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Wedding Lighting Ideas With Dreamy String Lights To Keep Your Guests Warm


No matter what clever decor elements are added to your special day. If your guests can't see it, what is the point? Wedding lighting is one of the most important things about your wedding day. When the sun goes down and the golden hour has passed, the lights come out to play. Whether it is the carefully lit wedding arch that makes your wedding ceremony look magical as it's captured by a wedding photographer or the whimsical fairy lights which seem to trail through the event, providing the most magical lighting, both practical and atmospheric! Wedding lighting serves the purpose of lighting the event, but it does so much more! It ties in with the wedding theme, adds drama or magic to an area, and it makes the event feel warm and cozy and inviting. While we are big fans of all kinds of wedding lighting, knowing that it adds multitudes to your wedding event, we do tend to have more fairy lights (or string lights) just a smidge more. It's whimsical, affordable, and impossible to mess up! Also, string lights have a way of bringing that festive flair to any backdrop, and making our hearts dance! The warm glow of fairy lights is a sight for sore eyes, especially when it's cold outside. If you are planning a winter wedding, let us tell you that string light will be the most inviting sight that your guests will absolutely love. If you are still wondering whether or not to consider string lights for the most special day of your life, read on!


Why Should You Consider String Lights?


  • Perfect Ambiance
    String lights are essential for weddings since they can be used to make a glowing canopy that truly frames the area and creates an inviting ambiance for guests. The ceiling has become a statement that the guests will remember since it gives a pleasant glow above them.


  • Works With Every Theme
    They complement just about any wedding theme, which cannot always be said for any other decorative lighting. Additionally, because of their neutral style, string lights go well with both chandeliers in a posh ballroom and campfires during an outdoor rustic gathering. They look lovely pretty much everywhere. According to Rourke, string lights are timeless, but utilizing unusual bulb types or layering them in inventive ways can make your design feel unique.


  • Highly Transformative
    String lights have the power to drastically alter a space, and they may also be used to conceal parts of a property that you would not want visitors to see while at the wedding. String lights can be used to "bring down" the barn's roof during a wedding where the ceiling is extremely high, or distract the guest from that ugly graffiti on the wall.


String Light Lighting Ideas


Luminous Lanterns
Let's start with something easy and small, while still being impactful. Using lanterns with pillar candles and lit coils of fairy lights can be a creative and effective method to increase illumination on the route to the reception. These are excellent for illuminating dark alcoves or dimly lit crevices because there are no cords to worry about. It also adds light to the ground level and will work well for aisle decor too.


Draped Lighting
Matching your attractive rustic decor with appropriate lighting can give your rustic wedding a hint of a dreamy mood. Use cozy and magnificent light bulbs to enhance the beauty of your outdoor arch. Have the lights and a gentle drape fall from the branches of your arch as you position it next to a grand tree. Add some rustic lighting on the base to finish the look, a backdrop fit for a fantasy wedding. The addition of translucent cloth helps soften the appearance of string lights. The end result is a series of luminous, ethereal panels that add texture and make huge areas feel cozier.


Canopy Of Lights
This is the most effective way to wow your wedding guests. Having a cascading canopy of string lights will work for a straightforward lawn party with a single long table. It is stunning, private, and quite romantic. Your visitors will experience a whimsy of fireflies all around them. This works especially well for a night wedding as it will create a sky full of stars for you and your partner to take your vows under! 


Magic In The Green
Adding strings of fairy lights to your greenery arch may be the answer if you're looking for fresh ways to elevate it. To give that fairytale touch, add shine and glimmer to break up the monochromatic feeling. Another way to enhance the magic of your forest wedding is with a festoon of lights and chandeliers decorated with flora. An idyllic setting for a woody wonderland will be created by this. The greenery will come alive with the lights and create a magical environment for you to get married in!


The Tree Of Light
Your options for a romantic, subdued glow for the outdoor lighting for your wedding reception may be restricted. This is why you might be left to choose from the options available to you outdoors. Tree lighting is one alternative for wedding illumination. In your backyard, weave string lights between the trees to create a mystical, serene glow. Wrap surrounding trees in fairy light strings to make nature the focal point of your wedding decor. It will both add lighting and look incredibly beautiful in all of your wedding pictures. 


Perfect Chandelier
Your wedding guests will be absolutely mesmerized by the timeless, exquisite atmosphere that a chandelier adds to the decor, leaving them speechless. While there are many chandelier options available to you, why not raise the "magic quotient" with a chandelier made entirely of fairy lights? The addition of a fairy light chandelier will offer a fascinating sparkle while capturing all of the allure of a traditional crystal chandelier. 


Light Up the Dance Floor
You will require the assistance of wedding lighting for the dance floor because it is a more high-traffic area and will need to be well-lit. Decorate the dance floor with twinkle lights, chandeliers, lanterns, and other simple light fixtures to give it a warm, glowing, and romantic feel. Create a canopy of flowers and fairy lights above, and decorate the wall with color-changing LED lighting for a more glam appearance. To avoid killing the ambiance, you must take caution while using LED wedding décor lighting because it is brighter than incandescent light. Thus, if you install an LED, you also need to install a dimmer.


Fairy Tent Lights
If you have the money to hire a lighting professional, do it. Let them see your space and provide you with some suggestions for how they may make it more vibrant, such as an amazing string light tent. When you have an expert on your side, there are countless creative possibilities. A tent made of fairy lights will be just perfect for your wedding night reception area, as your guests get to wine and dine underneath the strings of whimsical lighting, and this makes a perfect idea for your dance floor too!


Mix With Other Lighting
Paper lanterns on the ground and string lights hanging overhead help to create a warm and well-lit space if you need to add a lot of extra light to your reception area. Uncertain about the amount of illumination you'll require? To get an idea, visit your reception area after dark. Layering one type of lighting with another will help you create various lighting solutions at different heights. 


Blue Fairy Lights
Blue fairy lights can be utilized to decorate the entryway, which will undoubtedly offer your wedding decor a distinctive aspect. This is also perfect for the walk down the aisle. If you are hosting a celestial or a winter wonderland wedding, blue fairy lights will truly transform your surroundings, lending a tally atmospheric backdrop for you to say “I Do” against. Therefore, choosing a blue hue for your wedding is the greatest choice if you want to use fairy light decorations.


Heart Lights
This heart-shaped string of fairy lights may easily be used with many different room arrangements to produce a pleasant atmosphere and a romantic setting each time. Or you can use regular fairy lights and arrange them in a stringy heart, which can be the perfect setting for you and your sweetheart, and even as a photo booth backdrop!


Fairy Light Bonfire
Making your own fairy light decorations, like the fire light fire pit can be stupidly simple. Basically, all you'll need is some tree branches, foil, rocks, string lights, a paintbrush, glue, and lace strips. The outcome will be a special decorative object which is not only perfect for a winter wedding but will also be quite budget-friendly.


Fireplace Decor
Does your wedding venue come with a fireplace that isn't being used right now? If so, it might be the ideal location for some fairy lights! You can completely transform a dark fireplace into something warm and cozy for your guests to sit around. The fireplace is not just connected with a place of warmth and tranquility, it can also add a perfect cozy feeling to your special day.


Alpine Trees
Always wanted to get married surrounded by alpine trees but your winter wedding made it a little difficult? Glow-in-the-dark aspen trees create the perfect atmosphere for a wedding day with some enchanting alpine forest elements. These magnificent branches add the perfect finishing touch to the alpine theme, which could otherwise have been lost in a sea of flowers.


Light Up The Aisle
Add whimsy to the walk by holding a ceremony at night. Set up string lights in a line to create an aisle that will never be forgotten, and be enveloped in a lovely glow. With this one, you may get creative by including other components like candles or lanterns. This ceremony's ceiling is covered with strings of fairy lights, which turn the area into a colorful fantasy place. The industrial setting is given a touch of tenderness and gentleness by the addition of a shimmering ceiling, a candlelit aisle, and abundant florals.


The Perfect Backdrop
How about creating a focus wall that will prove to be a backdrop for you and your sweetheart to be placed against? A backdrop of the most romantic lights and the lushest greens will highlight your sweetheart's table. This is another inventive method for hiding a plain wall that you might want to cover. And the best part? Thanks to the amazing lighting, your wedding photography will be gorgeous!


Lighting For Tables
It is crucial to have adequate lighting on your tables. Here, where your visitors will be seated, is where everything you have prepared for their needs to be highlighted. Giving them the correct illumination is important since they will be watching how your party unfolds from this vantage point. As part of your wedding centerpieces, include fairy lights on your reception table to add lighting that is subtle but effective. It will bring whimsy and extra lighting, which can be used in combination with candlelight.


On Paper Lights
Lastly, but technically the first thing that you need to attend to is probably going to be the wedding invitations. While we have been talking about fairy lights, how about adding some to your paper goods? String light in wedding invitations can be a good prelude for your guests to let them know what to expect on your star-lit wedding day!


The perfect light, for all intents and purposes, is a practical addition to your wedding day. But it can easily slip into being a decorative element, adding to your wedding day aesthetics. The perfect lighting allows you to add that pinch of “magic” to your already magical wedding day. The right lighting will not only enable you and your lover to step into a romantic alternative universe, but it also encourages your wedding guests to be a part of the experience. And most importantly, tactfully placed lighting can also be a huge asset to wedding photography! Imagine twirling with your groom under the sky full of twinkle lights, or the cozy intimate ambiance set by the flickering fairy lights trailing through the table as your family sits down for your reception dinner! These are all precious moments made more special by the lighting! And all of the moments when captured by your wedding photographer, will be imprinted in your memory for life!


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