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Pretty and Easy Wedding Chair Decoration Ideas


Planning a wedding is a fun journey. Not only do you get to choose different things to bring your dream wedding to reality but also get to bring out your creative side! During your wedding planning, look forward to tasting new things, choosing between different shades of colors, and spending more time with your significant other as you choose and plan out the day you tie the knot with them! Since wedding planning is an elaborate process, you will need all the help you can find! We understand that you want your special day to be just perfect, which is why we have some inspiring ideas for wedding chair decor! If you want your wedding chair decor to look pretty, then here are some simple ideas for you to try: 

  1. Whimsically rustic signage

    Wedding chair decor ideas are plenty, so let’s start with a timeless idea! Using greenery with sprigs and pinecones with rustic signage will do the trick. You can use wooden signage to mark “His and Hers'' wedding chairs for the wedding celebrations. To add the whimsical and rustic touch to your signage, you can have his and her hand-painted with a gray-white color on a pale wooden signboard. To match the synchrony of your wedding theme, you can simply add the wedding color palette to the greenery with beautiful flowers. Another way to match your wedding decor accents and your His and Her wedding chairs is to use the same elements in the signage as your rustic welcome signage

  1. Colorful wreaths

    If you’re looking to throw a romantic and colorful themed reception party, then wreaths are the perfect way to add some accents to your wedding chairs! If you love forest-inspired ideas, garden-inspired ideas, or simply love the serenity of greenery, then adding wreaths to your wedding chair decor will be a good way to maximize your wedding decor ideas! Although wreaths feel right at home for a dreamy winter-themed wedding or for Christmas-inspired wedding decor, wreaths also go well with pastel color themes for your wedding! Other than that, you can find wreaths that aren’t just for Christmas and use different colors and elements to add style to the wreaths. For example, if your wedding theme is baby pink, then your wedding chair decor wreath can have roses and ribbons, all in pink. If you have a lavender theme, then the wreath can have fluttering satin ribbons to add the wedding theme colors to it!

  1. Simple ampersand

    Looking for simple yet elegant wedding chair decor inspiration? Then how about using a delicately bold ampersand with swags of blooms and ribbons. What we love about the simple and easy wedding chair decor idea is that you can use the pretty blooms from your wedding bouquet to add a splash color. If you’re using holly berries, cranberries, or a variety of winter berries, then add those to your chair decor idea as well. This will add a colorful seasonal touch to your chair decor. Another reason why we love this idea is that you can do this yourself! All you need to do is find an elegant ampersand, tie up beautiful ribbons, and the type of greenery you’ve chosen for your wedding decor. To complete the ampersand-inspired wedding decor idea, all you need are some more details. For example, you can add dazzling ampersand bracelets to your wedding favors, you can have your flower girl carry a flower-woven ampersand, or have beautiful exit signage tying your name together with an ampersand!

    Another way to use an elegant ampersand with style for your wedding chair decor is to have a woven ampersand with greenery and flowers, and you can have strings of ribbons twisted into simple braids to tie them to your chair’s rails. Once done, you can use glitter on the greenery to add a splash of shimmer. To bring in more colors, you can make use of tinsels, streamers, or even charms, like bells, fluffy balls, or dried flowers. 

  2. Mystical flower decor
    We just can’t have enough flowers when it comes to wedding decor. Simply put, flowers in weddings add dazzling colors and a wonderful natural fragrance. How can we say no to that! Bring the freshness of blooms of the season alive with a mystical ghost wedding chair idea. Swap the regular-styled chairs with ghost chairs, and add woven flowers to the chairs to make them look mysteriously beautiful. Better yet, you can add drape semi-flower garlands to the armrests of the chairs to complete the look. Another reason why we love flower decor and ghost chairs is that you can add other wedding decor details! You can add a dusty rose gold detail to the drapes, and pair it with beautiful greenery. Another way to match your wedding’s accents is to use rose gold details in your wedding dress so that when you take your seat, the chair decor and your wedding look complement each other! Also, to keep your seating arrangements in sync with your wedding chair decor ideas, you can use the same type of greenery and flowers as table centerpieces!

    Another way to make your ghost wedding chair decor wonderful is to make use of elements from the environment you’re getting married in. For example, if you have chosen the perfect romantic beach wedding venue, you can make use of shells to decorate the back of your wedding chair. You can use the shells to create a delicate back, and add wooden signage with cursive groom and bride on the back. To add a touch of tropical flavor to your wedding chair decor, you can choose tropical flowers or elaborate greenery. This will add more colors to your tropical wedding decor. However, if your reception venue is an indoor space, you can make use of the lush green table runners on the back of your wedding chairs to build on the same theme. If your engagement props had a Bride and groom signage or His and Her prop, feel free to tuck it on the chairs as well! 

  1. Classy chair sash with fluttering ribbons

    Craving a dreamy wedding? How about using a sheer chair sleeve or chair sash to add some drama to your wedding chair decorations? To complete the look, you can have wide ribbons tied in neat knots to improve your decor look. This wedding chair look gives rustic outdoor wedding vibes, and is suitable for just about any season! You can throw in some ruffles to make the chair decor add a few more touches to a dreamy fairytale wedding. Why we love this wedding decor idea is that you can combine different colors to get your desired wedding accent or theme! Regardless of the theme, if you make use of muted pastel colors, such as powder blue, peach, or matcha green, you’ll get a swoon-worthy color combination for your wedding chair decor. And to add a romantic, as well as stylish touch to your wedding chair decor, you can add curly ribbons! Satin curly ribbons make for the perfect wedding chair decor! You can even add the signage, the kind we discussed under the first idea on this list! Another way to make use of curly ribbons is to create a ruffle by loosely tying the curly ruffled ribbon on the chair rails! For the color, make sure that you keep the wedding color scheme you’ve chosen in mind. Always look for accents that complement the chosen colors. 

  1. Colorful ribbons!

    Another simple wedding chair decor idea that we love is colorful ribbons! We love this idea because this is one of the easiest chair decor ideas on our list, and you can do it yourself in about two minutes! You can choose a combination of picot edge ribbons and satin ribbons for your decor. You can use the two types of ribbons by alternating them as you tie them around your chair’s rails. You can tie them on the rails of the chairs, and leave the lower edge of the ribbons loose, this will give your wedding chair decor a breezy look. To add a vibrant splash of colors to your wedding chairs is to add colorful ribbons! Instead of using two colors to alternate between, you can add different colors to the decor! You can get picot edge ribbons in five or six different colors, and tie them in any order you like. 

However, that’s not all you can do with ribbons! Another way to decorate your wedding chairs with ribbons is to make use of sheer and tulle ribbons! You can create a sheer sash with tulle ribbon for the top of your chair, and then use a shimmering sheer ribbon to fashion a fluffy bow to complete the look! And to match your wedding chair decor, you can wear a beautiful wedding bow as an accessory as well. If you’re still looking to glam up your wedding chair decor, how about adding some beautiful tinsels as well? For tropical weddings, however, you can add some tropical greenery and bold colored flowers to build upon the perfect wedding chair decor!

  1. Big flowers!

    Weddings and flowers go hand-in-hand, we can all agree on that! If you’ve been looking for a simple yet pretty wedding chair decor idea, then how about using some flowers? The first idea to incorporate a flower-laden look for your wedding chair decor is to make use of the flowers from your bouquet, be it a summer or winter bridal bouquet. This will help you add the same elements to your decoration idea for wedding chairs. This will also aid in ensuring synchronization between the different decor ideas. The other idea is to make use of the season's blooms, big flowers, as decor for wedding chairs. If you’re getting married in summer, big flowers like Sunflowers, Hydrangea, and Orienpet Lily will be the perfect blooms to use as summer wedding chair decor. Other than this, if you don’t want to bring in your winter decor details to your winter wedding, then you can choose to tie up a few Evergreen Candytuft, Brown-eyed Susan, or Joe Pye Weed to make a huge bunch, and then tie it to your wedding chairs. To add beauty to this decor idea, all you need is a wide satin ribbon, complimenting summer colors. You can use the ribbon to tie a bow or tie it around the stems of the flowers you choose and let the lower edge flutter with the wind. To add a festive touch to this wedding idea, you can add tiny bells so that they ring ever-so-slightly every time the wind touches them. 

  1. Light them up!

    Another easy and pretty way to decorate your wedding chairs is with the beauty of light. You can use different kinds of string lights to create the most delicately elaborate design for the wedding chairs. What we love about wedding chair decor with lights is that they can be used without other options, like flowers and ribbons, and can be paired with other elements to complete the look! You can use the lights, only, for your wedding chair decor. You can add neon signage that says groom and bride; and have string lights light up the silhouette of the wedding chairs. Another way to use string lights as a wedding chair decor idea is to fashion pretty flowers as you wrap them around the rails of the chair. Or better yet, you can have the lights twisted to spell out groom and bride, or his and her, on the back of the wedding chairs! To make the light-inspired wedding chair idea even better, all you need to do is to add some greenery and the flowers you want, then tie them up with the chair. When you have set the backdrop, simply add the string lights on the greenery and the flowers, like a drape. And that’s it! This wedding chair decor works amazingly well if your wedding theme is based around lights, and lanterns and the venue is peppered with light-inspired wedding details

Wedding chair decor, like other aspects of your wedding, requires to be pre-planned. When you think about your wedding details, make sure to consider the different elements you’d want, the details you’ll love to have, and plan them. While you decide on your wedding theme and wedding chair decor ideas, make sure that you speak to your partner about the ideas. When you’re deciding which decor idea to choose for your wedding, ask your partner and discuss it with them. Make sure that you choose something that both of you agree on and love. You can use the list above to start your planning and as inspiration. However, remember that it is your wedding day, you can choose to decorate your wedding chairs as you like. Discuss the ideas with your partner and settle on the one the both of you love. 


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