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The Brilliant Early Spring Wedding Day Of Jessica And Austin At Club Lake Plantation Wedding Venue


Remember the butterflies you had in the pit of your stomach when you saw each other for the first time? Were you nervous and giddy? Were you secretly hoping for them to ask you for a second date? The first time they held your hand, the first time you kissed, the way their face feels on your palm with your eyes closed, and the way you can find them amidst a million people. Days went by and the calendars flipped, and these are the memories that still make you giggle like a teenager and stick to you unfalteringly. 


Nothing makes us happier than seeing two people who are deeply in love and planning their wedding, along with figuring out the things they want for themselves on their wedding day and how they want them to be. Bringing the expressive artistic imagery to life, wedding planning sessions are filled with creativity and inquisitiveness, as two people planning their wedding try to solve life's puzzles together. 


How do you want to remember the most important day of your life? A tricky question isn't it? The sharp and speechless wedding memories should definitely be fun, romantic, and emotional at the same time, but apart from these, picking the best wedding venue out of all the shortlisted ones will help to set the tonality and ambiance of the wedding. Your favorite wedding theme and décor will follow only when you choose the perfect wedding venue with the flexibility to accommodate all the big and little details that you have carefully stored in your wedding checklist for all these years. 


Just like a jet plane shooting a cross of sunny sky, leaving a white trail of clouds, we were left with a warm fuzzy feeling when we got the opportunity to document a classic love story in Orlando, Florida. Right from the time we met Jessica and Austin, we had a strong feeling that they belonged together, just like two adjacent puzzle pieces, perfectly fitting into each other's gaps. Maybe it was how their palms fitted into each other perfectly while they took their first dance or maybe it was the infectious energy they had around the wedding guests on their big day. There was something so unique about this Orlando newlywed couple that pulled our heartstrings a little stronger, making the entire experience riffed with fun and excitement. 


The tender moments evoked all the feels of our Orlando wedding photographers while they captured the unfiltered emotions on camera creating priceless keepsakes for the wedding album. The magnanimous personality of Jessica took off like a burst of flame when it came in contact with Austin's carefree laugh, making the entire environment filled with adorable and sweet embracing moments, generating some of the most picture-perfect moments for their wedding photography session in Orlando


Right from the beginning, Jessica had her heart set on hosting her wedding in Orlando, Florida for all the right reasons and we couldn't stop but applaud this decision, as the list of reasons to get married here is endless. Florida is home to one of the sunniest weather throughout the year, and the replenishing energy of an early spring wedding in Orlando was always one of the top priorities of these lovestruck souls. 


Whether you want to get married hearing the lapping waves, while golden sands wind their way between your toes and the chirping bird calls make for your wedding music, or you want to have an intimate wedding filled with your most loved individuals surrounded by completely vacation vibes, the wedding venues in Orlando can surprise you with its unique assortments. Exchange your wedding vows with the panoramic ocean views as the wedding backdrop or get framed while channeling out your inner child at the theme park (Orlando is famous for that), our talented wedding photographers in Orlando with their tremendous photo journaling expertise will give you an experience that goes beyond words. 


Your wedding day will never have a single dull moment, and hence this was the reason why our Orlando couple chose this Sunshine State to kickstart their new beginnings. Starting from the Spanish conquistadors, a striking Caribbean influence to the incredibly interesting and world-famous theme parks at Disney World and Universal, Orlando can be your answer to an interesting wedding photography session. Your wedding album is sure to look like an endless summer dream when you choose Orlando as your wedding destination


Jessica and Austin chose the stupendous and splendid Club Lake Plantation wedding venue for hosting their reception and Annunciation Catholic Church - Altamonte Springs for their wedding ceremony. These amazing and premier wedding venues in the Orlando suburbs proved to be extraordinary places to celebrate their brand new nuptial beginnings. The perfectly warm weather of Florida weaved the right amount of early spring wedding magic which made the entire wedding ceremony and reception filled with picturesque moments that were intricately captured by our Orlando wedding photographers


Located in Apopka, Florida, this classic wedding venue in the suburbs of Orlando offers a variety of indoor and outdoor wedding event spaces that offer a tremendous level of flexibility to accommodate any kind of wedding decor and arrangements. Located centrally at the heart of Florida, this premier wedding venue can cater for celebrations of every size whether you have been looking for a luxurious wedding function or even an intimate gathering. The plantation's gorgeous gardens, immaculately manicured grounds, with a gazebo nestled right at the middle of the grounds reflecting off the Florida sunshine can offer a very quintessential setting for your Orlando wedding photography session


Our Orlando couple chose the lakeside cocktail hour gazebo that was transformed into a picture-perfect wedding setting, overlooking the sprawling private gardens and open areas. The expansive tent wedding setting with the pristine and tranquil ceremony grounds adjacent to it turned out to be an amazing pick for hosting this wedding day.


The intimate reception and banquet spaces of this suburban Orlando wedding venue have an expansive floor terrace that opens up to a panoramic view of the expansive plantation grounds and secret gardens, making it a hotspot for exclusive wedding portrait sessions in Orlando. Another highlight of the classic wedding venue in the Orlando suburbs is the quintessential gazebo nestled right at the center of the lawn, where our couple greeted their wedding guest and hosted their wedding reception while being surrounded by lush green foliage that looks like a natural canvas filled with charming views. Located just 30 minutes away from Disney World, the Club Lake Plantation wedding venue can suit your personal taste if you have a thing for amusement parks and fun activities. 


The day of the wedding arrived on a warm early spring day and the wedding photographs of this Orlando wedding displayed the true emotions of the day that were captured with perfect justice. The wedding day started early when Jessica got ready for her big day in the lovely bridal suite featuring a natural color palette and wood panel backdrops with quintessential mirrors glistening and illuminating the entire space. Our wedding photographers in Orlando did an astounding job of capturing the big and little wedding details, from the bridal getting-ready portraits captured in pure detailed shots to the white and green themed wedding invites and other wedding stationeries laid out on a mahogany-colored table along with the bridal shoes and wedding bands. The crisp white wedding dress portraits were also captured by hanging the dress under the wedding entrance arch which was a big and rustic wooden door with a gable roof. 


The heartwarming bridal portraits and the bridesmaid group photography session as our bride got ready for her big day while being wrapped in matching golden satin robes truly made our hearts go crazy. The emotional and precious moments exchanged between the bride and her mother, as the mother readied her daughter for the biggest day of her life, were captured in excellent mother-daughter portraits. The exclusive bridesmaid portraits once again stole the show as they were all dressed up in matching mint-colored maxi bridesmaid dresses and the brilliant and bright daylights fell on them, signified as absolutely marvelous additions to the wedding album. Our wonderful bride Jessica also posed for a few group portraits with her team of bridesmaids after she got dressed up in her bridal whites.


Jessica slipped into her wedding dress that was a crisp white sleeveless A-line princess ball gown, with a plunging neckline forming a clean V-shape that had a mix of satin, lace, and organza fabrics. The long cathedral veil looked ethereal as it glided like a breeze from her neatly done hairdo. Her minimalist day makeup with smokey eyes along with her no-wedding jewelry look truly looked ethereal. The open hair bridal hairstyle perfectly accentuated her overall bridal ensemble with her dark brown hair neatly side-parted and the long flowing locks caressing her shoulders. The white rose Bierdiemier bridal bouquet and her unfaltering smile that never left her face throughout the wedding day made for some of the highlights of her confident bridal look. 


The stylish groom look of Austin was full of vivacious and fun energy which perfectly matched Jessica’s. He looked suave as he decided to flaunt a royal blue three-piece formal suit with a crisp white shirt, teamed up with a light cream-colored tie with matching pocket square, and a white rose boutonniere. Complementing his stunning groom look, Austin wore tan brown oxford shoes, and he looked amazing as he waited for Jessica to walk the aisle. 


The bridesmaids added a burst of freshness to the picture by wearing matching mint-colored flowing maxi dresses and carried rose bouquets. It was the cutest thing we have seen in a long long time! Not the ones to shy away from the matching wedding theme, our groomsmen were donned in royal blue groomsmen attire, teamed with crisp white shirts, rose boutonnieres, and light powder pink ties. Every little detail about this wedding seemed thoughtful to the lenses, and the cute elements reverberated the fun nature of the amazing Orlando couple.


On the wonderful early spring day in the month of February, Jessica and Austin decided to seal the deal for a lifetime and we loved the shots captured by our Orlando wedding photographers. They orchestrated an unforgettable first look before the wedding ceremony and the first-look wedding portraits came out to be unbelievably magical. Just before the wedding ceremony started, the groomsmen group photos and family wedding portraits that our professional wedding photographers captured against the brilliant architecture and natural abode filled with greenery looked truly remarkable. Right from the orchestrated couple portraits in brilliant wedding poses to the amazing couple posing with their respective parents and wedding party, each one of the portraits was added to our list of must-have wedding photos for its sheer brilliance.


Our hearts leaped with excitement and joy as we saw Jessica walking the aisle with her father, and our professional wedding photographers in Orlando did not miss a single photo opportunity. Wedding ceremony portraits ranged from the wedding vows being exchanged to the final kiss that marked the new beginnings for this amazing Orlando couple.


After the wedding ceremony was over, the wedding gang quickly regrouped to click some radiant family portraits for the family and wedding album. As the bridesmaids and the groomsmen were dressed in purely matching wedding party attire, the group wedding photography session looked like a bright ray of sunshine. It perfectly defined the mood of the wedding and we love just how bright and beautiful the overall effect was. Words can't do justice to the stunning shots of the gorgeous wedding party joined by the adorable little flower girl and the overall cozy and warm ambiance created by the church wedding details, as the happy elements that were being added to the entire wedding photography session in Orlando were beyond us. 


As the evening set in, the stage was set and the curtains were drawn for the wedding reception that began at the extensive tent setting. The cool rustic brown sprawling tiled dance floor was highlighted by the dramatic dynamic overhead hanging lighting installations. Our Orlando professional photographers framed the red velvet mini cupcakes as an alternative to traditional wedding cake intricately placed on the gorgeous dessert wedding table alongside sparkling ceramics and silverware. We were swooned by the graceful display of love as the couple had their first dance as newlyweds. As the night progressed, the father-daughter dance followed by the first dance as newlyweds, and the grand wedding send-off amidst sparklers, which delivered some dramatic wedding shots meant for a dynamic wedding album.


This Orlando wedding day goes on to show that this couple had an extraordinary level of fun and happy elements in their chemistry, which was so profoundly displayed in their wedding photography session. They are the kind of couple who seemed to take life as it comes without letting worries and woes get into their way. Our spirits hit closer to home as we saw Jessica and Austin, enjoying their once-in-a-lifetime experience to the fullest, as the muted display of sophistication amidst simple joys was deeply felt by everyone present on the wedding day.


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