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Light Bites: Summer Wedding Snack Menu Ideas


A summer wedding comes with the joys of planning a wedding out in the open and deciding on the fun activities you and your guests can enjoy. For most of us, a summer wedding is synonymous with beautiful garden venues for outdoor celebrations, buzzing cocktail hours with intricate wedding details, and a wedding menu filled with delicious food. Summer weddings are also the best time to come up with an amazing finger-food style outdoor wedding menu for your guests. Whether you choose to try out creative summer wedding buffet menu ideas or choose to have moveable food stations, you can experiment with flavors, and colors to add to your summer wedding aesthetic. You can choose different food ideas, come up with unique presentations or choose a blend of differently colored and flavored snacks to bring other seasons to your summer wedding easily! Looking for some amazing stroll-friendly and flavorsome summer wedding snack ideas? Here’s a list of some summer light bites we just love:


  1. Bite-sized Delicious Wedding Burgers


Looking for the perfect starters for wedding menu ideas? How about using this opportunity to incorporate some amazing burger ideas? Bite-sized burgers are a recipe that works for any kind of wedding and any season! You can have meat and cheese-loaded bite-sized delicious burger sliders, or craft a mouth-watering vegan bite-sized burger menu for your guests! This snack will go perfectly well with your delicious cocktail menu and reception bar! And if you’re a fan of the classics, how about pairing a bite-sized burger platter with every beer your guests could ask for? This idea will have your party’s beer and burger lovers swooning. With an intricate reception party, a well-put-together wedding reception playlist, and a reception mini burger bar, your wedding will leave an enduring impression on your wedding guests!


Since burgers are universal favorites, like fries, your guests are bound to love them to bits. You can also experiment with the flavors, and decide on the few that you like when you sample snacks and food for your wedding. You can serve these with some soda pop for children, and with beer for adults. You can even decide to serve burger sliders at your cocktail hour with a beautifully designed station. You can add a classic chalkboard message board to get your guests’ attention.


  1. Spicy Buffalo Wing Bites


Are you throwing a summer wedding and looking for some amazing summer snack ideas to add to your menu list? How about classic buffalo wings, but packed in a cute bite-size for your guests? This classic could be the showstopper of your summer wedding menu and go well with any kind of wedding style. With this snack idea, you’d be adding a snack that goes well for your cocktail hour as well as the reception party! The plus side of choosing this universal favorite is that the beautiful color of the spicy buffalo wing bites will make for the perfect accent to your summer wedding color palette, especially if the wedding colors are in cooler hues.  


To make this delicious snack an instant favorite at your wedding, you can think of adding flavors as options. Apart from that, if you love weddings with live food stations, why not have one at your wedding? A live food station will add a different color to your wedding ambiance. What’s more, you can come up with unique ways to decorate the live food station to match the wedding theme and aesthetic. And if you choose a moving cart as the buffalo wing station, you’d be able to move the live buffalo wing bites station from your cocktail hour venue to the reception venue!


  1. Classic Crinkle Fries


Creating a wedding menu can become overwhelming, especially if you’re looking to add some finger food ideas to the menu that works for both adults and kids! Crinkle fries are the right fit for any party, and wedding reception parties and cocktail hour celebrations are no exception! Regardless of the theme, you choose, be it a classy Bridgerton-themed wedding or a beautiful Christmas wedding, crinkle fries will make for the perfect addition to your wedding menu ideas


To make simple fries a fantastic choice for all types of guests at your wedding, how about dressing the fries with different sauces? You can have personalization options for your guests, like four-cheese crinkle fries, add some tomato sauce to the fries, top up a cup of crinkle fries with barbeque sauce, or add some crinkle fries into a hot bowl of soup! But, if you’re looking for an elegant addition to your outdoor summer wedding reception menu, then try making a bite-sized portion of crinkle fries into a waffle-like base, and pair it with Burrata. If you want to add a child-friendly menu idea to your outdoor wedding venue, then how about making a cute cone out of crinkle fries, and filling the cone with steak fries, cheese, and some herbs? 


  1. Fried Chicken Live Table 


Fried chicken is yet another example of an eternal favorite snack! If you’re not a fan of wedding buffets, we have just the ideas to keep your guests entertained and happy with food! But first, let’s talk about the lip-smacking, super delicious fried chicken! Instead of serving it in a tub, how about having sliders? And if you feel that fried chicken sliders are too close to burgers, just have fried chicken pops! These are small bite-sized delicacies that work for just about anyone! If you’re creating a delicious summer wedding menu that hits home with every guest, adult, or kid, then a fried chicken station would make a good choice! A live station for fried chicken will make an aromatic addition to your wedding celebrations! Your guests can not only enjoy their chicken pops but can also witness how they are cooked. To style your chicken pops and to make them munch-worthy for outdoor wedding food, how about loading them with spiced mayonnaise and hot sauces, with a skewer on top for easy consumption! You can add the wedding theme colors to the skewers or use a simple skewer to finish the look. 


  1. Fluffy Cotton Candy


Planning a picturesque wedding decor that screams a fairytale la-la-land wedding? If so, why don’t we add some color to it? Cotton candy is the perfect sugary treat for adults and children alike! One of the massive reasons why we love this light snack as a fantastic sweet summer wedding menu addition is that these can be designed as a super small delicacy or a humongous ball of sugary fluff! If you’ve been looking for some unique live food station ideas for your summer wedding, then why not have a cotton candy live station? What’s more, is that adding cotton candy to your outdoor or indoor summer wedding will add a touch of festive beauty! Looking to add some carnival food ideas to your wedding or something fun and sweet, cotton candy is the missing piece to an eccentric wedding! If you’re not sure of a cotton candy live food station, how about merging cotton candy with other elements of your summer wedding? You can make use of some creative cotton candy serving ideas like, adding cotton candy to your wedding favors, using them as a topping for your sweet treats, or adding them on top of drinks!


  1. Cool Cucumber Sandwiches 


What’s a summer wedding without cucumbers adding a cool touch to beat the summer sun? If you choose an outdoor garden venue to build on the summer vibes, cucumber sandwiches are the best options to add a fresh flavor to summer wedding menu ideas! A sandwich is not just light, but also the perfect snack! There are several ways to style this snack. For a deliciously light sandwich serving idea for your summer reception menu addition is to dress the sandwiches with creamy Italian dressing and sprinkle some cheese on top! What’s more, you can easily add cucumber sandwiches to your summer cocktail menu as well! Wondering how? We have some creative ideas for you to try! You can add some anchovies and jalapenos to add a mouth-watering aroma to the sandwiches. Other than this, you can choose different presentation styles of summer cocktail sandwiches in the shape of layered triangles, or have meat and veggies presented on an open-faced sandwich, with some herbs and cheese sprinkled on top! However, you can also try to make these sandwiches guest-friendly! All you have to do is the plan for a fun moving station so that you can move the live sandwich station from the cocktail hour venue to your reception venue. To maximize your moving wagon or station idea, you can choose to decorate a cart wagon with your wedding color palette and add options to the sandwich menu. This will help your guests to personalize their sandwich choices, eliminate the flavors they don’t like, or add a few toppings to enjoy their snack! 


  1. Wedding Cookies with a Twist


If you’re looking for a unique dessert for your summer wedding menu without using ice cream sundaes, then how about serving some cookies? Wedding cookies make for a savory addition to any kind of menu and wedding. And here’s why wedding cookies can be personalized in numerous ways and range from delicately simple to extremely customized! If you’re looking for an easy-to-consume addition to your menu, then choose the type of wedding cookie you love. To synchronize the cookies to your wedding theme, incorporate your wedding cake’s colors and flavors! If you’re throwing a beautiful Christmas wedding, you can add Christmas-themed cookies in the shape of Santa or Rudolf! You can even create a fun activity with cookies for your wedding to keep your guests entertained by creating a cookie decor booth! To make a memory, you can choose to start the cookie decor activity by decorating a cookie with your partner right after you tie the knot! This will give your guests the green signal to start trying out their cooking and decorating skills, and to you, this will give you the perfect opportunity to get a candid wedding photo clicked


  1. Cherry Blossom Treats!


If you love the elegant and trendy rose gold details, as we do, you’ll fall in love with the idea of a cherry blossom dessert and snack table! Cherry blossoms are so delicately beautiful and we can’t get enough of them! So far we’ve only covered stand-alone ideas. But, how about an idea that gives you a snack table and sugar-topped treats? Cherry blossoms can be used in different ways and can give you a whole menu in itself! What’s more, you can use bite-sized dessert ideas as an alternate wedding dessert idea! To use the blossoming color as an accent to your pretty summer wedding theme, you can create an entire table dedicated to flavorsome cherry blossom treats. You can add cherry blossom rice balls, cherry blossom flavored cupcakes, cherry blossom smoothies, or cherry blossom sushi! A fun fact, cherry blossoms are edible, so you can try to incorporate some real cherry blossoms petals into your dessert and snack table! A cherry blossom table for summer weddings makes for the perfect addition because it not only adds to the culinary experience of your guests but also brings the freshness of spring to the venue, especially if you’re looking to throw a delicate cherry blossom-themed wedding!

When it comes to deciding what foods to serve at a wedding reception or your cocktail hour, the first thing to do is book a tasting session. Before you make a list of snacks you’d like your guests to love, you should know what you want to add to the wedding menu, and if it fits well with your wedding decor, theme, and colors. To get your wedding snacks right, take the time to explore different cuisines, make a list of things your guests would love, and the wedding decor! This will help you narrow down the options and make creating a wedding menu exceptionally simple! Take your partner along for the tasting sessions, try some custom snack recipes that fit you and your partner’s choices, or look for the eternal classics and give them a modern twist. Discussing your food options with your partner, friends, and family, will help both of you to come up with something you, as a couple, enjoy. We hope that the list above helps you find inspiration and create a custom summer wedding menu!


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