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Love at First Look


December is for the holidays. January is for rest. February is for romance. Valentine’s Day has awoken our inner-romantic selves (and let’s be honest, our outer-romantic selves), and we’ve been pouring over first look photos. We’ve put together our absolute favorite first look photos from our wedding photography archives. These photos will have you setting aside some first look time on the big day.
First look photos capture that moment on your wedding day when you and your partner see each other dressed in your best for the very first time. First look photos are sweet, candid, and definitely romantic. There are a number of ways to approach a first look. You can do a traditional first look at the altar, an intimate pre-ceremony first look, or a “don’t look” first look where you exchange letters, hold hands, or say a prayer with your backs to each other or something between you. First look photos always showcase the love a couple has for one another, and the different approaches allow you to stay true to your personality.
Location can enhance the sweeping romanticism of a first look. Scope out your venue for the perfect location. It can be outdoors or indoors, at your venue or nearby. Use your wedding photographer as a resource. They’ve done this before so they’ll know what to look for. A gorgeous backdrop—whether it features architectural details or a stunning natural setting—will always enhance your wedding photos. A couple of extra things to look for when scouting first look locations: a path with a bend in it, doorway, screen. Something that can obscure your vision contributes to a more dramatic reveal. The bigger the reveal, the bigger your reaction, the better the wedding photos.
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