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A Pittsburgh Love Story Bringing All of the Festive Flair!


“Love is like the wind, you can't see it, but you can feel it.”, said Nicholas Sparks, in her well-received book A Walk to Remember, and we couldn't agree more! Love has a way of making its presence felt, even at moments you don't think it's around! When we are in love, we walk with a wind of our own and carry our own breezes and hurricanes. If it weren't for love stories, life would be a very dull place, and with love, you have all the adventures, experiences, and laughter you will ever need, right by your side! Something about the extraordinary feeling of enthusiasm, and thrill that love brings is exactly what keeps our hearts alive and young! Love has a way of awakening passion and excitement to our most regular days and sprinkling things up with its infectious drive and purpose. It is no surprise that love has been known to cause everlasting love stories and unforgettable tragedies, it has motivated poets and writers and artists, and has confronted wars, catastrophes, and pandemics for ages! Considering the power and influence it holds, it is still delicate and feels light and airy like the spring breeze! We are elated to be in the business of love, as we get to see sights of modern-day love stories every day, and it is no less than a wonder! 


When two lovers decide to spend their life with each other, it can be an inspiring highlight in their love story. Soon after you say "yes" to spending a lifetime with your special person, it is easy to succumb to the whirlwind of wedding planning. While it is a sweet journey of its own, it is also a lot, and before you know it, you are in a sea of color swatches, cake flavors, and endless checklists! From picking the perfect dress to choosing the ideal wedding venue, from choosing the perfect flowers to that perfect song to dance to, there are tons of decisions just waiting to be made. But before you take them one, taking a few moments for an engagement photo session might be the smartest move ever. An engagement photo session is probably the perfect way to hit the pause button and plunge yourself into the amazing feeling of being engaged. Lynae and Clay's gorgeous festive engagement photoshoot provides the perfect sanctuary for them to revel in that newly-engaged feeling, and get snapped while at it! While every love story is wonderful, there is a vibe to this couple that instantly makes one’s day just by the whole aesthetics, the stolen glances and easy smiles, and the undeniable feel-good vibes. From the tiniest of details to seizing the delicate emotions, let us take a dip at Lynae and Clay's postcard-perfect cozy engagement day!


Lynae and Clay chose Pittsburgh as the place to paint the backdrop as they capture their love story in photographs, and the city didn't disappoint! Fondly named 'The City of Bridges’, Pittsburgh is a photographer’s paradise, as it doesn't hurt that it is quite easy on the eye! Strategically tucked away at the confluence of the AlleghenyMonongahela, and Ohio rivers, Pittsburgh is enclosed by water bodies and the ribbon of blue water flows through the city like its liquid soul. Photographers and bridges are a time-tested love affair and boasting 446 bridges, Pittsburgh provides this love story abundantly. From cute and colorful riverside attractions and shops to museums and tourist attractions, Pittsburgh is full of activity while still being calm in its soul! From The U.S. Steel Tower standing tall at 841 ft to the Cultural District, Pittsburgh has a lot to offer! Some of the celebrated tourist attractions of the city are Mount WashingtonDuquesne InclineThe Andy Warhol Museum, among other fun places! If you think Pittsburgh is where you want to construct your love story, we understand why. Just one look around, and it's easy to see why you would love this city, and why so many weddings and engagements end up happening with its picturesque city as a backdrop. From the deep blue of the water, the steel of the bridge cutting through the skyline, and the charm of the city itself, hosting your engagement photo shoot or your wedding in this city is going to be nothing less than phenomenal. There is no doubt that Lynae and Clay chose right with this city, as it is speckled with some of the most amazing engagement photo locations! 


On the day of the engagement photoshoot, Lynae and Clay turned up looking gorgeous in their cozy and festive outfits, and we loved how well the colors worked with each other. Lynae chose a chunky charcoal gray knit dress, beige and maroon plaid scarf, and black knee-length boots. Her dark hair with caramel highlights was arranged in gorgeous waves and the effect was mesmerizing! Clay was looking dapper in his fawn-colored trousers, paired with the white button-down and maroon-colored quarter-zipped sweater over it. The way he reflected the maroon in Lynae’s scarf was much appreciated and brought the whole look together beautifully! He wore a pair of tan formal shoes to complete the outfit with a flair! We love how the colors are chosen are neutral and weather-appropriate, but still bold and colorful. We especially love how they manage to coordinate their outfits perfectly without looking too matchy-matchy. 


It was a good call to take the couple photographs outdoors as the weather was crisp and beautiful and the festive backdrops and the twinkling lights made for the perfect backdrop for the holiday engagement photoshoot! There is a definite festive feeling in the street this time of the year, and that can be clearly seen in the pictures. We especially love the lush greenery in the backdrop, which was sufficiently decorated with fairy lights and Christmas ornaments, as it provided the perfect setting for some cozy couple portraits. We love how the Pittsburgh engagement photographer caught the candid moments when the couple was facing each other in the outdoor cafe area, and the shots turned incredibly cute! The daughters in their faces were precious and needed to be captured with a skilled photographer, and our engagement photographers in Pittsburgh did an amazing job of it! We love how the photographer captured some images in black and white for some classic ageless captures to grace the bedside frames. While we're big fans of the captures in the cafe area, we also love seeing the city of Pittsburgh in the backdrop and how the engagement photographer included the streets of the city, the gorgeous bridges, and the festive sidewalks to be a part of this lovely couple's story! Overall, this engagement shoot is very heartwarming and full of joy, and makes our hearts happy!


While the wedding day is "the day" of our life, that one day you have been scoring down, and leaping excitedly towards and have been planning and plotting to get "just perfect" for a while now, the engagement is just as much of a significant date in the calendar, if not more! It is a day which makes the wedding day possible, a fundamental step in the journey, and should be marked on its own account. Sure a wedding day is spectacular, with all of its well-curated color paletteunique theme, the well-researched wedding menu, the time-honored rituals, and the sentimental aspect of accepting and celebrating your eternal love, and there is no denying that. However, it cannot be dismissed, it is the engagement that takes the first step towards this decision and has a charm of its own. The engagement day is a day that is just for the couple to celebrate. This means they can let go of all the expectations, the aesthetics, and the sentiments and just be present with one another enjoying the company of each other, celebrating your engagement before the wedding planning takes over! An engagement photoshoot offers a peek at the couple's individual personalities and what secures their love story their own, and how they chose to communicate their love for each other. At weddings, it is normal to want to remember how your bridal bouquet looked on the wedding day, how your veil swayed after you, and how your lover looked at you as you swung to the tunes of your favorite song during your first dance, there are sure to be elements that you will want to remember about your engagement photo session too. It is probably the last time you will be snapped together as a couple before the wedding day, so you might want your engagement photographer to seize some precious photos capturing how elated and excited both of you are about being recently engaged and how full of hope you are as you envision the amazing adventure that is laid out in front of you! Having the best and affordable engagement photographers to capture these delicate moments is crucial so that it adds to the narrative in your love story! You will want to hold on to the fresh-faced excitement of the first steps of your wedding journey forever, and you can cherish it every time you look back on it after decades. The engagement photoshoot also allows the couple to be their most authentic selves, and tell their story just the way they want- whether it is in an art museum or a farm in the countryside, a university that they attended, or fandom that they believe in! The choices are inexhaustible, so it is suggested to plan the engagement shoot to be the most valid to you both as a couple! If you are still contemplating whether or not to take your engagement pictures, we suggest you go ahead! Because the pictures you get out of this shoot are invaluable, in a different way compared to your wedding pictures! Also, it doesn't hurt that it makes your social media engagement announcement tasteful and perfect! As for Lynae and Clay’s cozy and warm and enchanting engagement session, the professional engagement photographers in Pittsburgh did an exceptional job catching on to the mood of the couple and translating them into an unforgettable picture!


It's remarkable how a common and everyday concept like love hits with a new and overwhelmingly magical way every single time. We as humans will never stop being fascinated by love, and the spell that it holds. Something is beautiful about two people getting together and making a promise for life. While every love story is fascinating and unique, there are some which leave a lasting mark and have the brilliance of their own! Maybe it is their irresistible love for each other, the bright disposition, or the incomparable charm and creative input they bring to the table when posing for their engagement photoshoot, but there is something about Lynae and Clay's engagement photo session which is exceptional, like a certain tune you can't get out of your head! They made the perfect subject just by showing up, and the thoughtful way they planned their outfits and the poses they strike, it all flowed really well, leaving behind some amazing engagement photographs to tell the tale! Apart from the impeccable aesthetics, the cozy vibes, and the perfect choice of colors, the couple has a way of easing up with each other, and the noticeable adoration that sparkles in their eyes, and the easy camaraderie they exhibit make them quite a delight to work with. We love the festive vibe that the couple brings to the table, and they work well with the engagement photographer, supporting them to create epic captures every time. We also love the tiny details, like the moody weather, the urban backdrop, the refreshing festive vibes, everything operating together to formulate remarkable photographs. The experienced hands of our professional Pittsburgh engagement photographers worked beautifully to seize the charm delicately into stunning captures! Overall, this engagement photo session turned out lovely and as the couple walked away from this fun engagement session towards their impending wedding, they were carrying home some spectacular memories and the anticipation of tomorrow to look forward to!


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