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Prop Ideas to Enhance Your Fall Engagement Session


“Autumn dresses in gold, the richest season of the soul”, and we agree! With the falling of the leaves, and the crisp mornings and cozy feels, fall arrives like a mood of its own, and with an optical preset to match! Every year we forget how magical this season can be, and every year, we are reminded of the enchantments it holds. Instantly we become smitten by it, like earnest lovers! There is something magical about the first few days of autumnal magic, which takes one on a wild and dreamy journey of nippy mornings and evenings, a newfound appreciation for a hot cup of cocoa or cider, the spectacular kaleidoscopic masterpiece that nature paints for us, and the anticipation of the holiday season to follow! Despite the atmospheric and immersive experience that autumn brings, it also brings love, in all its cozy and dreamy glory! Lovers in fall are like kids in a candy shop, soaking in the magic with a ravenous excitement, with the setting of fall making them feel like the entire planet is reflecting how they feel inside. Fall is mellow, cozy, and special, and there is no doubt that lovers feel the beauty and potency of love more than anyone else! It is no surprise that fall witnesses the most proposals. Fall engagements are definitely a thing, and we have surveys to back it up that fall until winter sees more proposals than any other season, and rightly so! If you and your partner have recently been engaged, congrats, and we assure you there is no better season to enjoy this beautiful season of your life in. However, with your recent engagement and the spread of nature that fall brings, a fall engagement session is definitely something that needs to be considered


The case for a fall engagement session

Well, firstly, look around! The changing leaves sporting different colors from sepia-tinted yellows to bright to fiery reds, setting the world ablaze with its spark! The silent lakes and the quiet tree-lined roads look like they are sitting pretty to inspire artists. There are so many sights and sounds to take in, and while you can do it all with your lover in tow, without a camera around, having this fall magic captured in the camera lenses forever means you get to look back at it all when you are old and rocking in your porches, looking back a life well spent! A fall engagement session is not only a nod of affirmation to a couple who is full of excitement and zeal, and can't wait to get their happily-ever-after started right away, but it also captures the spirit of the season in the most magical ways. It brings the season alive, and with the right backdrop, carefully chosen colors, and fun fall props, a fall engagement session can be just magical and make your love story look like a montage in a hallmark holiday movie. Now, isn't that the dream? 


Props for a fall engagement photo session!

While the blazing trees in the backdrop will say “fall” in every capture, there are some props that a couple can use in their fall engagement session which communicates the fall vibes perfectly. Think of anything that speaks of cozy fall days and all the magic that it holds. Let us go through some of the fall props you can add to the scene to level up your photoshoot!

No surprises there! Fall and pumpkin go together like birthdays and balloons, and fall wouldn't be fall enough if it wasn't for the orange gourd that everyone is obsessed with! It brings in just the perfect mix of cozy fall rustic feels with Halloween foreshadow, making every scene just perfect. Consider sprinkling a few pumpkins in your fall engagement photo session, whether it is by shooting in an actual pumpkin patch or by sprinkling a few pumpkins in the shoot as a prop. You can either scatter them around or carve them to read a message. The possibilities are endless.

Apple orchards
Just like pumpkins, another produce that shouts “fall” is apples! Maybe it is the age-old tradition of going apple picking as the days become cooler, or maybe it is just the way the colors and the aesthetics look perfectly fall-like, but there is something about a couple posing between the narrow lanes of apple trees that is just beautiful and heart-warming! Pose against the apple trees, pick apples together and gather them in a cute wicker basket, and all of this can be captured by your fall engagement photographer. And with a setting like such, there is no doubt that your fall engagement photographs will come out looking spectacular!

Picnic blankets

If you are going for a cute and cozy fall photo session, a cozy picnic blanket is a must! Whether it is to spread out for you and your partner to sit on and enjoy a cutesy picnic in the fields, or whether it is for you both to cuddle together on the park bench as you wrap yourself up in it, a picnic blanket is the perfect prop for all the fall feels! You can go for a plaid one for a rustic and cozy feeling, or you can go for a neutral wooden one, and the result will be equally alluring either way!

Fallen leaves

This one is clearly one of the most important fall photoshoot props, as nothing says fall like a fallen leaf. You will find many couples go this route, and still, it never quite gets old! Jump in a pile of fallen leaves, sit pretty in a park with the ground covered in amber-hued fallen leaves, or choose to show off your ring by placing them on a perfect leaf! Throw fall leaves like confetti and watch them swirl around you as the photographer captures that magical in-between moment. You can also announce your wedding date on the leaves or use it as signage to say something else. You will never run out of leaves nor inspiration when it comes to fallen leaves!


It is no surprise that some colors and prints bring a certain vibe to our vibe, and plaid certainly says fall and winter in all its beautiful glory. Go for colors that are more along the lines of fallen leaves and invite autumnal vibes, like yellow, orange, brown, maroon, or go for muted neutrals, and no matter what is the combination, it will end up looking cozy and perfect for a fall photo shoot! You can incorporate the print in your outfit, like a flannel shirt or scarves, or have it be in the backdrop as a picnic blanket, and congrats, you have aced the fall shoot perfectly!

Something warm

Do you know what else expresses the cozy fall vibes in addition to pumpkins and apples and plaid? Piping hot beverages which will warm the soul and fill the heart with joy! Whether your drink of choice is hot cocoa with marshmallows, or cinnamon coffee, or a cup of hot cider, it all works with the vibe we have here! Whether it is you and your partner snuggled up in a cozy coffee house, or you have made a picnic date out of it and brought in some soul-lifting warm beverage in a thermos flask, we promise that you will end up with some amazing pictures to tell the tale!

Cuddle buddies

We know! A furry friend in the engagement shoot is always welcome, no matter what the season is! But when fall rolls in, having your cuddle buddy in your perfect frames has a different coziness of its own! So bring your dog or your cat in for the fall engagement shoot, and let your engagement photographer capture the cuteness in picture-perfect frames! Accessorize them with fall-appropriate touches and have them hold on to a sign, or just let them add warmth and coziness to the setting, and the result will be priceless! 

Camp vibes
Camping is a bag full of fun, and when it is in fall, the fun quadruples! Introduce camp elements to your fall engagement session, and you are in for a surprise! Think campfires, a tent for two, roasting marshmallows and sweet hot chocolate, and some twinkle lights to set the vibe. The warm and enticing smell of burning wool, with an occasional crackle piercing through the air, the crisp air, and the fun activity of roasting marshmallows. Is there a picture that gets closer to being more “fall” than this? We thought not! This is the perfect choice for an outdoorsy couple


If you are at a place that experiences a cooler fall day, embrace the coziness by bringing in some light woolens in the picture! A cozy cardigan, plaid scarves, chunky beanies, or socks with a message. Whatever is your choice, your engagement photographer will embrace it all, as it adds a warm and cozy feeling to the setting! If chunky knits are not what your city allows, go for thin layers or colors which are more fall-like, which will work wonders and trick the eye! You can add cool accessories like a fun hat and cool ankle boots!


While a Halloween engagement session fits the fall vibe perfectly, it is admittedly not the first thing that crops in our minds when we think “wedding engagement”, but there is no reason we shouldn't! Invite some spooky feels with a Halloween engagement photo session, and have fun with it! Go enchanting and woodland paradise with a gooing in the woods feeling in your engagement pictures, or go gothic with dark outfits, carved pumpkins, spooky candles, bats, and cobwebs! There is something magical about merging a special day with a festival, as you will forever associate that festival with your engagement session! 

Seasonal flower fields

Bring out your inner cottage core running-through-the-fields dramatic moment with this! Find a seasonal flower field nearby which will be perfect for you and your love to get lost in the autumnal blooms. Take your pick from stunning sunflowers, charming cosmos, and sultry chrysanthemums and pose against the magical backdrop a field of blooming autumn flowers provide. You can also go the wildflower route for a natural and effortlessly bohemian feel. Flowers are nature’s decor, so embrace the blooms!


While the beach or a lake or a soothing waterfall can be equally alluring in the hot summer months as it is pristine and refreshing, there is a mysterious and magical aura that takes over the water bodies in the colder months which can be magical to capture alongside your love story! We love a good waterfall moment, a stunning lake with the changing leaves of the trees in the bank reflected to create a memorable picture, or the way the cold and dark beaches look so moody and beautiful in the colder months! We love the idea of a boat carrying the lovers and the fallen leaves floating in the water, all captured with a skilled hand to exude a fall-inspired moody look which we all love. So if you have a water body nearby, don't shy away from exploring the same!

Is it absolutely necessary to have these props in your fall engagement photo session? Absolutely not! In most cases, nature does more than half of the job here, and all you and your partner have to do is show up and have your engagement photographer capture what unfolds! But it can't be denied that these careful touches and the addition of certain props can take your fall engagement photo session to the love-story-set-in-fall level, and we are all for it! A sprinkling of plaid and a dusting of fallen leaves captured in just the right kind of golden hour vibe which adds a romantic sepia tone to your engagement photos is something that you can hold close to your heart forever! So go the extra mile, get those pumpkins, and pour that hot cider. Nature is putting on a show for you, you can surely handle this! And the result? A series of haunting and heartwarming, magical postcard-like pictures which will forever display the starry-eyed awe, a rosy flush of love, and the tell-tale newly-engaged excitement of two people in love! Trust us, it is well worth the effort! Make memories so fun and pretty that, 20 years from now, you’ll say with longing and light in your eyes, ‘Remember that fall afternoon when we said yes to love?’


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