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Delicious Cookie Desserts for Your Winter Wedding


Planning your wedding can certainly seem overwhelming with so many details to take care of- from what to serve to your guests to how you will decorate everything from scratch, it must certainly feel like a lot. Especially if you are planning an off-season winter wedding that isn't conventional like a dreamy spring soirée or a magical summer saga! A winter wedding can be as magical and as festive as you want it to be. You can plan a winter wedding with lots of greenery (as certain wedding flowers might not be available in that season) or go for a whimsical rustic chic wedding that pays homage to the most beautiful season of the year. Winter weddings are filled with holiday cheer and endless hopes and we love every bit of it! 


Winter wedding photos feel like walking in a snowy wedding wonderland! Planning a winter wedding also brings an endless amount of wedding dessert inspiration. Of course, we all love stunning wedding cake designs, but there is something about winter wedding desserts that evoke all kinds of magic and drama. From wedding cakes featuring dark and dramatic wedding colors to reception donut walls that look straight out of Pinterest, things get really over the top at winter weddings. When we speak about winter weddings, apart from all the small and cozy wedding details, we are reminded of the elegant and chic wedding dessert inspo. These cold-weather desserts feature the essence of the season like cinnamon, mulled spices, gingerbread, eggnog, peppermint, cranberries, chestnuts, and snow-sprinkled goodness! And if you are a little experimental, why not try an alternative wedding dessert table for your winter wedding? Like cookies? For real! Adding wedding cookies to the mix of other wedding dessert choices can be the ultimate way to welcome and celebrate the best of what the season has to offer. 


Just like light bites for summer weddings instantly takes us to a dreamy beach setting, a gooey chocolate cookie dessert can be the dream come true for every chocolate lover's wedding dessert table idea for a winter wedding! Apart from donuts, parfaits, cake pops, and ice cream treats, winter wedding cookies are becoming a big hit and a crowd favorite in recent times. The cookie-themed winter desserts are making their appearance on wedding dessert tables, handheld wedding dessert options, reception dessert bars, and winter wedding giveaways. Winter reception cookies are a great addition to your sweet table setups for your reception. Wedding cookie ideas can range from being timeless and classic like a chocolate chip cookie to being outright personalized and elegant like custom gingerbread house cookies. Since the reception cookie options are nearly endless, the winter reception cookie recipes can be customized to suit your wedding style and aesthetics. You can go as simple and savory to as playful and experimental as you would wish to with our list of delicious wedding cookie dessert ideas.


Delectable Winter Cookie Desserts For A Memorable Celebration:


Reception dessert bars have recently grown in popularity, and the ideal winter wedding dessert bar would be a DIY s'mores station! To dress up this childhood favorite, try different flavored graham crackers, different types of chocolate, and gourmet marshmallows. 


Cookies with Polar Bears
How delicious are polar bear cookies? These reception cookies will undoubtedly set the tone for your holiday wedding party! They may appear to be complicated, but they are simply Oreo cookies dipped in melted white chocolate. So long as you know how to microwave, you will have no trouble with this recipe. To make the eyes and noses, you will only need edible eyes and M&M's. It's so simple that the kids can help you decorate them.


Italian Cuccidatti
Cuccidatti is Italian for "little bracelet," and these traditional cookies are as adorable as their translation. To make these Italian Cuccidatti, cookie dough is stuffed with fig filling, baked, and then dipped in a glaze.


Sugar Cookies with Snowflakes
Let us pause to appreciate how lovely snowflake cookies are. They look like they belong on a Christmas tree! They are almost too adorable to eat, but you should as they are as delicious as they are beautiful. These are wonderfully light and soft, unlike other sugar cookies that are too tough. They are, however, firm enough to maintain their shape.


Chocolate Strawberries Covered in Snow
Chocolate-covered strawberries are a classic dessert that evokes feelings of romance and love. These strawberries are dipped in white chocolate and topped with edible glitter, making them the ideal snowy treat.


Cookies with Candy Canes
These candy cane cookies are simultaneously soft, moist, crispy, and chewy. Every bite has a lovely crunch and sweet and spicy goodness from the candy cane bits. These candy cane cookies are the kind of cookies we can't get enough of. Apart from the flavor and crunch, the red and green candy bits add a festive touch. Absolutely, Merry Christmas!


Italian Biscotti
Biscotti is a dry, crunchy cookie that is still full of flavor and charm. The dough is twice baked for crunch, and you can add anything from raisins to chocolate chips or poppy seeds to the mix. You can design beautiful biscotti half-dipped in milk or white chocolate and drizzle it with chocolate.


Shortbread Cookies
Shortbread cookies can always be counted on to spread holiday cheer. These buttery, sweet cookies are a classic. Consider munching on these treats while sipping a hot cup of cocoa! It makes us drool just thinking about it. And did you know that these Scottish treats only require three ingredients? Yes, all you will need is flour, butter, and sugar.


Apple Caramel Bar
Caramel apples are sweet, gooey, and absolutely delectable. They make us think of sweater weather and curling up by the fire. A caramel apple bar at your winter wedding will satisfy any sweet tooth. Sprinkles, chocolate, nuts, mini marshmallows, graham crackers, and any other candies you like are welcome!


Crispy Gingersnaps
Crispy Gingersnaps are the ideal Christmas cookie! This easy homemade recipe takes less than 30 minutes to bake and is thin and crunchy with just the right amount of molasses and spice. Similarly, even gingersnaps are made-in-heaven wedding cookie options! These thin cookies have a crunchy exterior and a soft, ooey-gooey center. They are sweet, with a hint of caramel flavor from the molasses, and just the right amount of spice from the cinnamon. What a delicious flavor combination! They appear to be very intricate, but they can be assembled in under 30 minutes. It doesn't get much better than that.


Norwegian Kransekake
Kransekake is frequently displayed in place of a wedding cake, but it is made of cookies. To make this traditional Norwegian treat, stack ring-shaped almond cookies with royal icing to make a stunning statement.


Cupcakes and Cookies
Cupcakes and cookies are buttery, and these flaky shortbread cookies are dusted with powdered sugar and filled with a sweet jam. It can be the ultimate Christmas wedding treat


Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow Hearts
Nothing says "I love you" more than heart-shaped marshmallows! Warm your guests up with a hot chocolate bar at your winter wedding. Whipped cream, chocolate, and caramel syrup, and these heart-shaped marshmallows round out the perfect winter wedding treat.


Gumdrop Cookies
Just looking at the festive colors on gumdrop cookies makes us happy! Since these gumdrop cookies contain coconut and oatmeal, you can expect them to be flavorful and chewy. That isn't all. These colorful chunks of jelly gumdrops set them apart, providing maximum chewy and gooey goodness in every bite.


Danish Krumkake
These delicate and sweet wedding cookies are extremely thin. They require a few steps and special equipment to create, but the end result is well worth it. A simple batter is prepared and then cooked on a Krumkake iron to create a lovely pattern on the outside. The cookies are rolled up and left to harden while still hot.


No-Bake Grinch Cookies
These Grinch cookies are so delicious that they will make your heart grow a size larger! These cookies can be a fun activity for you and your children. You will be in charge of coating the Oreos with melted chocolate, while they can be in charge of the decorations. The recipe calls for green food coloring to be mixed into the white chocolate. Use matcha powder to turn the chocolate green for a flavor variation. It'll be a big hit with matcha fans!


Snowflake Cookies
Beautifully decorated snowflake cookies are perfect for the holiday season and can be made in a variety of flavors to suit your preferences. You can also frost the cookies in your wedding colors, or stick to light blue and white to keep with the winter theme.


French Madeleines
Madeleines are as endearing as they come. These petite cookies are essentially miniature sponge cakes with lovely airiness. They are cute on their own, baked in a shell-shaped mold, but they can also be dressed up by dipping them in chocolate or sprinkling them with edible flower petals.


Coffee and Donut Holes
Donuts and coffee complement each other like peanut butter and jelly. Warm up your winter wedding guests with a cup of hot coffee and a bite-sized donut hole. Cute containers and decorating sticks make this a winning combination.


Mexican Wedding Cookies
These are some of the most popular international wedding cookies. These buttery cookies made with nuts, sugar, and flour melt in your mouth. They can be found not only at Mexican wedding receptions, but also in many other parts of the world under different names such as Russian tea cookies, Austrian Kipferl cookies, or Italian nutballs.


Cake Pop Snowballs
Cake pops are frosted cake bites served in lollipop form. They can be customized to any flavor and decorated to match the theme of your winter wedding. These snowball cake pops are the ideal seasonal treat.


Italian Cannoli
Cannoli are a traditional Italian dessert. Pastry dough is rolled into a tube, fried, and filled with sweet cream. Cannoli can be served plain or dressed up by dipping them in chocolate, changing the cream color to match your wedding palette, or adding sprinkles or glitter.


Cake Pops Featuring Penguins
These penguin cake pops are nearly too adorable to eat! These can be served in any of your favorite flavors, just like the snowball cake pops. These adorable treats will appeal to guests of all ages. They also make excellent wedding favors for your guests.


Austrian Linzer Cookies
How about giving your American Christmas an Austrian twist? You are in for a treat if you have never had or heard of Linzer cookies. These sandwiches are made with buttery flaky shortbread cookies, sweet jam filling, and powdered sugar dusting on top. These cookies can be made with any type of jam or jelly and they will taste good regardless. Linzer cookies are delicious buttery cookies that melt in your mouth. The top cookie usually has an adorable cut-out in the shape of a heart or star.


Icicle Blue Rock Candy
Rock candy is the ultimate throwback to childhood, evoking memories of elementary school science classes. Bring ice-blue crystals of this childhood favorite to your wedding dessert table. Rock candy icicles are ideal for any winter wedding!


Brownies in Santa Hats
Whether or not you and your guests celebrate Christmas, these bite-sized Santa hat brownies are simply adorable. Strawberries and whipped cream combine to make these mini treats the ideal winter wedding dessert. To add another layer of flavor and texture, replace the whipped cream with cheesecake filling.


Spanish Alfajores
Alfajores are a sandwich cookie that is a popular Spanish wedding cookie dessert, as well as famous in the parts of Central and South America. A crisp and crumbly cookie is sandwiched with dulce de leche for the perfect sweet pairing.


Snowman Marshmallow Hats
Not only are chocolate and marshmallows used in s'mores! To make these adorable snowman hats, you can simply dip cookies and marshmallows in chocolate and top with red licorice. They are a great bite-sized reception treat to serve at your dessert table or as wedding favors wrapped up to go.


French Macarons
French macarons are a classic French wedding dessert. To make this treat, two cookies with a crispy exterior and a chewy interior are sandwiched together with ganache or buttercream. They can also be customized to match any wedding color scheme or aesthetic.


Coconut Macaroons
While French macarons are undoubtedly more popular, we believe these Filipino macaroons deserve equal attention. These coconut macaroons are deliciously soft and incredibly chewy! They have a lovely tropical flavor and a unique texture because they are loaded with desiccated coconut. They are also a hundred times easier to make than traditional French macarons. They are ready in under 30 minutes.


Candy Cane Marshmallow Pops
Three classic winter holiday flavors are peppermint, marshmallow, and chocolate. Combine the three in this tasty treat: chocolate-dipped marshmallows, crushed candy canes, and a candy cane topper!


Cookies with Peanut Butter Reindeer
Cookies can be shaped and decorated in many styles to match the theme of your winter wedding. These adorable peanut butter reindeer cookies are topped with chocolate candies and chocolate-covered pretzels. To add a little more holiday cheer, use any type of cookie you want, from sugar to gingerbread.


Polish Kolaczki
The dough for Polish Kolaczki is made with cream cheese. The dough is rolled out, cut into squares, and filled with jams such as strawberry, apricot, or blueberry. After being filled, the cookies are folded, baked, and dusted with powdered sugar.


Cupcakes with Snow Angels
These angel food cupcakes may appear simple, but when topped with white frosting and powdered sugar-dusted raspberries, they transform into the most beautiful winter cupcakes ever. Make a cupcake tower out of them, or serve them as a dessert on your dessert table.


Cake Pops with Snowmen
Frosty snowmen are an excellent addition to any winter wedding. These cake pops are frosted to perfection and can be made in your favorite wedding cake flavor. Another wonderful treat to give as a wedding favor.

Although we love and celebrate the latest wedding dessert trends, it does not always have to be a big white wedding cake. We have nothing against white wedding cakes, all we are saying is there can always be more reception dessert options! This is where wedding reception cookies come in. When you incorporate cookies into your wedding, you get to display a wide variety of wedding dessert choices. From serving traditional homemade cookies that give a nod to your or your partner's heritage to celebrating seasonal goodness by bringing in the best of the winter harvest and produce, opt for some of these single-serve wedding treats- for giving a pocketful of memories to your loved ones attending your big day.

When you choose a timeless cookie treat such as a snickerdoodle or chocolate chip or even gingerbread houses for your reception, your guests will be instantly taken back to the good old days and feel nostalgic. There is an instant connection that is built by classic cookie recipes as everyone irrespective of age loves them. But if you don't want to delve into nostalgia, focus on adding personal touches to your wedding reception by bringing in something special and meaningful that holds meaning to your relationship. More and more couples are connecting on a personal level with their guests and nothing speaks better than traditional cookie recipes that speak for a certain place. For instance, French macarons can pay tribute to your favorite holiday destination and Mexican wedding cookies can be the ultimate way to celebrate your heritage. There is so much ancestral love and rich culture in these recipes, so they hold so much meaning for families. Whatever you pick, check with your local bakery if they can accommodate your requests, or get creative and go for DIY wedding dessert items featuring cookies.


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