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A Sacramento wedding with a heavy sprinkling of nature!


Life is so endlessly adventurous and love is truly the best ride you can go on in the adventure park that life is. It brings light to our lives, lifts up the sorrow, and pours liquid sunshine into our even the most mundane of days. Not only does it bring light to the lives of the two people involved, but it also lights up the lives of the other people touching their lives. There is nothing nearly as beautiful as two people slowly falling in love and taking the call to love each other forever and committing their ‘forever together’! It is thrilling, fulfilling, and leaves everyone witnessing the event feeling warm and gooey with the love in the display! While so many things that can go wrong in the world, love brings to the table something that always goes right and works out and it is beautiful! We are fortunate to be in a business that permits us to witness the charm of love, over and over again! While we have seen that familiar starry-eyed look in the lovers’ faces and those toothy smiles for many years now, it still manages to charm us every single time. Every two people in love who are getting married is a riveting love story of its own, and we are ecstatic to be able to capture them in perfect shots. Michelle and Justin’s Sacramento wedding is the stuff that dreams are made of, and here is a peek at their special day! 

Sacramento, the capital city of California, US, is situated in the convergence of the Sacramento River and the American River in Northern California's Sacramento Valley. The brilliant city of Sacramento is the sixth-largest city in California and is known for its current and contemporary culture. Just 93 miles northeast of San Francisco is where California's lovely capital city, Sacramento is situated and the city playfully referred to as the most ‘hipster city’ in California, Sacramento is also celebrated as ‘America's Most Diverse City’. Aptly representing the California climate, the city is various shades of pleasant to sunny throughout the entire year, which makes it a welcoming place for both the occupants as well as visitors. America's Farm-to-Fork Capital has several iconic museums, and Old Sacramento is full of historic buildings, cultural hubs, shopping spots, and more, a place that is perfect for some touristy sightseeing and relaxation. The perfect time to visit this charming city is generally between spring and fall, as it is then pleasant weather-wise and hosts some of its most pre-eminent events. The city is full of options when it comes to attractions, starting from California State Capitol Museum to Old Sacramento Waterfront DistrictCalifornia State Railroad Museum to Sutter's Fort State Historic Park to name just a few. Places like Fairytale Town and Midtown add to the rich Sacramento experience and make it a perfect place for a love story to unravel. The city also gets some wonderful mirrored skylines and sunsets making it a perfect backdrop for capturing a beautiful love story. Our Sacramento wedding photographers will be elated to capture the vibrant city in their perfect frames, as they did for our lovely couple’s special day

The lovely couple couldn't have chosen a more perfect set of venues than this for their special day. They said their vows in Grand Sierra Pointe and hosted their reception in Forest House Lodge, both lovely wedding venues. Michelle and Justin’s choice for their wedding ceremony was a truly magical one, and is certainly one of the most enchanting venues to say “I do” in! A go-to choice for forest weddings, Grand Sierra Pointe boasts century-old trees and stunning mountain views to make an appearance in your wedding vows. Intimate and enchanting with all the vibes of getting lost in the forest, with just the right amount of mountain cabin vibesGrand Sierra Point at Forest House Lodge wedding venue provides the perfect backdrop for a wedding that lingers on in the mind forever! Close to nature, full of lush refreshing backdrops, and the perfect amount of clean classy feels, this wedding venue is a winner and is sure to take your heart. An intimate destination that promises to provide a unique wedding experience, Forest House Lodge is perfect for any wedding theme and season, whether you’re planning a cozy and intimate or a grand glam wedding! Not only do they promise to provide a first-class experience to all their clients, but they also work with the best and most reputable wedding vendors, ensuring a couple gets access to only the finest of wedding products and services. Coming in with the best amenities in the whole of the Northern California region, Forest House Lodge will provide an unforgettable experience to the couple who loves the murmurs of nature and the serenity of the mountains. Michelle and Justin, like many others, fell hopelessly under the spell of Forest House Lodge, and we can clearly see why! We can't imagine any other wedding venue which would have done justice to this couple’s unique taste.

On the day of the wedding, the couple dressed up in their best attire and looked spiffy and perfect. Before our blushing bride, Michelle got ready, she and her gang of girls shared a precious moment relaxing in their silky kimonos- pink for the bridesmaids and white for the bride. They wore matching bracelets to mark this special day, and the moment was captured by our skilled and affordable Sacramento wedding photographers beautifully. Soon after, Michelle changed into her gorgeous wedding gown, a lovely A-line lace gown with strappy sleeves and a back which dipped low attractively. The intricate lacework on this dress makes it romantic and gorgeous, and the minimal cut and style made it timeless. Her lovely golden curls were done up in a romantic ponytail with a floral hair accessory and face-framing curls making an appearance to complete the hairstyle beautifully. Her makeup was fresh and glowy and her jewelry was minimal, and a cloud of translucent veil finished off the look with a flourish! The bridesmaids wore floor-length dresses in a rust color and they all held lovely bouquets with a range of yellow, orange, and white blooms to finish the look off beautifully. Justin looked sharp in a charcoal three-piece suit, crisp white shirt, and matching bow-tie and pocket square to complement the look. A sprig of flowers in the boutonniere and a pair of brown shoes accessorized his look perfectly. The groomsmen wore matching gray trousers, white shirts, and rust-colored bow-tie, and their preppy suspenders drove the look home perfectly. Together, the wedding party looked like a lovely bunch with the right harmony of colors and the perfect mix of warm and cold tones. 

After the couple got ready, they went for a lovely ceremony, with a perfect set-up with a hexagon altar that framed the mountains beautifully in the background. The aisle was framed by a wonderful floral archway which was the aesthetic galore of glass doors, greenery, flowers, and beautiful signage. While rose petals lined both sides of the aisle and it made quite the perfect setting for the vows of a lifetime. The couple read out their vows to each other, something that they wrote out specifically for this occasion in their personalized his and hers vow books, and the near and dear ones cheered them on as they exchanged rings and sealed the deal with a kiss. The beautiful greenery and the majestic mountains in the backdrop only enhanced the experience further!

After the ceremony was done, the couple took a moment with the wedding photographers in and around Sacramento to get some stunning couple portraits in. This was the moment that they finally got to themselves and they wanted to make the most of the daylight and get some great pictures in. The lush greenery in the backdrop along with the wide-open spaces allowed our wedding photographers in Sacramento to get some amazing captures! After the couple portraits and the wedding party group photography was successfully captured, the couple went in to join their guests at their wedding reception. The rustic reception area was dressed up with perfect blooms, fairy lights, and just the right touch of greenery and personality. We love the terrariums, the bright and airy table settings with the perfect touch of green and rust colors, along with a glimmer of gold, the perfect symphony woven in by the wedding flowers. The decor was perfect for the couple and was perfectly backed up by the wedding venue, making it a perfect marriage! From the aesthetics which has been tastefully executed to the personality which makes an appearance throughout the wedding day, this is a wedding that is appealing yet memorable, in the most delightful way!

When the wedding day finally arrives, it is perhaps the most significant day of your life. A day you probably planned meticulously for ages and created with the aid of several online pieces of research, articles, and Pinterest boards. When the day dawns, every couple experiences a surreal feeling having just experienced a dream that they have been laboriously working towards for months. While a wedding day is nothing short of a dream, sometimes when you start remembering the parts of the day, it is nothing but a huge blur of events. Is it happy and memorable? Of course! But can you remember every detail? Not quite! This is exactly why getting those precious moments captured in perfect photographs is so essential. The all-seeing recorder of a wedding day, the wedding photographer is a truly significant addition to your special day, seizing everything in perfect images for you and your partner to treasure eternally. From the time you get ready for the day to the time you leave under the boulevard of sparklers, from the decor in the welcome table to the details in the sweet table, nothing misses the eye of a truly experienced wedding photographer. Our professional Sacramento wedding photographers stepped into this important role perfectly and seized the most precise shots to tell this beautiful love story in a perfectly pictorial way. It is just like them to arrest the infinite moment of the day in the most cinematic and pleasant light and also help them conserve those moments to be cherished forever. If it's not for wedding photographers, it is bewildering how many moments will be lost forever! From the candid couple photography moments amidst the lush towering trees to the aerial view of the reception area captured beautifully, from the tiny terrarium in the table setting to the bridal face mask, every big and small moments and details were handled delicately and captured with grace with an expert hand. As a result, Michelle and Justin get to relive their beautiful Sacramento wedding to the most amazing details, great wedding memorabilia to treasure forever!

While every wedding is unique and special in its own right, like a shimmering star in the night sky, this beautiful Sacramento wedding is shining no less than the brightest star in the velvet sky. The wedding day of Michelle and Justin is the kind that love songs are sung about and poems are written on. Fitting our idea of a perfect wedding to the T, this Sacramento wedding is idyllic, yet memorable, and stands out from the crowd in the best kind of way. Every frame is classically appealing, packed with personality, and will age with grace, and will be excellent to look back on, even after decades roll by. We love the clean minimal lines, contemporary feel, mountain vibes, and the crisp natural and rustic vibes that the couple represent which makes this wedding unique to this lovely couple. We love the grace that the couple exhibited within themselves and how they made the wedding day seem like a mountain breeze, in more ways than one. This is surely the kind of couple who makes a wedding day feel like the tasteful classy day that it could possibly be. And as the guests leave after a night of merriment and dancing, they will have nothing but the best for this beautiful couple with stars twinkling in their eyes!


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