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Weekly COVID-19 Wedding Resources: July 31st, 2020


While this year took us all down by throwing a global pandemic at the unassuming us, the year is not over yet, and COVID-19 still hasn’t had the last word! We are slowly but surely finding out footing back in. While in some areas the flare-ups have started being more vehement, other areas are slowly heading towards being back on track. As a war waged, it will be a while before we can all be back where we were before COVID-19, and even then, things will never be exactly the same. The damage done by the virus is just as much mental as it is physical. We will all be cautious of close proximity with strangers, will be wary of eating outside, and the sneezer in a room full of people will still be receiving the side-eye from everybody. Meanwhile, we are coming back to the events and the regular functions of life with a newfound zest for life, albeit shadowed by a dash of paranoia. Things are moving, sure, but with caution, furtive glances, and softly treading steps. Planning a wedding at such a time is probably not something that you ever anticipated doing. Even though it is a little challenging, determined brides-to-be are working their way around the challenges with ease. Meanwhile, we at Georgestreet Photos and Videos, your friendly space on the internet, bring to you a bunch of links which might help a quarantine bride-to-be with her wedding planning. Let us take a look at some articles we think you will love:


No, your partner doesn’t have to necessarily dress-up in wedding whites too, but matching the groom’s attire with your wedding gown and the specific mood you are going for might help you tie the wedding theme together. Not only will it tie in the other elements of the wedding, but it will also make you look like you aesthetically belong together by each other's side and will lead to amazing wedding photography too! Check out this article to look through some inspirations!


Matching Groom Attire With Your Gown and Wedding Style

via Ruffled Blog


Save that hard-earned dollar as you learn the ways of making your own DIY labels using shipping tape, of all things. Who knew pretty packaging doesn’t have to cost your right arm? You can still make your snail mail look cute by spending next to nothing, and this article tells you how! Dress up wedding stationeries and mails with these pretty labels, and you can thank The Ruffled Blog later, maybe with a thank-you note with a homemade label too!


The Prettiest DIY Labels Using Shipping Tape

via Ruffled Blog


The love-filled glances and hand-in-hand, as they navigate through the flashing cameras of the paparazzi, there has to be that celebrity couple who make you swoon and have you wishing on the stars! While there is no handbook, and what works for one might not for the other, it does makes our hearts go wistful as we see those celebrity couples with their picture-perfect relationships! What are the secrets, though? This article spills them all! Read through this article to read through relationship secrets from celebrity couples and how they keep their relationships going strong. We hope you are taking notes!


39 Relationship Secrets from Married Celebrities

via Martha Stewart Weddings


While wedding planning can be loads of fun, it comes with its own anxiety-inducing moments. Especially now, with COVID-19 being the guest which refuses to leave, having to postpone or reiterate your wedding plans from scratch, while taking into account the uncertainty of it all, well, it can be exhausting! Wedding planning burnout is the real stuff, and this article helps you shepherd through it the best way possible by addressing what causes it, how to identify it, and how to prevent it. Read on!


Wedding Planning Burnout Is Real—Here's How to Deal

via The Knot


Alexa Hollander, a YouTuber with the channel name AlexaSunshine83, got engaged a while back and has been planning for her wedding for a couple of months. While they were planning for a courthouse wedding on a later date, they made an impromptu trip a week before the actual date and tied the knot. Giving us a vivid peek at the psyche of what goes on in the mind as you get married amidst the pandemic, Alexa takes us on an intriguing ride with her. Watch the video below!


Getting Married During A Pandemic-A video

via Alexa Hollander’s YouTube Channel


Some of the minestrone wedding planning moments like checking out different wedding venues, going bridal gown shopping and cake tasting makes it the fun process that it is. However, with the way things are now, virtual wedding venue tours have come out to be huge, allowing you to choose your wedding venue, without even seeing it in real life. With the one-on-one virtual site tours via FaceTime, Skype, or Duo, things are becoming so much easier, however, there certain things you might want to keep in mind. Read on to know more!


How To Choose A Wedding Venue—When You Can't See It In Person!

via Here Comes The Guide


Wedding planning is not all about choosing color swaps and dance practicing, even though that is surely a bright highlight of it all. It means working your way through that extensive checklist, having plan Bs and Plan Cs in place, make 100 small decisions, while still trying to have fun through it all. We understand that it can be a lot, but it can also be so rewarding, knowing that you are working towards something which can potentially be one of the brightest days of life for you. While you check things off that master checklist, we are right there by your side, rain or shine, helping you with inspirations and helpful links so that you can create the wedding that you have dreaming of.


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