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Romantic Christmas Eve Date Ideas For The Holiday Season!


Christmas is a time that is best enjoyed surrounded by the love of your loved ones. And what better way to enjoy the festivities than to spend it with the love of your life? Whether you’re happily married, are planning to get married, have been dating for a while or you’re on your honeymoon as you celebrate Christmas, there’s always room for a great, romantic idea to make your partner happy. We’ve, in the past, talked about different ideas for weddings, like star-studded wedding ideas, lantern wedding decor, or watercolor-inspired ideas! However, never before have we talked about enjoying a pleasant evening with your soulmate. So, today, let’s talk about some amazing, romantic, and creative date ideas that are perfect for just you and your partner! Let’s dive in: 


  1. A Classy Movie Night: A Cozy Date 


Love the brilliant winter vibes? Then you’d definitely like to spend some time with your soulmate and create a beautiful timeless memory. A great way to enjoy and relish the season of joy, merry chimes, and the start of a new year is to come up with an uber-romantic date for the love of your life. Whether you’re already married or are about to get married and are still thinking about your wedding date, spending a cozy night together, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the cities, is the perfect way to enjoy your night. From watching Christmas-themed movies to rom-coms, you can pick out whatever movies you and your partner will love. We think everyone will agree that a great way to spend the nights before the holiday season is to watch some movies that leave you feeling warm and fuzzy on the inside. Another way to enjoy the warmth of the holiday season is to watch a movie for the first time with your partner, try something new and create great memories. 


To set up the perfect holiday season date night with the love of your life, you can do a few things. One of the best ways to have a date night is to set up a table in your house with a beautiful vase filled with a seasonal flower arrangement. To add more charming touches to your date night, set up a faux tent in your apartment or home. Use spare bed sheets and add some string lights. Another way to go all the way is to use some greenery for the tent! Another way to have a great date night is to choose a place your partner loves to visit and set up a large screen to watch a movie! You can even bring your pets to the movie screening! 


  1. A Romantic Dinner: Love What You Do, Eat What You Love 


Another amazing way to have a romantic date night is to have a romantic dinner! There are two ways to enjoy the magical season of happiness, one is by visiting an eatery or restaurant you and your partner absolutely love, or you can plan an elaborate night of cooking together, setting up a table, and enjoying the delicious food you and your partner cook. You can also have some delicate candlesticks to build on the romantic vibe! Be it indoors in your own space, or you’re going out together, candlelight and romantic music always add to the experience. 


If you’re cooking together, there’s a chance you and your partner will likely know what to expect. From the romantic set-up, table layout, and ambiance, you and your partner will most likely plan it together. Although we love surprises, there’s something exceptionally amazing about planning a brilliant night with your partner and knowing what to expect next. What’s more, cooking with your partner, sipping on wine, and listening to some music with your soulmate makes everything exceptionally romantic. The thing to remember is, even if you and your partner are not good cooks, you can still have loads of fun, and that’s what romance to us is, having fun with your loved ones. And if you’re going out, you can easily choose one of the most romantic restaurants to have a classy and cozy dinner. You can keep it a secret when you go out and surprise your partner with romantic details. Another way to add to the experience is to send an invitation! Just like we have romantic wedding invitations, you can find some inspiring ideas and create a beautiful invitation for your date night. Perhaps, when you and your soulmate get married or have an anniversary bash in a few years' time, you can have the same cuisine and food options on the menu! 


  1. Ice Skating: Float, Dance, and Enjoy 


If you love Christmastime and love the jingling bells, the seasonal treats, and the general joy in the air, then you’d love this date night idea! You can take your soulmate ice skating! There’s nothing more romantic than a cold night made warmer by holding hands with the love of your life. What’s more, if you haven’t proposed to your partner, or your partner hasn’t proposed yet, you never know, it could happen today! An ice skating date can turn into an exceptionally romantic proposal! Of course, you can start planning your wedding after you tell your partner, “Yes, a million times yes,” as they go on one knee and hold out a ring for you. 


The reason why we love ice skating is that it helps you let loose and spend some quality time with the love of your life. What’s more, you can add a creative twist to your wonderful date night by trying to use some of your old costumes! You can have Halloween-themed ideas for a date in the middle of the winter! All you need are some costumes and make-up ideas! However, when we say “try out Halloween-like date night,” we do not mean something spooky and terrible. Of course, a little ghoulish would be fun during Christmas celebrations, but we don’t want to scare people off and get in the way of their fun. Also, if you’re thinking of proposing to your partner, make sure that you take some photos either during or after the proposal. This photo will not only serve as the perfect reminder of where your love story began but can also be framed and put up on a wall. What’s more, if you plan to have a winter wedding when you tie the knot, you can easily use this photo as your wedding invitation photo or use it as your save-the-date card! You can also choose a wedding venue or choose a location near an ice rink for your engagement photo session to add this romantic and charming touch to your love story! However, there are other ways to add romantic details to your wedding in other ways as well! 


  1. Sweet Treats: Enjoy Deliciousness, Warmth, and Joy


A great way to enjoy the merry and cherry time is to spend time keeping yourself warm and enjoying some of the best desserts and the perfect cup of hot beverages! You can plan a date night or an afternoon, whatever works for you, and decide to cook and taste the festive desserts! One of the best ideas that we like is that you can set up a romantic date in the kitchen! Put on some groovy music and have fun trying your hand at baking some of these Christmastime desserts. Some of our best picks for the dessert-centered date night is to try making a gingerbread house for the next day. Another way to spend your wonderful Christmas Eve is to add some more things to your roster for the day! You can try making churros and making the chocolate sauce from scratch, or bake a tiered cake and decorate it with Christmas ornament decor items. Another way to add more fun things to do is to create a small fireplace outside, or use a fireplace outdoors, if you have one, to roast some marshmallows, and make smores! There’s nothing better than going to Christmas with a belly full of hot cocoa and desserts! If this date night idea makes sense to you, you can also add the ingredient shopping for the day to the list! We’re sure, Charles Boyle from Brooklyn 99 would agree to this and finally say, “ingredient-shopping is more romantic than washing your partner’s hair.” To make your date perfect, you can plan different types and kinds of warm drinks, and maybe experiment with some traditional Christmas-time non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages to add charming touches to your memorable date night. 


  1. Food Tasting: Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate Tasting for a Romantic Date


As we mentioned above, we love nothing better than trying out different things, delicious food, and delicacies. However, above all, an elaborate dinner date night can rival a well-planned dinner party. That said, one of the best things to improve your date night dinner experience is to add a cheese-tasting session. A cheese-tasting session will lighten the mood, and give you something new to do. What’s more, cheese tasting is an actual experience, and there’s no better way to have it than by sharing it with your loved ones. Although most people add cheese tasting to dinner parties, their wedding cocktail hour, or engagement parties, we feel that it can be a great “solo experience” with the love of your life. If only cheese tasting sounds off to you, you can choose to have a wine-tasting session booked for the day. However, this would mean that you’d be doing something during the day and would have to plan something for the evening. In other words, what that means is that you will still need a new idea for your date night. But worry not, we have just the inspiration and ideas for you! If you love the idea of cheese-tasting, you can easily create a “stay-at-home” cheese-tasting experience! You can look into different types of cheese options, get some crackers or things that’ll go with cheese, and create your very own cheese board! In general, three to four kinds of cheese options will help you improve the cheese-tasting experience


Another way to add charming details and touches to your Christmas eve date night is to add hot chocolate and smores or chocolate tasting to your date night ideas! First things first, up your game by getting some matching or personalized mugs for the night. Now, to add to the experience, you stock up on some different flavors, syrups, and milk types to create a wholesome hot chocolate-tasting session. Additionally, get some cream, sprinkles, and marshmallows to add to your cup of hot chocolate! Always remember, more options mean more ways to experiment with different flavors, which will only give you more ideas, and memories. What’s more, you can add chocolate tasting to the night! Lastly, before you decide to have a great date night, you can decide to create a hot chocolate station for the date night. You can use some props to decorate the station or use some other forms of decor. A great way to make sure that your hot chocolate station looks just perfect is to settle on a theme, you can look for inspiration by looking into wedding themes or color options. You can also use some seasonal decor, such as greenery, and some interesting Christmas decorations such as bells and candy canes.


  1. A Night of Pleasantries: Christmas Market, Christmas Light Display, and a Museum Date 


Another way to enjoy a wonderful time, which guarantees nothing but amazing memories is to make the most of the Christmas decor and festivities! You can walk down to the local market and take the time to enjoy the city dressed in lights and merry festivities. A great way to make the most of your romantic date night, you can schedule your engagement photo shoot that day. What this will do is help you have memories and photos of the beautiful memories of the day will be timeless. What’s more, you can also use any one of these photos as the perfect backdrop for your winter wedding invites


Apart from this, you can also visit the local market and the stalls. You can buy candles, ornaments, and whatever catches your eye! After that, you can walk and watch the Christmas light display in your city. This will help you build the festive emotion of the night. What’s more, you can also choose to have a museum date! You and your partner can decide which museum would be perfect for the day. You can start at the museum, and from there make your way to the Christmas market and then watch the light display! 


Bonus Idea: Dressing a Christmas Tree in a Cabin Getaway! 


One of the best ways to enjoy the mesmerizing festive emotion, you can do something super simple and perfect! We’d like to leave you with an amazing idea! You can still try out the ideas we’ve listed above while trying out this amazing Christmas date idea! You and your partner can book a cabin in the woods, and have your own Christmas tree! And this brings us to the perfect date night idea for you! Instead of going out, you and your partner can go Christmas tree shopping before you guys get to the beautiful cabin in the woods. Once you are at the cabin, you can bake some cookies, have a glass of wine and decorate the tree in the evening, and sit down for a candlelight dinner! To add a romantic touch you can use French-style tableware and candlesticks!  


We hope the ideas above help you come up with some amazing ideas to enjoy Christmastime with the love of your life. The ideas above can be used as standalone ideas, or you can mix and match these ideas to create the perfect evening for your soulmate. We hope you have an amazing time with each other! More than that, we hope you have fun planning your date night as well!


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