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The Rustic-Meets-Woodsy Fairytale Wedding of Christina & Tyler


There are several significant, sliding-door moments that impact our lives in a huge way. These are the milestones of life, the cornerstones of our being, and making the right decision is potentially the most important decision you will ever make. Also, there are potentially many celebrations that we get to revel in throughout our lives, many reasons to laugh, rejoice and clink the glasses and say "Cheers!" But are there any huge milestone moments of your life that deserve to be rejoiced by all your friends and family, other than your wedding? We think not! While your wedding day is a day that is uniquely yours, it is also your day to feel extra special, just like every other bride on their wedding day. Months of planning and the most minute attention to detail guarantee your wedding day is just as extraordinary as you envisioned it to be. These are all the tiny pieces of a meticulously planned vision you have been piecing together for months, and on the day of your wedding, it all comes together like a gorgeous picture! Christina and Tyler's beautiful Orlando wedding is the one that will melt your hearts as well as astonish you with its outstanding and picturesque nature. Let’s follow this beautiful couple on their magnificent journey on their wedding day and take a glimpse at their picture-perfect moments.


Christina and Tyler chose the gorgeous city of Orlando as their preferred place to display their love to the world. Orlando, sitting cozily in central Florida, is apprehended to be home to theme parks, ranging from Walt Disney WorldMagic KingdomEpcot to Universal Orlando, and more! Spraying a spritz of magic to regular life, Orlando certainly knows how to live in a magical larger-than-life way. Whether you are a Potterhead who has always dreamt of a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, or you are intrigued by Disney’s Animal Kingdom, there is something for everyone here, as long as you are a believer at heart! Starting from celebrated college campuses to comforting nature trails, this Florida city is full of vitality and fun and is pretty in every season. One of Florida photographers’ favorite cities to capture love stories, Orlando is just the picture-perfect location that presents the ideal setting to tell your love story in the most picturesque locations. Whether you are a couple in love who wants to get their engagement photoshoot done at Tom Fruin's glasshouse outside the Canvas restaurant or you want to get married in one of the enchanting wedding venues in the heart of the city, Florida complies with every mood. Starting from the Winter Park Train StationHannibal Square to the exotic murals on 4th and Sanford Ave Near 3rd and Sanford Ave Seminole Wekiva Trail Inside Rabbitfoot Records, this Central Florida city has something for every style of couples. By choosing this stunning location as the setting for their "I do" moment, Christina and Tyler were ensured of a wedding that has the same vibrant energy and pleasant vibes that Orlando serves, along with that touch of magic that the city packs in abundance.


The couple chose Club Lake Plantation as their preferred wedding venue and no wonder why! A gorgeous wedding venue full of greenery and just the right vibe, this wedding vibe fits the couple’s plan for their special day quite well! Club Lake is a 43-acre ranch located in Apopka, Florida, just half an hour north of Orlando. The gorgeous property has two lakes surrounded by an abundance of nature, vegetation, and various animals. The ranch is owned and operated by Randy and Carol Suggs, who are both extremely devoted to sharing their property with all of their visitors and giving back to the community. The wedding venue not only offers hugely in setting, but it also promises to help a couple to piece it all together and reduce the hustle of wedding planning with their experience and due diligence. There are several wedding packages to choose from, as well as several event spaces within the premises- the outdoor ceremony ground embedded within the romantic mature trees, the Whiskey River Bar- a rustic bar to relax and regroup, the Secret Garden- a magical oasis amidst greenery and flowers, the reception hall, the Lucky 13, and the lakeside cocktail hour gazebo! 


On the day of the wedding, the couple got ready for the lovely day which was laid out in front of them! But before that, Christina posed with her bridal party all in their getting-ready robes - a white one for the bride and pastel green ones for the bridesmaids! They looked fabulous against the luscious greenery in the background! Soon the girls slipped into their outfits for the ceremony. While Christina wore a gorgeous blush pink A-line dress with delicate beading and embroidery work done on the bodice and plunging V-neck and delicate straps going across her shoulders. Her hair was done up in a romantic and delicate side braid which was laced with the most magical baby’s breath flowers, giving her quite an angelic look. Christina paired the look with light makeup with berry lips and minimal jewelry and finished it off with a gorgeous bouquet featuring pops of pinks, creams, and greens. Her bridesmaids were wearing sage green bridesmaid dresses and holding bouquets matching with the bride’s and looked stunning as ever. Tyler dressed up in a dashing three-piece blue suit, along with a white shirt and a maroon tie, and he completed his look with tan shoes and boutonniere! His groomsmen wore matching suits but without the coat. The group of guys added a sprinkle of playfulness to their attire by wearing fun socks in the colors of the US flag, which was quite a patriotic touch! Altogether, the group balanced quite harmoniously with the right amount of romantic pastels and jaunty bold tones to go around, making quite an aesthetic group for sure!


After everyone got ready, the Orlando wedding photographers captured the wedding party in some amazing group captures as well as captured the couple for some one-on-one couple photography. The woods in the premises worked as the perfect backdrop for some moody portraits! After the brief photo session was done, it was soon time for the ceremony. Christina was walked into the ceremony area by her father and the moment was captured brilliantly by our Orlando wedding photo artists! The ceremony area was a gazebo which was adorned with transparent drapes, and romantic vines and roses, a look that was quite memorable and unique and made quite an impact. After the vows, the couple enchanted their first kiss as husband and wife. Among cheers, the couple walked out and after some cutesy pictures as newlyweds, the couple joined their guests for their wedding reception. The reception area was done up with foliage and flowers and quiet the rustic paradise. The professional wedding photographers in Orlando captured the duo having their first dance, and also captured their wedding cake, a two-tiered piece of art in white and adorned with flowers. We also love the way the big and little details around the wedding venue were captured with such a fine hand, be it the keepsake mason jars or the table settings, or the beautiful sweets table. We especially loved the romantic vibe of the sweetheart table which was set for the duo and the way the couple was captured mid-twirl under the chandelier! Overall this was a wedding with quite a varied style yet it somehow all worked beautifully! We love how the rustic vibe merged seamlessly into the forest wedding vibe, and how the pastel coincided harmoniously with the bold tones!


The decor of this wedding was well-thought-out and was full of careful consideration of details. The abundance of nature seems to be the running theme here, with plenty of foliage, wild blooms, touches of wood and burlap, and rustic elements which were incorporated into the wedding day quite artfully. We especially love the bits of rustic touches making an appearance as little signage here and there, the touches of green in nature as well as the bridesmaid dresses, the pop of color in the groom's suit, and most importantly, the lovely drapes arbor which seemed like it was borrowed from the forest nymph and looked quite enchanting. With traditional rustic elements, there were quite a few woodsy elements in this wedding that make our hearts happy! Delightfully enchanting, full of whimsy, warm and welcoming, and a nod of nature, all at once, Christina and Tyler's wedding was a special one. With greenery, a heavy sprinkling of roses, rustic cardholders, this wedding was filled with so many tiny details, it was created to keep the guests surprised and impressed throughout the day! The dance floor was sleek and inviting and we loved the rustic chandelier hanging overhead as the couple swayed, lost in each other, a perfect reminder of what we were celebrating. 


Dream weddings don't happen overnight and take months of planning, with well-placed nuggets of micro managements, and alternate plans, and so many teeny tiny decisions. And it is surprising how in a day’s time, the day is over! While a wedding day is truly one of the magical days in a couple's life, it is also probably the fastest day. However, that doesn't take us away from the fact that the wedding day is one of the most significant ones in a couple's lives and brings with it tons of memories that they will be revisiting for decades to come. It is the day you will look back on and celebrate every year, with lingering dinner dates, fragrant flowers, and chocolates. While you probably will have millions of memories packed in your mind, photographs sure help! Wedding photographs are more than just photo squares of a very special day of your life and are rather a medium that takes you and your partner back to that special day whenever you want, which is why it makes complete sense to pick the best wedding photographers you can. Christina and Tyler's special day has been captured beautifully by our professional and affordable wedding photographers in and around Orlando, and they have done a tremendous job of capturing the beautiful moments of the couple's wedding day, in the most perfect frames. We love the moments like the rustic outdoors, the woodsy vibe, and the abundance of greenery which made every frame refreshing, or the way the couple was captured in stunning couple photography along with the dreamy arch of vines, every frame is a piece of art waiting to be captured. We love the play of nature, the wooden touches which added warmth to the special day, and the woodsy element which sprinkled a hint of magic throughout, all of which have been captured beautifully by our affordable Orlando wedding photographers. From the stunning detail shots to the signs around the venue to the delicate moments, from the warm and inviting interiors to the crisp and fresh outdoors, everything is captured with a skillful hand, ensuring that the moment gets to live on eternally within the couple’s wedding album, bearing testimony to the gorgeous wedding day.


Weddings are a deeply exhilarating experience, and witnessing a love story start its journey towards happily-ever-after never gets old. Every couple has their own unique story and their anecdote, making no two weddings alike, both in aesthetics and spirit, which is what makes them so captivating. A wedding day is one of the red-letter days of not just your year but of your whole life. You will also be rejoicing this day as your anniversary for as long as you both live. No matter how many years linger on, the reminiscences of a wedding will forever live on and crackle as fresh as autumn leaves when you revisit them. This is why couples go above and beyond to create memories that are special in their own way! Christina and Tyler's wedding day is a day packed with wonderful moments and aesthetic captures, formulating a memory book that is not only heartwarming but is delightful to the eye also, even after decades have rolled by. The cozy interiors, the rustic touches, the greenery, and the abundant foliage, everything comes together in perfect harmony to deliver to this couple just the wedding that they dreamt of. There is something so eternally beautiful about this wedding, yet there is enough edge and personality to the special day, holding the perfect balance to create a truly unique wedding day. As the couple heads off to their happily ever after, we wish them nothing but the absolute best of luck and millions of happy days.


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