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Confetti Ideas To Make Your Wedding Look Iconic


When there is a celebration in your life, confetti can't be much behind now, could it? Confetti has been an integral part of every life milestone worth celebrating, and weddings are no different. You can't help but feel happy when there is confetti raining down on you. It is absolutely joyous, chaotic, and colorful. It is also full of emotion. It really is amazing! And often, the most stunning wedding photographs come from this one particular moment. The Italians of the Medieval Era invented the practice of scattering confetti. Confetti, which was sugared almond candies, was thrown at processions, parades, and carnivals. It was tossed at weddings as a symbol of fertility and wealth. Over the years, people have tossed grains, seeds, and rice. Additionally, modern techniques have included the employment of compressor cannons as well as paper confetti, shredded paper, freeze-dried flower petals, and paper confetti. If you love the happy colorful and celebratory vibe that confetti provides, we have all the tips and ideas to add this lovely element to your special day! 


Steps to Using Confetti in Your Wedding


Before you start using confetti on your wedding day there are certain things that you should take into consideration. We have listed down some of the things you should look into before you start planning your wedding.


  • Choose the right kind The confetti comes in many hues and sizes. Small petals from wildflowers or delphiniums are ideal for tossing since they are fragile and fall to the ground lightly. The smaller the petals, the more time your photographer will have to capture the perfect moment. Don't worry; if you have your heart set on a color that can only be found in bigger blossoms, you may add some of them to smaller ones, which will also give your photographs a nice textured aspect.


  • Choose the right color While you may want to choose colors that complement or contrast with your wedding's theme, keep in mind where your photos will be shot as well. Is the backdrop bright or dark? Select hues that will stand out. For instance, if you are utilizing church walls as a backdrop, light hues will seem better in a picture. For a big color splash, try deeper hues like Cadbury purple or cerise pink against a light background or open areas.


  • Decide how much you will need Knowing how much confetti you'll need will depend on the style of photo you want, such as a delicate one or one with lots of petals. Make sure you have enough for everyone to toss for a complete shot; one or two generous handfuls per person will do. One handful of each pair will be ideal for a more delicate picture. Make sure you have enough confetti, depending on the number of visitors, as only half of your guests will typically toss it. 


  • Discuss your confetti shot To get a feel of their style, ask your photographer to show you some of their earlier work. Discuss your expectations for your confetti picture with them, and as they are likely familiar with the wedding venue, ask them where they believe would be the perfect place for your special confetti moment. They'll be able to talk to you about your alternatives based on the time of day, the lighting, and the surroundings.


  • Explain to your guests Although it may seem easy, there is only one opportunity to catch the ideal confetti moment, and tossing is the key. Ask your guests to stand near one another and toss their confetti as high as possible in order to create the ideal flutter. Assign a bridesmaid or usher to organize the shoot. You don't want folks tossing confetti in your face directly!


  • Throw high Ask your photographer to shoot the image from a ladder or another high location to guarantee they can fit everyone in if you want your confetti photograph to capture the whole moment where you are surrounded by all of your guests tossing confetti. Taking the picture from a higher position will give you an intriguing aspect because you will probably be staring up at your confetti.


  • Check with your location Now that you've determined where you believe you want your confetti to go, you need to confirm with your venue or venues that it's okay. Confetti is disliked by many venues and churches because it makes a mess that has to be cleaned up. For instance, many churches have back-to-back weddings on Saturdays and just lack the resources to clean things up. Additionally, certain churches and venues may not want specific flowers tossed because they could stain the flooring or because some tiny types of confetti are difficult to clean up. So inquire with your venues to find out whether they approve of it and if they have a preferred brand of confetti or other throws.


  • Consider the surroundings Confetti and other decorations create a mess but look fantastic in pictures. Please only use natural flowers and plants or biodegradable confetti. Consider people and the environment if you're doing it at a place that's open to the public rather than inside a building or church. Choose a spot that will be simple to clean up. Using an outside vacuum is one of the finest methods to remove confetti fast and simply. You may always assemble a cleaning team made up of a few of your friends to assist with the cleanup. Just let them know that they may have free beer all night long at the reception.


  • Narrow down your choices White confetti may sometimes be obscured by the sky and backdrop, depending on the setting, the background, and the time of day. However, white confetti would look stunning against a church's darker sandstone walls. Additionally, you may plan flower tosses with your florist. They may then coordinate the petals with your bouquet and the overall design and concept of your wedding. Use confetti that compliments you and the style of your wedding. Metallic confetti in glitzy colors is ideal for a sophisticated metropolitan wedding. Choose confetti that complements your rustic, rural wedding theme if you're having one.


Ideas for Using Confetti in Your Wedding


  • Confetti stationery The easiest way to infuse a theme into the wedding day is with paper goods. The wedding invitation, along with other stationeries included in the wedding day like the seating chart table numbers, the menu, etc. are some of the ways that you can infuse confetti into your wedding day. You will find that there are numerous different color combinations when it comes to using confetti in your stationary whether you want to go for something simple like black, gold, and white or you want to amp it up and go all colors. 


  • Add to balloons Using confetti-sprinkled balloons makes your first public appearance as a married pair more exciting and joyful. Your creativity is the only limitation since balloons are inexpensive and available in a wide range of colors. Of course, the environment is our first priority, therefore we only advise using 100% biodegradable balloons. As you pass them, don't forget to fill them with helium and let your visitors release them. Balloons, when released into the air, are no less than confetti dotting the sky!


  • Confetti with sparkles Use glitter in your confetti to give it a little more glitz. You may give people glitter sachets or glitter paper that has been punched into whatever form you wish, including metallic shapes like hearts. If glitter is not the way you want to go, you can go for metallic hues in colors like gold, rose gold, or silver, and it will add a lovely sparkle to your confetti when released into the air.


  • Confetti dress Nothing compares to avoiding genuine confetti while donning a bridal gown with confetti-inspired details. There are various ways you can add confetti-inspired details to your wedding dress whether it is with tiny sparkly sequins, glitter details, or clever overlays. Wearing confetti in your dress is a fun way to embrace the theme. 


  • Confetti cake A colorful confetti confection is clearly going to take your confetti-themed wedding to a whole new level. If bright neon confetti is not really your thing, you can go for calming, pastel hues to make it feel more grown-up. You can also go for a cascading four-tier confection that looks like you brought it through the exit toss tunnel. Alternatively, you can have a confetti birthday cake look which offers a similar celebratory vibe to the cake!


  • Bright sprinkle Dress up your table for the occasion with colorful sprinklings of confetti! This is an easy way to invite color and your confetti theme into the reception area. Add a splash of color, and multisized confetti to a simple place setting. Additionally, a table runner that seems to have been strewn with confetti can add a touch of whimsy to your table setting.


  • Photo backdrop Confetti is an easy way to add color to your wedding day photography. Wedding day details captured in flat lays get a new life when pictured against the three-dimensional backdrop of confetti. This makes confetti an amazing photography prop. So when your wedding photographer is taking that bridal bouquet shot, or capturing the wedding day details, let them use the confetti to add to the vibe of the wedding!


  • Confetti bar Why not make dispersing confetti a whole fun activity of its own? Set up a confetti station at your wedding as this couple did. Invite guests to create their own confetti bouquets, which are ideal for throwing during your first dance or your grand exit. The colorful confetti showcased in glass canisters in our wedding colors will also make them a fun decor element for the wedding day!


  • Kids table A confetti-themed children's table, complete with glitter-covered water bottles and sparkling love balloons, will pique your flower girl's curiosity and the interest of any other kids on the guest list. Kids tend to get bored at weddings and having a fun-filled kid's table will keep them entertained and also out of their parent’s way! 


  • Confetti cones Why not build your own confetti cones at home as well if you want to achieve the ultimate confetti shot and are prepared to break out the craft supplies? You may still purchase our loose confetti in quantity and organize your wedding party to create some handcrafted, adorable confetti cones. You can craft their cones out of paper doilies, which are easily found online and provide the presentation with an antique touch. You may also use whatever extra card or paper you have lying around your house. If you want to be really inventive, you could even use that old roll of wallpaper that has been stashed away in a cupboard's back for years. If you love reading, you may use the pages to create literary cones; alternatively, if you love music, you could substitute musical sheets.


  • Punch paper confetti By combining gorgeous paper and shapes to create your confetti, you may give the conventional confetti notion a creative touch. Even better, use fabric with a design you like! Gathering your bridesmaids or friends for a confetti punch evening where you provide the food and wine and they provide their wedding enthusiasm is a simple and enjoyable way to do this wedding duty.


  • Paper airplanes Are you and your partner avid travelers? Put your paper-folding prowess to use by making a ton of vibrant paper aircraft for your visitors to fly. Everyone attending the wedding will find this departure concept amusing, and it should lead to some friendly rivalry to see who can fly the highest and furthest.


  • Wedding confetti according to the seasons  If you're having a winter wedding, you may still have that stunning confetti sprayed within your ceremony space. You can go for lightweight and flurry confetti which lands like the snow and it will make a fabulous ambiance. For a spring wedding, you can go for flower petals instead, and fall leaves for a fall wedding! Making the confetti seasonal will ensure that you and your guests have an immersive experience.


  • Pom poms Being showered with pom poms as you leave your venue will add a touch of whimsical joy to your special day. These little small accents are a colorful and affordable way to liven up your wedding ceremony departure. A word of advice: even if huge ones look wonderful, you definitely don't want to be hit in the face by a softball-sized massive pom pom so go small!


  • Ceremony confetti What better way to complete your wedding ceremony than with confetti? Consider handing out confetti bags for your guests as they arrive for the ceremony and have them throw the confetti at you right when your officiant announces you are both married. You can walk down the aisle to the reception venue as your guests cheer and rain down the confetti!


Sustainable Confetti Alternatives

We love confetti tosses as much as the next person! It's a very enjoyable, joyous wedding celebration moment that always makes us grin. However, it's not surprising that more and more couples are looking for environmentally friendly, biodegradable alternatives to the customary wedding confetti given that so many are considering how their wedding will affect the environment. There are many wonderful eco-friendly confetti alternatives available, which is fantastic news for both you and Mother Nature! Check out the list below for some confetti options which are not really confetti!


  • Dried petals of flowers  Eco-friendly, freeze-dried flowers are a great alternative to traditional bridal confetti if you're seeking a sustainable option. You may ask your florist to get dried flower confetti, purchase it online, or make your own confetti by drying flowers in the months before the wedding. One of our favorite, simple, and affordable wedding DIYs is making your own eco-friendly confetti out of dried flowers


  • Leaves  Throwing leaves at newlyweds might have a lovely confetti effect! For an autumn or winter wedding, pick golden dried leaves like beech, ash, and maple. You may also choose fresh leaves like olive, oak, or eucalyptus. Choose a sturdy leaf, use a hole punch to create little circles from it, and presto, your very own all-natural confetti is ready! For your big day, one leaf will provide a lot of confetti pieces that you may use right away or let dry. environmentally friendly and economical for your wedding!


  • Biodegradable confetti There are now several types of biodegradable confetti available that have the same festive sensation as traditional confetti but are much healthier for the environment. Most biodegradable confetti items are natural, produced from dried flowers or dye-free materials that are compostable or water-soluble, and are composed of eco-friendly blends. This implies that if the confetti throw is outside, you may not need to pick it up, however, you should always check with your venue beforehand.


  • Lavender Who doesn't like lavender's aroma? We like the concept of having lavender confetti thrown to serve as your wedding's unique aroma! A word of caution though—it may be challenging to handle this one!


  • Herbs  We believe dried herb send-offs are a fantastic, eco-friendly substitute for confetti, which is currently popular. Just picture a sunny summer day with the aroma of fresh rosemary or dried mint floating through the air during a holiday gathering. Just be careful to choose herbs that are safe for humans to consume. At the conclusion of the ceremony, place them in customized wedding cones or envelopes for attendees to spread, or you could even set up a confetti station so visitors may create their own herb combination!


  • Old-time bells  Some couples choose the chimes of small tinkling bells over conventional confetti, which is perhaps the prettiest alternative to wedding confetti! To make this choice even more environmentally friendly, we advise finding old bells as opposed to purchasing new ones. If you'd want, you may ask visitors to take them home as favors.


  • Fresh flower petals  Use fresh flowers, such as rose petals, for your wedding confetti throw if you absolutely must be showered with flowers. Fresh flower petals biodegrade quickly and offer a lot of colors, much like dried petals and leaves. To add more color and texture, you may even use a few little fresh flower heads, such as hydrangea, delphiniums, or daisies. Although it is one of the more expensive choices on our list, the result is incredibly gorgeous!


  • Bird seed  The practice of using birdseed at weddings predates confetti and is said to have originated in ancient Rome. It is a lovely, eco-friendly substitute for confetti since it promotes biodiversity by promoting the development of wildflowers. Just be sure to get real bird seed that's appropriate for local birds and for a confetti throw - no dried insects, please!


  • Baby's breath  Gypsophila, often known as baby's breath, has delicate, white, fluffy blooms that are ideal for confetti throws. Baby's breath may work well for a traditional, contemporary, or rustic wedding since it is readily available and a great global flower. To obtain beautiful organic, fluffy white pom poms, just pluck or cut the buds off the stems.


  • Seed paper confetti  A unique and eye-catching approach to include sustainability into your wedding confetti throw is using seed paper confetti. To produce a rainbow confetti shower, you may go with a colorful blend or a neutral mixture.


  • Bubbles Blow bubbles instead of confetti, why not? Blowing bubbles is a reasonably inexpensive and eco-friendly substitute for confetti; they are attractive in pictures and leave no trace. Just be aware that single-use plastic is often included in bubble sets, so if you're trying to minimize waste, you may want to consider using glass jars or creating your own instead. There are many fantastic wedding bubbles that you could use with repurposed glass jars, and you will also find a handy homemade bubble mixture recipe. Just be sure to inform your bridal shop how your wedding dress will respond to water beforehand; for instance, bubbles are not advised since they would leave water stains on the silk.


Nothing says “let's have a party” like confetti and we can't imagine a life event being celebrated without it. While they might be extremely difficult to clean up and not the best for the environment, they add to the ambiance and the celebration in a way no other decor element could. There is a reason there are so many biodegradable options available nowadays for confetti, as it does the same drop without damage. If you always associated confetti with a celebration, it is only natural you will want to include it on your wedding day. We hope this blog was able to provide you with all the options available in and around confetti.


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