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Milly And Joshua’s New York Wedding: All Things Stylish, Happy And Splendid


Fall weddings are a joy for all the right reasons. With the warm lull of life, beautiful weather, and even better surroundings, weddings in fall are one of our favorites. Before we met Joshua and Milly for their wedding, we were sure we’d seen the best of weddings. But we stand corrected, with our hearts warmer than a July sun for we’ve been in the presence of love so bright that it almost blinds you, and yet leaves you feeling fuzzy after seeing these two. Our New York wedding photographer had the chance to not only be in the presence of the lovely couple but also capture their wonderful fall wedding at its best! The wedding took place on the day when September matures, and fall is in full swing, September 30, 2021. With beauty all around them, Milly and Joshua tied the knot in a well-planned wedding. Surrounded by the love and happy smiles of their closest friends and family, the two were smiling throughout the day, from the moment they started getting ready for the wedding to their wedding exit, the two did not miss a beat.


The wedding was set to take place in one of the best wedding venues in New YorkThe Grove - Cedar Grove. The couple’s eye for finer things in life was blatantly visible in their wedding details along with the wonderful details. The Grove - Cedar Grove sits only a few minutes away from New York. The venue is flanked by beautiful lawns and shrubs. The moment you enter, you’ll be greeted by perfectly manicured lawns, and the building looming in the background. The beautiful venue is a mix of amazing interiors, which make for the perfect place to throw a fairytale wedding. With high ceilings, beautiful grand ballrooms, and movable stages, the venue is perfect with ornamental details, a regal descending staircase, and flawless architecture, the venue is complete with all the qualities of a dreamy wedding venue. The massive rooms, twisting railings, marble lobby features, dazzling Palladium windows, and brilliant Italian light fixtures, only add to the charms of the architecture. As Joshua and Milly’s wedding ceremony inched closer, the two posed for some beautiful getting-ready photos to make some brilliant memories of the day. 


Their New York wedding was everything the two had dreamed of. Their idea of the wedding came from a quote they’d heard, “make it a September to remember.” With their wedding taking place close to the month’s end, we’re sure the two wanted their September wedding to be something to remember, not only for them but also for their wedding guests. Joshua and Milly had decided to get dressed separately. However, the couple had told our wedding photographer that they wanted to have a first-look photo session before their wedding ceremony began. Our photographer was prepared for taking brilliant photos of the two and had been happy to hear the couple wanted to have a first-look photo shoot. We love first-look photos, it is exceptionally personal and is always peppered with some of the most honest emotions, which is why our photographer loved and appreciated their choice. Looking at each other longingly, the two parted ways to get dressed for the day. The day they’d been waiting for, was finally here. 


Before we went to take some photos of the bride-to-be, we took some wedding detail photos on the groom’s end. Joshua McDowell, in his dressing room, could not sit still. His excitement for the day was visible in his actions and the hurried fingers that went over the shirt, and his accessories as he got dressed. His groomsmen passed knowing looks to each other, quiet smiles shared with knowing eyes tracing their friend’s back. Joshua had decided to get dressed in style for his lovely September wedding. His fall wedding groom’s suit was a brilliant one, and we instantly fell in love with it! Photochromic suits are trending these days, and Joshua selected one of the best ones to match the season’s colors and emotions! He chose a brilliant burgundy wedding suit, showcasing his love for vibrant colors and for the brighter things in life. He paired his handsome wedding suit with brown dress shoes and brown accessories. The groom’s suit was quietly hanging by a silver hook on a white background, making it a great getting-ready detail photo. The white background made his suit stand out. The beautiful Victorian chairs in the room, with their satin covers, acted as the perfect backdrop for the groom’s accessories. The groomsmen’s suits were made of the same material as the groom’s suit was. The groom’s three-piece wedding suit was made of a photochromic burgundy suit, which became a deep purple in the light. The groom and the groomsmen had decided to be dressed in the same colors to make them look alike, a detail we absolutely loved. The groomsmen dressed before the groom so that they could joke around, keep the vibe electric and help out their dear friend as he dressed for the most important day of his life. Joshua’s best man helped him tie his deep red tie before Joshua put on his waistcoat and the wedding jacket. As the groom-to-be got dressed, the boys smiled and cheered. After the boys got dressed, they walked down, under the iconic descending staircase to wait for the bride to descend. Joshua turned his back to the stairs, and waited, as patient as his heart would allow him to be. The groomsmen, wanting to be there for their friend, stood in a semi-circle in front of him, keeping him company till the time Milly made her way down those stairs. 


As the boys were making their way down, our photographer found the bride-to-be getting dressed. Milly, who would soon be Mrs. Milly McDowell, couldn’t stop smiling. She was happy, and her face was glowing. When we found Milly, she was dressed in a soft white stain gown, unwinding and beginning to get dressed for the day. Her getting ready time had begun with a short round of drinks with the girls and her mother. Our photographer found her right when the round of drinks was done. Her pristine white wedding dress was hanging on the wall, right next to an ornate wall mirror. Our photographer did not miss a beat and captured a wonderful wedding dress photo. The dress looked perfect, sitting next to a side table decorated with white flowers and a vintage-looking mirror! The bride-to-be walked over to her dress and adored it. She touched it, turning to tell our wedding photographer that she couldn’t wait to wear it. Before Milly put on her wedding mermaid wedding dress with a brilliant Cathedral-style wedding dress train, she decided to finish her make-up. Milly was excited, and couldn’t keep still as the make-up artist finished her minimal bridal make-up. As her wedding day hairstyle, she wanted a textured bun, elegant but beautifully loud, with some strands of hair curled in front. The hairstyle fit Milly’s bubbly personality well. Milly’s bridal make-up consisted of dramatic eye make-up as well. Right after her bridal make-up was done, she posed for some brilliant photos. She gave us a dazzling smile every time she looked into the camera. 


She posed for some getting-ready bridal portraits. Her white getting-ready outfit, the white stain gown with tiny embroidered details on the left side, made her look fresh and perfect. To make her getting-ready portraits even prettier she picked up a hand-tied white bouquet. The white bouquet was tied with a broad satin ribbon! Our wedding photographer helped her pose in a traditional bridal pose, and also took a wonderful shot by using the antique mirror in her room! After she posed for the photos, she took a deep breath and decided to get dressed. Right before she did that, she asked our photographer to take a photo with her mother. The mother of the bride was dressed in the same getting-ready outfit as the bride and the bridesmaids. She softly laughed and smiled for a photo. Right after the photo, everybody began to hurriedly get dressed, perhaps Milly did not want Joshua to wait too long at the foot of the stairs for his finance to come along. Milly put on her enchanting wedding dress, which made her look like a bride right out of a romance movie. Before she stepped out of the dressing room, she quickly put on her earrings, smiling and laughing at the ongoing conversations of her bridesmaids. Before she left the room, the bridesmaids and the flower girl asked for a photo. The beautiful bride-to-be smiled and obliged. She wanted as many memories of these moments as possible. 


When she was getting ready to pose with the girls, the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride asked her to pose for a bridal detail photo. The bride blushed a little, Milly had been fixated on getting to see her soulmate, who she knew was waiting for her. Before taking some amazing photos with the bridesmaids, the flower girls, and her mother, she elegantly walked over to the mirror, showcasing the delicate diamond-shaped back of the dress, which was detailed with tiny sequins. The bridesmaids quickly helped the photographer by fluffing up the wedding dress’s train. Our wedding photographer took a photo of her silhouette. Then the bride turned and asked the girls to join her! The bridesmaids were dressed in wonderful pastel peach dresses, the flower girls had beautiful dreamy white dresses, and the mother of the bride was dressed in a muted gold dress for the wedding. The group banded together and smiled for the camera! After taking some photos, the bride-to-be could not wait any longer. She asked her maid of honor to help her with the wedding dress’ train as she made her way to her soulmate. 


The two left the room, gushing and giddy with excitement. The winding stairs, although only a few steps away, seemed a journey too long for Milly. Our photographer kept up with the two, slowly making their way to the stairs. Before the bride-to-be arrived, our photographer made their way to the foot of the stairs, positioning themselves to witness and capture the first look! As Milly took her first step on the first step of the staircase leading down, she knew she was walking down as Milly Melendez for the last time, soon she’ll be Mrs. McDowell, and her heart couldn’t be happier. One step at a time, trying to make the least amount of noise, her eyes wandered, found Joshua standing with his back to her, and remained on him. At the foot of the staircase, Joshua kept his eyes trained on his clasped hands, not even looking at the boys, waiting for that familiar tap on his shoulder. Milly took the last step and swiftly walked towards Joshua, smiling brightly, already imagining his expression. Joshua’s shoulders tensed a little but then relaxed. He could feel the tap before it even happened. The moment Milly tapped his shoulder, he did not waste a minute turning around. And when he did, he was blown away by her charm. Lost for words, he only smiled. He reached out to hold Milly’s hands, smiling at her, he shook his head, as if to say, you’re always pretty.


Seeing his bride-to-be dressed in the white wedding gown, Joshua couldn’t help but pull her close for a tight hug. The two kissed, and our wedding photographer took a photo of the moment. Seeing that the photographer took a shot of them kissing, the two laughed and asked if they could pose for one more. Our wedding photographer took another photo, a posed kiss the two shared. Before the two of them went outside for their outdoor wedding ceremony, the two took some photos with their maid of honor and the best man, flanking the two at the foot of the stairs. The photo with the maid of honor and the best man looked exceptionally dramatic. Smiling at each other, the two walked out to their outdoor wedding ceremony! To make their fall wedding perfect, the sun had decided to stay hidden on the last day of September. The two walked out of the brilliant establishment, looking at each other with dreamy eyes, and smiling. The outdoor arbor was decorated with the perfect flowers and drapes. The right corner had massive floral details. With greenery, and red and white flowers poking from the greenery, the arbor was complete with a soft white table in the center. As the wedding guests took their seats in the outdoor seating area, the couple walked up to the arbor to take their wedding vows. As the two stood there, beaming at each other, the officiator began the ceremony. Soon, the bride and the groom pulled out their wedding vow cards and read out their heartfelt vows. As the bride and groom took their vows, you could see the bridesmaids and the groomsmen smile at them. The wedding ceremony came to a close when Joshua and Milly said their “I dos” and gave each other a ring to commemorate their wedding. Sealing their vows with a kiss, the two were happily married! 


As the guest was gearing up for the dazzling wedding reception party afterward, the couple, their family, and friends stuck around the outdoor arbor for some wedding photos. Milly and Joshua told our wedding photographer that they wanted to create a beautiful wedding photo book. As the bridesmaids and groomsmen took a small break, the newly-wed couple posed for some impressive romantic portraits to remember the day. By the time our wedding photographer got to take some photos of the couple, the sun had come out to greet the newly-wed couple, and we couldn’t be happier! We especially loved the groom’s photochromatic suit, as the suit now turned into a beautiful mauve. The wedding portraits were a breeze, the couple posed happily. The two used the lawns outside and enjoyed the sunny day outdoors. Before stepping indoors, our wedding photographer got a chance to take some solo bridal portraits. Using the staircase outside, next to a small establishment, Milly posed, letting her wedding dress’s train fall in front of her on the stairs. She looked absolutely stunning. The bright sky behind her, and the clouds added a beautiful touch to her bridal portrait. As our wedding photographer was taking the bridal portrait, Joshua found his wife and wanted to join in. Our photographer helped them get in position and captured the two kissing each other. 


After that, the two stepped indoors to pose with their bridesmaids and groomsmen! Before the two posed with their family, the bridesmaids and the groomsmen, the two found a beautiful tan chair. Our photographer found the groom sitting and waiting for everyone to come together. He looked stunning, so our photographer clicked a photo! Seeing this, Milly joined her husband, standing next to him, letting her wedding dress’s train show. The two looked brilliant, positioned next to each other. Our photographer also captured a brilliant candid photo, where the two were holding hands and laughing at a joke only the two knew. As the bridesmaids and the groomsmen came along for photos, our photographer took a mesmerizing bridal dress detail photo. Milly stepped on the stairway, where the bridesmaids helped her flare the wedding dress’s train. Her bridal bouquet was in her hand, and she turned slightly to face the camera! This allowed her to showcase the beautiful mermaid wedding dress! The two then posed with their families and took some amazing yet candid photos with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Right before the wedding reception, the two walked up the stairs to click some more photos. Cheering “we’re married” from the top of the stairs, and posing for some natural poses. Before the guests entered the reception party area, our photographer took some reception party detail photos, the attention to detail was perfect. The white tables were paired with pretty gold chairs and elemental details on the table. Instead of a massive escort board, the couple had a table with the names and numbers. To add beauty to the escort card table, the couple had used a beautiful big vase, a lovely brass vase with a cascading floral arrangement with greenery, and white and pink flowers. The reception venue was open for the wedding guests with minimal welcome signage. Instead of a wedding signage board, the couple had decided to use a screen with “Milly and Josh, September 30, 2021,” for their guests to find the reception area. 


When the guests took their places, the couple made a grand entry! Walking on a powder blue carpet, which was bound by flower petals, the two walked inside the reception party venue, hand in hand, smiling. Taking the floor as a newlywed couple, the two had their first dance surrounded by their closest family and friends. After the dance, the two opened the floor for everyone to join in. As the guests enjoyed dancing, the two took their place at the sweetheart table. The table was decorated with white flowers tied with greenery runners. The powder blue Victorian chairs added a brilliant charm to their table and look as well. As the night was coming to a close, the two rose for their wedding cake-cutting ceremony. The couple had picked out a minimal white cake, with a marble effect. The four-tiered wedding cake was made of white, and gold details. Decorative white and pink roses sat on the tiers of the wedding cake, making it look at home with the wedding details. Milly and Joshua cut the cake together, as their guests cheered and yelled “Congratulations!” After the cake-cutting ceremony, the couple took their place at the sweetheart table and enjoyed the night. When the night came to a close, the couple left by walking on the powder blue carpet, with their guests clapping and cheering. Kissing in front of their guests to mark the end of the night, the couple walked out to start a new chapter of their lives. As our photographer left the couple, after their wedding exit, our photographer was left feeling that perhaps this is what love meant, two people enjoying each other’s company, immersing themselves in the mere presence of the other one to enjoy life. As our photographer watched the couple walk out, immersed in each other’s company, our wedding photographer knew these two belonged to each other and belonged to the city.


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