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Spiked Coffee Cocktail Ideas We Are Loving!


Adding a little liquor to a freshly brewed coffee is absolutely a great way to give it an extra kick, especially if you are planning something special for your wedding day cocktail hour menu. There is no denying that hot coffee cocktails are full of yummy flavors, a pleasure to sip, and quite often incredibly easy to mix up! If you are planning a traditional wedding, you can consider following the tradition and mixing up an Irish coffee or even get decadent with alcoholic coffee drink recipes that use multiple spirits. 


There are many types of alcohol that go great with coffee and make the taste so incredible. Dark spirits like whiskey, rum, and even brandy are some of the best and most desired choices when it comes to making a coffee cocktail. Amaretto, butterscotch schnapps, Irish cream, and several other liqueurs are excellent as well, sweetening the coffee while adding delicious flavors, resulting in some of the best-spiked coffee cocktails. So, if you are in search of such kinds of coffee cocktails, then we have got you covered! We have curated a list of some really amazing hot and cold coffee cocktails that are best suited for your upcoming any-season weddings. Have a look and choose the best coffee cocktail for your wedding day cocktail hour! 


  • Espresso Martini

All the coffee lovers out there have something really incredible and amazing if you are in search of a perfect coffee cocktail! Say, “Hi!” to the beautiful and classic Espresso Martini. This coffee cocktail is an ideal pick-me-up for a lazy afternoon or even an after-dinner drink. Trust us, this Espresso Martini will surely double as dessert! The bittersweet taste of the coffee perfectly paired with the rich and fine sweetness of Kahlua, indeed makes the greatest combination ever. To make it more amazing and unique, and apt to fit in the category of the cocktail, add vodka to it. Trust us, the trio will surely make a full-flavored and sophisticated drink that tastes nothing but like much more than the sum of its parts! It is just marvelous! This yummy and delicious Espresso Martini is everything you need, cool, frothy, and just sweet enough! Well, before you go all down on this amazing drink, just watch out as these go down easy! 


  • White Russian

Everyone out there who is looking for a coffee cocktail that does not take much time more than 2 minutes to make sure it hits the spot in any season: the White Russian! This incredible alcoholic coffee drink comprises vodka perfectly mixed with coffee liqueur and cream in a decadently creamy, searingly sweet beverage. Well, if you know from the 1990s movie The Big Lebowski, this amazing drink has been around since the 1950s. If you are planning a backyard wedding or even a winter celebration, a White Russian coffee cocktail is indeed the best choice for your wedding cocktail. Trust us, this White Russian coffee cocktail is a total treat, and could not be easier to make. Offering this delicious drink to all your wedding guests on your wedding day will surely leave them in great spirits and will give them to cherish them for years to come!


  • All-Time Classic Irish Coffee Cocktail

Are you amongst those people who would love to have liquor in their coffee? If the answer to this question is yes, then congratulations, we have got something really amazing and exciting for you which you will surely love, we are very much assured of! Well, we are talking about sweet and delicious Irish coffee cocktails! If you ask us, then all we wanna say is that there is nothing more soul-warming than that classic and perfect combination of bitter coffee, butter whisky, and not to forget the frothy whipped cream. A classic Irish coffee cocktail is always a great and the best choice to add to your wedding day cocktail menu. The best part of having an Irish coffee cocktail for your wedding day is that there are endless variations on the spiked coffee theme, too which will make wonders to your wedding day cocktail menu! 


  • Amazing Bushwacker Drink

Well, we are going to tell you about a coffee cocktail that is definitely going to blow your mind with its creamy, chocolaty flavor, the Bushwacker! The amazing Bushwacker drink is equal parts refreshing and rich: a mashup of a chocolate milkshake and yummy pina colada! This coffee cocktail drink is lusciously smooth with notes of chocolate, coffee, and vanilla! Couples who are planning a beach wedding can consider offering this refreshing dessert drink to all your wedding guests whenever they are dreaming of the sun! 


  • Espresso Margarita

Hello, coffee lovers, here is an ideal coffee cocktail for your upcoming wedding day! The Espresso Margarita! Well, this view is not very common when you get the chance to taste coffee flawlessly mixed with tequila. Well trust us, when they both come together in a combination, you and all your wedding guests will in for an amazing treat! This classic and amazing spin on the Espresso Martini gracefully combines tequila with Kahlua, orange liqueur, and espresso for a rich, bittersweet flavor. Just a pro tip here, shake this coffee cocktail as much as possible as shaking it up definitely makes a delightfully frothy topping! 


  • Kahlua Coffee

Does Kahlua go with the coffee? Well, if you ask us, the answer is, a resounding “yes!”. This sweet coffee-flavored liqueur cocktail is at its best when served in a cup of joe, and the best part of this drink is that it works any time of the day! So, no matter whether you are planning a winter weddingsummer wedding, or spring wedding, this coffee cocktail will perfectly work for any seasonal wedding. If you are planning a weekend wedding celebration you can just consider adding it to the morning coffee for a brunch to serve all your wedding guests or can even consider serving it as a dessert drink perfectly topped with whipped cream like the popular and desirable Irish coffee. To make it more interesting, consider adding a hint of cream or you can even consider serving it black like all the favorite and classic Black Russian, it is absolutely delicious no matter what variant you are going for, for your wedding day cocktail menu!


  • Revolver Cocktail

Revolver Cocktail is a beautiful and modern spin on the Manhattan stars delightfully paired with Tia Maria, a coffee liqueur, in place of the usual standard sweet vermouth. It indeed makes an intriguing drink, when sweet vanilla is mixed with oak notes. With every sip of this drink, your wedding guests will feel a different yet tasteful and lingering bittersweet coffee cocktail! Well, if by any chance you don’t have Tia Maria to add to your coffee to make it a perfect cocktail, you can consider adding Kahlua in place of that and serve something really delightful and tasty to all your wedding guests on your wedding day! 


  • Spanish Coffee

Well, have you ever tried the revelation that is Spanish coffee? It is actually an American spin on a beautiful Spanish concept of spiked coffee (carajillo). But, trust us, this drink is so extra-special. This coffee cocktail has got a caramelized sugar rim and is perfectly spiked with Kahlua, rum, and orange liqueur, and topped with some hand-whipped fluffy whipped cream! The burnt caramel, citrus, bitter coffee, and sweet dream when all combined together actually get into a literal symphony of flavor that we can assure your wedding guests will cherish and savor too! 


  • Delightful Black Russian

Well, if you are looking for an alcoholic coffee drink, then there is nothing better and perfect than the Black Russian. This classic cocktail from the 1950s is indeed a perfect after-dinner drink that you can consider serving to all your wedding guests on your wedding night celebration! This incredible and classic coffee cocktail from the 1950s is indeed the perfect after-drink or afternoon pick-me-up. If you are planning a weekend wedding or a prolonged wedding celebration, then you can consider adding this coffee cocktail to your brunch menu to give a delightful experience to all your wedding guests. This yummy black Russian coffee cocktail comprises 2 major ingredients, and almost tastes like a dessert. You might know its more popular cream-filled cousin, the yummy White Russian. But, the amazing Black Russian is original and authentic. Well, there are chances that your wedding guests might like it a little better as compared to the other cocktails


  • Lovely Coffee Martini

All the caffeinated coffee cocktail lovers, you will definitely love this spiked coffee cocktail, the Coffee Martini. It is nothing but extremely smooth, frothy, and deliciously creamy, and you know the best part of this amazing drink is? A crunchy coffee beam rim! Your wedding guests do need to check them out as these go down very easily. You can suggest them to taste each sip as each and every sip of Coffee Martini is a burst of flavor. To make it taste more authentic, consider mixing it up with bitter coffee with some sweet vanilla, creamy chocolate, and the fruity finish of Irish Whiskey


  • Carajillo (Mexican Spiked Coffee)

All the coffee lovers out there, we have something really exciting and yummy that not only you but your wedding guests will never have enough of! Here is a coffee cocktail that will surely surprise all your wedding guests with its nuanced flavor: the Carajillo! This amazing coffee cocktail is widely popular in Spain and Latin America, but it is majorly very much popular in Mexico where you will find it made with Licor 43. Just one sip and you’ll taste sweet vanilla, chocolate, and citrus notes from the Licor and the bitter, rich notes of the coffee. It’s truly a match made in heaven and indeed a perfect addition to your wedding day cocktail menu, for sure! 


  • Amaretto Coffee

So, are you ready for an incredible coffee cocktail that is part drink, part dessert, and 100 percent irresistible? Well, if you are in for something like that when it comes to coffee cocktails then there is nothing better than Amaretto Coffee. This is a must-try Amaretto Coffee cocktail and also a must-added cocktail drink on your wedding or reception day cocktail menu. With just one sip, we can assure you that your wedding guests' eyes will be widened. And the only thing they will say will be, “Wowza, this stuff is indeed good!”. If you ask us, it is one of those different and unique flavor combinations that are years beyond the sum of its parts. Amaretto Coffee brings a taste of nuttiness and spice to the coffee cocktail that is hard to quantify in words. One can also feel it when it will hit the taste buds. Gracefully topped with frothy whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon, it’s truly to die for and also a must include cocktail to your wedding day cocktail menu. 


  • Incredible Cafe Royal

Well, coffee liqueur might be too obvious of a companion for coffee, but there are definitely some that are more suitable and amazing than others and also loved by all the coffee lovers who prefer a great combination of coffee mixed with some little alcohol. The Cafe Royal is amongst those spiked coffee cocktails that speak for themselves. Curated with an intense tequila base and rich, off-dry profile, cafe royal surely makes a great coffee cocktail, if you are in search of something unique for your wedding day reception cocktail menu. Well, of course, the other liqueurs work well too in this coffee cocktail, giving the best of the results. With just two ingredients in perfect quantity, this hot spiked coffee cocktail is an ideal drink to discover the subtle differences between brands. This drink is best suited for winter weddings. Winter weddings, and a hot coffee cocktail, are just a match made in heaven! 


  • Maple Pecan Latte

If you are planning a romantic winter saga for your big day celebration, and looking for a cocktail that not only keeps your wedding guests warm and happy but also something to talk about for years to come, then we would suggest that go for the amazing maple pecan latte. This amazing spiked coffee cocktail should be on your wedding day must-drink list. This is a very easy recipe to make and can go under your DIY wedding day cocktail drink. All you have to do is use some homemade maple pecan syrup, and then perfectly mix it with espresso and some steamed milk. The seasonal flavors are just amazing, and to make it a perfect cocktail for your winter wedding, all you have to do is spike it with a shot of whiskey! 


  • French Connection Coffee

Taking the unique French connection series of coffee cocktails, then it consists of a soothing and amazing combination of cognac and amaretto. When creatively mixed into a cup of strong, black coffee, you will have a perfect and mind-blowing French connection coffee, which is otherwise known as the cafe amore. To make it a coffee cocktail to fit in the category of cocktail drink for your wedding day cocktail hour, all you have to do is adjust the ratio of the two liquors to taste; the more amaretto you will pour, the sweeter the taste will become. To make it more deliciously rich, you can consider garnishing it with whipped cream and some shaved almonds! 


  • German Coffee with Rum

There is absolutely no denying that the story of Pharisaer Kaffee will give your wedding guests something to talk about over coffee. Well, it is very amusing to think of parishioners in the 1870’s disguising their dark rum-spiked coffee behind tasty whipped cream so their pastor did not think they were drinking! Well, just like them, you can also consider bringing this great drink to your wedding day cocktail hour and offer it to your wedding guests. This classic German recipe is very simple and a delight to drink. 


  • Nutty Irishman

If you are familiar with the nutty Irishman, then we are very much sure that it can be made as a “martini”, shooter, or lowball! You can try experimenting with the tempting combination of Frangelico and some Irish cream in a cup of hot coffee to have some really great hot spiked coffee cocktails, especially if you are planning a winter wedding celebration. It is absolutely tasty as the others, and the amazing hazelnut flavor against the rich cream liqueur is indeed a perfect way to flavor your coffee. This Nutty Irishman coffee cocktail works well with a double shot of espresso for a cappuccino-like cocktail! 


So, these were some of the best ways to enjoy your coffee with a little twist and make it an amazing coffee cocktail! You can also give the taste of these amazing spiked coffee cocktails to all your wedding guests on your wedding day and let them savor for more! Some of the above-mentioned drinks have brewed coffee, while there are others that use coffee liqueur like Kahlua. Whatever the case, if you love coffee we promise you’ll love these coffee cocktails even more!


Happy sipping!


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