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Your Best Wedding Photography in Indianapolis

What is it that makes Indianapolis so special? Glad you asked! Indianapolis, the state capital of Indiana, is home to race cars, endless green spaces, and shimmering waterways. This city is also home to a lot of lovely people and exciting social culture! Some would say it's the best thing since sliced bread, which again is homed in Indianapolis. This city is a healthy balance of historical buildings, museums, tourist attractions and the green touch of nature in the form of parks and reserves. Whether you already know the city like the back of your hand, or you are new to its magic, there is one thing you will agree on-Indianapolis has so much to see and explore, you will never be disappointed in the city. Whether you like the city lights, the clean brush of air in nature’s lap, a friendly stranger, giving you the (correct) directions or exploring the rich culture of the city, there is something for every soul here. From Carmel to Westfield, Indianapolis has a lot to offer to both Indianapolis residents and business owners!

There is something about Indianapolis, which is almost celebratory and stands out from many other cities. The picture-perfect frames, accommodating climate and the inclusive culture make this place a treat to live in. If you and your partner want to declare your love story to the world in perfect photographs, you are in luck as there is no shortage of Indianapolis engagement photography locations and wedding venues as every frame looks like it is cut out from a magazine. Having your love visually captured in this city and telling your story here will surely add that dynamic energy to your engagement photoshoot.

If you want this expansive city of Indianapolis to play the backdrop of your love story or your Indianapolis wedding, we have got your back, and we come bearing a list! Enlisted below are some of the iconic places which will be just perfect for that Indianapolis engagement photography of yours.

Top Indianapolis Engagement Photography Locations

Canal Walk One of the major Indianapolis tourist attractions of the city, this engagement location is nestled in the Western edge of downtown Indy. A lazy stroll alongside the canal, picture-worthy bridges, and romantic Gondolier rides, this place is filled with photography opportunities by the handful. The greenery spread across this 250 acres park, along with the calming blue of the canals makes this an ideal spot for wedding photography. The amazing skyline of Indianapolis, along with the refreshing natural relief provided by the park makes this location a treasure chest for engagement photography in Indianapolis. If you have an adventurous streak, rent a paddleboat or kayak for some great photo opportunities for your Indianapolis engagement photographer to capture you both in lovely frames! The Canal Walk provides different settings to match with your photography vision and is surely one of the crown jewels of the Indianapolis city. The calming presence of the strip of shimmering blue juxtaposed against the glittery cityscape draws a sharp contrast and adds that element of interest to your Indianapolis engagement photo session. Play up the architectural backgrounds of the skyline with some Avante-Garde style structured clothing and let your engagement session come alive with dramatic contrast.

The Indiana State Capitol Building This place is a chosen option among couples for engagement sessions. The Indiana State House is a fabulous option for engagement images as the stunning outdoors and the amazing architecture of the place work their magic and provide the perfect photographic backdrop for those engagement shots! This location works on those blue-sky sunny days as well as overcast ones, creating the perfect picture every time. Indiana's State House building with its exceptional architectural appeal has been serving as a pivotal point of civic life in Indiana since 1888 and is surely an iconic building of the Indianapolis cityscape. The Indiana State Capitol Building is a historical building that whispers of the glory days of yesterday, and the effect on a photo frame is stunning. It is easy to see why this is such a favored engagement venue among engaged couples. It is a beautiful outdoor location that has a bit of old-world charm which is timelessly appealing for photoshoots. With such a majestic sight adorning your engagement photos, you will be adding timeless beauty to your precious memory book. Go for a regal look with your outfits which will go perfectly with the photo backdrop, or go for a modern contrast. Whatever expresses your message the best!

Indianapolis Public Library Just a stone’s throw away from the iconic Monument Circle lies the Indianapolis Public Library which is another coveted spot for engagement photos. If you and your partner are proud bookworms and want to give your engagement photo session a nerdy touch, this might be the perfect engagement location for you. The architecture of this location is timeless and visually interesting and adds a dash of whimsy to your Indianapolis Public Library engagement photography. The large sprawling windows, the amazing glass ceilings, and the rows of amazing books set you up for an amazing photo session. If you are a couple with a fascination for the written word and the escape that books promises, what better place than the Indy Central Library to capture your passion visually? Let your Indianapolis engagement photographer capture you at your natural elements as you and your fiance spend some time among the most magical books. Whether for purely photography reasons, the amazing architecture or the treasure chest of hundreds and hundreds of books that this architecture holds, this library is surely full of promises, and of course, the most perfect for myriad photo opportunities!

Holcomb Gardens Tucked away in the Butler University, Holcomb Gardens is a little slice of heaven on earth and it is difficult to believe that there is such a refreshing square of land amidst the city bustle and such a camera-friendly one at that! This engagement location is so close to civilization but feels like it is miles away from the real world and probably why most engaged couples prefer this location. Holcomb Gardens is perfect for a nature-centric engagement photoshoot and is on its best during sunrise or sunset as you will catch that infamous golden hour. With adorable bridges, cozy nooks, and wide fields, walkways, and ponds, this garden is a wealth of photo opportunities. This exquisite garden was constructed in the 1950s and homes a wide array of flora and foliage that stands the test of time. Give a Shakespearean touch to your engagement photo session by capturing some precious pictures in the poets’ corner, a dreamy niche made of stone benches inscribed with famous quotations. One of the rave favorites of engagement photographers, this engagement photo location is a gem in the middle of the city and provides a much-needed natural recluse and a beautiful pause button for one to stop and smell the roses, quite literally!

Top Indianapolis Wedding Photography Locations

Newfields A popular location for a wedding venue is the Newfields, and you just need one glance to tell why. The calculated mix of photo-friendly corners, inspiring architecture, artistic landscaping, bubbling ponds, and cutesy bridges, this place is quite the stunner. Newfields provides many amazing landscapes and art pieces to add the perfect element of photographic interest to your wedding album. A colorful photo background with the perfect amalgamation of nature and arts, this place offers a lot of opportunities to capture your wedding day in the best light. Newfields Indianapolis Museum of Art provides an expansive variety of choices of event places and you will be spoilt for choices. Whether you chose The Four Season Garden, the Garden Terrace or The Formal Garden, each one is more camera-worthy than the other. The Deer Zink Pavilion is another space that comes with the most idyllic photo setting for your wedding photographer to capture some amazing wedding pictures with the aid of the streaming natural lights. Whether you are an art person or a nature-loving person, you will find a home at Newfields Indianapolis Museum of Art. This 152-acre cultural swirl of a wide variety of experiences is one of the prime attractions of Indianapolis. Having this kaleidoscopic canvas grace your wedding photography can give an unexpected fun vibe to your wedding album.

Fountain Square Theatre Just a while from downtown Indianapolis, lies Fountain Square Theatre, a treasure chest of a wedding venue that takes one on a winding trip to the 20s. Loaded with history and culture this location is the kind that will instantly add to your wedding photography and add character and charm to your wedding album. This Indianapolis wedding venue is packed to the brim with the right mix of contemporary and old-world charm, and the effect is pretty for your wedding photographer to capture. What better than this glorious location to make your wedding day shine brighter than ever. Packed with theatrics and gifted with a view to take your breath away, this is a wedding event space that will forever hold a spot in your guest’s heart and leave behind perfect wedding photographs to recount your love story. Adorned with a majestic domed ceiling decorated with a peppering of twinkling stars, towering arches, and delicate architectural details, Fountain Square Theatre is a playground for your Indianapolis wedding photographer to work the camera magic.

Mustard Seed Gardens If you have always hoped for a wedding venue that not only is closer to nature but also provides you with a Barnhouse vibe, look no further! Mustard Seed Gardens is not only a candy store for your wedding photographer, but it will also add that extra sprinkling of greenery on your wedding day. Sitting lush and pretty in downtown Noblesville, Indiana, this wedding venue is a well secret right in the middle of the busy city! The warm-toned wooden barn house with a fiery brick-red exterior is a charming touch. There are plenty of indoor event spaces as well as outdoor wedding opportunities, and the natural lighting pouring in from all sides ensures you end up with the most amazing wedding photographs. Add in a bit of rustic comfort and airy natural element to your wedding day and let your wedding photographer capture the magic in the most idyllic frames. Your wedding album will speak of the grace and the charm of the venue forever!

Mill Top Banquet and Conference Center Let the magic of history and future swirl together with Mill Top and effect will be a photogenic one! Packed with a strong history of the bygone days and a feel of an industrial warehouse, this location is the perfect venue for the couple who values both old and new. The cold tones from the metal are challenged by the warm tones of the brick wall, fairy lights, and wooden accents, creating a setting that creates wedding photographs that are perfectly balanced and add significantly to your wedding album. The effect is warm and cozy, yet trendy and modern, letting you create the perfect backdrop for your wedding day. Loosely described as ‘urban chic’, this wedding venue is a delicate mix of modern conveniences, urban aesthetics and historic charm-thereby delivering an impact which is hard to mix and translates beautifully into your wedding photo album. If you are blown away by the interiors, the outdoor space will sweep you off your feet, too! Let your Indianapolis wedding photographer click away as each frame is bound to be a priceless one when it comes to this venue.

A city with a spirit as fast as the racing cars, there is so much more to the camera-happy Indianapolis than spiking buildings, blue sheets of water and historic charm. The city is disarmingly beautiful, packed with Instagram-worthy scenery all around. If you look closely, you will hit a photo inspiration with every corner that you turn to. With something as monumental as a wedding coming, what could be a better pick to play a background as your engagement photographer or wedding photographer who captures one beautiful photograph after another? We hope we have helped you take a look at Indianapolis with a whole new perspective, and uncover some of the acclaimed photography venues for your wedding photographer to explore, capture and express in different wedding photography styles. George Street photographers based in Indianapolis come equipped with the skills that you need to make your wedding day the most enchanting one. Take a peek at our price and availability page to see the photographers’ availability and the respective prices.

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