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It’s no secret that planning your wedding can be a huge undertaking. Between the mountains of research, endless emails, and to-do lists it’s easy to get buried underneath it all. So what is our number one secret for an easy and stress-free venue planning experience? Read on to the end to find out!


We’ve all been there. It starts with just one pin and soon enough, you’ve snowballed into too many ideas, and you’re not sure where to go. First, we recommend taking our photography style quiz. It’s a great resource to find the photos that you love, while also determining your perfect photography style. It's a fun and easy quiz that will match you with your perfect photographer, as well as determine the photography you love the most. After you’ve narrowed down what photography style you prefer, you can begin to look for venues that match or compliment your style. Classic and romantic? We recommend a mansion with sprawling grounds. Bohemian and whimsical? We love chic, rustic barn venues. But, here's the dilemma: those aren't your only options! We have a solution for you and it makes reviewing venues much easier:


Make use of one of our best resources, our wedding venue portfolios.


Deciding on a wedding venue might be the most difficult part of the wedding planning process. Your venue will set the tone and feel of your day, and it will also be the setting for your beautiful wedding photography. There’s a lot to consider! So, where do you start? To help make deciding a little easier, we’ve put together beautiful portfolios for all of our favorite wedding venue locations across the country, full of images that we’ve shot for past clients. Start by choosing the location of your wedding and browse portfolios based on the type of venue you think you might like, or, sit down and take a look at them all! You might surprise yourself with what you end up loving. Our portfolios can be a great resource to view our past work, as well as serve as an example for what you might expect for your own photos, from lighting to decor, and great spots for photo ops. You'll also find descriptions of the venue, location information and contact information for next steps, should you fall in love.


To see all of our wedding venue portfolios (we have engagement photo locations, too!) click here! Select your city, and you’ll find venue and engagement portfolios side by side, just under the style quiz.


Our venue portfolios are always being updated and new venues being added. We think it’s a great place to start for current, special and stunning wedding venues in your area! 


Don't keep this handy resource for yourself! Share with friends and family that might need a little help or guidance with choosing a venue. Are you still looking for more advice and helpful tips? Check out our other resources for wedding planning inspiration and advice! And, don’t forget to browse our blog for the latest in wedding photography and engagement photography.


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