony spaces and the gardens the venue comes with. If an outdoor garden wedding is not possible, you can always choose a gorgeous venue with indoor spaces with abundant light and add greenery to dress it up for the location. Hang a lush installation to transform your indoor space into a natural home. Long cascading beauty drips with greenery and white blossoms are an option.


The colors of choice: When it comes to keeping your wedding decor in line with the garden concept, choosing wedding colors is crucial. Soft pastel tones of pink, lavender, blue, and green are all fantastic selections for a whimsical garden ceremony's color palette. Focus less on printed textiles and more on softness through lighting and florals, and avoid colors that are too loud or brilliant. Consider using a monochromatic color scheme for a more modern look. A monochrome palette will not only make a striking statement but will also allow guests to focus on opulent floral and greenery presentations rather than various hues and patterns.


Flowers and greenery: When it comes to a garden wedding, the usage of flowers and greenery is unavoidable and is what is expected! So of course you will need to rack your mind to conjure up the most gorgeous floral and greenery setting ever! The task is helped by the fact that your wedding location is already a garden, so you will potentially have a lot to work with. Because the garden wedding theme is all about dripping greenery and vines, flowers are always a must. Wisteria, lavender, garden roses, ranunculus, peonies, lisianthus, anemones, sweet peas, and flowing amaranthus are just a few of the blossoms that can be used to decorate your venue. Consider using wispy wildflowers and clusters of grassy palms in your centerpieces for a boho twist on the garden wedding motif. Weaved foliage, in addition to fresh flowers, will give your venue the ethereal, whimsical feel that garden weddings are known for.


Arches and backdrops: The arch or backdrop you pick for a garden setting provides the appropriate area for your ceremony, whether it's theatrical and bold or very minimal details. The rest of your surroundings will be decorated by Mother Nature, so all you have to worry about is the backdrop where the two of you will tie the knot. Line the aisle pathway with gorgeous rose petals or say your vows in front of a staggeringly gorgeous wisteria tree. This is where you can use draperies as well, as it will add to the whimsical and ethereal feel of your wedding day. A rustic doorway or an arch made of rustic vines also add to the secret garden vibes, enabling you to live your fairytale dreams! 


Dress the part: Don't allow your venue to take center stage; instead, create a look that thrives. Pay extra attention to your bridal gown and invest in one that properly complements the mood. The possibilities are unlimited, whether you want a flowy bridal gown with floral appliques and lacework or a pastel wedding gown to make you stand out a little. Because the wedding will be held outside, you can choose a more comfortable and gauzy fabric and pay close attention to the details. Your bridal party should also wear floral-inspired elements too.


Wear flowers in your hair: What better occasion to wear some whimsical flowers in your hair than at your garden wedding? The occasion practically demands the flowers, and you must abide. You can go full “flower child” with a floral crown, or you can go more minimal with a delicate weave of delicate Babwqy Breathe through your hair, whatever is your style. It will add a playful and whimsical vibe to your wedding look and ensure that your garden wedding vibe is fitting to the setting! If real flowers are not quite your thing, you can also go for bejeweled garden detailed hair accessories, like bee or wasp barrettes. We find them to be exceptionally charming! 


Moss appreciation: Flowers are obvious, but how about moss as a standout piece? If you come to a naturally occurring mossy arch, a moss-covered wall, or a moss-covered doorway, base your ceremony on it. It will give your special day a whimsical feel, and it will also look lovely in wedding photos! Moss and vines make great ceremony backdrops and are a nice change from the conventional floral arrangements! Moss makes a good addition to wedding decor too. You can strategically place some moss on the welcome table with come victorian mirrors and framed signage, and the look will speak for itself!


Mood lighting: Gorgeous lighting is one of the simplest methods to radically transform the overall design of your wedding venue, in addition to florals and draping. This is especially thru when it comes to garden weddings, as the lighting does all of the talking once the sun goes down. Add clusters of candles of varying heights around your ceremony and reception room to create a warm, comfortable ambiance. Candles, especially in a garden setting, give a dramatic aspect to any situation. If your venue prohibits open flames, you can create a similar effect with battery-operated string lights. A whimsical, ethereal vibe can be achieved by tucking small fairy lights into ceiling decor or centerpieces.


Tea party menu: Afternoon tea is usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a garden-themed wedding and the answer can't be blamed for it as that's what the books and the movies tell us! As a result, a themed menu with elegant finger sandwiches, crudités, hors d'oeuvres, tea, and, of course, bubbly, should be served during your romantic garden event. Tea and champagne should undoubtedly be included in your menu because many people link a garden wedding with high tea. Incorporate intelligent elements into dishes while working with your caterer to make the encounter even more intriguing.


Dessert table: The wedding cake plays a very important role in every wedding, and a garden wedding is no different. The cake is the prime attraction, second to the dress of course, and every one of your guests will appreciate the effort put into creating a work of art in the name of confection! Garden-inspired cakes all promise to be equally charming and romantic. Work with your caterer to come up with a taste palette that is anything but traditional for your wedding cake. We also recommend including dried or edible flowers in your wedding cake. Don't forget to offer a range of alternative desserts, such as fruit tarts using local berries or scones and pastries from a nearby bakery, to keep with your garden wedding theme.


Dreamy drinks: Want to take your garden wedding to leave a lasting impact? Arrange for an array of dreamy drinks for your guests to enjoy and indulge in the garden wedding experience fully. You can't go wrong with sparkling wine at a garden party when it comes to wedding reception drinks. Beyond that, consider creating a few unique cocktails in pastel colors to complement your color scheme. Paying very close attention to tiny wedding details like these will give the impression that you have planned every detail of your big dayThe pastel colors of these beverages will contribute to the overall beauty of the outdoor wedding, and they're very delightful on a summer day. We propose offering rosé or sparkling wine cocktails or mocktails adorned with edible flowers.


Draping: Consider hanging your garden wedding location in gauzy cloth in light tones of ivory or blush to give it a more personal feel. Draping can change any area since fabric lends a whimsical, elegant vibe to any setting, and it's a particularly simple way to dress up a tent setting. Draping will not only revamp your event area or outdoor wedding tent, but it's also a simple technique to create an intimate environment without going over the top with decorations.


Pressed flower details: While a garden wedding promises a garden, potentially full of flowers, having flowers as a running theme throughout the wedding decor and elements is important. Pressed flowers are a much more romantic and manageable way of incorporating flowers into wedding stationeries and decor and need an honorary mention for sure. Whether it is pressed flower details in your wedding invites or pressed flower and resin guest tags, you can’t go wrong with pressed flowers in a garden wedding. And you can't deny that there is timeless magic and romance in the art of pressed flowers which makes it all the dearer.


Flower-themed food: Who says you need fresh flowers on your reception tables to make them feel like they're in a garden? Instead of roses, you can have your caterer make apple tarts in the shape of the blossom for each place setting. Desserts are a creative and delectable nod to the wedding theme. You can also incorporate the floral theme into the rest of your menu too and have your caterer come up with some fun and unexpected ideas!


Pay attention to the table setting: While the meal is one of the most essential components of your wedding day, the presentation is equally important. How you serve food is also a vital thing to keep in mind as it will heighten the experience. Look for place-setting rentals with antique designs, brass or gold tones, and unusual forms that will stick out among centerpieces and place cards to match your outdoor wedding theme. Table settings should be completed with vintage glasses and whimsical napkin rings. While they may appear to be minor elements, when combined, they will create a stunning visual experience that will impress guests from the minute they take their seats until the final crumb of the cake.


Use signage: Since a garden wedding is held outdoors, signage will not only help elevate the wedding decor, it will also serve some very crucial practical purposes. One wedding trend that isn't going away anytime soon is elegant signage. Signs are a terrific method to carry out your theme while also directing people from the wedding ceremony to the reception. Look for swooping handwriting, flowery themes, and pastel colors with minimal gold accents on signage. Additionally, seek signage with typefaces and colors that coordinate with your wedding invitations, escort cards, and ceremony programs. Your garden wedding theme will be amplified if you have a clear and consistent theme running through all of your paper items and stationery.


Wedding favors: Send your guests home with a thoughtful favor that will have them thinking about your special day for a long while! Consider giving them seed packets as wedding favors to continue the garden theme after the ceremony is complete. Wrap grow packs or seeds in burlap pouches and tell guests to allow the wedding day's sentiments to bloom and live on! You can gift your guest bottles of wild honey, personalized teaspoons, or succulents, as the ideas are boundless!


Have your guests dress up: A garden party has a whole vibe of its own and it will be fun to have all of your guests play along to add to the experience! Make sure all of your guests are dressed to the nines. Choose a Bridgerton-meets-Alice-in-Wonderland theme, and you'll have a thematic wedding dress code that will make your wedding day unforgettable. Consider garden wedding dress code clothes to be a mix of bohemian and casual glam, but make sure your guests are dressed comfortably and according to their unique style. Tea-length gowns, floral prints, patterned bow ties, and pastel dress shirts are all acceptable choices. The goal is to share your vision with your guests so that they can participate in bringing it to reality as well. However, don't forget to enjoy yourself and don't attempt to manage everything!


When it comes to garden weddings, it's hard to ever go wrong, because most of the work is already done by the setting, the greenery, and the flowers, and the rest is done by the bright sunlight which has a way of perking up the moods. We have yet to meet someone who hates a garden wedding, and it's the ultimate dream to host a Victorian-style garden wedding with all the whimsy and magic of Alice in Wonderland! A garden wedding has unique isolation to it, inviting you into a world of gorgeous blooms, fragrant air, the chirping of birds, and sweeping butterflies, making you feel for a moment that you are far away from the world you know, and have stepped into an alternate universe. We ensure that you and your sweetheart, along with all your dear friends will love the experience!


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