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Reception entertainment ideas for you to try


When it comes to weddings, there are things that you will care about, like the love in the air, the fit of the dress, the decor of the themed wedding, or the aesthetically balanced color palette. And then there are things that your guests will care about, like the menuthe open bar, and the wedding day entertainment and activities. Wedding entertainment has a huge role to play in the overall mood of the day and is directly related to the wedding guests, as this is the thing which will be cherished and talked about for a long time after your wedding day. As your wedding guests will be spending a lot of time and money to be a part of your special day, it is best to consider their entertainment and ensure that they leave with a smile on their faces and a barrel of memories in their minds. 


While there are a ton of entertainment ideas for you to choose from, most of them will depend on the theme that you have chosen for your special day. For example, for an Easter-themed wedding day, it might make sense for you to host a scavenger hunt for your guest to enjoy, while on the 20s themed wedding night, having a jazz band perform might be a good call. Similarly, for a boho-themed wedding, you might have a tarot reader who will do readings for your guests! The ideas are as boundless as your imagination! Listed below are some ideas which we think are a lot of fun, and can add a pinch of “unforgettable magic” to your wedding day!  


Fire Performers: Hire fire breathers to perform at your wedding reception to add to the wow factor. Their fantastic, adventurous routines and feats will delight guests of all ages. Fire performers are ideal for a late-night wedding in the autumn or winter or a destination beach wedding. Gather your guests outside and marvel at the display; it will have everyone talking about your wedding for years.


Dart Art Station: For artsy couples and guests, a dart art station is a fun afternoon wedding reception entertainment option. Attach a large, blank canvas to the wall with a few hundred or more water balloons half-filled with paint. Set up a dart shooting station at a safe distance because no one wants paint sprayed all over their finery. Fill the balloons with water and supply raincoats and rain boots as an alternative. Friends and family can also throw darts at the canvas, which will cause the paint inside the balloons to pop and spatter, creating a one-of-a-kind sculpture that you can retain!


Table Trivia: Find out how much information your guests have about you and your sweetie! At each guest's seat, place a lovely sheet with some pop quizzes about the two of you. They can be multiple-choice, true or false, or fill-in-the-blank questions. Guests can respond to the questions whenever they choose, and the emcee will read them out afterward. Place a difficult fill-in-the-blank quiz card with amusing questions about the newlyweds at each table setting. Engage your dinner guests in a spirited quiz game at the table as they take their seats. A dessert or incentive will be given to the first person or couple to complete the questionnaire successfully. Announce the answers at the start of dinner or place an answer sheet near the centerpiece to let each table play at their leisure.


Tarot Card Reading: Most people like to have a peek at their future and a tarot card reading will surely keep your guests entertained. At cocktail hour, set up a tarot card reading station to give guests a glimpse into their future. If your wedding incorporates other celestial-inspired touches, this is an extremely on-theme wedding entertainment suggestion.


Music Galore: When your guests RSVP, ask them to add a song to your wedding playlist. There will be a terrific mix of classic and contemporary pop tunes, offering something for everyone. You can even add some healthy competitiveness to the mix by organizing a dance-off! ABBA, The Beatles, The Rat Pack, Ed Sheeran, Queen, Elton John, and Michael Buble are some of the most well-known artists in the world. Tribute bands are a lot of fun and will get everyone dancing at your wedding!


Custom Snapchat Geofilter: If you use Snapchat, you've probably noticed that when you go to certain places or events, new filters tailored to that location become available. Geofilters are what they're called, and they're really easy to make for your wedding reception. The pricing is influenced by the extent of the area where the geofilter will be available and how long it will be up. A 20-square-foot bespoke geofilter that will cover a substantial chunk of your welcome area and is also pretty affordable! Make a sign for your social media-savvy visitors, and they'll be snapping away in no time!


The Shoe Game: The shoe game, which is based on Cinderella and her shoe, is traditional wedding entertainment. Place the bride and groom side by side on the dance floor for a traditional game of trivia about their new partner. In this evolving trend, two seats are placed back to back throughout the reception. The bride and groom take a seat across from one other and hand over one of their shoes. While humorous facts or questions about the relationship are read aloud over a microphone, the partner holds up the shoe for who most exactly fits the statement. As competing points of view emerge, laughter ensues. This game can be a lot of fun for the couple as well as the guests.


Photo Scavenger Hunt: Send your guests on a photo scavenger hunt to discover the best photo ops! Make a prize for the fastest individual to finish their list. If you want people to take photos throughout the night, make a list of fascinating potential moments from the day. Include things such as the bride and groom kissing or wild dance routines. This allows guests from various groups to meet one another while also adding a competitive element to the evening.


Giant Jenga: Stopping a four-foot Jenga set from toppling is so much fun! To win, you must be the last person to keep the blocks standing, which is a game that is ideal for both adults and children. Cut 54 equal-sized pieces from a two-by-four-foot beam to build your own life-size Jenga set. Before the big day, paint each block in your wedding colors. Each team takes it in turns to remove one brick from the stack and place it on top of the tower. Pair small children with adults if the tower is very tall or substantial.


Ring Toss: Split into two teams and toss each ring into your opponent's hooks. Use bottles of wine as a fun wedding twist! Purchase two sets of five wooden rings from your local craft store. To make the teams stand out, use two of your wedding colors to paint each pair. To hold six bottles in an old-fashioned milk box, use basic dowels on a long two-by-four footboard. Lay the board out on the grass for some ring tossing fun during cocktail hour.


Wedding Pinata: Cutting into a wedding cake is one of life's greatest pleasures. Of course, hitting a pinata with a wedding cake theme and plenty of delectable goodies is even better! Choose an excellent or completely ridiculous pinata to lend a touch of whimsy to the dessert hour. Blindfolded, the husband and bride compete to see who can break through the pinata and release all of the sweets or gifts within. Include bags or small to-go boxes for each youngster to collect their winnings.


Photo Booth Contest: Make it a little more competitive at the photo booth! After the night, the couple selects the funniest photo from the evening. When it comes to posing in the photo booth, encourage attendees to be as wild as possible. Many photographers will print their photos into a scrapbook for fast viewing. Guests or the bride and groom can choose their favorites before the conclusion of the night.


Balloon Pop Wall: Balloons are a lot of fun! Guests are asked to search behind a wall of balloons for messages and gifts just waiting to be popped! Attach a large cork board to a beautiful array of balloons in a festive arrangement. Instruct each guest to use a safety pin to pop one balloon. Every balloon contains a secret message, instruction, or surprise! Give a few lucky poppers first dibs on the dessert table or a champagne toast of their own.


Wedding Hopscotch: Allow the children to show you how it's done! Provide chalk or tape for an outside hopscotch tournament during the reception. Make sure there's enough room for both kids and adults to spread out and play hopscotch. If possible, use multi-colored tape or chalk on a grassier area. Sandbags should be used for more complex games that can be played on a hopscotch course.


Giant Connect Four: Make a life-size version of this childhood classic for your cocktail-party lawn activities. Drill 35 large holes, five down and seven across, to build an adult-sized version of this classic tic-tac-toe-inspired game. One player on each side slides colored discs into the slots in the hopes of getting a four-in-a-row combination before their opponent. Provide the smaller version for the children who will be attending the party.


DIY Tic Tac Toe: This easy and natural addition to outdoor games includes festively painted pebbles and a DIY fabric tic-tac-toe board. It's perfect for casual outdoor cocktail hours and weddings with children, featuring hand-painted pebbles and a DIY board for easy setup and play. Set up the boards across picnic tables so that guests may compete in a pleasant game while sipping wine and chatting.


Corn Hole: With the classic corn hole game, you can't go wrong! The classic sandbag game is ideal for an outside cocktail hour and can be customized for a groom vs bride theme. By angling two huge rectangles of plywood several inches from the ground, carve one hole on the top of each team's game board. The goal of each round is to bury as many sandbags in your opponent's objective as possible. Customize the corn hole set to match your wedding's colors and theme! This is a fantastic game for both adults and children!


Find the Guest: This is an excellent game for getting your guests to mingle with one another, especially if there are numerous distinct groups present. After filling out a questionnaire with interesting facts about the people in the room, send everyone on a socializing scavenger hunt. Start new conversations by playing a "guest finder" game. As guests arrive for cocktail hour or dinner, start the conversation by mentioning interesting facts about the people in the room. Everyone must mingle to finish their questionnaire faster than their peers.


Cake Smash Bets: Who is going to receive a smear of wedding cake on their face? Allow your visitors to make the ultimate choice! Place jars for bridesmaid and groomsman bets on the table. One of the bridesmaids or groomsmen will almost surely go for a cake smash during the generally innocent cake cutting. Allow people to engage in this amusing event by voting with monetary donations to the couple's honeymoon fund. The jar with the most cake determines whether the bride or groom receives cake on their face!


Wedding Toast Bingo: Make the wedding toast a stand-alone activity! What will be spoken at the toast portion of the evening? Place bingo boards on each table to keep your guests guessing. There are a few basic sentiments in every maid of honor and best man speech. Make bingo boards for each course of the meal and invite your guests to play. Always have bingo chips on hand, as well as a prize for the first person to reach bingo!


Marriage Advice Cards: Place a stack of cards at the dinner table allowing guests to offer their marriage tips to the newlyweds. As the couple embarks on their new adventure, guests of various ages offer unusual marital advice. Include a location for guests to write and place their advice cards, which you can later turn into a unique guest book. As a special touch, place a wine bottle for each coming anniversary and allow guests to fill out cards for each milestone year.


Fireworks: What better way to bring your wedding night to a close than with a spectacular fireworks display? They're not only the perfect way to end a long day of celebrations, but they also make for a great photo opportunity! After a day of festivities it's not a good idea to start igniting fireworks yourself, so hire a professional firework display and let the professionals create those beautiful moments for you! There are plenty of firework service providers who offer fantastic alternatives, offering stunning displays for small and large gatherings, creating a cozy ambiance for you and your guests to enjoy.


Get Guests Painting: You can hire an artist who can begin a piece of modern art that your guests will be able to participate in on the big day. The artist will help you choose the color, style, and size before the wedding, and she'll be present on the big day to instruct guests as they add their personal touch and sign the back. It'll be a magnificent and sentimental work of art to proudly display.


Flower Bar: The flower bar trend is defined as a station where customers can pick and build their projects from a variety of flowers. It's a trendy new trend that's not only a fun and unusual method to get guests engaged with one another but also a terrific way to get them to interact with one another. Bonus: everybody loves flowers, and they can create a bunch and take it home!


Weddings are fun, entertainment, or no entertainment, but the weddings which the guests remember the most are the ones that prioritize the guests having a great time and the little details which makes all the difference. Whether it was a dance party that left everyone breathless and exhilarated or a bouquet-making session in the flower bar which made for a unique experience, it is all about how the guests felt as they headed home from the wedding, and that is definitely worth your time and effort. We hope our collection of ideas gives you some fresh inspiration to keep your guests entertained as you get married to your sweetheart!


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