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Fun Seasonal Activities to Get Your Wedding Party Started This Winter


Winter weddings are amazing and especially beautiful. However, the chilly weather outside is not exactly something that everyone accepts and welcomes. Although most of us love a cold, snowy day, not many of us will say we’d like to spend time outdoors in the winter mood. So, why don’t we do something about it at your wedding? It is true that watching the snowfall through a window and sitting in a warm and lit room is an unbeatable way to enjoy winter, but we have slightly different ideas! In our humble opinion, weddings are a great way to bond, interact and create memories. We don’t think there’s a better way to throw a memorable wedding than helping your wedding guests enjoy the winter better. Apart from adding warm drinks to your wedding drinks menu, we think it’d be fun to add some seasonal activities to your wedding party, be it at the cocktail hour or at the reception party, to maximize the fun and happiness of two lovebirds tying the knot together and starting a new chapter! 


A Must-Have: Outdoor Fire Pits 


Before we jump into the ideas that make for fun activities, let’s talk about the absolute must-have at a wedding party! Fire pits are the first thing you need to set up outside your wedding venue! See, if you’re planning on adding some fun activities to your wedding party, fire pits should be a must. What you need to understand is that your wedding guests will not want to spend time outdoors if you do not have enough heating for them. One of the best ways to ensure your wedding guests’ well-being and help them have as much fun at your wedding as you imagine, then add some fire pits. You can also leave some fire pits unlit to light them up for the children later. Since children find everything curiously entertaining, leaving some fire pits unlit and lighting them when the kids come out will add a fantastic touch to the wedding. 


You can look for a wedding venue with outdoor fire pits. Or you can set up an outdoor lounge for your wedding with fire pits! What’s more, you can have retro-barn-style sitting places for your guests to enjoy the outdoor setting! To make the area more fun for the guests, you can have the entire outdoor lounge decorated with string lights. A great way to do so is to add some rustic lanterns, big and small and along with that create a faux tent! 


  1. Something Sweet, Something Delicious


One of the best ways to add a dazzling winter touch to your wedding is to add a wonderful dessert table! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love sweet treats? We’re all guilty of diving into some sweet snacks every once in a while, which is why a desert snack table outdoors around the lounge is a perfect idea! You can have an entire table filled with delicious, lip-smacking dessert options. You can even add some smores to the table. What’s more, you can have a spread of crackers, chocolates, and marshmallows so that your guests can have some fun with DIY smores! To make the wedding dessert table perfect, you can even add some interesting hot chocolate drinks for the children and bourbon for your older guests. As we discussed earlier, the fire pit lounge at your wedding will draw people outdoors to enjoy the weather, and the dessert table and the drinks will help you add to their experience. 


Side note: If you want to enjoy the pleasant winter weather with your wedding guests, you can set up a sweetheart table outside made of logs, decorated with hollies and greenery, and topped off with some string lights! 


  1. Paper Lanterns Not Only Add Beauty But Also Make For a Fun Activity!


If you’re throwing a winter wedding party, and are looking for some rustic wedding decor ideas, then we have just the thing for you! The best part about this idea is that it doubles down as a great outdoor activity! Remember, this idea works best for an evening or late-evening wedding party. One of the best ways to have fun at a winter wedding is to ensure that you have some amazing lanterns for your wedding. This lantern wedding decor helps you add charms to your wedding and gives your winter wedding a magical glow. What we love about lanterns is that they envelop the entire venue with an amazing glow! 


Apart from the wedding decor, you can have some paper lanterns for your wedding. You can use the paper lanterns as decor with the string lights. However, to add charm, you can also set up a small station around the fire pits for DIY paper lanterns at your wedding. This small station can be decorated with big light bulbs to draw the attention of your wedding guests, or you can simply add some amazing running lights along the station’s table with chalkboard signage. This station will not be for your guests to create the lanterns per se, it will be to help them design the lanterns. Make sure that you have the floating lanterns for the station so that when your guests finish designing and decorating the lanterns, they can release them into the air. There are two options for the release, one is to release the beautiful lanterns out in the open. The other one is to release these lanterns in an enclosed space so that your guests can appreciate and admire each other’s handiwork! 


  1. Giant Connect Four 


One of the best ways to have your guests go out and have some fun is to help them find games that they’re interested in or are familiar with. Connect Four is a classic game, and we’re sure everyone has played it at least once in their lives. However, even if some of your wedding guests at the party haven’t played the game before, it is fairly easy to learn. You can have a giant outdoor Connect Four board. You can have cute cards, instead of wooden blocks for your guests to enjoy! What’s more, you can add pretty signage in the middle of the blocks, this could include gold lettering of your wedding date, or could include the initials of your and your partner’s name. What’s more, you can also add a giant bow to your giant Connect Four games, to make it look appealing. If you’re setting up a giant connect four game board for your wedding, remember to add a detailed guide on how to play the game for those who haven’t played the game before. Also, consider printing it out on the same paper as your wedding invitation stationery, this will help you maintain synchronization in your wedding details. To add some more details to your giant connect four, you should consider using the wedding theme colors for the connect four pieces and the board. This will make the game look right at home with your wedding ideas.


  1. High Striker 


High striker is a fun and interactive way to have your wedding guests come together and enjoy themselves. One of the things that we love about this is that this game will bring everyone together, and will help them cheer on. High striker is the kind of game where a person will have to hit a spot with a hammer with all of their strength, and the puck or the ball goes up. This game will bring your guests closer through fun and lighthearted competitiveness. What’s more, you can have some game gifts for the wedding guests as well. For example, there’s a chance that you have three or four winners for a high striker, and two for Connect Four, you can give them gifts, which are not like wedding favors, to appreciate their hard work. Another way to add more fun to the games is to have the winners compete against each other. This will help your guests to take sides and cheer. You could have a great fun-filled audience right at your wedding! For decor, you can use the wedding colors for the mallet or the hammer! Another way to add your wedding colors is by adding a bow to the hammer or mallet. To add an interesting touch to the high striker, you can have carnival-theme wedding signage to let your guests know about the fun game you have planned for them. 


  1. Tic-Tac-Toe


Tic-tac-toe is one such activity or game that is well-loved and needs no instructions! One of the best ways to enjoy an outdoor gathering at a wedding is to add a game loved by everyone. This activity will have the kids running to the game along with the adults. You can set up two different types, one specifically for adults and the other one just for children. This will help you segregate the crowds and also ensure that everyone has something to look forward to. You can also create a space on the ground, outside, near the outdoor lounge, for your wedding guests to play tic-tac-toe. A great way to add to your guests’ experience is to add some wedding snacks or appetizers to the space. Also, to add more warmth and comfort to your winter wedding you can hand out some portable hand-warmers. What’s more, these hand warmers can double down as pretty wedding favors!


  1. A Board Game Stack

Let’s discuss something practical, for a minute. There’s a chance that you’d want to incorporate some activities into your wedding’s outdoor area, but don’t know what would be a good option, then we have just the answer for you! Instead of coming up with a list of wedding activities for fun and games that you’re confused about, you can have an entire station dedicated to some of the most popular games! You can have decks of cards and some board games. The thing about this idea is that adults and children alike can have fun. It will bring your guests closer and allow them to have some fun with different games. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about your guests not enjoying the games you have. Another way to add interactive wedding activities to your big day’s celebration is to have some of the standalone options we’ve listed above, along with a table full of fun games and card decks! 


More Options: Some Out-of-the-Box Ideas for your Winter Wedding 


While most of the options we’ve listed above are great options for your wedding, let’s talk about something fun, and something different. Instead of just looking at a bunch of games and other options, how about adding something most weddings do not have? The reason why we want to bring these options to you is to help you create a memorable experience for yourself and your wedding guests! Here are some amazing ways to have something spooky, something interesting, and something fun for your wedding guests at your reception party


  1. A Tarot Reader 


We’d be lying if we said we’re not even a tiny bit curious about our future and what it holds. And because of it, we know most of us to have a deep desire to know about our future and the opportunities that come with it. If you’re looking for a more laid-back option for your wedding activities, why don’t we just have a tarot card reader at your wedding? A great way to add this idea to your wedding is to ensure that your wedding reception party has a spot, anywhere in the room, where you can have the tarot card reader sit and do some fun readings for the guests. Before you ask a tarot reader to do some readings, make sure that you have a conversation with them and let them know that the intention is to do something fun at your wedding. Make sure that you and the tarot reader are on the same page.


  1. Magic Show for a Magical Winter Wedding 


If you’re not sold on the idea of some games and fun things, and a tarot reader does not work for you, how about adding some carnivalesque ideas to your wedding? Whether you throw a carnival theme wedding or not, magic shows and clowns on stilts are great ways to add some amazing touches to your wedding. A magic show or a clown who can perform magic tricks will have your wedding guests in awe. What’s more, the kids at your wedding will find something interesting to watch and have a blast. What’s more, you can plan to have two or more clowns at your wedding. One of them can perform magic tricks, others can create caricatures out of balloons and hand them out. Won’t it be fun? And if you’re worried about their attire, you can let them know of your wedding color palette and have the clowns dress up in similar colors! 


Magic with a Magical Twist: Have Elves, Fairing, and Fauns at your Wedding


Another way to add a wonderful touch to your wedding is to have creatures from fairy tales perform magic tricks! You can have beautiful fairies, dancing elves, prancing fauns, or a dryad, like the one in Narnia, to perform some magic tricks for your guests. We believe that winter is a magical time, and it makes us feel as though time has frozen, and there’s no better way to celebrate this magical time than with creatures from another realm. You can even take this wedding idea up a notch by choosing to have waiters, waitresses, bartenders, and wedding officiators (if they are okay with it) dress up as different magical creatures! 


  1. Fun and Gags with a Mime 


Want your wedding to be one of a kind experience for your guests? Well, you can have a mime show at your wedding! A great way to have mime performances at your wedding is to speak to the performer first and let them know what you expect out of them. Discuss whether you’ll want them to perform right after your wedding ceremony or you’ll want them to perform throughout the wedding reception. Mime shows are an interesting addition to a classic wedding celebration. Your guests will surely love a mime performance


That said, we hope these ideas above help you plan a wedding full of happiness and joy. Before we leave you to wedding planning, we’d like to tell you that the ideas above work amazingly well for just about a wedding in any season, save for the fire pits. To add a charming touch to your winter wedding celebrations you can have one of these options, or add a few more to make your wedding complete. You can also mix and match wedding ideas to create your dream wedding! However, before settling on ideas, remember to discuss the ideas you’d want to have at your wedding with your partner.


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