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Remember how Phoebe and Mike from the most loved rom-com ‘Friends’ got married? Wasn’t it beautiful and heart-warming, and romantic too? Surrounded by white fresh snow, when Phoebe made her walk down the aisle with Chandler by her side, every girl gushed and dreamed of the same scenario in her head for her big and special day! Well, Phoebe’s snowy wedding was really a dream sequence that every girl wanted to become the reality for her winter wedding! After all, winter is an amazing time of the year to tie the knot and start your happily ever after! 


We and our affordable and professional wedding photographers think that the winter season is all about the romance of snuggling up with your favorite person in front of the fire. Trust us, it is a hella beautiful moment to cherish! Winter and snowflakes always go hand in hand! Crazy and beautiful at the same time, right? No matter whether you are 13 or 30, every time you see a snowflake, we are pretty much sure you marvel at it a little and want more! There is something indeed magical about them! As described by our creative wedding photographers who are die-hard fans of winter weddings, they say that snowflakes are tiny crystals that make the perfect glitter confetti dusting the earth in celebration of a couple’s wedding day! So, let’s be honest! It is absolutely true that winter is easily the most romantic season to get hitched! Falling snowflakes, snow-covered backgrounds, and all those stunning and enchanting wintry details always set a swoon-worthy and picturesque scene, in a unique way as compared to summer, spring, or fall season


While a freezing, chilly, and snowy wedding photoshoot session is not every couple’s idea of a fun pre-wedding activity, we are willing to bet that brides who fancy the winter season and are looking ahead to planning a winter wedding celebration will always love a good snowfall! Just as our talented wedding photographers always encourage couples to snap photos with the best fall foliage, relish the fresh spring air, and pose romantically in the summer sunshine, why not embrace the snowy wedding photos during the winter season with just as much fervor! We understand that the weather outside might be frightful and chilly, but you still can host a wedding that is delightful and snowy! Planning your wedding day for a cold snowy winter season offers ultimate and unique opportunities that include dreamy, snow-filled wedding photoshoots, holiday-themed wedding details, and lastly, all that sparkling and glittering bold wedding decor! So, in order to help you set an inspiration for the soon-to-be-married brides who are looking out for snowy wedding inspirations, we have rounded up some of the fantastic snowy wedding ideas that will surely make space in your wedding planning list! We have got you covered! From the designer's snowy wedding dress to snowy wedding cake ideas, to the ultimate snowy wedding decor, and everything in between, we have got it all covered up in snow (pun intended!). But before we go ahead and enlighten you with incredible snowy wedding inspiration, we want you to have a cup of hot cocoa, because you will be craving it while scrolling down! So, just fix yourself a piping hot mug of cocoa and check out these incredible wedding ideas to bring your dream snowy wonderland wedding to life in the best and magical way possible! And, yes, don’t forget our creative wedding photographers as they will be the real magic capturers of your snowy wedding day! 

Cold Couple Snaps Surrounded by Snow Blanket

Just think how romantic and cozy you both will look together wrapped in a warm blanket at a location covered with a snow blanket? Does it not sound perfect and magical at once? Well, if you ask our professional winter wedding photographers, it indeed sounds like nothing but just a flawless and perfect moment to capture romantic couple portraits in the snow! With you decked out in a designer impeccable white wedding dress completing your partner from head to toe and posing amidst a setting adorned with fresh white snow will definitely make your couple portrait session nothing but enchanting and alluring! You might feel chilly, sure, but trust us this kind of picture will look incredible on your living room wall, we promise! 

Barn-Style Wedding Venue

Every kind of wedding venue is a great option for a classic and memorable winter wedding. But, if a snow-theme wedding is on your mind, then nothing will set the scene like a barn wedding venue. A barn wedding venue will offer a romantic and alluring rustic ambiance that will gracefully complement the snowy weather beautifully! A rustic barn wedding location with minimal decor like the long garlands of greenery will undoubtedly transform the space into a cozy cold-weather hideaway for your memorable celebration! The decorated indoors of the barn will give endless photography opportunities for our wedding photographers to capture mind-blowing indoor wedding photos in the best of frames!

White Floral Arch

If you are planning a snowy wedding and looking for inspiration for your wedding arch, then nothing will fit better than a white floral arch! Your wedding flower doesn’t have to be red to celebrate the seasonal vibe! Trust us, a white floral wedding arch will definitely make all your wedding guests feel like they are walking in a winter wonderland indoors! And this kind of setting will make you and your partner shine out bright in all your wedding photos when you both will be sharing your wedding vows! 

Exchange Romantic Snowy Wedding Vows

Why only pose with your sweetheart on your wedding day outside on the blanket of fresh white snow, when you can actually say your wedding vows in a romantic flurry! Doesn't this sound amazing and romantic at the same time? For an ultimate and unforgettable snowy wedding inspiration and experience, take full advantage of a wedding-day snowfall by having your “I do” moment outdoors! Just a piece of advice here, just don’t get immersed in the moment of your love, bundle up and offer cozy and warm blankets for your wedding guests (if you don’t want everyone to be sneezing in your wedding photos, hahaha! pun intended!). 

Romantic Snowy Kisses are a Big Treat for Snowy Wedding

Nothing in the world can ever be romantic than sharing or stealing some romantic and tender snowy kisses with the love of life in a setting that is covered in a pristine white blanket of fresh snow! Couples who want to explore the snowy outdoors after their wedding ceremony to have some outdoor couple portraits to include in their wedding portfolio can consider sharing a kiss while our photographers capture them in the best of frames! It will not only give you romantic photos to hang on your bedroom wall but will also keep you warm and cozy! 

Space Heaters

Well, isn’t it obvious that if you are planning a snowy wedding, you need something that will help you and all your wedding guests to stay warm and cozy? Here come space heaters for everyone’s rescue! Place space heaters throughout your wedding venue to keep everyone including yourself and your partner warm and cozy for the night-long celebration! 

Chilly Cheer Inspiration for Snowy Wedding

Snowy weddings indeed offer endless flexibility and creativity options to brides to work around their wedding day! With so many incredible and unique ideas and inspiration to choose from, brides have ample out-of-the-ordinary ideas to make their snowy wedding a memorable celebration. Adding a little fun to a snowy wedding is surely a great and amazing idea! If you are also looking out for some fun and extraordinary ideas for your snowy wedding, you can make the best use of the seasonal signages! Like the ones saying, “Baby it’s cold outside”, “Be Merry and Bright”, or “Joy to the world”, as these are some of the all-time favorite festive phrases that will definitely set an inspiration for your snowy wedding! 

Offer Mittens as Wedding Favors

Who doesn’t love mittens when it is snowy all around? I guess everyone, and your wedding guests will definitely love and adore them! So, if you have planned to have a snowy wedding celebration but also want to keep your wedding guests warm throughout the celebration, consider the creative idea of giving out mittens as wedding favors! Trust us, your wedding guests will definitely love them! They will be able to wear these cozy and warm mittens on your snow-themed wedding day and even after that also! 

Pinecone-Inspired Place Setting

There is no denying that frosty pinecones are the classic and just perfect winter adornment! It will be an ideal choice for your snowy wedding too! Scatter them about your wedding for an instant to bring in that authentic seasonal touch to your snow-theme wedding celebration! The added perk of adding frosty pine cones as a decor element to your wedding day decor is that they are very much cost-effective. Hence, it will be a great way to save some bucks on your wedding day decoration

Dark & Metallic Tone Wedding Cakes

Winter and snow are all about getting experimental with dark and metallic hues! You can include a dark winter color palette anywhere in your wedding decoration, so why not bring the bold winter colors to your wedding day cake! For a perfect snowy wedding, you can transform the classic all-white wedding cake to resonate perfectly with your snow-theme wedding in every possible way! All you have to do is ask your baker to simply adorn the confection with a few dark-hued blooms and voila, it’s all set to flawlessly inspire for your snowy wedding day in every possible way! White wedding cake when adorned with dark seasonal blooms of the winter will make definitely the best combination for our wedding photographer to capture! 

Designer Beaded Wedding Dress for Snow-loving Brides

A wedding dress is indeed the most beautiful and most anticipated garment that a bride wears on her wedding day! And if you are a bride who is head over heels in love with the idea of hosting a snow-theme wedding, then a wedding dress designed from beaded fabric will be the best and glamorous option for you! An elegant and sensuous beaded wedding dress will allow you to shine out bright (like literally) throughout your wedding day! All eyes will be glued on you, and your bridal portraits will turn out amazing and incredible! We can assure you that you are nothing less than a belle of the ball while slipping into a sparkly wedding gown with delicate and exquisite beading and sequins! For a more sexy and sensuous look choose a sheath-style beaded wedding dress with illusion style as it will offer you a minimalist-meets-glam look! But, if you have always desired to look like a Disney Princess on your wedding day, try shopping for ball gown silhouettes! 

Faux Fur Bridesmaid Robes

Matching bridesmaid’s rompers and pajama sets are nothing but utterly cute! But depending on when and where you are getting married, they might not keep you lovely girls warm enough if it’s snowy all around! In that case, you can always surprise your bridesmaid’s squad with some soft and cozy fleece and fur-trimmed robes! This gesture of yours will definitely be loved by all your lovely ladies as this is something that they will totally want to use all the time at their homes! Get your ladies geared up in faux fur robes and pose for some fun-filled and casual pre-wedding photography sessions with your bridesmaids! Trust us, everyone will look nice and toasty in this comfy and alluring wardrobe! 

Emerald and Velvet Wedding Outfits

With everything covered in a white pristine blanket of snow, the emerald color will pop out graciously and will bring in more character and drama to your wedding photos! Emerald shade is a very popular winter color and it will make the best color for your colorful wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses! When this shade is fused with velvet fabric will work wonders! Ask your wedding dress designer to design a velvet wedding dress incorporating emerald shade! Wearing this stunning combination of your wedding day will not only offer you a perfect blend of cozy and chic but will also make you the center of attraction! You will undoubtedly shine out like a diva in all your professional bridal portraits captured by our wedding photographers!


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