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How to Ditch the wedding cake for cookies


Wedding desserts have come a long way in recent years. What used to be a station for a classic cake has evolved into displays with a variety of sweets and delicacies from which guests can choose. Macarons, doughnuts, and cupcakes are examples of these add-ons; in some cases, these sweets can even take the place of a cake. Cookies, on the other hand, are a classic bite-sized treat that may be easily personalized for your big day.


Cookies aren't exactly a new concept, but that doesn't mean they should be disregarded. Cookies come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors, allowing them to be customized to fit any party theme, while also satisfying hungry wedding guests! Are you trying to figure out how to incorporate these goodies into your dessert table? Use complementary frosting to incorporate your color palette, or ask your baker to construct state-shaped bites that pay homage to your event's locale. Add your wedding date or a custom monogram to these mini-confections for a very sentimental touch.


Looking for wedding cookie ideas? For ideas that feel coherent, look at your event's paper goods. Some celebration's suite features his-and-hers cookies too. Although there's nothing wrong with offering plain milk and cookies, there are plenty of new and exciting ways to encourage your guests to partake in delectable food on your wedding day. If you're stuck for inspiration, let us go through some sweet cookie ideas to consider for your wedding reception. Be prepared to be surprised!


Heart-shaped: Sometimes things don't have to be complicated. All you need to do is go the simple route, and things will look amazing! Our first idea for the wedding cookies is quite an obvious pick but is a crowd-pleaser nonetheless. Dainty heart-shaped cookies iced delicately and etched with the old-school initial carvings joined by a plus sign are something that is endlessly romantic. While this can easily be the main event, you can also add a giant ring-shaped engagement ring cookie to go as the centerpiece. 


Silhouette cookies: Are you unsure which cookies to serve? What about cookies in the shape of you and your sweetheart? We've seen a lot of unique wedding cookie designs, but these silhouette variations are the best. Custom cookie cutters created in your and your fiance's likenesses may be purchased, and when cooked and decorated, these sweet treats will make the perfect his and hers cookies for your guests to enjoy!


Cookie placards: How about a wedding cookie that serves as a place card as well? Make a personalized macron for each attendee as a delightful pre-dinner treat. This will not only serve the functional goal of identifying the places like a traditional place card would, but it will also look lovely on the wedding reception table, complete with swirly calligraphy and a glass dome to tastefully cover it!


Fortune cookies: Allow your wedding biscuits to act as a fortune-teller to bring you good fortune. Passing over frosted fortune cookies on your wedding day will bring everyone good luck. These take-out classics, complete with personalized greetings from the newlyweds, are sure to turn cookie-eating into an adventure in and of itself. Also, frost them in the colors of your wedding so that everything is perfectly synchronized.


Cookie stack: Serve your favorite type of cookies and stack them in a wedding cake-inspired tower for a unique touch. You may stack it to make it look like a cake, or go the sentimental route and serve it with warm milk to relive childhood memories! Traditional tastes like chocolate chip and snickerdoodles are excellent for a more rustic wedding. This dessert is very fitting for a cozy winter wedding.


Macaron tower: What's light and fluffy, gorgeous to look at, and gorgeously French than a macaron tower? Keep an eye out for a macron display if you enjoy the iconic French pastry. Displaying these delectable discs can be tricky, but not impossible. On a handmade pedestal, the yummy bites can be flipped on edge and stacked in a distinctive ombré pattern to create a coherent, stunning display. They're not only a great match for your wedding colors, but they're also simple to make and taste excellent! This will make your simple cookies-as-dessert feat instantly elegant.


Handpainted: There is something so vintage and artistic about hand-painted cookies, that they almost look too good to eat! You can go for intricate greenery patterns, charming floral prints, and even something scenic which works well with your wedding day’s theme. You can also go for simple initials painted on your cookies too, as they will not only go beautifully with a traditional or elegant wedding theme, they will be quite easy to pull off too!


Ode to your pet: So you have pets in your house who won't be able to attend your wedding? If your pet friend is unable to attend your special day, provide animal-shaped goodies in their honor. This is a fantastic approach to keep kids involved in your special day while also brightening up your beautiful table. While there are a variety of clever and imaginative ways to engage your dog on your big day, placing cookies on your sweet table is the simplest way to do it.


Scrabble cookies: Hosting a camping or a cozy winter wedding? Scrabble cookies are ideal for a romantic evening with your wedding guests! Cookies are usually tasty, but you can make them amusing as well. Consider using scrabble as a source of inspiration. This not only allows your sweet table to say sweet things, but it may also be a cute gesture that makes for a memorable cookie idea!


Cookie wall: We've seen our fair share of donut walls, so how about a cookie wall? You can be creative not just with the types of cookies you serve, but also with how you present them. Several different types of cookies arranged tastefully on shelves will not only be surprising and eye-catching but will also entice guests to grab and snack. Another great thing about a cookie wall? It makes for amazing wedding decor too on top of being delicious!


Mismatched: Guests will appreciate a variety of cookie flavors, but they will be even more delighted by goodies covered with varied designs, especially if they end out as colorful as this spread. Despite the fact that no two sweets will be the same, they were all connected by a similar thread, whether it is pressed floral trimmings or handpainted. This way every guest will be able to partake in something unique and one-of-a-kind as a result of this.


Terracotta cookies: Hosting a boho dessert-themed nuptial? Or something neutral and quite minimal?  For any desert-themed gathering, terra-cotta is a must-have. So, if you're searching for a method to include it into your dessert menu, simple hexagonal terracotta biscuits fashioned to appear like tile will be the talk of the town, and rightfully so! These will not only be quite on-theme, but they will also be quite a no-brainer to put together!


State-shaped cookies: A state-shaped cookie is a delicious way to represent the location of your wedding. Whether you're from Ohio, Texas, or sunny California, your sweet table may proudly display your state pride. If the bride and groom are from different states, this might be a particularly beautiful concept. This will effectively bring the two families from different states together while also allowing for some friendly competition between the states!


Printed: Arranging that the graphics be printed rather than piped onto these small confections creates a real one-of-a-kind creation. You can choose a print that complements the overall concept of your weddings, such as green floral photographs or Victorian floral designs, a digital swirly print, or a playful neutral print. You can also go for the corny way and have a photo of you and your sweetheart printed on the cookies!


Cookies as wedding favors: We have been seeing this one for a while, but it never gets old. There is something so wholesome about sending your guests the sweet promise of cookies in the future. Hand out recipe cards along with individually packaged ingredients for guests to take home and bake whenever they get a cookie craving. This can be a family recipe or a more customized approach, but when your guests will be stirring up the ingredients, dunking their warm cookie into a glass of milk, they will be thinking of you!


Tea party cookies: What can say cookies better than a tea-party wedding theme? Nothing, really! We think the Alice in the Wonderland cookie theme is perfect for a wedding based around that fictional world. It will not only add a bit of whimsy to your garden wedding, but it will also add an enchanting vibe to the sweet table. Whether it is cookies painted with top hats, cats, or Alice, there is no way you can go wrong with this idea.


Monogrammed cookies: Your unique monogram isn't just for your wedding stationery. Having your official wedding monogram design on your wedding cookies will not only add a symphony to the celebration's goodies but will also give the sweet table a subtle elegance and uniformity. You can go with a basic monogram that goes with everything from the paper items to the decor!


One for the ride: While cookies work phenomenally as the actual wedding dessert, it also is spectacular as the snack for the way home. Your guests will love hand-outs of individually packed cookie packets for the long ride home. I mean, is there really a snack like a cookie, especially when you are on a long car ride after a night of partying? We think not!  It will surely make your guests feel warm and fuzzy, and will be quite a thoughtful touch!


Rustic cookie bar: rustic wedding cookie bar with a burlap banner, wood stumps with plates of cookies, and candles is a beautiful concept. Crowd favorites like choco-chip cookies, gingerbread, snickerdoodles, and simple sugar cookies can be included. The nostalgic flavor options, as well as the classic favorites, will ensure that this comfortable rustic cookie bar is a hit with the guests.


Around the world: There's nothing wrong with choosing a classic cookie-like chocolate chip, sugar, or snickerdoodle. However, while they are all-time favorites among children, they may not have the same emotional resonance. Couples want to connect with their guests on a more personal level, and sharing a piece of their past through traditional cookies is a lovely way to do so. Incorporating different types of wedding cookies from across the world can be a wonderful way to commemorate who you and your spouse are while also introducing your guests to a new treat. There are various alternatives, from Italian biscotti to Danish KrumkakePolish Kolaczkis to French Madeleines.


The cookies which tell your story: Here's an out-of-the-box approach to include your "how we met" tale in your party. Of course, with cookies! Cookies with the Tinder logo or words like "Like" or "swipe right" can be a nice touch if you and your partner met on a dating app. If you met in a coffee shop, including the coffee business's emblem in your sweet table story can be a nice touch. To make the love story more evident, print it out on a piece of paper as a reference so that your guests understand why the cookies are there!


When it comes to wedding desserts, nothing beats a classic wedding cake. But what if you want to serve a dessert that isn't traditional? Including wedding cookies in the mix could be the ideal solution. Cookies are a terrific addition to a wedding since they may be as simple and timeless as a chocolate chip cookie or as complex and personalized as handmade sugar cookies. Furthermore, the selections are practically unlimited, providing a great, wide diversity for a wide range of preferences. When you choose to include cookies in your wedding, you will be able to display a range of delicacies. There's also the option of serving traditional cookies that pay homage to you and your partner. It's only a matter of finding the right cookie.


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