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Chevonne and Leonard’s Classy and Vibrant Richmond Wedding


The goal in marriage isn't to think alike but think together, they say, and we agree with enough! Your story might not look like every other love story out there, but as long as it makes sense to each other, it is perfect! We love that we are in the business of love, and we get to experience different love stories, each one vividly different from the last, and all equally perfect. Every couple has their own special love language, their own unified personality, and their own vision of what their wedding day should look like. So when a couple, so colorful, full of personality and life comes along, we love capturing them in our frames, because isn't it love stories like these which keep the fun alive in life? With Chenonne and Leonard, we love how their special day perfectly depicts the flamboyant and bold outlook that they hold towards life. Vibrantly colorful and refreshingly full of life, this stunning duo’s Richmond wedding was a page out of a fairytale.


Chevonne and Leonard chose the charming city of Richmond as their chosen place for their dream wedding, and we can see why! Whether you are the romantic soul or keen history buffs, whether you love nature, or you love the modern architecture of the world, Richmond will suit any of your moods and personalities. Richmond, the capital of Virginia, is known to be the oldest major city in America. There is a lot of history strewn along the streets of Virginia. It is here in the St. John's Church in 1775 that Patrick Henry, a U.S. Founding Father who famously declared “Give me liberty or give me death”, which led to the Revolutionary War. The White House of the Confederacy, home of Confederate President Jefferson Davis during the Civil War, is now a museum in Court End. The city is filled with attractions like, The Poe Museum, Maymont, the Virginia State Capitol, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, to name just a few. From gorgeous art to tales of history, from gorgeous parks to enchanting forests, Richmond is a stunning place to host one’s dream wedding. Whether you are in the mood for a romantic engagement photo session or looking for the perfect spot for your wedding ceremony, Richmond is abundant in options. Chevonne and Leonard chased right when they said yes to Richmond because they were essentially saying yes to the beautiful amalgamation of history and modernity that this city provides. 


Chevonne and Leonard opted for the stunning Historic Mankin Mansion as the perfect setting for their special day, and we applaud their pick! A national award-winning wedding venue, Historic Mankin Mansion is an enchanting magical estate in Richmond, Virginia, and is voted the best ceremony location, reception venue, and best Historic wedding site in the area. The wedding venue is aware of the fact that it is your special day and there is only one opportunity to do it just right, and give all their efforts to get it just the way you envisioned. The wedding venue allows the flexibility of hosting one’s wedding both indoors and outdoors. The timelessly beautiful brick building teamed with the red brick roads and meticulously manicured green landscape creates an elegant estate that is classically appealing. Explore the charm of the outdoors before entering the High Peak Reception Pavilion or take a stroll through the Formal English Gardens and explore the newly restored Vintage European Gallery. While the beautiful property is gorgeously yielding, you can still personalize the space with tents, string lights, and other decors, so that you create exactly the wedding of your dreams, and nothing less. Renowned as Virginia’s only top-rated quintessential historic wedding resort, the service and the atmosphere here is unmatched. The venue’s amazing staff will ensure that they are right there to cater to all your needs so that your wedding day goes by as smoothly as butter on a hot pan. With promises to host just one event at a time, the Historic Mankin Mansion wedding venue gives the couple and the guests all the privacy they deserve. Their efficient wedding planning team will work closely with the couple on all of the details, to ensure that everything is executed just as per your vision. Endowed by crystal chandeliers, Italian lighting, and French doors and temperature-controlled event spaces, this wedding location will ensure that a couple’s wedding day turns out just the way they daydream.


Chevonne and Leonard woke up bright and sunny on their wedding day and got ready for their ceremony. Chevonne wore a gorgeous wedding dress that had intricate lace designs on the bodice and an adorable V-neck. The dress went down to float around her delicately, giving her a charming look with its long train. Her veil was translucent with lace borders and cascaded down her back perfectly and we love the ethereal look that a full veil provides. Our blushing bride’s makeup was minimal and radiant. Delicate sparkly silver jewelry completed the look perfectly. We love the gorgeous and unique bouquet that Chevonne carried, as it was an exquisite arrangement of foliage, white flowers, and enchanting peacock feathers! The peacock feathers were a common theme throughout the wedding as the bridesmaids carried similar but more concentrated versions of the same arrangements and the groomsmen’s boutonnieres echoed the same accents. The bridesmaids were dressed in floor-length dresses which were a brilliant shade of green that had a bold pop of color to the wedding scene. Leonard matched the same shade of green in his groom attire, adding an opulent mystique to the scene. We love the gorgeous green jacket with a gold sheen, which was perfectly matched with the black trousers, a white shirt with navy buttons, tying the whole peacock theme together in a classy way. The navy bow tie and the white pocket square along with the black loafers brought the look together with flair. The groomsmen went with matching black suits with white shirts and gold accents of the bow ties and the pocket squares. The wedding party together looked perfectly balanced, as they played the core color perfectly without going overboard. We love that the couple's parents implemented the wedding colors in their attires too!


After the gorgeous duo got ready, went in for their first look, which was done in an adorable manner, as they met in the corner of the gorgeous red-brick building, back to each other, and they proclaimed their anticipation for the upcoming wedding! Our Richmond wedding photographer did the perfect job of capturing the beautiful moment as they held onto each other's hands, with excitement clear in their face, as they knew they would soon be married. After several group photos and bridal portraits, Chevonne was soon walking down the aisle by her father, and as they met at the altar, they made a beautiful sight! The couple exchanged their heartfelt vows and exchanged wedding bands to symbolize their union, and soon, they were officially married, among cheers and wishes of their loved ones. After the ceremony, the couple posed by the romantic black iron gazebo. This is also where Leonard posed with his parents for a sweet picture. The couple then stole a few moments away from guests to pose for some couple photography. Our wedding photographers in Richmond did a fabulous job of capturing the beautiful couple in the most romantic outdoor space of the wedding venue. The manicured gardens, the brick-lined walkways, and the indulgent greenery provide the perfect backdrop for some couple portraits. The couple also posed against their gleaming car, which was a nice elegant touch. 


After the couple's photography was done, Chevonne and Leonard joined their guests and celebrated the remnant of the day in the company of friends and family. They had their first dance as a married couple, and Chevonner and her dad shared a sweet moment during a father-daughter dance. The couple soon cut the beautiful two-tier cake which had beautiful green accents and a cake topper which read “Love you more”. The warm inviting reception area with all of its twinkling lights and glamorous chandeliers ensured that both the couple as well as the guests had a memorable time. 


We love the elegant yet vibrant theme that this lovely couple went with. Of course, there is that flamboyant color of teal green which seemed to the prominent voice of the wedding, it is softened by the addition of creamy white and gold, adding elegance to the bold colors. We love the fairytale vibe that the drapes of the tent added, and the enchanting glow that the fairy lights sprinkled. We love the personalized touch added to the little details, be it the lote embroidered in the groom’s necktie, or the personalized champagne flutes. And we love how the couple kept things classy and elegant, even with the vibrant colors. And most of all, we love how the couple seemed to zero in on each other, no matter what is the surrounding, which is so adorable!


Our wedding day is potentially the most important day of our lives, but when isn't it strange when you think back on how exactly things happened, your memory fails you! Of course, that will happen, as the experience itself is so surreal and there will be so many things going on at a time, you can't see everything let alone remember it all. This is exactly why getting those moments captured in perfect photographs is so crucial. The all-seeing eye of a wedding day, the wedding photographer, has truly a huge role to play on the day. It is one of them to not only capture the infinite moment of the day in the most cinematic and flattering light but also help you preserve them for decades to come so that you can cherish them forever. Whether it is the look in your eyes on your first look captures or the smile on your partner’s lips as you walk up to the altar, everything is sheer magic. If not for wedding photographers, these moments will be lost forever! Our Richmond wedding photographers took on this responsibility quite perfectly and were able to capture the beautiful moments of Chevonne and Leonard’s day in the most beguiling photographs. From the gorgeous couple photography in the outdoors against the red-bricked building to the stunning bridal party photos captured against the gazebo, our Richmond wedding photographer did a fabulous job of capturing the details of the wedding in the most flattering light. We love the bold strokes of green which seems to be the theme of the day, and the lush greenery as well which blessed the wedding venue!


The fresh and elegant vibe of the day is brought to life by some amazing captures with a skillful professional hand. From the stunning detail shots to capturing those tender moments, everything is caught by our wedding photographers in and around Richmond with an excellent touch, ensuring that this beautiful wedding gets to live on forever and a day.


What is a wedding if not just an aesthetic portrayal of your love story, an opportunity to tell your story? And if you compromise on your individuality, are you even telling your story? While society loves putting everything in boxes, marriage, for one, should remain true to couples- always! Of course, there are trends, season’s “it” colors, the summer brights and the pastels of springs, the latest hypes, and the year’s favorites, but the most crucial thing to keep in mind is that you are being true to your self-expression throughout. Years down the lane, while flipping through your wedding album, you should be able to recognize yourself and be able to connect. This is exactly why Chevonne and Leonard’s wedding is so refreshing! Whether you talk about the brilliant peacock feather details or the aqua green of the groom’s outfit, whether you talk about the personal details strewn all through the event or the spark in the lovers’ eyes, everything seems to be honest to their true self! And when years later, they will look back on themselves, they will see nothing but themselves!


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