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Monochrome Wedding Bouquets For Making A Statement


Your wedding will happen only once in your lifetime, and it only makes sense for you to come up with ideas that will make you happy on your wedding day. We have written, in-depth, about the variety of wedding details and ideas, which is why it is no secret to us why your wedding is an important event, and why the details of your wedding need to be planned down to a T. Of all the wedding details that need to be planned, we feel that your wedding floral details need the most attention. Sure enough, other parts of your wedding are just as important as your wedding floral details, but this matters a little more. Simply put, the reason why we emphasize better “wedding floral details” is that they can make or break your wedding’s look. Above all, flowers give you an opportunity to add a lot of details and inject vibrancy into the wedding setting, be it your wedding reception or your wedding ceremony. There’s no denying that the perfect choice of wedding flowers and the right color scheme to go with it will change the look of your wedding. With that said, today, we will dive a little deeper into the variety of color choices, monochromatic in particular, and the kinds of flowers you can use for your wedding.  


What is a Monochrome Wedding Bouquet? 


We find all kinds of wedding bouquets absolutely stunning. And it goes without saying, floral details, the little elements, and the ferns add to the beauty of it all. That said, some specific bouquets are beautiful and even better to look at. Although we have nothing against regular kinds of bridal bouquets, we have a soft corner for monochrome wedding bouquets. If you’re wondering what it means, then the answer is exceptionally simple! A monochrome wedding bouquet is using a combination of similar colors to give the image of one color. For example, you can use cream, off-white, and pearl white flowers to create the illusion of a dramatic all-white bouquet. The same applies to all other colors. When you are thinking of using a single shade and creating a mesmerizing bouquet, then using different hues of the same color helps you create something exceptionally unique. What we love the most about these floral arrangements is that for a wedding, there are multiple ways to use them. For example, you can use one of the focal flowers from your wedding decor as an elemental piece or the centerpiece of your wedding bouquet, or you can also use the accent flowers for your bouquet and make something wonderful. The ideas are many and the ways to get this done are limitless. Before we get into the different ideas, let’s just mention the most notable factor about these monochrome wedding bouquets - and it is that these bouquets are dramatic. If you’re looking to add drama to your wedding and decor, then a monochrome wedding bouquet with monochromatic wedding details will work like a charm for you! 


How to Create a Monochromatic Wedding bouquet?


Like a monochrome wedding theme, a monochrome wedding bouquet will need to be of one color, and one color only. However, the accents can be of complementary colors. The reason why these wedding ideas are paired with complementary colors is simple, it is to keep the attention on the primary colors. Usually, lighter shades of the same color or similar colors will be used. For example, if you’re using midnight blue as the base color, then it is the primary color and the cornerstone of the theme. To amplify the look of the color, you will need accents, which will be of similar colors. Powder blue, blush blue, and light blue with tints of silver will work best. To make your monochrome wedding bouquet work best, what you will need is the color you want as your base. This will occupy most of your wedding bouquet. Then you will need a shade that is lighter than your base color, and a shade that is darker than your base color, at least. This will help you create a balanced look. However, if you want, you can also add some neutral colors. For example, some colors, like deep red, are too moody. These moody shades can make your wedding theme look a little darker than usual, which is also a good way. However, if your goal is to have bright and airy wedding photos, then you can add pops of colors. For example, pastel yellow, blush pink, and even white flowers will help you add an elemental core to your wedding bouquet making it brilliantly balanced. 


With wedding flowers, remember to keep the season in mind. Although most of the options we’ve mentioned below will work for any season, you may want seasonal flowers for your wedding. Furthermore, remember to check with your wedding floral vendor to know if they can supply what you want. If your vendor does not have the flowers we mention in the ideas in this blog, you can always swap them out for something similar. Keep an open mind when you look for flowers. Without much further ado, let’s dive in! 


The Perfect Monochrome Wedding Bouquets to Add Charms to your Wedding


  1. Black and White, with a Bow on Top!


The first idea that comes to mind for your monochrome wedding bouquet is using black and white hues for your bouquet! A great way to use this is to choose a lovely jet-black variety of flowers, and since you’re looking to pair it with some white flowers, you can simply have the same flowers! What we mean is, if you’re looking for black flowers and have the white ones picked out, you can choose to have the same white flowers in black. As for the arrangement, you can choose to have these flowers arranged in alternative ways! This will help you make the best of the arrangement. Another bouquet arrangement idea that we absolutely love, is to use white flowers with dark centers, like Anemones! This will help you add a pop of color to your all-white bouquet for your wedding. And to make it even better, you can use a broad black ribbon, satin, of course, to tie the bouquet with a bow! You can also use a big bow for the first idea that we mentioned! This kind of bouquet will look perfect with your black-and-white wedding theme! You can even use the ribbon to tie the bouquet in a round, pageant, and nosegay bouquet style


More Ideas for the Same Colors!


It won’t be an inspirational blog from us if we did not give another idea to tweak the idea, right? Well, black and white bouquets are classy and lovely, but there’s more that you can do with them! It goes without saying that we love black and white, but this color scheme is perfect for the off-season or an elegant wedding idea. However, you can add red to the mix and make it perfect, even more so than before! The reds can add pops of color to the bouquet, and can absolutely change the look of your bouquet. Apart from this, you can also tweak the idea by adding some greenery, and ferns to your wedding bouquet. You can use white and cream-colored flowers, add some beautiful greenery to them, and create a cascading bouquet for your wedding day! And if you’re not a big fan of red in your wedding bouquet, then simply swap out the “red” and add whatever color you may want! However, remember, make sure that you have the color scheme of your wedding in mind. 


  1. Something Pretty, Something Blue, With Some Color Pops


When we say, pops of color, we usually mean bright colors and lovely whites. However, in this case, since we are talking about something blue for your wedding, a great way to add a pop of color is to add some greenery. Now, there’s a reason why we prefer greenery over everything else, and to put it simply, is that it helps you neutralize the colors. Blue and other hues of blue will always be quite bright and because of this greenery is a great way to balance it out. We also suggest using some dried greenery as well, this will add some extra shades of prettiness! That said if you’re looking for the perfect blue blooms for your wedding bouquets, then you can use the lovely Muscari blooms, beautiful orchid blooms, or grand Monkshood as your primary or focal flowers for the bouquet. Apart from this, the additional flowers for your wedding bouquet can be the wonderful Bluebeard, the long-stemmed Salvia, or even the waterfall azure mist. For the elemental value, you can add Periwinkle, which can add some romantic touches to your wedding bouquet. That said, these are just ideas, you can use any flower for your wedding bouquet. What’s more, the ideas that we just mentioned, even though all of the flowers are blue, these flowers are different hues of blue. To add more touches to your bouquet, you can also use the charming Agapanthus or the remarkable Allium. As for how to create this bouquet for your wedding? We find that such bright colors look best in a cascading bouquet or even in a hand-tied clutch of flowers. The reason why we recommend these two types of bouquet styles is that these styles bring out the best of the colors. Additionally, both of these styles will be perfect for a wedding in any season! However, if you ask us, this wedding bouquet screams a summer wedding or a late winter wedding!


  1. Romantic Reds with Splashes of Green


The next idea for your wedding bouquets is quite simple and extremely moody. We’re thinking of something romantic and yet moody. While we were thinking of that, we came across an idea that just works for the deeper and darker wedding themes! For example, if you have a Halloween-themed wedding planner or you’re looking to throw your wedding around the Thanksgiving holiday, this bouquet will work for you. This bouquet will work best with both of these wedding ideas! All you need is to add deep red flowers and some burgundy flowers. Once you have that, you can simply add muted yellow flowers or balls of fluffy yellow flowers, or even paper balls to add some extra charms. You can use big flowers as your focal flowers, and then use the smaller flowers in burgundy or in deeper shades of red for your wedding details! As for yellow, these don’t have to be flowers per se, the yellow shade can be included through the use of ribbons or even props for the wedding bouquet! So, when we say red and romantic wedding bouquets, of course, roses come to mind. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Before we talk about other ideas for red wedding bouquets, let’s talk about roses! Creating a monochrome bouquet is quite easy with roses. You can add as many stems as you want, and pair them with some overflowing greenery with a cascading effect. And if you’re looking for a bouquet for a winter wedding, then simply add some hollies and brighter greenery for the effect. You can also add some pretty red carnations, rose tess, and red dianthus for a dramatic effect. 


Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about other monochrome red bouquets. So, one of the ideas that we love is to use succulents and tie them into a bouquet. You can pick out a succulent of your choice, we recommend using roseum, flaming Katy, the crown of thorns, and the beautiful Zwartkop. These succulents are red or have red tones, which is why they are a good option. Additionally, you can use these with the red flower options. Although you can choose any flowers you want, we find that red anthurium, red tulips, and red protea pincushion are our favorites! These floral options can be your focal flowers, and you can use some of these in your wedding floral decor or choose them to be your wedding’s centerpieces. To make the red bouquets perfect, you can choose other options to add more colors and different red hues. If you’re looking for some bouquet inspiration, then here are some red flowers that you can use, red ginger, red astilbe, red yarrow, red scabiosa, and red dianthus are our favorite filler and accent additions to your wedding bouquets! These have the right hues to create monochromatic effects. 


  1. Blush Pink with a Hint of Silver 


Another romantic wedding bouquet is made possible with pink and pinkish hues. We love pink because it helps you to create a lovely mix, and it goes with the softer wedding color schemes. For a monochrome pink bouquet, we love the all-pink idea the best. You can use pink blooms, big or small that are completely your choice. And you can sprinkle some glitter on top of it. However, an all-pink bouquet may not be for everyone. So, if you find yourself feeling that this is not for you, then worry not, we have some more ideas. We like pink blooms with some whites, as in you can choose ferns and fillers that have some white in them. Or you can use some greenery. The reason why we have a strong inclination towards greenery when it comes to monochrome bouquets is simple: greenery does not take away from the color, instead, it amplifies the look. Another way to amplify your pink monochrome bouquet is to use some red in it. You can use a couple of red flowers, big blooms. However, remember to keep the number of these blooms on the lower end, this will help you improve the look of the pink bouquet! You can use pink fillers as well to make the bouquet fuller and prettier. Pink Astilbe, Pink Cymbidium Orchid, and Pink Snapdragon are our favorites. What’s more, if you’re looking for a wedding bouquet sans the dramatic touches, then how about creating a bouquet only out of fillers? For example, hand-tied pink astilbe is a perfect wedding bouquet alternative! That said, you can use elements, such as feathers, pearl charms, and string pearls to add more charms to your wedding bouquet. This will help you improve the overall look of the bouquet. However, before we jump into the other colors you can use as a monochrome bouquet, let’s get something out of the way. You can use any other color, instead of red with pink, as long as it goes well with your wedding scheme. 


  1. Wonderfully Yellow with a Hint of White! 


We love this bouquet idea, simply because it is epically beautiful, fresh, and bright. Apart from this, the yellow wedding bouquet helps you add a dash of color to your bouquet. That said, you can use a monochrome yellow wedding bouquet for any season and for any wedding idea. Apart from the reasons we’ve already mentioned, there is yet another reason why we love this bouquet. If you swap the bright yellow flowers for lighter yellow flowers to make it work with the season and your wedding theme. We suggest using Yellow Ranunculus, which is available in all seasons. This flower can be the centerpiece or all of your wedding bouquet. That said, you can use a gold ribbon to tie the flower stems together to have your bouquet. Other than this, you can also use soft pink flowers, deep red flowers, or even white to change the tonality of the wedding bouquet. We want to emphasize the use of colors, and the number of flowers, again. Simply because, the color can change the tone of your wedding bouquet, and the number of differently colored flowers can change the style of your bouquet. For a yellow monochrome wedding bouquet, make sure that the use of other colors should be minimal, for example, if you have an eighteen-stem bouquet, using two to three white or any other color will suffice. Anything more than this will take away the monochrome factor. 


A Brilliant Twist for an Even More Brilliant Bouquet


The yellow can also turn into gold if you use some elemental additions. One of the ideas that we absolutely love is to use spray paint! If your wedding is centered around a gold wedding theme, and you’re looking for more ways to incorporate gold into your wedding bouquet, then using gold leaves is the best way! As we had suggested, greenery helps you balance out your bouquet, especially the monochrome ones. In the same vein, instead of using greenery as greenery, you can paint it over! You can use gold spray paint over the leaves, which will help you incorporate the color. If you have some gold filler options, as you’d add to floral arrangements in your home, then this can be used in your wedding bouquet! Additionally, use pale yellow flowers with your bright flowers. 


  1. Perfectly Lilac


We love lilac, and we feel that it works well for all seasons! The freshness of the color adds freshness to your wedding and can be used with any wedding theme, especially if you choose the neutral one. Although you can have a regular lilac wedding bouquet with pops of white, greenery, and purple flowers, nothing beats a completely lilac wedding bouquet! And we have just the idea for your monochrome wedding bouquet! The very first idea that we have for you is to use two colors, lilac, and purple! For example, using Butterfly Bush with Verbena will be perfect. The reason why we mention this is to help you understand how this color combination works. Unlike the other options in our blog, the lilac and purple flowers’ ratio in the bouquet can be higher, instead of being on the lower side. So, to make it easier for you, we suggest using similar ratios for the two colors, as you can see butterfly bush is more of a filler-type flower, and is lighter in color compared to verbena. So, the percentage of the flowers for your wedding bouquet with these two colors could be as simple as 80% butterfly bush and the remaining 20% can be that of verbena, or any other bright purple flower! If you’re not looking to complicate the choices, you can always use Gloxinia, which is a soft purple and will pass as lilac if you use the right fillers. Butterfly bush, hellebore, sweet pea, and purple hibiscus will work like a charm for you. Apart from this, we also feel that you can use these flowers that we just mentioned as your wedding bouquet. You can use all of these flowers to create a grand arrangement of flowers. Regardless of the season, this color gives you the perfect fresh wedding bouquet. 


More Monochromatic Bouquet Ideas 


Our list of ideas hasn’t come to an end just yet! We have some more ideas up our sleeve. The thing with the ideas above is that we did not want to add confusion with colors and choices. Now that we have covered the idea behind monochromatic wedding bouquets, let’s dive a little deeper into some variations that can work for you. Although these ideas are far from a simple copy-and-paste kind of idea, these can be used as if the wedding color combinations you’ve chosen work for you. What’s more, we’re hoping that our ideas will spark some creativity and help you create a bouquet that works just for you, or you never know you may love the wedding bouquets so much that you may use the color as your wedding color scheme! Anyway, one of the ideas that we did not mention was all-white with charms of silver! Since we love monochrome wedding bouquets, we love the idea of adding silver to the bouquet. You can use white flowers, bigger blooms, and add some silver elements. You can also add some silver glitter sticks, which will add to the beauty of the bouquet. Apart from this, to complete the look, you can have some lovely white feathers. Lastly, you can also use some brown elements, dried leaves, or even twigs to make it look perfect. With white flowers, we feel that bigger blooms will look wonderful. Another idea that we did not mention was using a plant instead of a bouquet. We have well-established our love for greenery, so why not let you in on another idea that we are secretly loving? Using plants as bouquets are trending, and you can be one of the trendy brides if you use a big succulent. You can add more greenery to it. Apart from that if you’re looking to use only a greenery wedding bouquet, you can also carry some greenery only. If you’re throwing a wedding on the beach or have a beach theme planned for your waterfront wedding, you can use palm leaves as well. This will help you create the same vibe. 



We hope that the ideas above help you to find the perfect monochrome bridal bouquet and monochrome wedding floral detail ideas. Although our primary goal here is to list out some monochrome bridal bouquets for you, we know we mentioned some accent ideas and details as well. The reason behind that is simple. We want to help you create a wedding that looks the way you envisioned your wedding. If you’re interested in monochrome wedding bouquets, then there’s a chance that you will absolutely love the monochrome wedding accents you have as well. That being said, we just threw that in the mix just for you to read and know that there are more ways of introducing monochrome wedding flowers and ideas into your wedding. We hope that these ideas help you to figure out what you want. Also, if your wedding decor planning does not leave room for monochrome bouquets, you can probably add some of these ideas to your wedding tablescape or reception decor! That aside, remember when you’re thinking of flowers and wedding bouquets, you will need to consider the season and the seasonal flowers. A tip is to choose popular seasonal flowers as your focal flowers if your goal is to reduce the overall cost of everything. That aside, if your wedding budget allows, you can choose to order flowers from any season, if your vendor has them available, to create the perfect wedding bouquet and floral decor for your wedding in the colors you want.


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