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Lauren & Nikolas’ Mild Winter Allaire State Park Engagement Session


It’s no secret, we all have a thing for reading fairy tales, but there's nothing quite like witnessing a fairytale love story with our own eyes! We turned up the moment we were handpicked to document one more love story in the air of the charming state of New Jersey! Recently we happened to meet these star-crossed lovers who expressed their desire to narrate their unique love story through beautiful captures. We totally appreciate the couples who manage to steal some time from their busy schedule and cough up an amount of money to have an unforgettable engagement photo session featuring all the love, respect, and care they have for each other. And being passionate to do perfect justice to their time, money, and efforts, we don’t hesitate in going to any lengths to craft a photo book that has the photographs way more beautiful than their imagination be it an engagement photoshoot or pre-wedding photo session or post-wedding photography. If your idea of a romantic engagement session involves natural elements and plenty of natural light, lovely outfits, and so much sweet love, then Lauren & Nikolas’s Allaire State Park Engagement Session it.


Not so long ago, the newly-engaged couple- Lauren & Nikolas showed their cards to us and offered us an opportunity to cover their proposal story so that they can showcase to their friends and family how it all started. Lauren & Nikolas really make a popping couple and we couldn’t be more excited! The love tale of this MMIH comes amongst those that captivate the hearts in a heartbeat. And the city and the location they picked for their photo session were lit like them! Although we have shot so many in Freehold Township weddings and engagements as it is. And we can’t get enough of this gorgeous New York wedding location. Divided into two parts: Freehold Township and Freehold Borough, Freehold is enveloped by Howell, Manalapan, Marlboro, Monroe, Millstone, Coltsneck, and Englishtown, Cranbury, East Windsor, Jackson, and Holmdel. It's easily accessible to the Garden State Parkway, Rt. 9, i95, Rt. 18, and Rt. 33. with New York City is also easily accessible - Manhattan is less than 60 miles away. The history of Freehold Township and Borough dates back to the Lenni Lenape, who were apparently the earliest known people to live in the town. Freehold Raceway was established in 1853 and is famous for being the nation's oldest and fastest daytime half mile racing track (according to the Raceway's website). Forward more than a century to 1990: Freehold Raceway was built off Rt. 9 and is New Jersey's second-biggest mall, according to the Asbury Park Press. For all you Bruce Springsteen fans, sources say he had three homes in Freehold.


Freehold is one of the nation's oldest cities, with a cartload of monuments and landmarks familiar to people all over the country. It relishes a brilliant American Revolution History. Today Freehold is a community with a revamped downtown that mixes the best of mom and pop establishments, fancy eateries, and Victorian houses. A walking tour of the downtown area is a must. Many of the Victorian buildings along with Main Street date back to the 1800s. Incepted in 1683, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church is the oldest building in town. The Freehold area has sometimes been referred to as the "largest little city" in NJ. In addition to the downtown area with numerous shops and restaurants, the area features many top attractions and things to do. There’s a reason New Jersey is called The Garden State – it’s not a misnomer. And there are a plethora of locations for photogenic opportunities and Freehold is one of them. Talking about the weather in Freehold, New Jersey, Freehold has variety – every season offers something unique and special. Visiting the same place throughout the year – springsummerfall, and winter – will give you a totally different experience every time you go. The photographic possibilities are limited only by your own imagination. Summers in Freehold are warm and humid, the winters are very cold and windy, and it is wet and partly cloudy year-round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 25°F to 85°F and is rarely below 11°F or above 93°F. All in all the nature was by our side when we got to narrate this so-in-love duo’s love tale.


Freehold residents don't need to go far for good food and entertainment - Freehold is filled with both. And once you are here if you didn’t enjoy The Monmouth County Fair Every, one of the biggest events in Freehold hosted at East Freehold Showground in the summer months of every year, did you even go to Freehold? Packed with crowds from worldwide, the fair is loaded with children's entertainment, food vendors, competitions, and more. For great entertainment year-round, iPlay America on Rt. 9 quickly became one of the most-loved destinations. iPlay is an indoor theme park that boasts rides, laser tag, arcade games, dining, and a space for concerts. In addition, iPlay features a wide variety of events. Coming soon: Nurse's Appreciation Night, Slime Mania, and Girl Scout Overnight. If amusement parks are not your scene and you're seeking something quiet to do, make your way to Court Street where you will stumble upon Monmouth County Historical Association Museum and Library. This is also one of the popular engagement photo locations in New York City. The building opened in 1931 and has since featured museum galleries, extensive print and documentary historical and genealogical materials, and more.


We were so ECSTATIC to hear that they had their heart set on Allaire State Park for their engagement shoot. Who doesn’t love outdoor engagement sessions? Ah, so woodsy and natural! Quaintly sitting in Howell and in Wall Township in Monmouth County, New Jersey, United States, near the borough of Farmingdale, operated and maintained by the New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry, Allaire State Park is part of the New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail Route as well besides being a gorgeous park. Spanning more than 3,000 acres, this state park is best known for its historic 19th-century iron-making town, Allaire Village, and its antique steam trains on the Pine Creek Railroad. The Manasquan River, which winds through the park, allures canoeists and fishermen. We love the river’s floodplain for offering habitat for over 200 species of wildflowers, trees, and plants as well as habitat for birds and other wildlife. And we love it more for providing opportunities to hikers, mountain bikers, and horseback riders to enjoy the myriad trails in the park and satisfy their inner adventurous child. Nestled in the coastal plain geographic region of New Jersey, the park is an example of podzolic soils that are high in iron particle content and are fairly acidic.


While the Pink Trail (0.80 km), the White Trail (2.4 km), and the Blue Trail (7.2 km) are easy, the Orange Trail (10.5 km) is a moderate multi-use trail and the Black Trail is a bit more difficult, longer alternate route off the Orange Trail on the other hand. The developed area of the park provides picnic facilities including charcoal grills, tables, playgrounds, and sanitary facilities. The joy of joys is the Manasquan River that flows eastward through the park allowing private vendors to offer seasonal canoe rentals to the visitors offsite. The Manasquan River is classified as freshwater within the park and requires a fishing license. You would be charged an entrance fee if you visit the park on weekends in the summer. Bonus: The timings allow the couples to take home some breathtaking golden hour couple photos. Our Freehold engagement photographer, Steven knew he was going to get a slew of photo ops, and he was euphoric about it! The love bugs and the shutterbug hit a bunch of sentimental spots together and we’re so excited to share what we got! Enjoy!


For their Allaire State Park Engagement Session in Freehold Township, our professional wedding photographer met up with Lauren and Nikolas at Allaire State Park. It was in the beginning months of 2020 and there was a hint of spring in the air with not-so-chilly temperatures and beautiful muted colors in the trees. The duo warmed up to the camera right away and made it easy to capture these images for them. We love the mix of pictures we got this day – abundant romantic and classic captures combined with some golden hour shots with awe-inspiring natural elements. This shoot had so much personality, we love how it turned out!


The iconic denim look of Lauren and Nikolas was nothing but awesome and beautifully coordinated! Considering the season, they chose to keep their outdoor engagement photoshoot attire earthy and natural. Lauren looked warm in the jacket over a sweater teamed with slightly washed blue denim and Nikolas wearing two layers - a gray round-neck tee inside the stylish jet black sweater complete with almost the same-colored jeans. We love Nikolas’s way of carrying his style by keeping the fastener buttons of the sweater unlocked on the neck allowing his gray clothing to peep from inside. We are totally in love with the spiffy buzz cut fading on sides and back and the stubble beard of Lauren’s fiance making him look like a boy-next-door! His simplicity can impress any girl! On the other hand, our stunning soon-to-be bride, Lauren donned a nice cinnamon color sweater under her jacket in an elephant gray tone and a pair of blue jeans and topped it off with a soft red tartan print muffler scarf. Her tan and black leather lace-up boots perfectly tied the look together. We love how she wore her soft and stylish hairstyle- her textured hair with sun-kissed ends naturally was side-parted and falling in soft waves made her look like an angel. Some brides-to-be love going OTT with their makeup, while some are happy with getting dolled up subtly for their engagement photo session. And Lauren comes in the latter clan. Her minimal kohl eye makeup was flattering to both the face and attire. Complementing each other, her auburn lips and bright red scarf made her outfit pop nicely.


Our soon-to-be bride is naturally beautiful and her newly-engaged glowing face, a smile on lips, and love in her eyes for Nikolas made her even prettier in the photos! The casual look of both the love birds was so alluring without any flashy distractions. Nikolas left his rings at home and came wearing a classy wristwatch and Lauren came to the location donning just tiny stud earrings and of course her engagement ring in the name of jewelry or accessories for a sweet and elegant look. Exuding persona and character, the elegant black watch wrapped around snugly on the wrist of our tall dapper groom in black easily earned respect for him. This reveals a lot about him-  he is indeed a man of discipline, diligence, and good taste. We can’t ignore how well their outfits were coordinated. Also, it’s worth noticing how the colors went with the location!! And how comfy and relaxed they look. Who says you need to slip into suits and fancy dresses for a chic engagement photo session? Just jeans, boots, and plaid too can do wonders to make your engagement photos stand out as well!


There is nothing more alluring than capturing love in its truest form and our hearts flutter for a sweet engagement session that reflects a bride and groom’s personal style! The newly-engaged couple kept their winter engagement photoshoot light and airy, and the million-dollar smile of Lauren acted as the perfect prop. The love in their eyes and gestures was enough to warm up their personal space. If you are wondering what can make the already perfect shoot even better, the answer is - a cozy shawl! It might seem like an ordinary prop, but it makes an extraordinary statement. The photos where Nikolas is pecking Lauren on her cheek and forehead wrapped in the delicate shawl are our favorite couple shots! Stealing the thunder from the surroundings, Lauren looks sooo cute wearing a pom-pom decor cuffed beanie, UwU! So comfortably snuggled like a cute kid in the arms of Nikolas!


Our New Jersey photographer made the most of the photo ops that Allaire State Park could offer in the season. We appreciate how beautifully he captured all the big little details from the zoomed-in shot of their sparkly engagement ring to candid couple portraits against the mature trees to the intimate captures of the duo where they are cuddling up or stealing a kiss or two. We admire the way the shutterbug used natural props like the bridge, logs, greens, the red-bricks, white fences, and the red door to showcase the chemistry between Lauren and Nikolas! Our engagement photographer in Freehold, New Jersey did the fantastic job of not missing a single opportunity of clicking the lovestruck duo. The natural light was in abundance, the weather was pleasant and the surroundings were ethereal, and the couple was in love, what else a photographer would need to document a love story that in a heartbeat gets etched in the memories forever. Incorporating solid colors, texture, pattern, and warmth, Lauren smartly alternated with layers on and off for even more of a variety in their gallery. All the warm things including shawl, scarf, and beanie also added variety to the engagement portfolioThanks to winter


The lovely couple didn’t need to be persuaded to get close to each other and were prepared to pose for a few affectionate close-up pictures involving snuggles, hand-in-hand, kisses, cuddles, and a lot more. They're in love and showed it off candidly! The golden hour photo where the sweet couple is snuggled with each other and Nikolas is kissing Lauren with his eyes closed just melted my heart! We pretty much got a little bit of everything and we are so excited that we had two gorgeous models to follow through it all! Every picture clicked by our professional and affordable wedding photographer makes their relationship stand out. Whether intimate shots or fun shots, we can't get enough of this dynamic duo.


After dating for a gazillion years the engagement kind of blends together. After exchanging chocolates, cards, flowers, and gifts, it was time to exchange rings and also a time to tell that you love each other so much that you can’t wait to be by each other’s sides for the rest of your lives. Though it can sometimes be difficult to really capture all that love in pictures, the Freehold engagement photographers got their mojo working and painted their love story perfectly in the arresting frames.


Lauren & Nikolas tied the knot at The Hamilton Manor on a legendary date- 02/29/2020. Yes, 2020 was a leap year too besides being a shocker! One more lucky couple who got married before the virus ruined the wedding plans of millions of couples worldwide. We wish them- this luck stays around them forever and a day keeping them away from all the miseries and evil eyes and brightening every day of their wedding life!


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