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You're Engaged! Here's What You Should Do Next


From the crisp air, the crunch of the fall leaves to the caramel apples, there is something about the cold fall days which opens up the doorway to some magically cozy moments and the alluring promise of the festivities ahead. The whole world seems to wear a sepia tone to match the dreamy fall vibe, there are also tell-tale signs of romance in the air. From the cozy fall days to the dreamy nights of the holiday season, there is love in the air that you can't help but notice. Whether it is seen in the couple sharing hot chocolate in the corner cafe, or the duo cuddling together to watch “The Elf” as Christmas lights dance in the living room, there is enough magic to go around the world in the holiday season! It is no surprise that the beautiful autumn and winter seasons see the most proposals. Maybe it is something about the cuddly weather, excitement of the holidays ahead, and the various social engagements, which all come together to nudge a smitten lover towards a proposal in this season. If your sweetheart has proposed to you recently, congrats, for now, you get to share the magical holiday season with the additional magic of the impending wedding! And trust us, there is nothing more dreamy than planning your happily ever after in the enchanting glow of the incoming holidays. If you are still floating in the bubbling excitement of a proposal and want to know where to get started as you plan for your wedding ahead, we have got you covered!


Things to do right after the engagement!


Call Your Fam

Spread the happy news! Of course, after soaking into the feeling of being engaged, the first thing you will want to do is to spread the news and let your close friends and family know! And certainty you don't want them to find out through social media, so make sure to call them and break the news yourself! And trust me, letting the loved ones know about this monumental change in your life will let you enjoy it even more! So pick up the phone and let the good news flow!


Get a Manicure

Guess what- you will be showing off your engagement ring a lot in the coming weeks, so prep up for it! Whether it is about swaying your hand in front of your girlfriends as you tell them about the good news or as you post the ring selfie on your social media, your hands will be having a moment! And if there is ever a time to show them some extra love, this is it! So get the best manicure you can! Go for something sleek and natural, so that the focus is still on the ring.


Post a Ring Pic

Is it even official until it's in the Gram? Just kidding, but the social media post announcing your engagement is surely a big deal. Make sure to do it when you are absolutely ready to let the world know. Whether it is a picture from the actual proposal, or it is an engagement photo shoot of you and your sweetheart, there is nothing like a pretty picture to let the world know of what is to come! Not only is it the perfect way to announce, but it is also a sweet memory you will want to hold onto forever!


Engagement Photo Session
Speaking of ring pictures, there is something about an engagement photo session that allows you to get the perfect one! Not only is the engagement photo session a perfect way to have a perfect photo session that is just about the two of you rather than the wedding, but it is also the perfect window for you and your SO to bond and get some time away before the wedding planning begins! If you are just engaged, there are various different fall and winter engagement photoshoot ideas that you can choose from, that you and your partner will be spoiled for options, and your engagement photographer will love to capture you in the best of settings!



Gather your closest few people and meet them for a drink and celebrate the event. You just got engaged after all, and it is important to soak in the exhilarating feeling of being newly engaged before you move towards planning your dream wedding! Of course, this is different from an engagement party and will involve just the closest of friends and family. If you haven't announced your happy news yet, it is okay to just hit the bar with your partner for life, and it will be just as much of a celebration! 


Get Your Ring Insured

Is it the most romantic thing to do after being engaged? We doubt it! However, it is extremely crucial, alright! It can in fact be the smartest thing you did, something that your future self will be thankful for! Rings are not cheap and if you happen to lose yours tomorrow, at least you will not be getting a mini heart attack! While it is easy to be pushed off, with the other million things on your to-do list, ring insurance can in fact be surprisingly inexpensive. So go ahead, you will thank us later!


Take a Break

Before you plunge into the world of wedding planning, take a break! It may sound counterintuitive, but it allows the news to sink in and help you savor the moments. Let this be a deep breath before you and your partner dive into the world of matching linens and flowers and a perfect menu. Whether it is a dinner date at your favorite restaurant, a spa date with a healthy pamper session, or a short weekend getaway, this allows you to bond before approaching the wedding planning checklist!


Have Your Ring Resized

If the engagement ring is the perfect fit, there is nothing like it, but it needs tweaking, let your jeweler get it resized pronto! There is nothing like losing your beloved ring just days after receiving it and saying ‘yes’ to your partner! It takes a short time and ensures it's the perfect fit so that you can show off that ring without the risk of losing it! Also, it is then only when you will feel like it is the ring which is yours, just like Cinderella and her glass slippers!


Put a Pin on the Date!

The first step towards a real wedding planning action, you might want to start by setting the wedding date. The truth is there will be many holiday proposals, and every one of those couples will be looking into wedding venues in the summer or fall, the next year. So the dates tend to fill up pretty quickly. So deciding on the date will allow you to make plans for the next step in the list- which is to book the wedding venue. Also, keep in account the availability of both the families before you decide on the date because you won't want any conflict later! 


Research Wedding Venues

Right after you are good with a wedding date, you can go ahead and do the second most important thing- which is booking the wedding venue. Discuss with your partner just the vibe you want to go for, and your wedding venue should mirror that! Do some online research for the perfect spot in your city which will go with your wedding theme perfectly, or if there is a place that you already know and love, approach it asap! Call them to get more information on pricing and availability.


Decide on Your Wedding Size

After your wedding venue is final, the next step is to determine the size of your wedding. Do you want a gala event or have you always wanted a more intimate setting? How many people do you want to invite? These are certain questions you might want to go over with your partner, as it is important you are both on the same page about it. This might be the perfect timing to get your guest list in order and have a rough estimation of the size of your wedding. This can also help you narrow down on your wedding venue and choose the event space of your liking and vision!


Decide the Budget

After the size of your wedding is decided it will be easy to settle on a budget for the wedding. Try to have a sincere and clear discussion with your partner about the budget and what needs to be spent where. If your parents are chipping in to help with your wedding, it might be a good idea to discuss which areas will be covered by whom. We understand money talks can be awkward, so the best trick in the book is to do it way before you have your expectations in place, and before you make any tangible plans.


Wedding Website

While this is completely optional, having a wedding website in place might make a lot of your work easy, be it sending out save-the-dates, e-invites, having all the RSVPs in one place, having your wedding registry accessible to all, and sending out updates, the practicalities of a wedding website cannot be underplayed. Having an aesthetic wedding website sent out to your guests will have everything you need in one place. It is also a great way to host a virtual live stream for the guests who couldn't come! 


Choose the Bridal Party

This is where you talk to your partner about how many bridesmaids or groomsmen each of you want and whether there will be any bridesman or groomslady. This is also where you talk about the potential maid of honor or best man. It is only after you have discussed it with your partner that you will want to ask your bridal party formally and pop the question. You might also want to ask them a bit in advance (and how exactly to do it) so that they can make their preparations accordingly! 


Interview Your Wedding Dream Team

Whether you are considering bringing a professional planner on board or you want to plan everything and have a relative handle all the logistics and coordination, this is the time you might want to have the team ready, bit by bit. Whether it is the florist who did the flowers for your cousin's wedding or the specific band that will like to perform on your special day, interview and assemble your dream team. Ask your friends and families for references on the wedding vendors or do some online research, and once you find your dream wedding team, every bit of research is worth your effort!


Throw an Engagement Party

While this is completely optional, if you and your partner want to throw an epic engagement party, this is the perfect time to do it! Whether you are making it a casual backyard barbeque party or an evening over drinks with your close friends, the vibe should match your personality as a couple. An engagement party is always a great idea as it is another opportunity for you to celebrate your love and that is always great! So gather your close friends and family and celebrate your engagement, and you will be glad you did it!



While it might take a thousand reminders, don't forget to relax! It might come as a surprise, but wedding planning is not all dress shopping and color swatching and can get intense and stressful, so make a conscious effort to keep things sane, and relaxed. Keep dating and doing things for fun, without discussing wedding plans. Take things lightly and with a grain of salt and try to find humor in the chaos. Don't forget to laugh and try to stay flexible in your plans. After all, the one thing you really need is right there by your side!


Holiday Proposals might be predictable, but something is obviously working there! According to this statistic, December is the most favored month for an engagement with a proposal rate of 19 percent, closely followed by a 10 percent proposal in the summer months. As for weddings, the most popular season is summer, followed closely by fall. There is something about being newly engaged and enjoying the holiday season together which is just priceless. There can't be a merrier Christmas or more enchanting Hanuka than the ones when you are getting the promise of forever from your significant other. There is something in the air that makes you feel like the stars have aligned to make your dreams come true and with your lover in arms, you can tackle everything that life throws at you. You get to announce your engagement as you meet the friends and family for the festivities and there are happy vibes all around! Holiday proposals are exciting and worth every bit of the hype. Also, it lines up perfectly for you to plan for that perfect summer wedding! If you are a bride-to-be planning for a wedding soon, we hope these tips were helpful. We already know it's a happy holiday for you!


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