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Bridgerton Inspired Spring Wedding Ideas


Bridgerton, Bridgerton, Bridgerton! We may or may not be grinning from ear to ear as we write these words! Dear Netflix, on behalf of the 82 million households that have basked in the romantic glory that is Bridgerton, we would like to sincerely thank you for this lovely and utterly romantic creation! All the readers out there, if you are anything like us, then we can assure you that you are still just as obsessed with this show as when it first landed on our shores! 


Produced by extremely talented Shonda Rhimes, who was the mastermind behind incredible hits like Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, she adapted Julia Quinn’s best-selling novel and gracefully brought it to our screen to leave us wanting for more, the season 2! Fans of the show called it Downtown Abbey-meets-Gossip Girl-meets-Scandal! There is no denying the fact that we all watched this incredible show with glee and loved all the scandals of London’s Regency era and the many NSFW scenes, too! 


Let’s be real, the moment this show was released on Netflix, we were all glued to our screens since we first saw Duke Hastings! But we think that it’s not us only, it’s for everyone, who was obsessed with the show because it brought us back to the time when all we could think of dressing up in the best of gowns, and not to forget the best time before we all had to quarantine! This incredibly romantic and kind of sensuous show transported us back to the days when ladies could wear lavish ball gowns, waltz in opulent ballrooms, and have secret steamy romances in the backyard. Bridgerton definitely took us away from the reality of sweatpants, which while being extremely comfortable, doesn't scream “I burn for you”!


After the release of this incredible first season, everyone knew it was coming! The Bridgerton wedding theme is here and it is utterly famous and stunning! All the newly engaged couples who are planning to get hitched real soon and are looking out for inspiration from the oh-so-romantic tale of a lady and her Duke, we have got you covered! From lavish and blooming gardens to sensuous and lavish bodices, all the drama and whimsy that is Bridgerton is a no-brainer for wedding design! With all the endless romance and being a delicious feast for the eyes, there are too many things common between Bridgerton and weddings! Whether you are inspired by the sensual set design, or the incredible and exquisite costume, or a certain member of high society, you may be reading this blog because you are so much into the show and are just intrigued by the idea of adding a bit of Bridgerton wedding inspiration into your spring wedding day!

Bridgerton-Inspired Wedding Dress for Your Spring Wedding

This show highlights the empire waist wedding dresses, as it just looked perfect for the Regency era! The fitted wedding gowns just under the bust with the skirt falling loosely in a sort of A-line shape (they’re not fitted like a mermaid cut, nor do they billow out like a ballgown) gracefully brings out the sensuous side of any bride! You can always go for the standard wedding dress colors like cream, ivory, or white, but as you are planning a spring wedding, you can also consider color wedding dresses or wedding dresses that bring out the best of spring vibe in the best way possible! Bridgeton female lead, Daphne, and all her lovely ladies wore this style almost exclusively throughout the show from the beginning to the end! This clearly means that there will be tons of inspiration for you to comb through while you plan or go shopping for your perfect designer wedding dress for your big day bridal look! The Duchess’s actual wedding dress in the show featured a beautiful square neckline, puffy sleeves, and lovely Swiss dot lace with exquisite and elaborate embroidery all over the skirt! Well, we are pretty much sure that our modern-day brides will not mind copying all the details exactly in order to get their own dream wedding dress! Decked out in this style of wedding dress, the moment you will walk down the aisle all eyes will be glued to the and our professional wedding photographers will not be able to resist themselves in capturing you in swoon-worthy frames


Bridgeton-Inspired Full of Bling Headpiece for Your Spring Bridal Look

Do you remember the beautiful and out-of-the-ordinary sparkling headpieces that Daphne wore throughout the series? Weren’t they beautiful and alluring at the same time? So, if you are also looking for something like this to elevate your wedding day look for your spring wedding then trust us, Daphne’s sparkling and glittering headpiece certainly fits right in with the 2021-2022 brides! If you have watched all the episodes of this show, then you must have noticed that she wore hers atop a long, simple wedding veil for her actual wedding ceremony! But there is no “unveiling” to speak of and modern brides are forgoing the tulle altogether and opting for crystals headbands, tiaras, and even statement-making hair clips instead of wedding veils or wedding capes! It’s time to elevate the wedding day bridal look game! 


Bridgerton-Inspired Decor Ideas for Your Spring Wedding

If we talk about the decor ideas, then there was only one thing that caught everyone’s attention- the draped wisteria from the show! The draped decor idea prominently placed on the front of the Bridgerton home influenced many brides to include it in their wedding decor! All the couples who are planning a spring-themed wedding must consider bringing in the seasonal spring blooms and get their wedding venue draped into it! If you want the exact replica of Bridgerton decor to bring alive into your spring wedding, then consider bringing in delicate blue and lilac shades as they will perfectly fit with your blue theme wedding (if you are planning on having an exact Bridgerton-inspired spring wedding)! You can also garnish your wedding chuppah with the same florals as it will look flawless for your spring-summer outdoor wedding! It will also give our creative wedding photographers endless photography opportunities to capture mind-blowing outdoor wedding photos in magical frames! 


To bring in the ultimate “wow” factor to your wedding decor, try to save the room in your wedding budget for some fireworks! If by any chance your wedding venue does not allow huge fireworks in the sky, you can always bring in “cold fireworks” that can sparkle safely from the ground! Well, if you ask us, the “cold fireworks” are the underappreciated but true “moment-maker” at weddings as they create the most epic backdrops for a magical evening.


Let Your Bridgerton-Inspired Spring Wedding Be About Lots of White Flowers & Greenery

If we go back and look at Duke and Daphne’s wedding, then it was very simple and elegant in terms of decor! Every decor element of their wedding on the screen was screaming “simplicity is the key”! While everything was very simple and subtle, there was one thing that appeared to splurge on for the wedding ceremony: lots and lots of white flowers, paired with plenty of greenery to boot! It was something that left every bride dreaming for her wedding day decor! Lots of flowers with green accents are indeed a perfect wedding decor for a classic and memorable spring wedding! It will not only create a whimsical setting that will leave all your wedding guests in great amazement but will also give a bucket full of photography opportunities to our talented wedding photographers to capture fantastic wedding photos to include in your wedding portfolio! Just like the decor in the series, you can also adorn the aisle of the church with small and lovely bunches of white blooms (maybe carnations or roses), while garlands of greenery and white wisteria line the upper with a vase of mostly green down the aisles! All the brides who are so much into Bridgeton wedding and wanting the same for their big and special day, you just got lucky! Talking about greenery, it is often much less expensive than all the colorful flowers! This kind of spring wedding decor will make your wedding day a very budget-friendly wedding as it will only have florals and definitely be a memorable celebration!  


Hanging Lanterns Lighting Decor Idea for A Classic Outdoor Spring Wedding

Ok, to be honest, this detail definitely did not come from the charming Duke and lovely Duchess’s wedding day but it did come from the ball where they first develop feelings for each other (swooning and romantic, right?). If you are planning an outdoor spring wedding reception under the gleaming city skyline and looking out for lighting decor ideas to illuminate the entire ambiance while making it more romantic and inviting, then you can consider this amazing and great idea! We understand that having perfect lighting decor to keep the celebration going past nightfall gets tricky at times! But, you don’t need to stress over it! This spectacular hanging lantern setting will make all the weddings of your dreams come to life! The incredible magic of electric lanterns will surely elevate your wedding decor and will make everyone go crazy about it! It will also give our wedding photographers ample photography opportunities to capture your memorable night in fabulous frames! You can easily hang them throughout your tent or you can also set up trellises to dance under with the love of your life if the weather is on your side on your wedding day! 


An Afternoon Tea Will Be a Perfect Addition to Your Bridgerton-Inspired Spring Wedding

There are chances that the food that you will be adding to your wedding menu might be limited because of what your wedding venue has to offer, but you can still keep the true and authentic Bridgeton vibe alive just by incorporating the idea of classic afternoon tea either to your wedding day or even bridal shower! All you have to do is serve all the best and incredible dainty finger food from the era, like mini sandwiches, deviled eggs, petit fours, and other small cakes, alongside pots of freshly brewed black tea as a nod to all your special celebration just like the way Daphne and her ladies used to enjoy in the show! 


Traditional Wedding Cake For Your Bridgeton-Inspired Spring Wedding

Let’s be honest, if we look at the Regency-era dinner, then the most common options that are available are just what we put on the menu in today’s time like the sandwiches made with cold meats and cheese, savory pies, roasted vegetables with butter sauce, but the one thing that always makes a stunning statement during the Regency-era was the dessert! Multi-tiered cakes festooned with marzipan and sugar-coated fruits were like showpieces to be displayed at the end of a dinner party! And if we look back at Daphne’s wedding cake it definitely followed the suit! Daphne and Duke’s wedding cake even had little hard icing crests from both hers and her new husband’s families! So, if you want a truly Bridgerton-inspired wedding with some modern touch, you can skip the trendy cupcakes or donut walls in favor of a traditional cake, preferably decorated with intricate swirls and a few personal touches unique to you and your partner! 


Letter-Press Style Wedding Invites 

For an authentic Bridgeton-inspired wedding detail make your wedding invites in the format of letterpress to bring in the true vibe of the Regency era! You can consider adding colorful paper with gold leafing and deckled edges, blind embossing, a custom crest, cheeky wording (a must), and a perfectly fitting dance card rounded out the invitation suite.

So, if you are a bride-to-be and want to channel your inner Daphne Bridgerton for your wedding day, then look no further as we have already put together some of the incredible Bridgerton-inspired spring wedding ideas from head to toe that will definitely transport you back to the Regency-era! From flowing and dreamy wedding gowns to comfortable wedding shoes to incredible wedding decor, the above-mentioned ideas are sure to catch the attention of each and everyone including your very own Duke of Hastings on your wedding day! 


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