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Spring-Inspired Wedding Arch Ideas We Are Loving!


Fresh blooms and greenery make your wedding come to life. If your goal is to create a dreamy, picturesque wedding, then these two ingredients with lights will change your wedding’s complete look. If you and your partner are looking at a spring wedding or are tying the knot in another season and want it to embody the beauty of spring season, be it this year or in the next few years, we think you can add some charming details by using some colorful arches. Spring season is one of the best times to have ornate wedding arches. And of course, spring is the season when you can go heavy on lovely floral decor ideas for your wedding details, so you can use that for your spring-inspired wedding arch ideas, or you can use drapes, lights, and mirrors to mimic the fresh vibe of the season. If you and your partner are looking to add dreamy wedding touches, then you can use some impressive-looking wedding arches to your wedding, along with some details, which is why we have compiled a list of some romantic, beautiful, and creatively unique spring-inspired wedding arches for your wedding. Along with that, we will also add some more ideas to go with the wedding arches that we will discuss for you to use! Without much further ado, let’s get into it!


  1. Colored Ribbons and Pampas Grass


Let’s start off the list with something cute and something creative, shall we? One of the best ways to showcase or use a beautiful arch is with colorful ribbons and pampas grass. This idea can be used in multiple ways, which we will get into in a bit, but we want to talk about some things first. So, the first thing that we’d like to tell you is that this kind of wedding arch will look perfect for a desert-themed wedding, as in a wedding with deep browns, cream, taupe, black, deep greens, and more. This kind of wedding theme does look impressive for a wedding. However, even if you’ve chosen a wedding color palette with bright or other colors that are close to the colors of the season, even then you can use this idea for a wedding arch. Other than this, you can use stain ribbons, or strips of felt, which you can use as ribbons. Now, let’s talk about other ideas that you can work with for your arches. The idea that you can use for your wedding’s arch is to use different colors of ribbons and wrap them around a frame. The frame can be for a complete hoop, could be a semi-hoop, or could be an uneven hoop, to add style to your wedding day. Another way to use ribbons for this idea is to wrap the bottom of the ribbon on the frame and leave most of it to hang, but this can only be done on the hoop section that will be in the center, only because that is the only area that the ribbons can hang easily. If you choose the streaming ribbons idea for your wedding arches, then you can either leave the metallic or wooden frame naked or have some flowers in neutral colors with pampas grass decor. For this idea, we want to emphasize that we'd absolutely appreciate massive pampas grass decor. 


  1. Minimalistic Wicker and String Light Arches 


Although we say minimalistic, we know that this wedding arch is anything but that. The thing is, a wicker and light string-laden wedding arch is going to be minimalistic in comparison to the other wedding arches that we will talk about in the next few options. The reason why this is our second option is that it is creative, unique, and will work for just about any wedding color scheme. You can have a wedding arch made into a pretty heart shape or a rectangular shape. Also, wicker arches look amazing in broad, square frames too. Well, apart from the shape, we recommend using string lights to add color to the arches. Now, we understand that you may wonder why string lights. It makes sense because you will most likely not have a twilight wedding where the string lights on the wedding arch will look pretty and dreamy. Since we know that, we know that you will have your cocktail hour, along with your reception party, which will happen around the evening time, this idea will be perfect. Additionally, you can also use the wedding ceremony arch as your wedding reception party entrance, or use the ceremony arch as a photo backdrop for your wedding guests. Even you and your partner can use the ceremony arch to take some amazing photos after the wedding ceremony.


  1. Extended Greenery Arch with Blooms


If you love statement wedding details, then this is the idea that you need for your wedding! This idea works for almost all kinds of wedding venues but will look exceptionally beautiful if you’re throwing an indoor wedding ceremony. The idea here is to have a wedding ceremony arch created out of greenery, which travels all the way to the frame of the entrance of the wedding ceremony. This can be created for an outdoor wedding ceremony as well. You can also use grass and greenery if your wedding venue has some grass in the front, and around the entrance. To make this idea even prettier, you can add a sing-tone color to the entire wedding arch. Also, to complement the entrance arch, you can use a similar greenery arch on a wooden frame for your wedding ceremony, and reception entry! So, what we mean to say is that you can easily have extended greenery and a floral wedding arch, and pair it with matching or similar wedding decor. For example, if you’re using white blooms to decorate your extended wedding arch, then you can use greenery and white blossoms as your wedding decor and centerpieces. Apart from this, to add an even better touch to your wedding, you can also add a live greenery wall. Now, the thing with greenery walls is that these can act as pretty photo backdrops for your wedding photos, or can be used as wedding day accents. Regardless of how you use them, we’d like to say that these can match your wedding’s arbor and make it look stunning. Another idea that you can incorporate into your wedding to go with a massive wedding arch, is to use overhanging greenery! You can choose massive installations or you can have smaller installations, spread out all over the wedding venue, the choice is yours.  


  1. Romantic Roses 


Spring is the season of flowers and blooms, which is why bringing the colors from the season with the most romantic flower in the book, roses, is almost a no-brainer. Regardless of which season you choose to wed the love of your life, we think there’s always room for something bold, bright, and romantic. And it doesn’t get any better than using roses at your wedding. So, if you’re looking to create a brilliant wedding arch, then think about using loads of greenery overflowing with lovely roses. You can choose a variety of colors, simply to add some extra details to your wedding arch, and of course, red! If you want to make your wedding arch look absolutely stunning, then you can also have some mirror details added to it. You can choose big, circular mirrors if you have a U-shaped wedding arch, or choose rectangular mirrors if you have rectangular or square wedding arches. Apart from this, to add a dreamy touch to your already beautiful wedding arch, you can choose a lovely drape. Although we think white looks amazing for just about any season, we’d also like to see some popping colors. If white is not your vibe, you can choose to swap out the white drapes with pastel or blush color options, obviously similar to one of the many colors of roses in the arch. 


  1. Drapes and Lights


Another amazing idea that you can use for your wedding day is to have a lovely drapes and lights mix! You can have a wedding arch made of just string lights and then cover it with drapes. The drapes for your wedding arch can be left to flow free by tucking some parts of it, to give it an airy look, or it can be neatly tucked to give the arch a fuller look! The color of your wedding arches’ drapes can depend on a variety of things. For example, if you have an outdoor wedding or an indoor one, it will also depend on the color scheme you’ve picked out. Additionally, the color of the drapes can also match the color of the floral decor that you’ve chosen for your wedding. Another thing that you can do is have gradient color drapes that match your wedding theme colors. Other than this, you can also have a wooden frame for your wedding arch, in whichever shape you like, and have your wedding arch decorated with string lights going around it. You can also use two different colors of string lights to decorate your pretty wedding arch. Apart from that, you can also add floral decor to the wedding arch sparingly. You can use small balls of lights to decorate the wedding arch too. Lights automatically add a lot of beauty to just about any wedding detail. Also, you can use some electronic candles, tea lights to be exact, to add to the center of the floral details you add to your wedding arch. To us, to be honest, for some reason, drapes, airy colors, and pretty string lights remind us of a beautiful spring. 


  1. All Floral Wedding Arches


Let’s talk about something that will remind you of just spring, beautiful colors, and floral details! A wedding arch made of just flowers is what you need! We love an all-floral wedding arch for a number of reasons, and one of them is because it will be fragrant. Can you imagine entering a room and being ushered in with a beautiful fragrance? And the other reason is that it looks simply beautiful. Whether you have an all-indoor wedding venue or you have an outdoor wedding venue, this kind of arch will look absolutely stunning. You can have the entire frame of the wedding arch wrapped in thick floral details. You can choose spring flowers or any other flower that you love for this. Additionally, you can also choose to have a gradient in the shades for your wedding arch! For example, you can choose to have a light gradient that will include darker shades of flowers going to lighter shades or the opposite! The bottoms of the arch can be greenery which is peppered with pretty white flowers. Another fantastic way to add a spring-like charm to your wedding is to use white flowers, only white flowers, instead of the colorful ones, with some silver details, this will also work well for your wedding.  


Spring-inspired Wedding Arches: Somethings to Remember 


Apart from the ideas we have mentioned, we want to remind you of a few things. The first thing is that you can use wedding arches for different events. For example, if your wedding budget does not allow you to have multiple arches, which are similar or different in style, you can repurpose the same wedding arch for your wedding ceremony and then use it for your wedding reception party. Another thing we would like to mention is that wedding arches do not have to be an “arch” per-se. You can even go for different shapes. From shapes that remind you of a lovely wedding arbor to the geometric shapes of a triangle, the choices are endless. Before you decide on a wedding arch, make sure that you look up some inspiration and figure out which one will fit your wedding better. The difference in shapes of the wedding arches will affect your wedding’s overall aesthetic as well. Also, one last thing to remember is that you should match the wedding greenery details and floral details to the arches. This will add a “similar” effect to your wedding, and help you to find everything in sync. Although this last bit of advice is going to add a lot of beauty to your wedding, it is not a necessity. You can choose to have your wedding arches and the other decor details separate.


We hope that the ideas that we have mentioned above help you choose or settle on a wedding arch that makes your wedding pop and look absolutely stunning! We’d like to leave you with a few practical pieces of advice. So, the first tip is to remember that your spring-inspired wedding arch can have seasonal flowers or any other kind of flowers that you love and want in your wedding. Also, when you’re planning your spring arches and looking for inspiration, remember that it does not have to be a conventional idea. You can choose to be creative with your wedding arches. Using mirrors and hanging floral details are a rising trend for arches, and you can incorporate more of those in your ideas. If you’re trying to keep your wedding events, and spaces’ aesthetics different, you can choose two different ideas. A type of wedding arch can be your wedding ceremony arch, then you can choose another arch as your wedding altar’s backdrop, and you can choose another for your wedding reception’s entrance. If you want to elevate your wedding’s look with wedding arches alone, then you can also choose to include a different or similar-looking, to the wedding reception entrance arch, as your wedding exit arch. Hope you can choose an idea for your wedding or find inspiration for your wedding! We hope you have fun planning your wedding.


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