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Your Best Wedding Photography in Austin

Maybe it’s all the stunning swimming holes encircled by majestic hills and lovely wildflowers. Maybe it’s the down-home southern hospitality. Or maybe it’s because Austin offers the perfect fusion of music, food, style and ‘weird’. Whatever the reason is, this cool Texas town provides enchanting backdrops for your wedding day! From tranquil and panoramic views to hustle and bustle of big city life, Austin has everything that will make your Austin wedding and engagement photography magical!

With 300 days of sunshine, Austin, the capital city of Texas, is a major hotspot for weddings and engagement sessions. From vineyards to luxurious hotel ballrooms to historic mansions to barns and ranches, Austin also is known as Violet Crown City and is filled with endless locations that excellently suit your taste and style and will make your celebration a memorable event!

From getting featured in the well-received Boyhood to the infamous movies- Dazed and Confused, Office Space, Ms. Congeniality, and Spy Kids, this Violet Crown City has starred in a plethora of movies and music videos and acts as the perfect photo frame for your couples photography. So, if you are planning to infuse the stunning setting of this happening city in your photographs, give it a shot!

Your Austin wedding is a grand event embraced in elegance and if you want no detail of this celebration to be missed, get it captured flawlessly by the passionate team of George Street Photo and Video. We have a skilled set of photojournalistic photographers who believe in not missing a single moment of your wedding day. Pictures say way more than words, so it is better to get every moment of your wedding day captured by our professional Austin wedding photographers in the best of frames. From the thrill of your first look to the playful mood of dancing the night away while stealing some sweet moments of the last day of your singlehood, let every moment of your wedding day get artistically captured by your Austin wedding photographer. While photographing each detail, you need not only a variety of event spaces but the right kind of decor to illuminate the mood of the wedding. This is exactly what we believe and follow while capturing weddings. And do you know what we do to make it more interesting? Involve each of your guests as an integral part of our great celebration and take exquisite photographs that commemorate such a gathering.

A uniquely designed wedding always catches everyone’s eye and Austin has got you covered with the gamut of the best wedding venues with unparalleled decor and ambiance. Austin holds the romantic ambiance to celebrate your wedding day among your loved ones- the only thing that completes your wedding.

From the whimsical garden wedding to the candlelit tented reception, every detail of your wedding demands to be sparkling enough to die for. And Austin won’t leave you disheartened for any kind of celebration. Wedding venues in Austin are heading with perfection- from straight-up old Western rustic barns in the Hill Country to gorgeous gardens and cool boutique hotels in the heart of downtown. The idea is to get every kind of the couple involved; those who are dreaming of hosting a wedding in a modern industrial space and those as well who want to give their celebration a vintage feel. The meticulously landscaped grounds, beautiful sunsets, and countless photo opportunities altogether wait for your one-of-a-kind Austin wedding photography. Dreamy, isn’t it?

In Austin, music is king. And so, you can make your wedding look as legendary as the music itself with a plethora of music venues from classic live music joints to up-and-coming hot spots, much like the artists playing in them. There is a long list of live music venues that feature everything from rock and blues to country and jazz every night of the week. So, if music reminds you of your first date, it is worth making your Austin wedding worth remembering with a little live music.

Whether you choose indoor spaces for your soiree or love to have an outdoor wedding, the lovely ambiance of Austin will do its magic to make your wedding unique and glamorous. At every location that you visit in Austin, the venue helps you to create a wonderful experience for you and your guests. The exceptional settings of the wedding locations offer a unique blend of ambiance and convenience, and a slice of history served with beautiful amenities. With endless incredible backdrops, it is a cakewalk for our wedding photographers to get you an incredible piece of Austin wedding photography. The only thing you will need to have a stress-free wedding day besides a perfect wedding venue is a team of talented wedding photographers that is capable of capturing every single detail of your wedding day.

This city is sprinkled with endless scenic wedding locations and quirky engagement locations and we have curated the perfect list to offer you a few stunning venue options to choose from! Take a peek below and you will get to know some of the stunning wedding venues in Austin to start your beautiful journey of eternal love with your sweetheart.

Like many couples, your wedding date might be far away but you want to have an engagement session to announce that you have made it from girlfriend to fiancee. Also, your engagement session may be the first time you and your fiance will have professional photos taken. So, it is recommended to have the best Austin engagement location to pose while flaunting your new ring. Here are some of the pretty locations in Austin to shoot your engagement.

Romantic Engagement Session Locations in Austin

Butler Park If you're craving to have the striking Austin skyline in your engagement photographs while you wear your engagement ring, Butler Park is an ideal place with a simplistic feel of a park with a blend of contemporary and urban. Rush to the park for that breathtakingly Butler Park engagement photo session during sunrise. Also, the beauty of your engagement photos will multiply when captured at night when the cityscape glittering behind you and giving competition to the stars above them. Looking at the fountain at night is a lovely plus that makes for an interesting spot for some good engagement photography of you two while you both are adoring the park's lake. Summing it up, you won’t regret picking this place for your engagement photoshoot.

Kindred Oaks As golden hour gives way to dusk, it is the perfect time to capture some beautiful engagement photographs at Kindred Oaks. The limestone and cedar reception pavilion with a 2,300-square-foot deck looks enticing with the ceiling fans and luminous sconces. Likewise, two waterfalls flank a gorgeous cedar and stone gazebo, that make a gorgeous focal point for the Kindred Oaks engagement photo session. It is amazing to see the city lights twinkling in the distance while you enjoy a tranquil stroll with your brand-new fiance (or fiancee). A few architectural elements that come in between give an artistic touch to your Austin engagement photos.

Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt Giving a wide collection of ultimate photo ops for couples with a creative spirit, this boutique hotel is a refined riff on Austin’s music scene mecca. The dark and moody and effortlessly cool ambiance of Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt allows our professional engagement photographers to snap up some iconic engagement photographs while capturing the funky character of this proudly weird and wonderful city. Stroll arm in arm in front of the contemporary facade include it as your backdrop or cozy up near the wood-paneled outdoor fireplace on the rooftop pool deck gazing at a striking skyline view of Austin. Simply pose for Instagram-worthy photos!

Mount Bonnell Mount Bonnell in Austin allows you to enjoy a panoramic vista of the area’s highlights: the city, Lake Austin and the surrounding hills. Seated 775 feet above sea level, you’ll see nothing but vast blue skies at this limestone height which is a prominent point alongside the Lake Austin portion of the Colorado River. Just picture that moment when you two are lost in each other while rolling tiers of densely packed trees are at your feet and your skilled Austin engagement photographer is capturing every moment!

Le San Michele As a perfect location for the Texas couple to wear their engagement rings, Le San Michele is the perfect blend of romantic and one-of-a-kind! It is a rustic, sun-bleached building where the Mediterranean meets Southwest. Not to mention the decor which is perfect for a beautiful and dreamy Le San Michele engagement photo session.

Wedding Locations in Austin That You’ll Love

King River Ranch Just an hour’s drive from Austin, this splendid Austin wedding venue offers you perfect settings for your charming Austin wedding photography! Get hitched amid the scenic beauty all around! This 25-acre wedding location is made up of picturesque pastures, Western Ponderosa Reception Barn and an enormous outdoor ceremony site with a stone accent and a fishing pond. The wedding venue is a perfect fit for up to 250 guests with the River Pedernales flowing nearby making this place utterly romantic!

Camp Lucy Like a magical wedding venue surrounded by hill country, Camp Lucy is magically beautiful and the right choice for your perfect Austin wedding. Huge towering trees in the gardens with vibrant foliage and blooming flowers create a romantic ambiance for your ideal wedding photographs. It is a treat for our professional Austin wedding photographers to take full advantage of this space and capture breathtaking photographs of you and your wedding party with tree canopies, stone patios, sprawling views, quaint gazebos, and picturesque bell towers.

Hotel Ella As the only boutique hotel in downtown Austin, Hotel Ella contains 47 guest rooms showcasing a 100-year-old legacy of style and grace. Hotel Ella provides an idyllic setting for your romantic wedding photographs. So, get ready to host a grand wedding in the heart of downtown Austin. From an intimate ceremony in the ballroom to an outdoor affair on the expansive front lawn, this event space fits in well for every wedding size. The historic charm of this property, along with the fine attention to detail, allows you to add the best to your Austin wedding photography.

The Terrace Club Just 20 minutes from downtown Austin, The Terrace Club features the amazing views of the sunset to enjoy your day in a serene mood. The elegant and inviting atmosphere is simply perfect for your romantic wedding photographs. The venue contributes a lot to the untapped, naturally beautiful area of the Texas Hill Country and lets you pose for some candid wedding photos for this unforgettable day of the lifetime.

Mercury Hall Let’s plan your beautiful rustic wedding at Mercury Hall Events & Performance Center in Austin, Texas located on 615 Cardinal Lane. Built in 1904, the building went through an ample makeover started in 1997 that has turned it into a vibrant, private reception facility with great enthusiasm received by the community. The unique spark of this Austin based wedding destination can be felt from the mild 4-acre grounds surrounded by the native wildflowers and the oak trees. Go for a walk with your sweetheart and sense the tranquility around. And above everything, your Austin wedding photographers will be utterly happy to take some dreamy snapshots of you as a couple that will make you feel nostalgic every time you look at your wedding album.

It is always amazing to hold your wedding day at a serene place with your friends and family to make sure that it will be as perfect as the bond you two share! With a pinnacle of elegance and sophistication, this amazing city allows our Austin wedding and photographers to frame you two around every possible pose and sketch your uniquely gorgeous wedding and engagement photo book. So, give it a shot and make your wedding a masterpiece of beauty with the best team of wedding photographers at George Street Photo & Video while enjoying the best offer on our wedding photography and video packages. Click to learn more about price and availability!

No matter what kind of bride you are, planning your wedding is always a dream since the time you didn’t even know how to lace up your shoes. The reason is, your wedding not just revolves around you two. Rather, it is an important event of your life for your friends and family too that becomes more special as they travel from afar to celebrate with you. So take time to consider all of the possible options and pick the best option that you and everyone present there will love to cherish for a lifetime. And this is all you need to turn your childhood dream into a beautiful reality, wearing a lovely wedding gown and walking down the aisle with the prettiest smile one could ever have.

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