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This Botanical Engagement Session In Freehold Is A Treat For All Your Senses!


Your engagement is an event that transitions you two from a dating couple to a married one. It's such a happy, exciting time, but it won't last forever and will be carried along by the waves of wedding planning. Having engagement pictures taken can be an amazing way to preserve memories of this short period so that you can look back on them for decades to come.


If Google has sent you to this page, you (or someone you know) sure are engaged recently and seeking photogenic engagement session locations in Freehold, or maybe your heart is already set on some beautiful garden-like location for the shoot, and now you are looking for inspiration for your Freehold engagement session. Well, first off, congratulations! And now welcome to the world where happy couples belong. Even if we are unsure of what brought you to us, we are pretty much sure you will not be disappointed after taking a look at the photographic depiction of this beautiful couple’s love story. The emotional portraits, creative poses, and stunning backdrops are sure to inspire your own shoot. We're stan of photos that capture the true connection between two people! The proposal day or engagement day is the first page of your love story, and you wouldn’t want to skip this most important leaf of your own storybook. We shout out to the soon-to-be-married couples who take time for engagement photography sessions out of their busy schedule. As we know wedding planning is dang overwhelming! We know how between hunting for a perfect wedding venue, seeking a gorgeous wedding dress, finalizing wedding invites, and shopping for wedding day decor busy as a beaver you are this year! It’s time to take a pew! Take a breather love birds, and make the most of your courtship phase by planning a remarkable engagement session in your hometown if not in Paris!


Whether you are jonesing to flaunt your love out on the majestic sea, surrounded by the snow-capped mountains, or in the lovely gardens or parks in your own city, there is something so ethereal about an outdoor engagement photo session in the lap of Mother Nature. There is nothing like a natural setting to capture the essence of a couple! As we believe that engagement photography sessions are beyond ring shots, proposal recreations, or getting jaw-dropping pictures to tell the tale to loved ones on the wedding day. It’s the celebratory time to relish with your ‘almost spouse’. It’s the time when you get familiar with your photographer (who knows you would love to rehire them for the big day!) and they get along with you making you comfortable posing in front of the camera to make it easier on the big day. It’s an opportunity to get the hang of the camera, lights, and action! It’s a way you flaunt your love for each other. It’s... whatnot! If you ask us “Why should I have an engagement photoshoot.” We will go on and on! The reasons are plenty. And if you are still not convinced because of your tight wedding budget then let us tell you that you can find professional and affordable engagement photographers in your city with a little research. Who knows you stumble upon us!


They played like pros when it came to the outfit game!

The choice of wardrobe they brought to the engagement shoot clearly states that. Our duo chose to wear an ensemble that really represented them and the results came out outstanding! The earth tones of Daniella’s outfit and light-dark blue hues of John’s wardrobe did wonders to the photoshoot! The muted short-long double-layered asymmetrically paneled skirt that Daniella donned on a sexy deep V halter-neck sleeveless top and the pair of a light blue button-down and dark blue denim that John wore for the session did half the job. Beautifully coordinated and in harmony with light, location, and weather! From the waist-belt and strap-neck of her stylish crop top to the rolled-up sleeves of his plain untucked shirt, from her classy matchy-matchy beige-colored block heels to his black formal leather shoes, from her beautifully manicured hands embellished with that scintillating engagement ring to his elegant wristwatch, from her million-dollar smile to laugh lines on his face, from her side-parted worn-down wavy textured blonde hair to his spiffy bald look, every little bit of their attire helped in pulling off killing couple portraits


The shoot location was anything but ordinary

Va-va-voom! Our love birds’ heart was set on Brooklyn Botanical Gardens- Atrium and we were not surprised. If you are looking for a knock-out engagement photography location in Freehold, a suburb of New York City, nothing beats the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens - Atrium. Spanning 52 acres in the heart of Brooklyn and fostering delight and curiosity in the green world while inspiring an appreciation and sense of stewardship of the environment, Brooklyn Botanic Garden is an urban botanic garden that not only offers weddings and private event catering at the Palm House and Atrium but also plays an ethereal backdrop for photo sessions in its breathtaking outdoor setting. Home to several birds, butterflies, bees, rabbits, chipmunks, and other wildlife, Brooklyn Botanic Garden is not only a location people head to relish plants. You are in luck if you are here for your spring engagement session as many species of warblers visit the gardens in search of food and shelter during spring. We won’t mind capturing our love birds dancing to the tunes of these cute song birds’ warbling! Others like red-tailed hawks build their nests and raise their offsprings here for years. And the joy of joys is that Brooklyn Botanic Garden is open year-round, hours vary seasonally though. We recommend visiting bbg.org/visit before you plan your engagement session here. The Lillian and Amy Goldman Atrium is a new addition to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden wedding venue which is an ecologically sustainable event space. Beneath a fabulous living roof of native grasses and wildflowers, the floor-to-ceiling glass walls look out onto the Garden's Cherry Esplanade and an outdoor terrace. While the Atrium provides an intimate and luxurious space for weddings and other events, the gardens lend awe-inspiring photo ops to capture magical couple portraits under the open skies that made John and Daniella’s engagement session stand out in the crowd of Freehold engagement photoshoots.


Poses that we adore from the core (of our heart)!

The couples we meet are always excited and passionate. They desire wonderful and unique photos to spread their happy news or feature the story on the big day. We love helping them achieve this goal by making sure they’re relaxed and comfortable before the camera. By encouraging our couples to be themselves, embrace their silly side, and free their inner child, We take pride in shooting playfully unparalleled photos that capture the essence of their relationship.


The Freehold engagement session of this cupid-struck couple had a breeze, florals, greens, and sun. We pretty much got a little bit of everything, and we’re delighted that we had two gorgeous models to follow through it all! We don’t get to shoot Brooklyn Botanical Garden engagement sessions often, but it can be magical. We captured a cartload of fun and sentimental moments, and we’re so excited to share what we got! Enjoy!


All it takes is a vibrant colorful backdrop of May blooms at Brooklyn Botanic Garden to get an interesting shot, as this couple's Freehold, New York engagement photos went to show. Darling details like lightly-held fingers gleaming with the ‘tiny rock of love’ or peck in the forehead offered the great opportunity for swoon-worthy photographs. Our photo experts in Freehold did a phenomenal job of capturing the newly-engaged couple blurred by bokeh behind and in front of their kiss. All the couple kissing shots juxtaposed by seasonal blooms in the foreground are incredible showing that love is as beautiful as nature. Our favorite first shot is the one where John and Daniella are stealing a kiss under the nature-made arch of mature trees. The joy in this photograph is just as beautiful as the natural backdrop. Then comes the capture where John is dip kissing her darling on the lush grounds! We are huge fans of him-holding-leg-up-kiss shots! The close-up shot of the same pose depicts the love and passion they have for each other. The shoot was planned in the month of May when blooms were at their peak. And all the couple photographs that show off bokeh are fabulous! Especially the ones with Japanese snowballs in the backdrop, they sure belong to the stock photos!


There's something so romantic about the couple portraits against the floral backdrop and backdrop with greens as far as eyes can see. The laid-back couple portraits of our lovely MMIH sitting, hugging side-to-side, and sharing a romantic kiss in the lap of nature (literally) are a cut above the rest! We also love the picture where John's is sitting on a rock with Daniella on his lap! Look at their kissing couple shot against the web of giant trees, just the bare stems looking tangled in love with the happy couple! Ah, so hauntingly beautiful! You wouldn’t really be surprised to hear that Bambi and Thumper interrupted them mid-kiss. The picture where John is cuddling his fiancée from back standing amidst lavenders will sure make you want to frolic through lavender fields! And the capture where Daniella is swinging in her fiancé’s arms is a pose that every girl wants on the wall of her bedroom! Need we say more? Our pro Freehold engagement photographer softened the “snapshot” feel with a wide aperture and some sweet bokeh leading to photos that could make for great save-the-dates. Look through these photos and then tell me you aren’t completely drawn!


Lucky are those who get to celebrate and capture their most special day! But not every couple can hang the cost of having a magical engagement photo session and that’s why we go to great lengths to deliver the best to people in love with professional wedding photography at the best prices.


Weddings are nothing but a checklist galore! Wedding venue, guest favors, wedding invites, wedding dress, matching bridal accessories, makeup, catering, Band or DJ, floristsdecorwedding photographers, videographers... Oh boy, weddings cost one an arm and a legWhile managing this expensive project, sometimes you have to do things like cutting costs on a wedding cake, videography, wedding decor, etc. in order to splurge on a dress, professional photographer, and wedding favors. And when it comes to adding an engagement photo session it seems nothing more than another expense. And you immediately either start taking stock of your checklist to find something you could eliminate to have remarkable engagement photos of your dream or simply drop the idea. Tightening your wedding budget to accommodate one more essential item is heartwarming and a smart move however forgoing something that you desperately desire is something that we don’t appreciate much. The courtship period is your moment in the sun, to say the least! Your love story began from the day you said yes to that cute guy down on one bent knee with that sparkly bling in his hands which is now on yours. Soon you will have a beautiful wedding photo book in your hand which will be the depiction of your love tale. Won’t you feel that your story is incomplete without the very first chapter - your proposal pictures?! If it’s a yes, then pull up your laptop or phone and type on Google professional and affordable engagement photographers near me and find us! It would be a privilege for us to complete your love story without you breaking the bank! 


We heard someone saying, “The most romantic love story accompanies the most romantic engagement session!” We agree. And after taking a look at John & Daniella's Freehold engagement session, you will agree too!


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