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Stacey and Alesha’s Stunning Austin Wedding with a Touch of Simple Elegance


Love is the light that makes our bright moments shine a little brighter, it is also the beacon to guide us through rough seas that we have to battle. Love gives us the rosy glasses to watch the world through, and like an Instagram filter, it instantly makes everything beautiful, giving all the stark lines and jagged edges a blur and making even the unsightly events of life more bearable. It is fascinating, really, to be able to witness two people so in love that they live in their own little bubble and fight through all adversities to get to each other. Stacey and Alesha’s love story is the one that will warm up your heart like a ray of sunshine and make you smile with joy! We love the way their faces light up as they go through the day, knowing they have each other promised at the end of the day road. We love the sheer celebratory feeling which reverberates through the wedding venue. And more than anything, we love the bubbling energy that they bring to the table, which is a refreshing change in this cynical world. This a same-sex Austin wedding which will have you rooting for them, even if you are stranger sitting miles apart! 


Stacey and Alesha chose the beautiful city of Austin as the location for their love story to come alive, and we can’t be more excited. From its relaxed southern hospitality to its vibrant and heady mix of music, food, and style, Austin provides just the ideal vibe for a wedding day. From pristine and panoramic views to the upbeat hustle and bustle of roaring city life, Austin has everything from sprawling orchards to luxurious ballrooms, historic mansions to picturesque barns. If you are on a lookout for tourist attractions like Texas Capitol or Zilker Park to natural oases like Lake TravisMcKinney Falls State Park, and Barton Creek, there are a lot of exciting options to choose from, making the perfect picture for your Austin wedding photographer to capture. It goes without saying that there are a lot of picturesque wedding venues to look into if you are tying the knot in this gorgeous city. From luxurious ballrooms to stunning natural oases, opportunities are waiting to be explored everywhere. Maybe it’s the down-home relaxed feeling or maybe it's the sheer beauty of the city, maybe it’s the endless sunny days, or maybe it’s the feel-good vibe, It is no surprise that Austin is a major hotspot for weddings and engagement sessions, with glorious sights peppered all around the city. Having this remarkable city as the backdrop to your love story will make it even more precious and we assure you will not be disappointed with the results. Stacey and Alesha chose Austin and Austin chose them right back by providing the most glorious wedding ever!


Stacey and Alesha found Canyonwood Ridge to be the best place to host their wedding day in. A stunning Hill Country Wedding and Events Venue in the Austin area, Canyonwood Ridge is located approximately 20 minutes from downtown Austin in the "Wedding Capital of Texas" of Dripping Springs. This gorgeous venue sits on top of the ridge and is wrapped up in oak trees and gorgeous scenic hill country views. Well-equipped to make you feel like you’ve stepped into the pages of a fairytale, with strong rustic Southern plantation undertones, Canyonwood Ridge is the perfect place to make your dream wedding feel more dreamy. An impressive 12,000 square foot venue with a beautiful outdoor ceremony site, as well as the indoor chapel, this location offers flexibility to plan the wedding you have been dreaming of. With the accommodation for 300 guests, the venue is perfect for an intimate as well as a grand wedding. While the chapel enables an indoor ceremony to protect a couple from unpredictable Texas weather, the large Reception Hall provides a seamless shift from ceremony to reception. A perfect mix of romantic and simplicity, this wedding venue comes with gorgeous frames, accommodating event spaces, and the cinematic views of the Hill Country. Stacey and Alsha’s wedding day got just the right language to express itself, and the impact as gorgeous!


The wedding day of Stacey and Alesha was bright and sunny and full of promises. Stacey was dressed in her pink getting-ready robe as she was getting ready for the ceremony and she was captured candidly by our Austin wedding photographers. She soon changed into a gorgeous wedding gown which was a gorgeous elegant piece. A white lacy beaded sleeveless dress with a gorgeous sweetheart neckline and a mermaid cut, it seemed to be made keeping Stacey in mind. We love the two-strap details on the sleeves and the train trailing behind her, lending just the romantic touch to make our hearts soar. Her hair was arranged in a swirly mix of waves falling over her shoulder and her minimal jewelry and radiant makeup completed the look. Her bridal bouquet was a simple bouquet with white flowers. Her bridesmaids were dressed in iridescent blush pink dresses, making them the perfect additions to the color palette. We love the white and pink flowers that the girls were carrying, as it worked well to tie in the colors further. Stacey looked sharp in her blue suit and a crisp white shirt underneath. The blush pink neck-tie mirrored the pink of the bridesmaid dresses and a single white rose worked as a boutonniere. Her gorgeous curls were held up in a half updo and a simple watch and a pair of tan formal shoes acted as an accessory to her look. The bridesmen were dressed in matching light gray suits and blue ties to match with Stacey’s suit. The balance of colors was nuanced, and tied each other perfectly, ensuring the wedding party looks stunning together, like a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The brides looked gorgeous and the wedding party dressed up to the nines, painting a pretty picture. 


After the brides were ready, they went down for the ceremony. The ceremony area was a pristine setting with neutral brick details and the gorgeous view through the window framing the ceremony. The place allowed for abundant natural lighting, enabling the Austin wedding photographers to capture the images with perfect detailing. The arbor was a geometric wooden frame laced with green vines and dotted with white roses. A quote from the Bible took its prized position over the arbor. As Stacey walked down the aisle with her father, Alesha waited with stars in her eyes. Soon the ceremony commenced and the couple exchanged their vows and rings and had their first kiss as a married couple in front of their friends and family. The couple posed for a couple of group photos with their families and headed to the lush green grounds for a few couple photos and group photography with their guests, bridesmaids, and bridesmen! The sunrays were slanted and set the perfect setting for the beautiful group photos to come alive in the golden glow. After they posed for several photos as mementos of the day, they headed inside for their wedding reception.  


The venue for the bride’s special day added an elegant vibe to the wedding and the classy yet romantic decor added to the charm. After the ceremony was over the beautiful couple and the guests headed to the reception area. The neutral tones of the interior of the venue allowed the couple to use the space to their liking, adding whatever colors they wanted without it clashing. The reception seating area was filled with a classically beautiful appeal and we love the usage of simple white linens against the inky blue napkins. Blue seemed to be the color of choice for the day as it made an appearance here and there, tying the wedding together! We love the beautiful blue signage used to reserve the seats and the blue table runner on the sweet table. A glimmering blue ribbon adorned the stunning four-tier cake, the blue welcome signage was just so sweet. Blush pink seems to be the second color which came in an accent of the evening and added a romantic touch to the setting. We absolutely love the pink rose petals which lined the aisle and were strewn across the cake table as well as the reception tables, spilling in a bit of old-school romance into the evening. We adore the white candles lining the aisle too, as it gave a lovely glow to the bride as she walked through the aisle. As the day darkened into the evening, the lights in the reception area lit up the place with an enchanting flair, and the couple was set for an evening of fun! They had their first dance, shared a toast, had their father-daughter dances, and cut their cake among their dear ones, each of those moments being captured beautifully by our Austin wedding photographer. 


One’s wedding day is truly the day that is forever going down in the calendar with a heart to mark it. Champagne will be popped and dinner reservations will be booked to celebrate the day, for as long the couple lives. It is a day dedicated to celebrating the wedding and the day that it was. It is a window of opportunity to take a stroll down the memory lane and resist the day you said your vows to each other. While the memories last forever, sometimes it could use a little help, and this is where photographs come in. It is extremely important to capture those memories in the wedding album forever so that one can revisit the magic of their wedding day whenever they feel like. There are only a few instances in our lives that are truly important and cathartic for our souls, and the wedding surely makes it to the list. Having the important moments from the day captured in beautiful frames preserves those moments forever. This is where your wedding album comes in hand so that you can reach out to those quick-sand memories. Our Austin photographers have done a fabulous job of capturing those delicate moments of Stacey and Alesha’s special day in the most picturesque shots. Be it the joy in the eyes that the duo sported throughout the day, or the delicate moments of the wedding day, be it the elegant wedding venue or the green field and the lush scene it offered, everything was captured with grace and an expert hand. We love the detail shots of the ‘Dr. & Mrs.’ and the couple photography captured under the iridescent glow of the golden hour. The natural lighting of the interiors and the abundance of open spaces helped our Austin wedding photographers capture every detail of the wedding precision and clarity.


While every wedding is special in its own right, like a sparkling star in the night sky, there is always that love story that sparkles a little more than the others! It is those love stories that restore our faith in love and whispers to us that no matter what the circumstances are if the love is strong and the faith in each other is stronger, things will fall into place, just the way it should. Same-sex weddings are just like any other wedding, just two people in love claiming each other to be their own. But on the other hand, the way leading up to the wedding is much more grueling and full of challenges than it might be for any other couple. This beautiful wedding of Stacey and Alesha feels like a lighthouse in the storm, bearing the message that no matter what the storm looks like, love will conquer all, and bring to you what you want. They have the collective energy to ride through any tides and bring a smile to each other while at it. Here’s to the blushing brides and unbound love!


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