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Chocolate Lovers' Dessert Table Inspo


There is no denying that chocolate is indeed considered a love language! If studies are to be believed, then it is true that the taste of chocolate releases the same hormone (oxytocin) that is released when you feel a special bond or connection with someone, which we call “Love”! All those romantic lines and sayings on the wrapper of Cadbury chocolates will make anyone fall in love! No wonder we give our S.O. all those romantic and lovely heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. As the store shelves are covered with a variety of candy for the most romantic time of the year, “Valentine’s Day”, there is no better time to reflect on the various possibilities for bringing chocolate into your wedding day! For all the chocolate lovers out there, this special and sweet blog is especially for you all! This delicious blog has various unique and yummy ideas for your chocolate dessert table for your wedding day, which will not only leave your wedding guests wanting more but will also give our professional wedding photographers endless wedding photography opportunities! From the marvelous milk and the decadent dark, you are free to take inspiration from all these baked, frosted, and drizzled chocolate wedding desserts for your wedding day dessert menu


We are pretty much sure that chocolate lovers may feel a bit conflicted when it comes to choosing cake flavors and fillings for their wedding day! If you and your darling, both are die-hard chocolate lovers, then we are very much sure that there will be a thought popping in your head now and then. “Can I serve other than the usual white wedding cake, as I love chocolate more?” Well, if you ask us, the answer is a big “yes”! Not only a chocolate wedding cake as you and your sweetheart obsessed over it, but you can also have another chocolate treat too, because no one complains about chocolate dessert offerings, as they are nothing but too delicious to resist. Here are some of the best chocolate dessert table ideas for your wedding day that you can consider adding to your wedding day dessert menu and leave all your wedding guests wanting more throughout the celebration. 


Red Velvet Cakes

Offering your wedding guests a cocoa flavor and the deep, romantic red shade of the season in the best possible way with some red velvet cake with a pinch of chocolate. A cocoa flavor red velvet cake will make your wedding dessert more romantic and delicious. This kind of wedding cake will also give our talented wedding photographers unique wedding photography opportunities to capture beautiful wedding photos in the best and yummy frames!


Chocolate Pies

Well, if you think that a chocolate wedding cake feels too expected, choose to serve up an alternative chocolate dessert for your wedding guests like chocolate pecan pies. Trust us, a chocolate pecan pie will add a different charm and effect to your chocolate dessert table without any doubt. We can assure you that this dessert addition to your wedding day dessert menu will surely make your wedding guests love it!


Chocolate Dessert Bar

No matter how old you are, candies are always loved, especially if they are chocolate candies. Be the trendsetter bride and get on the candy bar trend by creating a station dedicated to chocolate treats. It will not only fill your wedding guests with joy but will also make the kids at your wedding enjoy themselves to the fullest and make you their favorite aunt! You can put a mixture of milk, dark, and white chocolates for a mouthwatering display and give the chance to your wedding guests to grab their favorites! 


Juicy Strawberries Covered in Chocolate

Strawberries are loved by everyone (majorly), and are covered in white chocolate always makes them extra special and damn yummy! White-chocolate-covered strawberries are always a great and also unique option when it comes to alternative wedding dessert ideas. And all the chocolate lovers out there, this is one of the best and most fantastic ideas to bring chocolate to your wedding day dessert but with a little romantic twist!


Chocolate for Dipping

Is there anything more decadent than chocolate, we mean melted chocolate? Nothing, right? We agree with you! So, how about the idea of serving treats like donuts in a delicious pool of melted chocolate for a yummy addition to your wedding day chocolate dessert table? Well, if you ask us, we think it is just extremely adorable and damn delicious! This kind of chocolate table dessert idea will make the best indulgent for the midnight snack. 


Chocolate-Covered Fortune Cookies

Weddings are all about good fortune, a lot of love, and course endless wedding photography opportunities. So, when it comes to good fortune, you can get it all personalized. For all the chocolate lovers out there, if you are planning chocolate dessert for your wedding day, try making chocolate-dipped fortune cookies to share the vibe of good fortune with all your wedding guests and make your wedding day a memorable celebration for everyone. 


How about Hot Chocolate Cocktail Hour?

For all the couples who are planning a winter wedding, there is no better way to keep all your wedding guests warm and cozy than a DIY hot chocolate bar. Along with hot chocolate, you can offer some whipped cream and peppermint sticks to make it even yummier and mouth-watering. Well, you can also consider sending your wedding guests home with a to-go cup. Winter weddings and hot chocolate indeed make a great combination all the time. The adorable cups of hot chocolate will give our creative and talented wedding photographers a bucket full of photography opportunities to capture the details of your wedding day in great frames. 


S’more Stations are a Big Yes!

No matter how old you get, there is always a child within you. So, how about reliving all your childhood memories on your wedding day? Perfect, isn’t it? You can beautifully relive your childhood camping trips just by serving s’mores at your wedding reception or even after-party. You can offer your wedding guests different types of chocolate and flavored Grahams so that your wedding guests can easily roast their marshmallows and find the tastiest combo and have a fun time throughout your wedding celebration. S’more Station is indeed a unique addition to your wedding day dessert table menu. 


Boozy Chocolate Cake

All the chocolate lovers out there who want to ditch the traditional white wedding cake and want to bring in some unique chocolate effect can consider bringing in delicious chocolate wedding cake for your wedding day, A heart-shaped Diablo chocolate wedding cake topped off with whisky-soaked raisins will be a perfect addition to your wedding day dessert menu. 


Yummy Chocolate Brownie Cake

Just forgo the wedding cake and in place of that go for the well-known go-to for chocolate fanatics. Choose a lovely and impressive wedding cake with a double-chocolate brownie recipe. If you are looking out for more feminine options, you can try dusting a display of stacked brownies with tasty and pretty powdered sugar and lovely petals. Either way, the chocolate squares will just look as good as they taste. We can assure you that your wedding guests will have a great time savoring every bite of the brownie cake


Tasty Drizzled Oreos

Everybody loves Oreos. No matter how old you are, Oreos are forever loved. Tasty and yummy chocolate Oreos dipped in white or milk chocolate fudge can be simply tasty sin. If you are going with this chocolate dessert for your wedding day dessert menu, then trust us, it is not only tasty yet a low-key option to get your chocolate fix in! This will not only please your wedding guests but will also woo kids attending your wedding day in every form! 


Cute Mini Chocolate Ice Cream Cones

These days desserts in miniatures are a great wedding trend. A huge majority of couples are opting for these adorable wedding dessert ideas to elevate their overall wedding dessert menu idea. As nothing is more fun than dessert in miniatures, offering a mini ice cream bar to all your wedding guests is nothing but surely a perfect way to get your chocolate fix without the heaviness of cake! Trust us, this will be a great and also a unique addition to your wedding day dessert table and will also give a lot of photography opportunities to your creative wedding photographers. 


Delicious Drizzled Brownies

Who says that your wedding desserts have to be fancier than anything you crave? You can be as creative and as experimental as you want for your wedding day dessert! There are endless ways to do it. So, get the desired wedding dessert for your big day that not only matches your styles, taste, and personality but also leaves your wedding guests mouth-watering. Get your wedding chocolate fix with a hearty stack of brownies. You can also add fruit or fudge to spruce it and make it more appealing to look fantastic in all your wedding photos. The best way to spruce is to go with a chocolate brownie. This will help you be able to fix the chocolate rush you are urging to offer to all your wedding guests on your wedding day! 


Chocolate Fountain

Of all the potential and desired wedding desserts, there is nothing that seems more decadent and eye-catching than a chocolate fountain. Trust us, if you are going for a chocolate fountain for your wedding day, it will be the centerpiece of your wedding day decor. After all, it's your wedding day and there is no better opportunity to dip food in flowing yummy chocolate than ever before or after. 


Chocolate Macaroons

Cookies are making their way to wedding desserts these days without any doubt. They are making the best wedding dessert alternatives and are also loved by wedding guests to the fullest. Cookies are indeed fun options for a dessert, and how can we forget chocolate macaroons. Chocolate macaroons offer a tasty alternative to more traditional wedding desserts like cake. Not only are they wedding guests' favorite, but they are also just so Instagrammable that nobody can resist capturing them and posting them! 


Chocolate Custard Just Love

Well, when it comes to weddings, all you want is a dessert that feels like comfort food. And that is the case with chocolate custard. A yummy step up from regular pudding, it is indeed a delicious way to get a direct infusion of chocolate during your wedding reception. 


Chocolate Cupcakes

If you don’t want a massive cake for your wedding day, how about bringing in chocolate cupcakes? Well, chocolate cupcakes are indeed an excellent alternative for all those couples who are planning to ditch the traditional wedding cake. Plus, chocolate cupcakes make it easier to have desserts that perfectly accommodate a wider range of wedding guests' tastes and allergies! 


Tastiest Chocolate Truffle Flavors

The night should always end on a sweet and delicious note, to be remembered for years to come. So, send all your wedding guests home with chocolate truffles in different flavors at the end of your wedding night. All you have to do is to remember that an edible flavor should never get left behind. 


Summing everything up, everybody just loves chocolates, but not everyone loves cakes, too. Well, it can be tough to dream up wedding desserts that not only step outside the cake box but also make a great impression on your wedding guests and give a bucket full of wedding photography opportunities to all your wedding photographers and videographers. We are sure the above-mentioned chocolate wedding dessert ideas will get you and all your wedding guests' mouths watering!


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