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Robert & Brett’s Real LGBT New York Wedding


Somewhere in corners of our hearts, we do believe in magic! We believe that when you are deeply, madly, and truly in love with someone, there is some positive force that will bind the two of you together. Love is all about equality and inclusion, and we love that. 


While any time of the year is the ideal time to rejoice LGBT+love the month of June is quite special! Every year this month comes with the vicinity to all the beautiful and breathtaking colors of rainbows allowing ourselves to celebrate love in all its million hues! This particular month marks LGBT+Pride Month and we are honoring the occasion with some genuinely heartwarming and tear-jerking same-sex wedding photos of Robert and Brett, the two adorable people who gave a kick start to their happily ever after phase in New York. Their incredible wedding photos are bursting with endless love and affection, that can be easily seen in both their eyes! Our talented New York wedding photographers have captured some stunning and swoon-worthy wedding photos that will surely hit you straight in the feels! 


We may still have a long way to go in marriage equality, but there is no denying that love knows no boundaries and though we have also made some serious strides when it comes to LGBT weddings. There is no doubt that getting hitched is undeniably one passionate and celebratory affair- but to be able to exchange your vows with the love of your life after being denied to do so? Not getting married to the love of your life without thinking of any limitation, crossing all the boundaries, and breaking all the stereotypes is a whole different kind of celebration, that will undoubtedly bring a new meaning to the monumental milestone! And this is what our adorable and star-crossed couple Robert and Brett did! They were excited to start the new chapter of their life in full swing! 


It is no secret that you can always find what you are looking for in New York- especially when it comes to weddings! Like what if you or your partner want to have some late-night slices of pizza from an amazing pizza joint to crave down your pizza craving or something that you might require during the last minute to add the final touch to your wedding decor, there will be no shortage of any such requirement in New York. And maybe that’s why Robert and Brett chose New York as the place which bore declaration to their exchange of nuptials, and we couldn’t resist but applaud and appreciate their decision and stood by their side to document their special day in the flawless frames! There are endless ways to describe this stunning and beautiful city as there are bountiful things to do in this enchanting and sprawling mega-city! The Big Apple never fails to add a bit of spirit and cinematic vibe to every celebration, whether it is a love celebration or any other affair! For some, it’s a chic playground with exceptional shoppingmuseums, and dining. For others, New York is a kaleidoscope of culture and architecture. One thing that we all can agree upon is that it certainly lives up to its reputation as the most happening city that never sleeps and will leave you breathless with its endless romantic possibilities. There is no doubt when we say that New York is a city of towering skyscrapers and iconic black and yellow taxis that radiate the true authenticity of this city in every corner! As Ayn Rand once said, "I would give the greatest sunset in the world for one sight of New York’s skyline." She meant every word of this as this city happens to have such an incredible fusion of textures that it will translate beautifully to the camera films making you feel like you are in a movie! From the signature Brooklyn Bridge to the happening and vibrant Times Square, from the city’s favorite playground Central Park to the most photographed and glorious Statue of Liberty, the city is flecked with one charming treasure after another. Featuring beautiful stability of lush gardens, a fascinating mix of the organized chaos of city lights and blaring horns, an intriguing melting pot of cultures, and the sights and sounds of the city, New York lives up to the hype and delivers. From Brooklyn to Manhattan to New JerseyNew York has all the colors of the rainbow that makes it one of the most gay-friendly cities on earth. No wonder this amazing city surely has something for everyone, making it the perfect destination for same-sex weddings! 


There is no doubt when we say that New York City is every photographer’s dream location! It’s a paradise, especially for NYC wedding photographers. The Big Apple of America is a visual treat and every scene is a picture waiting to get framed and every activity is an adventure waiting to venture into! With choosing New York City as the background setting for your memorable wedding, you will be making the second wisest decision of your life! (saying yes to the proposal and getting married to the love of your life remains the first and the best!). When Robert and Brett chose a charming New York wedding venue to express and celebrate their love story in, our wedding photographers in and around New York City will have a plethora of options to capture the hustle and bustle of the city in their frames as a part of their pre-wedding photoshoot or the post-wedding photography session! While the magic that New York comes with is not enough to be captured within a camera lens, you sure will have a glimpse of the stunning city as a keepsake or a memoir of your story to cherish forever!


Our lovely couple Robert and Brett, however, chose the beautiful Pier 64 at Hudson River Park to celebrate their special day, and thus the overall impression was unforgettable and charming as ever! Situated at a bend in the Hudson River, this surreal wedding venue offers spectacular views of New York Harbor and the river to the north and south, making their wedding photos magical! Pier 64 at Hudson River Park is a whimsical wedding venue and is the city’s largest waterfront venue that will surely leave a lasting impression on the mind and hearts of all your wedding guests! Pier 64 at Hudson River Park is proud to serve a diverse community of couples and it's always committed to celebrating love with no boundaries! They are always determined to create lifelong memories for each of their clients. Featuring multiple piers and expansive open spaces that are guaranteed to be the venue that will positively make your wedding celebration one to remember! The luxurious verdant green park is an ideal spot for the exchange of vows especially for couples who love to have more outdoorsy vibes on their wedding day! 


Robert and Brett’s wedding day was bright and sunny just like the spark and happiness they both have in their eyes as finally, it’s the day when their long-awaited dream is going to come true! They decided to get dressed together and help each other prepare for their wedding day in the same room as opposed to preparing for their day separately! Our professional team of New York wedding photographers love snapshotting these intimate moments between these two as they got ready for their big day. Their sweet laughs and kisses, while they helped each other into their bow ties and suits, are some that we will never forget! 


While one groom donned a black suit with a crisp white shirt and zed black tie with an iconic golden heart-shaped design over. His side-parted hairstyle and subtle beard look highlighted his facial expression, making him exactly look like a romantic hero! From head to toe, he excelled in the perfect dapper look for the special day, whereas on the other hand, the other groom rocked his complete groom look in golden-tan gothic style suit with a gorgeous bow-tie perfectly matching his outfit. His tan-golden and black suit flawlessly complemented his partner's plain black suit! No doubt, Robert and Brett looked incredibly handsome in their wedding outfits! Our photographers didn’t need to fake the first look between these two adorable couples, as they got ready together! 


Once Robert and Brett got all decked out for their day, we stepped on the grounds of the Pier 64 at Hudson River Park to document their sweet, intimate, and beautiful wedding! They both shared their handwritten vows of being together forever and brought each other to tears and smile with their words! After they shared their vows, they both shared their first kiss as the newlywed couple while the beautiful trees and towering buildings in the background make a perfect setting for their wedding photos! It was so loving and heartwarming to see them share such a deep and loving connection! Seeing people endlessly in love and happy together is just something special and right, always! 


Our wedding photographers in New York City creatively captured the moment where they both were faulting their ring bands, marking their unison! After their wedding ceremony, it was so amazing and fun to just hop right into portraits with them and with their family members and friends! After their romantic and beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony, we stepped on the outdoor terrace to grab a few more portraits of Robert and Brett! The pose for endless couple’s portraits and every photo came out stunningly adorable and gorgeous, as they photo have two beautiful souls who are magically in love with each other, while the buildings in the background lend a striking backdrop! Their romantic kiss, or holding hands while facing each other’s back, and single portraits were something that will make everyone lose their hearts! Once we are done with their couple portraits on the terrace, we came down on the grounds of Pier 64 at Hudson River Park to capture some more portraits of Robert and Brett and their wedding party together! Our New York City wedding photographers love how fun some of these frames are, and we always love having a good time with our couples and their wedding party on wedding days.


After our wedding photographers finished capturing their LGBT+ wedding portraits together, we moved on to documenting the entire wedding party together with the handsome grooms prior, everybody heads for the wedding reception at El Quinto Pino! The emerald verdant green grounds of Pier 64 at Hudson River Park offered an excellent stage for flawless outdoor wedding photography experience! With enough greenery in their photos, they head towards the harbor where the sparkling waters lend a majestic setting for their extra-romantic wedding photos! They even posed during the golden hour under the New York skyline before they finally head for their wedding reception! 


When they finally reached El Quinto Pino, a lavish multiregional Spanish tapas bar, where they posed with their friends and raised a few sweet toasts for their love and union! Their delicious menu of El Quinto Pino is rooted in tradition and an off the beaten path wine list! This glorious reception venue has the ability to bring people together in the best way possible! The setting was quite bright and lightened complementing their wedding attires! The turquoise blue chair setting and lemon yellow table setting was something that gathered everybody’s attention for once! 


From triumphant pictures of love and endless laughter to the more romantic and tender moments and the sweet feelings of pride, Robert and Brett same-sex wedding pictures are filled with such striking emotion you will be reaching for the Malabar! Bring on the tears of joy and happiness- because Robert and Brett proved that love is love! At the end of their big day, Robert and Brett showed that we are all the same! Two people who are all set to dedicate their love and support for the rest of their lives together without worrying about the world around them! LGBT+weddings are simply some of the most beautiful weddings, after all!


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