Erika and Andrew’s Dream-Come-True NYC Wedding

If you played with Barbies and Disney princesses while growing up, you must have now grown up and had put those enchantments away. But every woman has a little girl still trapped in her who wants to live her fairytale at least once in their lifetime. Sure you are now an adult who can do your own laundry and taxes, you know your wines and have health insurance. But for one day, you get to dress up in a pretty dress, do your hair up real nice, and promise ‘I Do’ to the love of your life aka your prince charming, after which you drive away into the horizon of your happily ever after in a faraway land. Weddings are your one true opportunity to weave your fairytale into your real-life and the line between the two disappears. That day you can put all your stress to a deep slumber, look at your gorgeous self, and the planets momentarily revolve around you and your partner. Erika and Andrew’s wedding sure brings a ray of fairytale into your mundanity, and enables you to see the magical in the ordinary!


Erika and Andrew hold New York close to their hearts and wanted to host their dream wedding in the bustling city of New York. While New York is full of so many real stories of people coming in from various places and phases of their life, there is still magic in this city which surpasses all the other cities. It is majestic, dramatic, and larger-than-life, which instantly makes your love story a little more cinematic than it already is! Adored by lovers and idolized by the photographers, the Big Apple of America, New York, is a livewire of a city full of towering high rises, iconic black, and yellow taxis, and most importantly, real people and stories living in an iconic city. A city that never gets boring, NYC is filled with a tantalizing mix of colors and textures, resulting in beautiful captures. With the huge range of iconic structures dotting NYC, starting from the beautiful iconic Brooklyn Bridge to the glittering Times Square, from the urban backyard Central Park to the glorious Statue of Liberty, and each one of these structures makes the city gorgeous that it is. A balanced euphony of lush gardens, sparkling hotels, museums, and cuisines, NYC is a plethora of contrasting experiences mixed together and complementing each other. From Brooklyn to Manhattan to New Jersey, NYC is a treat to the senses and a love story captured here is nothing short of mesmerizing. With choosing the gorgeous New York City as the setting for their love story, Erika and Andrew invited drama and magic to their love story. And with the way their photojournal looks, it looks like NewYork didn’t disappoint them! 


Erika and Andrew chose Crabtree's Kittle House Restaurant & Inn as their wedding venue, and we applaud the choice! Tucked away in Chappaqua, New York, this rustic wedding venue is a cozy, welcoming retreat. Nestled down a quiet, tree-lined road, Crabtree’s Kittle House Restaurant & Inn comes with a unique setting that transports one to the rich and elegant days of the past. Built in 1790, Crabtree's Kittle House wedding venue is the perfect blend of country charm, historic flair, and a soothing atmosphere, making it a unique place for a young couple in New York. Crabtree's Kittle House Restaurant and Inn provide two event spaces to host your wedding, along with landscaped outdoor spaces and patios for a beautiful wedding ceremony or a fun cocktail reception. While the main dining room accommodates 120 guests, with additional spaces in the Garden Room and Tap Room, the Carriage Room accommodates up to 225 guests. This beautiful wedding venue provides one the perfect tastes of Old New York- the perfect depiction of unmatched hospitality and service meets the exuberant tradition of good food and wine. Additionally, there are 12 rooms available for your wedding night or for out-of-town guests. From the lush green gardens to the sweeping entry stairways, from its farm-to-table restaurant to the award-winning wine cellar, the location comes packed with beautiful touches which makes it stand apart from the usual. Erika and Andrew’s beautiful summer wedding was made even more memorable by the unique setting that the location provided.


Bright and early on the day of the wedding, the couple started getting ready for the ceremony. Erika was chilling with her girls, wearing a white getting-ready robe with bright orange blooms on it. Her bridesmaids wore the same robes but in pink with orange blooms instead. The group of girls looked amazing in their glory and the moment was captured beautifully by our New York wedding photographers. The gorgeous bride soon changed into a glorious lace wedding gown with off-shoulders and a long trailing train. Her blond hair was arranged in an intricate bun with a beautiful sparkling hairpin to add to the look. Teardrop earrings, a pendant, and a delicate bracelet adorned her and provided just the bridal jewelry she needed. Her bridal bouquet was a perfect mix of pastel hues, with peaches and pinks and creams in flowers, all tied together with a white ribbon, adding a soft romantic touch to her look. Her makeup was nude and minimal leaning towards dark eyes. Her huge girl gang was all dressed up in peachy sorbet color dresses and carried bouquets with a similar combination as the bride. The flower girls looked adorable in wispy white dresses and flower crowns! Andrew, on the other hand, looked dashing in his inky blue suit. We love the crisp white shirt and the light peach bow which balances the poppy blue color. A boutonniere with peachy blooms, a smart watch, and tan leather accessories completed the look perfectly. The groomsmen were looking sharp in matching blue suits and peach neckties and pocket squares, perfectly balancing the overall look. The colors of the wedding party flowed seamlessly, making a cohesive image. We love the way our wedding photographers in New York captured the group in some gorgeous images in the entryway as well as the picture-perfect bridal and groom group photography!


After everyone was dressed and ready, our New York wedding photographer met with the lovely couple for some quick clicks before the ceremony. After the group photography was done with, the couple posed for some romantic captures in the wine cellar and some portraits individually. We love the groom’s portraits by the bar and the bride’s angelic captures in the meadows outside. Soon the ceremony commenced and the bride walked down the aisle with her father to the beautiful setting where the ceremony was to happen. The circular arch was the perfect background for this special moment and was decorated with vibrant floral blooms and green foliage. Erika donned a long veil for the ceremony and was looking gorgeous! The vows were exchanged and so were the rings, and the couple kissed each other as husband and wife, as the guests cheered. 


After the ceremony was over, the couple posed for some more pictures by the altar, as the arch made the perfect backdrop for some romantic captures. The couple also posed by the gorgeous stair landing, which is one of the highlights of the wedding venue. We came to the photographs of the bridal party, with pastel hues and angelic whites making the frame soft and romantic. Soon the couple and the guest headed off to the wedding reception area to wind the evening up with some fun times and in a celebratory tone. Toasts were made and glasses were clinked, the couple had their first dance together as a married couple, and they cut the cake, a gorgeous creamy piece of art with peachy blooms adding to the look. All of these important moments from the cake-cutting to the sweet father-daughter dance were captured in the frame by our wedding photographers in New York City in the most delicate manner. The atrium where they held their wedding reception was adorned with glass windows, bringing the greens of the outdoors in. Strings of fairy lights dressed up the area, adding an enchanting glow to the setting. The decor of the reception seating reflected the same hues of blue and peachy pinks, tying the whole theme together. We love the blue napkins against the stark white table linens and the poppy flowers and the peaches add to the summer vacation feeling! There are little unexpected elements here and there which takes us by surprise in a lovely way. The details like the white birdcage with letters and notes, the romantic candles and the floral blooms here and there, all tie in the romantic charm of the wedding. The idea of having a board that says “The Borranis” and having it signed with notes and messages by the friends and family is a thoughtful idea and will act as a lovely keepsake to commemorate the day! The table with the foliage spilling on it is mystical and romantic and brings the enchanting charm of the outdoors in. We love the menu card in an elegant lettering and peach illustration. It is such a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it detail but made all the difference. Isn’t it the little things which make all the difference after all? 


There are only a handful of days which are truly significant in our lives in a crowd of unimportant days and your wedding day is sure one of them. This is a day you will look back and celebrate every year, with flowers and sweets and expensive dinner dates. It is, after all, a day you promised ‘forever’ to each other. You will want to revisit it for years to come, and sure memories help, sometimes, important moments tend to slip away from the grasp of the memory. This is when photographs come in and save the day. Wedding photographs are a precious memento of the day, a way to preserve those 24 hours for a lifetime of reminiscing and revisiting. This is where your wedding photographs come in hand, to reach out to those slipping memories. Our New York photographers have done a fabulous job of capturing beautiful moments of Erica and Andrew’s wedding day in the most beautiful frames. We love the moments like the sweeping kiss of the couple in the brilliantly-lit atrium, and the reaction of the same pose in the altar! Be it the soft and delicate moments of the couple photography which gave us all the summer romantic vibes, or the gorgeous elegant moments of the reception which seemed to be straight out of a movie, from the detail shots to the tender moments, everything is captured with skill and grace, ensuring that the moment gets to live on forever within the fold of the couple’s wedding album, a tangible depiction of a milestone and a day well spent in the best of companies. Isn’t that what a wedding day is all about? Celebrating your happiness and love amongst good company? 


Once in the middle of perfectly mundane life, life hits you up with a fairytale moment. Miracles and magic are real things and can be found between the everyday unsightly moments. There are days you forget when you get your parking spot taken from you or you spill your coffee on yourself before an important meeting. Days when you get a ticket or you realize your dress has wrinkles after you already stepped out of the house. The not-so-glorious moments. Then there are moments when your love told you they love you for the very first time, the time your partner asks you to marry them, or the day you get married! These are definitely the pixie dust moments speckled in the middle of ordinary making life so memorable. Erika and Andrews’s gorgeous wedding day seems to be from a fairytale book, but if you look close enough, the sparkle in the eyes or the smile in their faces are as real as they come. They are two ordinary people starting their extraordinary life together, and that is a piece of magic right there!

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