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With Lovely Greens & Sparkling Waters in The Background, Jessica & Keegan’s Indianapolis Spring Engagement Photography Session Is a Treat to Look At!


So, now that you have been asked the most romantic question and of course to which you have said yes, it is the time to pop the bubble, snap a special and romantic couple photo and share the big news with all your friends and family


There is no denying the fact that getting engaged to the love of your life is indeed one of the most significant and joyous moments of your life. The moment you realize that you are head over heels in love with that special person and your entire world revolves around that person, you start to think about this special moment! Like, when you will be asked that beautiful question of your life, flaunt your sparkling diamond engagement ring to all your friends, and lastly get yourself immersed in the process of wedding planning


If we talk about the phase before that beautiful diamond engagement ring slips over your ring finger, there is a lot that couples experience together! It’s like a whirlwind of emotions, and feelings that everyone experiences before you or your partner goes down on one knee and asks the question “Will you marry me?” 


Love comes into your life when you least expect it in unimaginable ways! It’s like you know that you just like the person and you are not looking for anyone, and you guys are just friends, but somewhere down the line, you realize that nobody gets you like the person you like! That one person understands you to the core, finds all your lame jokes funny, and at times has the same choices as yours! When that person is around, you just don’t feel the need to explain yourself. With that person, you don’t have to pretend that you are someone else, you prefer to be yourself, the weird, funny person you are. And all this happens naturally, without any extra effort! As time passes that person fits in the category of your ideal person, and starts resonating with the love of your life that you have always imagined. That special person is the right amount of caring and mature and never fails to match your craziness level. And then you realize that you have found the love of your life! Though deep down in some corner of your heart you are a bit afraid of the idea of falling in love, you just can’t resist! You dive deep into it and all you can dream of is about that person, your beautiful life coming ahead of you both! 


And then one such beautiful day, the love of your life asks you the beautiful question that you have been waiting to hear or you make the first move and go down on your knees with a beautiful engagement ring in your hand and ask out loud, “will you marry me?”. And that’s where your fairytale starts! 


Getting engaged with the person you are deeply, madly, and truly in love with brings an eternal joy that you just can’t express in words. And that is where our professional wedding photographers come into action. What you can’t explain with words, our talented engagement photographers will do with their creativity! With all lovely and in-love expressions, our team of professional wedding photographers will let you say to the whole world that you are in love, engaged, and soon going to be married to the person you love! Being engaged is absolutely a special time that kicks off a beautiful and of course romantic new phase of your relationship. So, just enjoy the congratulations and well wishes and allow our experienced engagement photographers to do their job of capturing all the romance shared between you both to get documented in the swoon-worthy and magical frames! 


Well, being in the profession of capturing love in its every form, our creative wedding photographers have a unique and one-of-a-kind approach when it comes to capturing beautiful and romantic engagement portraits with the best of the background settings! Talking about wedding and engagement photographers, they do offer great results with the most stunning pictures! You can check their recent work where they captured a beautiful and newly engaged Indianapolis couple, Jessica and Keegan at Eagle Creek Park


Jessica and Keegan had a romantic and full of vibrant colors spring engagement photography session. Their Indianapolis engagement portfolio is indeed a treat to look at and also get inspired if you are thinking of having a lovely and romantic outdoor spring engagement photography session in Indianapolis. 


There is no denying that the spring season is indeed one of the best seasons either to propose to the love of your life and have a professional outdoor engagement photoshoot session or even have a lavish and extremely romantic spring wedding. There is something damn whimsical and alluring about the season of love! And spring in Indianapolis is something that one must experience especially with their partner! Just like the spring season, Indianapolis has an amazing option when it comes to professional engagement photography session locations. There are lots of hidden gems when in Indianapolis where you can pose with your sweetheart and have an incredible portrait session. Whether you want your engagement photography session to take place outdoors, amidst the lovely foliage, or you want a classic urban setting with lovely and colorful walls, it is not at all hard to find such a kind of photography location in Indy! From snow to lovely hills to pristine lakes, valleys, ponds, and trails, this lovely and gorgeous city have something for every newly engaged couple who just wants fantastic engagement photos with incredible backdrops. 


Just like every other couple, our cute and so much in love with each other couple, Jessia and Keegan chose Eagle Creek Park as the Indianapolis photography location for their professional engagement portrait session. This lovely Indianapolis outdoor engagement photography location features more than 1,400 acres of sparkling waters and 3,900 acres of lush green forest, giving admirable backdrops for incredible outdoor photography opportunities. To witness the majestic beauty of this incredible Indianapolis engagement photography location, we have something for you. You can have a sneak peek of the lovely and utterly romantic engagement photos of Jessica and Keegan captured by none other than our professional Indianapolis wedding photographers in the most glorious frames! While you enjoy the sneak peek, we will also share some of our favorite shots from Jessica and Keegan’s Indianapolis engagement portfolio! So, let’s dive into the pool of romance and some amazing engagement photos that are nothing but a treat to the eyes! 


As it was a romantic spring engagement photography session in the great outdoors of Eagle Creek Park, our adorable couple chose to slip into light-colored engagement outfits which lead their backgrounds to shine out bright. Our couple decided to have two sets of outfits for their outdoor engagement photography session. Changing into a new outfit is a new trend these days, and our recently engaged couples indulged in this trend marvelously! 


Jessica & Keegan Outfit Details for The First Round of Engagement Photography Session!

For their first round of professional outdoor engagement photography sessions, Jessica decided to slip into a buttoned front drawstring waist striped sleeveless grey-colored jumpsuit. She paired her striped jumpsuit with tan-colored gladiators. Jessica went for an open hairdo where she preferred to keep her hair into loose curls. With loose curls and minimal makeup, she looked stunning and lovely for her engagement photoshoot session. And lastly, her beautiful and simple engagement ring on her ring finger made her look just exceptional! 


Whereas on the other hand, Keegan looked darling and handsome in his park grey regular fit polo t-shirt, which he paired with dark brown slim-fit chinos and chocolate brown shoes with laces. To add a touch of elegance and sophistication to his overall look, Keegan wore a brown strap watch with quite a noticeable round white dial. His neatly parted hair made his facial features look sharp and on-point. Together, Jessica and Keegan looked terrific like a match made in heaven in their casual engagement outfit


Jessica & Keegan’s Outdoor Engagement Photography Shots

Everybody knows that professional wedding photographers at George Street Photo and Video have fine artistic skills when it comes to capturing the couple in the great outdoors. Our Indianapolis wedding photographers have deep eyes for details, and we also believe that it is all in the details when it comes to professional photography! 


Our talented engagement photographers capture long shots, mid-shots, and also some pretty close-ups of our lovely couple keeping the vibrant greenery in the background intact! Every shot whether it’s from the first phase of the engagement photography session or the second phase of an engagement photography session, they all are just incredible! We can assure you that you will not have enough even after going through our couple's engagement portfolio. 


Some Of Our Favorite Shots from Jessica & Keegan’s Indianapolis Engagement Portfolio

Well, we just loved all the photos from their casual and romantic outdoor engagement photography session, but we have some of our favorites too! 


We loved the mid-shot of our cute couple where they were standing close to each other with their heads touching each other, while Jessica placed her beautiful hand over Keegan’s chest and flaunted her beautiful engagement ring. These kinds of engagement photos are considered the must-have shots for any type of engagement portfolio. 


Moving on to the next, as we already mentioned before that our photographers are lovers of details. We loved the way our professional engagement photographers in and around Indianapolis captured Jessica’s engagement ring in a close-up shot while keeping the faces of our couples a bit blurry so that the whole attention of the viewers goes to the ring! 


The photo which we loved is the one where Jessica and Keegan are kissing each other, while the towering old oak tree and its branches lend an incredible frame making this shot look like a poster of a romantic movie! How can we forget about the picture, where Keegan gave Jessica a piggyback ride, and the way she kissed Keegan on his cheeks got us into a long “aww-moment”! 


We also loved the high-angle view photograph, where Jessica and Keegan were lying on the grassy field of Eagle Creek Park. This exact photo brings back certain romantic memories from the romantic movie, Twilight! And the preceding photo, where they shared a romantic kiss holding each other's hands while was also a lovely and stunningly beautiful picture. 


Jessica & Keegan Outfit Details for The Second Round of Engagement Photography Session!

For the second round of their engagement photography session, Jessica chose to wear a lovely deep V-neck casual floral dress with a backless design. Whereas, Keegan changed into a crisp white formal shirt and paired it with black pants along with a cherry-colored dotted tie. Their color-coordinated outfit for the second round of their engagement photography session was indeed a blast. They both just looked so amazing and adorable together in their vibrant-colored outfits. 


Our Favorite Shots From Jessica & Keegan’s Second Round of Photography

We just loved every photo from their second round of engagement photography sessions. From every long shot to the mid-shot to Jessica and Keegan’s kissing closeups, we just loved them all. 


Eagle Creek Park also features a beautiful waterfront setting, and our Indianapolis couple did not leave any stone unturned with our Indianapolis and nearby wedding photographers. Their romantic kiss on the sandy beach while the wind unwinds Jessica’s hair was indeed a romantic photograph that was captured very gracefully by our creative wedding photographers in lovely frames. 


The last picture where, both Jessica and Keegan shared a romantic kiss under the golden glow of the sun while crinkling their champagne glasses, was indeed very pretty. This exact moment was captured perfectly in the best of frames by our talented wedding photographers in and around Indianapolis! 


With the right photographers on your side, there is no way that you will have ordinary photos! With our team of professional wedding photographers, we can assure you that your photos will have a different charm and glow! So, what are you waiting for? Hire our professional photographers for your engagement or wedding photography sessions and have a blast along with some mesmerizing and cherishable photos. 


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