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The Frosty Tale of Love Featuring Erik and Lauren, Minneapolis


There is something about winter weddings that makes them look fabled and classy! The uniqueness that a winter wedding entails remains unmatched as the gentle snowflakes create a stunning backdrop for wedding photography. On one of the cold wintry days, our hearts were warmed up by a love story that made us go ‘aww’ like never before. The heartwarming union of Erik and Lauren in a wintry wedding setting warmed up our souls with the glow of love. Let’s take a sneak peek at their photos - they can evoke a spring swoon even on the coldest day!


Before the wedding hum began, Erik and Lauren took time out of their busy schedules to pose for some stunning couple photography in the snow ladened grounds. As the winter sun slowly dawdled in the white fleecy landscape, and the pine trees at the backdrop looked magical, and the lovestruck duo melted our hearts as they embraced each other with unworldly love. The phenomenal silhouette portraits shot during the golden hour lent a radiant afterglow to the wedding album.  Bewitching indeed! They were shortly joined by their beautiful bridesmaids and handsome groomsmen posing for picturesque group photos, creating memories that will last a lifetime.


The best thing that Lauren wore on her wedding day was her pretty smile that lit up the entire day even more. The bridal outfit was a beautiful and lacey A-line gown with v-neck design, both in the front and back. Her loosely tied golden hair was accentuated by her minimalistic platinum pendant and crystal earrings. Lauren’s fern bridal bouquet looked beautiful against the wintry settings of this Minneapolis wedding. Erik, on the other hand, looked charming in his navy-blue suit, white shirt and light pink tie. His tan shoes and red boutonniere looked suave and complimented Lauren’s outfit perfectly. To match the beautiful couple, the bridesmaids wore carnation pink satin gowns with halter neck and fur shawls. And the groomsmen rocked in the classy navy blue pants and white shirt combination with brown suspenders and blue tie. 


The old fashioned Trott Brook Hall featured vintage and rustic charm in the wedding photographs. The countryside vibe remained unmissable as the pristine landscaped grounds looked like a dream with the old-world architectural details at the estate. The indoor wedding space featured gorgeous pendant lights dangling from the ceiling that lighted up the entire ambiance with a toasty mood. The long white aisle with pine trees perched throughout the space weaved a whimsical tale with the two huge wild rose bouquets installed on both sides that posed as the wedding arch.


The wedding decor was spot-on with an unmissable ‘hygge’ vibe that lent a comforting and cozy feeling to the Minneapolis wedding setting. Our wedding photographers in Minneapolis captured the thoughtful details of the wedding decoration, including the mini-letters on the tiny board saying “Let it snow.” 


As the Minneapolis couple exchanged their vows and started day one of their forever together, we could feel the beginning of another happily ever after. The duo then went on to cut the delicate white wedding cake with rose toppings. The candid photographs captured turned out so pretty! And how can we possibly miss out on the butter-cream macaroons that delighted everyone’s sweet-tooth!


From time to time we come across a love story that makes us go weak in the knees. Erik and Lauren’s love story was one such love story that had us wrapped in their warm glow even after the ceremony ended. The way they looked at each other amidst all the wedding hustle, made us believe that out of all the reasons to get married, love should be the only one. They are two hearts who were always meant to be one, and no matter how far they go or how long it takes, they will always be better together under the starlit skies.


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