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Handheld Wedding Desserts For A Delectable Reception!


Weddings are one of the most precious events in any individual’s life. The thrill of wearing that gorgeous wedding dress, standing in front of the love of your life, saying your wedding vows, making promises and commitments, the exchange of rings, and the blissful kiss at the end, indeed feels like a dream. So many emotions run through one’s mind when they decide to get married and start with the wedding planning process. To be honest, wedding preparations and all those little details are extremely extensive tasks. Right from the selection of the venue to the selection of the color palettes, there are so many things to take care of. One often misses out on something or the other when not planned properly.


Desserts are something that everyone likes and enjoys. That one hint of sweetness and an essential detail that can make anyone happy. Desserts add that bonus or the satisfaction treat at the end of any meal. When you have had a long day at work and you come home and open that freezer to check if there is any ice cream left, and there is some, the joy that maybe one scoop of ice cream brings is true, elite. Just like everyone likes a little treat of sweetness, it is extremely important to choose or have desserts on your wedding reception menu. Remember, a road to someone’s heart is through their stomach, and if you want your wedding guests to enjoy your wedding and so do you, add some wedding desserts to that menu!


Now that you know how important it is to plan a wedding menu properly along with the importance of desserts on that menu, there must be a thought arising in your mind: Which desserts to choose for the ‘perfect’ menuYes, this indeed is an extremely important doubt which needs to be cleared. In this era of everyone being a fitness freak, an Instagram influencer, or whatnot, people do care about the number of calories they consume, especially the sugar and carb intake. It is not a bad thing to be conscious about what you eat or how much you eat, for which, you can have an inclusive dessert table at your wedding reception. You can include items that are common and made with normal recipes and two to three desserts that are modified, yet the taste remains the same-just healthier!


This is the generation of going innovative and always out of the box. Yes, there is no doubt that traditional wedding rites bring us closer to our roots, but there is also no harm in adding your kick to it. Everyone waits for the iconic tiered cake-cutting ceremony. Indeed, a classic. But what if you changed that style a little bit and added multiple displays of different handheld desserts which are not only cute but also non-chaotic and make your wedding reception even more classy? Cakes are super fun and delicious but a dessert display or a dessert table can change the entire vibe of your wedding reception. Something small and adorable that is bite-sized and can be held in a pinch, perhaps? Say no more! 


Petite desserts or small handheld desserts are quite the rage in summer weddings as they are easy to pop into your mouth and attend to that sweet craving, but it's also perfect for not overindulging! Perfect for summer weddings, when everybody wants something light and easy on their plate, this seems like the perfect option If this idea sounded interesting to you but do not know which desserts to choose? Keep reading and you will find 20 interesting yet adorable handheld desserts for a delectable wedding reception!


It’s a Tarty day!

Who does not like a lemon tart? That blend of sweet and sour is the perfect bite that melts in your mouth. Lemon tarts are easy to make and easy to eat. You can carry it hassle-free, for which it is the first dessert which is mentioned on this list. People who avoid extremely sweet desserts can opt for lemon tarts and you will be good to go.


They call it the Cake baby

Yes, everyone enjoys the classic vanilla or funnel cake. One of the oldest traditions at a wedding reception is cake cutting. But, cutting the pieces, and serving them on plates and spoons, can be chaotic and just leads to extra expenses. In most cases, the entire cake is not even eaten and might go to waste. To this, we have the cutest creation, that is, cakesicles! Small balls of cake and frosting, dipped in chocolate or vanilla sauce, can be another non-chaotic dessert on the go!


Fun rice crispy treats

Rice crispy treats have been those desserts-cum-snacks that are loved by everyone, be it a kid or an adult. Everyone loves a little rice Krispy treat. It is crunchy, sweet, a little savory, fluffy, and easy to handle and eat. Go for a traditional rice Krispy treat recipe and cut out fun shapes using a cookie cutter, a heart, or maybe a ring too! Go as creative as you can and decorate it as per your choice.


Brownies on the go!

Brownies are one of those desserts which are simple yet versatile. Brownies can come in so many flavors too. The thing with a multi-dessert table is that you can customize it according to your needs and keep the guest list in mind, catering to everyone’s likes and dislikes. You can put a display of mini brownies and it will look super aesthetic too!


Delightfully Dipped Oreos

What if one said, white chocolate and Oreos? Yes, your mouth just watered even thinking about it. Oreos are like those universal biscuits that no one hates. Nowadays, there are so many recipes related to Oreos, like that oreo mug cake and even an oreo popsicle! But, what if there was a display of white-chocolate-covered Oreos? With some minimal decoration on top and a whole display of this beautiful combination, the whole mood of your wedding reception will change.


It is, Berry Delicious!

Tastes like strawberries, on a summer evening and it sounds just like a song…Oh, did we just sing a Harry Styles song? Well, that is what the thought of strawberries makes you do. Chocolate-covered strawberries are a classic, be it white chocolate, dark chocolate, or milk chocolate. It is just the best combination and so easy to carry and eat!


Custom-made chocolate bars

This is one of the most innovative ideas on this list for your wedding invitation. When you give out your invitations for your reception, add a short Google form link to it with the title ‘Customize your chocolate bar!’ You can give them choices from the type of chocolate to what additional things they would like to add to it. Once you have the data, you can ask the caterers to make these and put them on display with the names of guests on them. Isn’t this super cool?


Mousse cups

Mousses are so fluffy and creamy, that you can finish a small cup literally in two bites. They are handy and super aesthetic and can be customized in so many different flavor combinations. You can choose a chocolate mousse, mango mousse, strawberry mousse, or even create a whole new combination. Mousse cups are cute yet delicious!


Let’s go Bananza! 

To all your health freaks out there, we have got you! Fruit in a dessert can be such an interesting thing to see. One can experiment well with fruits. The most versatile fruit used in desserts and baking, in general, is the banana. Minions loved it, and so do you! A banana pudding in a pod can be a great healthy yet tasty option to serve as a dessert at your reception.


What’s cookie-ng? 

Kids can devour cookies, right? Oh wait, so do adults! Cookies are so crunchy, soft, moist, and go with everything. Cookies can be customized to be made in a healthy version too. So why not a display of cookies? There is nothing more satisfying than a pile of stacked-up cookies!


Surprise, Fruity!

We have another mention of fruits here! If you have a summer wedding planned, this is something you would like to put on the menu. Fruits are tasty, and refreshing and can make kids happy too if presented and served in the right manner. Decorate these fruit tarts, make them colorful and you would easily eat like five of those!


Want some s’more of that.

Love for chocolate, check! Love for marshmallows, check! Want to eat s’mores, double-check! But want it conveniently and without any hassle? We got you. S’more shooters, small portions of that sweet delight in small cups decorated with extra chocolate drizzle on top. Put a small spoon with it, and the next thing you will be seeing would be your Instagram stories with #Ohsocute #ItsSmoresTime!


 I gave you my heart..heart-shaped pie pops!

Anything heart-shaped is cute, and when it is a wedding reception, it is even more adorable and rightly fits the aesthetic. Apple pies are a very beautiful combo of sweet and savory, but they can be a little messy to eat if it's a big portion. To resolve this problem, you can go for mini apple pies which are shaped in the shape of a heart, and put a stick inside them, to make it look like a pie pop.

On top of the Cake pop tower.

Cake pops are super adorable. Everyone loves cake and to make the eating part a little less chaotic, you can opt for cake pops. To make it look even more aesthetic and pretty, you can choose a cake pop tower. You can find many inspirations online as well as on Pinterest. Go for a color scheme of the cake pop tower related to the theme of the venue, and it will set the vibe.


I scream you scream, we all scream ICECREAM!!

Ice creams are genuinely the best dessert ever. Even if it is chilly weather, you will always crave ice cream. Which is the best part about the ice cream cone? The bottom part! Well, mini ice cream cones are the answer to all these cravings. They are cute, compact, and easy to eat and carry. They would not even melt faster and your dress remains stain-free!


 It is so a-dough-able!

Doughnuts are such a convenient dessert unless there is some filling inside them. Well, to avoid that mess, what if one suggested a mini doughnut tower or display. A small or compact version of any dessert makes it even more pretty and tasty. For this again, you can go for colorful doughnut glazes that match the ambiance of your venue.


 Indeed a classic.

We talked about cakes and cake pops, but one should never forget a classic cupcake. To be honest, going simple is a classy move. Not too overboard, not too exaggerated. Simple and classic cupcakes are such a delightful treat. They are delicious and easy to eat too. Go for mini cupcakes, if you want to keep it compact. Design them your way as well, if needed.


 Alexa, macar-ON the wedding lights! 

Macarons are another dessert that is loved by everyone. Fluffy, sweet, and melts in your mouth! Again, you can opt for the normal-sized ones or mini macarons, depending on what and how you want to present them. For this too, you can go with the color scheme of your venue and theme.

Ice-scream, Love is in the air!

So, we have got another ice cream item on the list. Ice cream sandwiches were a great invention. The crispy bits of the biscuits and the soft, melty ice cream. Yes, this can be a risky option too, but you can also go for small sundae bowls as well. Here again, you have the benefit or advantage of customization, which you can leave up to the guests.

What’s Poppin?

The third time on the list, we are back with another fruit dessert. A summer wedding and you can crave something not too sweet, but a little hint of sourness. What is better than a fruit popsicle? A popsicle makes everyone happy. With fruits in it, it becomes a healthy option too. Go for mini popsicles, that can be eaten in one to two bites.

There is something about tiny handheld dessert bites which is enough to make one go “aww” and pop one right away, no questions asked! Easy to eat, non-messy, and varied in types, ranging from canapes, cupcakes, popsicles, and truffles, handheld desserts are not only tasty but are amazing for dessert table presentation. If you want to dress up your dessert table for your summer wedding, mini is surely the way to go! We are sure there are many more to pick from, but this is all for this blog, and we are certain you will find at least something that you love in there! You have got tons of options to choose from. You can opt for three to four of these or more, depending on your guest list and wedding budget. Or you can go for just your favorite one! Hope this article left your sweet tooth happy and with lots of inspiration and details for some adorable desserts to feature on your sweet table on your wedding day! 


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