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Fireplace Wedding Ceremony Backdrop Ideas For Transforming Your Winter Wedding


When it comes to wedding planning, one of the most interesting bits is pretty wedding decor. Although we talk about many ideas, we rarely talk about the mantle and fireplace wedding decor. If you’re planning to throw a winter wedding with lush beauty and over-the-top romantic wedding decor, then this blog is just what you need! With so many things to plan, and oversee, you may overlook the brilliance of a mantle and fireplace. Although winter wedding ideas are just amazing and add romantic touches, you can do more and make your wedding look exceptionally dramatic with decor ideas for fireplace and mantle ceremony backdrop ideas. 


Now, before we get started, we’d like to tell you something first. When it comes to mantle and fireplace decor, one of the important things to remember is that these ideas will add to the altar. For example, if you’re getting married in an indoor wedding setting, then a mantle or the fireplace in the background can accentuate the entire indoor decor idea. Now, for a minute, consider this, if you’re tying the knot outdoors, even then you can create a small outdoor ceremony location, with an outdoor arbor, and add a mantle or fireplace in the background. And yes, we hear you, you’re probably wondering why would you want an outdoor ceremony space if you already have an altar, or maybe even indoors, then the answer is very simple. These decor ideas that we will list down below, will add more depth to your wedding ceremony ideas and will give you more space to take photos! Additionally, the ceremony altar will look all decked up and will make for an amazing wedding detail photo! Now that we’ve covered all bases, let’s talk about the ideas that you can choose from and make a part of your wedding! 


  1. Greenery and Vintage Frames: White, Green, Gold, or Ivory!


One of the best ideas that we have for you to decorate a mantle or a fireplace with a mantle for your wedding is with greenery and the beauty of white and gold, or white and ivory. These colors add a delicate charm and make your decor even more romantic. That said, you can add greenery runners, or order fresh greenery for your decor idea. When we say vintage frames, we’re talking about clear vintage frames with elaborate designs on the corners. What’s more, you can also add photos of you and your partner to the mantle. These photos can be from your engagement photo session or from any other time. The color of your photo frames, however, can depend on the wedding color scheme you have in mind. For example, if you’re adding a minimal wedding color combination, then you can probably look into white and gold. But if you have a wedding color scheme of red, black, yellow, and white, then you can add a frame for each color in your wedding color scheme. You can also add large flower arrangements, depending on the color scheme of your wedding, to add more colorful touches! 


An Interesting Add-on: If you’re happy with the wedding color scheme and love the ideas of greenery, and vintage frames, then how about adding some lights to make the look absolutely stunning? You can add string lights, or you can add bold candlesticks. Since you have vintage photo frames, you should think of adding vintage candle holders as well! 


  1. Greenery Hoops: Greenery and Stonewalls!


Since we’re on the topic of greenery, let’s talk about another idea that is almost the same, but with some differences. If you like the idea of using greenery to add a fresh touch of beauty to your wedding altar but are not a fan of the previous idea, then how about we add some more gold and greenery? Hoops with greenery will work just perfectly for you! This decor idea is minimal and adds a touch of wonder to your altar decor without making the background cluttered. Additionally, if you’re a fan of the DIY touches, you can create these huge hoops yourself. What’s more, you can add some floral details to the decor idea! Although this mantle decor idea works for every kind of fireplace, this especially looks perfect for stonewall fireplaces! You can also add some interesting decor ideas to the mantle. Instead of going all out with mantle decor, you can use a greenery run and add it to the mantle! This idea is a no-fuss stunning decor idea! 


  1. Honoring your Roots!


If you have a tiny fireplace, and you do not want to add wood or large decor ideas, then we have just the idea for you! Instead of opting for a lit fireplace, you can use the hollowed space to add some minimal wedding decor! You can use pretty floral arrangements, lanterns, and candles. But that’s not all, you can use the mantle space to honor your parents, family members, and those who have passed on and cannot attend your wedding. You can place frames of your loved ones on the mantle, and in the hollowed space for firewood, you can add some candles. If you want, you can light them up and if you want, you can leave them as they are. Another great way to add some brilliance to your wedding decor ideas is to use lanterns. You can use lanterns as holders for the photo frames of your loved ones, or you can use lantern decor ideas to add some rustic charm to the fireplace and wedding decor details. To add more details to your wedding decor idea, you can easily add some wedding signage to this space! You can also opt to have a signboard cut out or designed to spell out the last name of your partner and yours! 


  1. An Arching Beauty!


One of the best ways to decorate your winter wedding altar for a wonderful ceremony is to add some beautiful colors and arches! You can easily have a thin arch placed on the wall, right on top of the mantle. This can go around a decorative moose head or on a wall with wedding signage of you and your partner. You can also add some interesting colors by adding some floral details to the arch with greenery. Another way to have a wonderful wedding arch on top of the mantle is to have an arch that is inspired by your welcome wedding arch! You can easily use the ideas you incorporate into your wedding welcome arch, be it balloons, candy canes lined up on the arch, or Christmas decorations, you can use the same details for your mantle decor. Another way to improve the backdrop of the wedding altar, you can also complement the decor items for your welcome arch and the mantle decor. For example, if you use some Christmas decorations as decor for your wedding’s welcome arch, you can use candy canes as mantle decor! 


  1. Rustic Decor with Dried Leaves and Branches


This mantel decor works amazingly well for indoor and outdoor mantels! If you’re looking for a whimsical wedding, then using rustic-inspired decor ideas, such as using some branches, dried leaves and darker shades of fresh leaves and flowers will be perfect. Whether you have a white mantle or you have a rust brown colored mantle, branches with dried leaves, pampas grass, and some dark floral details will add a beautiful touch to your mantle decor. To take this idea a step further, you can easily look into adding some potted plants! Since it is winter, you can easily find a plant that is all branches with no leaves. Or you can simply use twigs and dried branches to fashion them as stems to add some additional details to your mantle decor! Another way to add some charming details you can use some plants from your garden. If you’re a proud plant parent, then you can bring some of your pretty plants to add some fresh colors to your own plants! You can place these plants on the mantle, and gather a small group of potted plants to place on either side of the fireplace. 


  1. Floral Wedding Fireplace and Mantle Decor


Although most of our ideas so far have been greenery-heavy decor ideas, this one is different! A floral-heavy wedding fireplace and mantle decor look just as beautiful! Now, before we bounce some ideas around, we’d like to tell you a couple of things. Let’s talk about what flowers to use for your wedding decor. When you’re looking to add details to your wedding, the floral details or decor for your wedding can be different from the primary floral decor. For mantle and fireplace decor for your wedding, you can use different colors for floral details. However, remember that these flowers or floral details can be different but these still need to complement your wedding day’s floral details! For the mantle and fireplace decor ideas for your wedding, you can use floral runners, or you can have flowers tied together in smaller bunches and have them on display. You can pair smaller bunches or have the beautiful floral runners with some long, narrow vase displays as well! You can also use the vases to add popping colors. For example, if you have white floral details, you can use the vases to display blue, red, or yellow flowers to make the entire space pop! 


  1. Effortless Pillar Candle Decor One of the most delicate and romantic ways of decorating the fireplace and mantle decor for your wedding is using the lovely glow of “candles.” We touched on the subject briefly, but this time around, we only want to talk about the candle decor ideas! A winter wedding is perfect for radiant wedding decor, which is why candles are your best friends if you’re throwing a wedding party in winter. A great way to add a warm and radiant glow to your wedding is to gather pillar candles around the fireplace and light them up as the wedding ceremony approaches. On the mantle, you can line these candles. Although it may sound a little too low on the aspect of “beauty,” trust us, it will look just perfect! To add the last touches to this idea, you can have a floral, or greenery wreath. You can also use a wreath with flowers and greenery. Another great fireplace decor idea is to use scented candles to sway your wedding guests with aroma! Also, if this is an idea that you want to work with for your wedding, then you can have hanging greenery decor paired with hanging lights for your winter wedding ceremony. Also, if white pillar candles are not something that you like, then how about using different colors? You can settle on a color for the mantle decor and some other color for the gathered candles at the foot of the mantle. Again, remember, that these colors should complement your wedding color scheme


All of the ideas above are just perfect suggestions for an indoor or outdoor wedding! If you’re not sure how you’d want to decorate an outdoor mantle, then we’d like to give you some ideas. Firstly, if you’ve chosen a wedding venue with an outdoor fireplace or mantle, then you can easily use just about any idea from our list. Secondly, if the wedding venue does not have an outdoor fireplace and mantle, you can use a wooden structure that looks like a mantle! What’s more, if you’re good with DIY projects, you can create an outdoor fireplace or mantel-like structure for your outdoor wedding arbor! With that said, we hope that the ideas we listed out help you create the perfect decor for your wedding altar! If you want, you can mix and match some of the ideas for your wedding altar and fireplace. A gentle reminder, however, is to remember to consider the color choices for candles or the floral details. These colors should always complement the wedding day colors. Even if your intention is to create a space of decor that pops, the colors should still complement your wedding theme colors.


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