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Week-End Wedding Resources: November 27th, 2020


Can you feel it? There is magic in the air, and sure, it might be the festivities, but it might also be love! Weddings in the colder weather have a charm of their own, as you get together with your special ones and take your partner by the hand and announce them as yours for eternity to come. It is no surprise that many couples chose the fall and winter as their preferred time to propose to their loved ones or to get married. The world wears a frosty veil which is so enchanting, it feels like you have slipped into a magical wonderland. The air is nippy and being near your special person feels cozier than ever, and with the magic of festivities swirling around you like cottony snow, and the warmth of love keeping you safe and cozy from the wild elements, colder weather lends all the natural tools to make you want to couple up and make a hearth and home of your own! Whether you are a winter bride counting down days for your red-marked date on the calendar, or you just got engaged and are planning a wedding later down the lane, there is something about planning a wedding in this cozy weather that comes with its own special allure. We are here again, as always, to bring to you some wedding planning resources online to help you plan your wedding and prepare for that special day!


So you have been planning your special day for months now, and it is finally around the corner! The countdown is officially on, and you think you are ready! While it is possible that you have already checked a whole bunch of things off your list, these are the seven things that you might want to get in a row before the special day arrives. From important documentations to planning the tips for the vendors, there are little things that can help you feel prepared for the big day ahead! Read on to find out more!

Seven Things You Should Do Seven Days Ahead of Your Wedding

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Wishing on a fallen star to get engaged soon? Or buying a ring for a special someone instead? If you are anticipating an engagement in the near future, these are the few things that you might want to keep in mind when it comes to ring shopping! With COVID in the air, things have changed quite a bit when it comes to engagement ring shopping, and here is what you can expect!

5 Ways Engagement Ring Shopping Has Changed Since COVID-19

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Talking about budget while planning a wedding might be quite a party pooper, but it is extremely essential for you to keep in mind, especially when you are embarking on a new journey together. While it’s easy to set a budget and trying to stick to it while you plan your dream wedding, it is also understandable how one thing leads to another and soon you find yourself crossing your wedding budget-by a lot! Let us go through some of the common reasons why couples exceed their budgets so that you can keep your eye out for what to expect.

The Six Most Common Reasons Why Couples Go Over Their Wedding Budgets

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With a pandemic pouring cold water over the wedding plan of many couples, new wedding terminologies have come into the picture. “Sequel wedding” is one such term that you might find yourself hearing often. Essentially it is nothing but a second ceremony and celebration which follows a much smaller ceremony or a micro wedding that took place on the originally intended wedding date. It is part two, a way to undo and redo a corona wedding, and here is everything that you need to know about it!

The Sequel Wedding: What It Is and How to Plan Two Unique Ceremonies

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Planning for a wedding in the cozy colder months of the year? We love the festive flair and the magic in the air, but bringing the same elements to your wedding decor can be a little tricky! Bring in the cozy into your winter wedding dreams by amping up your decor in the most perfect ways. We are talking cozy fires, romantic ice skating, and quiet walks on the snowy pathways. Bring in the romance of the snowy wonderland and the enchanting festivities into your special day and create your own special winter wonderland! Give this article a read!

21 Romantic Ways to Decorate for Your Winter Wedding

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While we are not advocating in favor of a pandemic, we can’t deny that it is seldom the disasters that bring people closer and makes the impossible happen! Read on to find out how Annie and Bryan turn the lemons into sweet lemonade and make the limitations brought about COVID work in their favor. What they have left is a wedding which seems like it is stolen from a 90s rom-com, and we love it!

Change of Plans: COVID-19 Gave Me the Rom-Com Ending I Always Wanted

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War or peace, in sickness or in health (we are looking at you COVID!), love finds its way and flows through everything with an ancient grace and wisdom. It will make all the wrongs right and will find a way to triumph even in the face of danger, and weddings of 2020 are a testimony to that. If you are a brave bride who is planning a wedding in the middle of a pandemic, we understand how it can sometimes be draining, definitely not a word you want to use for wedding planning, but we encourage you to go ahead and make those notes and get those things done because when that special day rolls around, love will set everything right, as love does!


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