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Weekly Wedding Resources: November 13th, 2020


With Halloween behind us, November welcomes us with open arms with a festive undercurrent in everything. The vibe is celebratory, the air is nippy and cozy, and the collective mood is like helium balloons on a breezy sunny day-giddy, restless and happy! The “best time of the year” is officially here, and for the first first time in the whole of this year, we can finally breathe easy and smile openly. With so many festivities lying ahead, November and December promise a lovely time ahead, but that is not all the reason we have to be happy. This aside from being the season of festivities, it is also the season of love-of heartfelt proposals, and endearing weddings! Whether you just got proposed to, or you have your wedding day coming up in the coming months, wedding planning as the world around you is celebrating is an exhilarating experience. If you have a wedding in the cards and planning towards a very special day, we are here with just the resources you need. Read on for wedding planning gems from around the winding lanes of the world wide web. 


Bridal Showers are those fun get-togethers that exhibit a sense of kinship in the bride-to-be’s ecosystem, enabling her to get excited for the wedding ahead. It allows the girl gang to chill and unwinds before the big event, and for the wedding party to connect and celebrate. It also opens up a lot of opportunities for several fun activities and games for the girls to partake in. Browse through some of the fun creative ideas to host the perfect bridal showers, whether it for a close friend who is getting married, or for yourself!


Bridal Shower Games and Activities That Are Actually Fun

via Martha Stewart


Oh, winters! Crisp apples and cable knits, and of course-weddings! There is something about winter weddings which just warms up even the coldest of days with its sheer warmth and brilliance. If you and your partner are planning for a fun and cozy winter wedding, this is just the article you should read! Host your picture-perfect winter wonderland wedding with a load of nifty and inspiring ideas-from barn vibes to celestial touches. Take out your notepad and scribble away!


63 Ideas For the Ultimate Winter Wonderland Wedding

via The Knot


What is it about cute mobile kiosks and stalls which makes our hearts go “aww” in unison? Delightfully vintage yet surprisingly current, grabbing your wedding cocktails from a mobile bar says “cool” in a dozen different languages! From vintage campers to horse carriages, the options are endless, each cuter than the last. Bars on wheels are admittedly the cutest things we have seen in a long while and we can’t get enough of them. Adding a bit of quirk to a regular wedding, mobile bars add character to your special day. 


The 16 Cutest Mobile Bars for Your Wedding

via Green Wedding Shoes


A wedding ceremony is more than just exchanging wedding bands and saying “ I do”, it comes with a lot of meaning behind it. Each word of the vow is carefully chosen and promised to be valid “forever”. The rings forever bind the duo into an infinite loop of love, and to add to the sentimental value of the ceremony, there are several different sentimental unity ceremonies which couples partake in. A simple activity that brings hope for tomorrow and symbolizes the unity of two souls, a unity ceremony activity can be deeply sentimental and bear a lot of meaning for a couple. If you are looking for inspiration, this article talks about some sweet unity ceremony ideas that will have your heart. 


15 Sweet and Sentimental Unity Ceremony Ideas

via June Bug Weddings


Wedding decor is a delicate dance of several small and big elements that come together to create harmony. Wedding table setting is a small albeit important part of this dance and can bear a huge impact. Not only are these important and informative, but they also add to the overall wedding decor which flows through the venue. If you are looking for some inspiring ways to display your table numbers on your wedding day, rather than a simple paper card, read on to be wowed! 


15 Unique Wedding Table Numbers We'll Help You Recreate

via The Knot


The glitter settles, and the vacation tan is fading away, and you can’t help gawking dreamily at your wedding portraits. While you must have several photo frames begging to be filled with your wedding pictures, here are some fun ways to display your wedding photos in some inspiring and unexpected ways. Let that newly-wed glow reflect off of your space for a long while, even when the wedding is over, and these ideas are the perfect balance of classy and sentimental(without being cheesy)!


How to Incorporate Wedding Photos into Your Home

via Zola


November leaves one grabbing for things that warm our bodies and souls! Whether it is a bowl of butternut squash soup pair with crispy buttered bread, or it is the retro Christmas playlist from the likes of Doris Day and Bing Crosby, whether it is baking cookies with your loved one, or reading a book which takes you on a wild and winding adventure to a land far away, this is the time to feed your soul and do what feels good. With a wedding to look forward to, you must already be finding yourself in wistful daydreams throughout the day, counting down days on your fingertips. So ride that wave of wedding planning wholeheartedly, and let yourself dream, plan, and paint out the perfect wedding day just the way you want it. Hunt down that perfect dress, DIY those dainty little candle holders, and sample-match the decor perfectly, and the spirit of the holiday will aptly wind your fire! While you plan for that perfect day, we will drop by to leave you with some fresh finds every few weeks to help your wedding planning journey!


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