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10 Things To Do When You Get Engaged


Your beloved got down on one knee and popped the question. You said, “Yes!” You’re engaged! Now what? First, take a deep breath and absorb everything that happened. Relax and enjoy the moment, because we’ve got you covered with next steps.

Here are 10 things to do when you get engaged:

1. First thing’s first: Get a manicure. You’ll be showing off that engagement ring 24/7, so keep your nails looking fresh!

2. Spread the news: Tell everyone you love. And we’re not talking social media. Make a point to visit or call your nearest and dearest to give them the exciting news.

3. Celebrate! Just the two of you. Before you dive into wedding planning, treat yourselves to a fancy dinner, a weekend getaway or a romantic staycation.

4. Book an engagement photography session. Scope out the perfect location and schedule a shoot with a George Street wedding photographer. Visit our blog for wedding photo inspiration!

5. Browse social media for inspiration. What kind of bride (or groom) do you want to be? Instagram and Pinterest will help you hone in on your wedding day style.

6. Focus on your vision for your wedding. Start thinking about your budget, guest count, venue and date. Those are the biggies that will help you decide on other details. And remember, your day should be all about the two of you.

7. Think of who you want in your bridal party. Browse Instagram and Pinterest for creative ways to ask your besties the big question!

8. Create a gift registry. From your bridal shower to your big day, keep  your registry stocked with a variety of items so guests have plenty of gifting options.

9. Keep your ring safe. Have your engagement ring insured and consider getting a ring box to keep it secure when it’s not on your finger.

10. Go ring shopping. Speaking of rings, now’s the time to choose your wedding bands. Now it’s official!

Head to our blog for more tips, tricks and trends for wedding photography and planning made simple!


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