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Ever After Farms Ranch Wedding Barn Wedding Photos

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Ever After Farms Ranch Wedding Barn- the start line of your happily ever after!

Everyone dreams of how their wedding will look like, whether they admit it or not. Every girl’s dream of a wedding destination differs, even if by a tad bit. While there are some who dream of wedding venues with a stately mansion and dreamy staircases, the kind which is classy and elegant and fancy and will make you feel like a princess in one of those Disney movies. Some like to be enveloped by nature, with light peeking in through the green leaves and birds chirping as they say the two magical words of promise. Some might also dream of running away to the white beaches and turquoise waters and let the salty breeze run through their hair as they promise their togetherness. And then there are some wedding barns which look like they have been cut out from a scene of an Enid Blyton book, complete with rolling hillocks and flowers and romantic trees swinging above you as you say ‘I do’. The kind of farm which is alive with fresh produce and invigorating with the panoramic views which continue for miles. This is surely a kind of wedding venue which leaves your heart full of joy and as you dance away till the wee hours, you knew you couldn’t have asked for any place better!

If getting married in Miami is your dream, we can't applaud your choice more! A charming city by the water, filled with gorgeous beaches, art deco vintage buildings, a bustling nightlife, and tons of nautical elements, what better place to tell your eternal love story than beside the flowing water and against the setting sun? The city of Miami spans 56 square miles and lies in the middle of the Everglades and Biscayne Bay, and the gorgeous skyline of Miami is the third highest in the country. Whether you are all in for romance, or you love the bustling vibrancy of activities like deep-sea fishing, the city is young, and up for anything! Full of idyllic wedding locations, this city will not disappoint in the retelling of your love story in pretty pictures, and our skilled Miami wedding photographers will capture your romance in the most perfect frames.

Speaking of idyllic wedding venues, Ever After Farms, the name which serves Florida’s most scenic barn wedding venues and favorite family farms for a blueberry, peach, and grape u-pick destination and is a name that most brides-to-be are familiar with. The Ever After Farms has several different farms and event spaces spread everywhere, and two of the most popular ones are the Blueberry and Peach Farms are nuzzled in the Central Florida area, along with the farming community of Mims, which is conveniently situated just 50 minutes from downtown Orlando, Daytona Beach, Deltona, Melbourne, and Palm Bay. On the other hand, the South Florida Horse Ranch in Indiantown is just a short drive from Port St. Lucie and West Palm Beach and easily approachable from Ft Lauderdale and Miami, while the North Florida Grape Vineyard is perfect for the lovebirds in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Ocala, and Gainesville.

The Blueberry Farm, one of the more familiar farms under Ever After Farms, boasts more than 30,000 blueberry bushes organized in neat rows over 17 acres. With endless fields of tart blueberries, outlined by towering trees and the perfectly trimmed grass carpet leveled out for you to wander barefoot on, this location is the one out from the most far-fetched dreams. The area also covers a pond and a gorgeous White Wedding Barn just a brief walk away from the blueberry farm lies the Peach Farm which is spread out across 10 acres and is just as perfect as the Blueberry Farm. If you have your heart set on a spring wedding, anywhere between mid-April to May, you might be lucky enough to witness the berry shrubs loaded with deliciousness and can apparently even pick your own blueberries and peaches.

The outdoor ceremony space is quite a grand sight to take in, with its gigantic oak tree providing just the ideal spot for you and your partner to swap your vows. The 120-year-old oak tree, of course, takes the much-deserved center stage, as it presents quite a dramatic and romantic backdrop for you and your partner to say ‘I do’ against. There is a procurement for outdoor seating for up to 200 people and the rustic pergola, the rustling air, and the lush greenery spread out everywhere make this an excellent place for your wedding ceremony to occur. 

The Ever After Farms Blueberry Barn provides a peaceful and romantic vineyard-like setting, carrying the perfect set for your wedding day. After the wedding ceremony is over, the covered patio area might be ideal for the guests to mingle in and have a cocktail or two, as they wait at the wedding reception to be initiated soon. The space is perfect for sipping a cold one as the day melts into the night and the patio lights will illuminate the area, adding to the celebratory vibe. While there is so much greenery all around, the barn in itself is the perfect picture of charm that stands out pretty from the spread of greenery. This makes the perfect destination for your picturesque barn wedding and the location couldn’t be any more flawless. Compete with facilities like full AC/Heat, and the most charming decor, the barn guarantees a good time spent with your friends and family. This is just the perfect reception area which will be able to entertain up to 200 people. Rich and beautiful with striking chandeliers and an expansive area decorated with the various aesthetic touches, the interiors of the barn will provide a wide variety of scope for your wedding photographers in and around Miami to capture some marvelous clicks. The welcoming tones of the barn and the subtle yet rustic-glam decor are in perfect juxtaposition from the white exteriors and welcome you in with warmth and revelry. Along with the reception area lies the Bridal Suite which comes with in-room access to a bathroom and a Groom Suite with a big screen TV and pool table, which open up many possibilities for your bachelor parties. 

In the midst of the wedding buzz, when time allows, you and your partner might want to sneak out for some pictures as your Miami wedding photographer seizes you in the most stunning settings. As the vineyard-like background of the blueberry field is a popular choice, some of our personal favorites are by the pond in the white boat. The 1956 Studebaker Truck and rustic tractor are perfect for those rustic vintage-inspired shots that are timeless and have a classic appeal. You might want to capture a romantic moment by the mossy oak tree, as you sit on a swing under it and pose with your partner! It is the epitome of romance right there. The stunning Cinderella Carriage and the idyllic windmill are just the perfect additives to the already perfect setting. The locations offer so many dreamy nooks and corners for you to investigate, it is nearly limitless. 

Ever After Farms not only offers the most unusual landscapes for a couple, but it also offers a mixture of services in their packages, making those little details correlated with wedding planning an easy peasy process which will be taken care of by the hard-working staff members. The great thing about the staff members is that they prioritize making your wedding day a seamless turn of events and do everything that needs to be done in the background to make that happen without any observed hiccups. Having such a competent staff at hand, there is no way that your wedding day will be anything less than utterly perfect. 

Each of the wedding locations under Ever After Farms exhibit the same rustic integrity and romantic sensibility as this location. The sights of the fragrant farms yielding fruits and the barn which secure a good time ahead. There is something grounding yet uplifting in a barn wedding and Ever After Farms does true justice to the vibe. Each of their locations is as pretty, serene, and visually stunning as the last, promising a momentous ceremony to the couple in love and a good time to the guests.

Getting married in the gorgeous extension of Ever After Farms, the blueberry farms, is an experience that will forever have you thinking back in fondness. It gives the couple and the guests a piece of heaven in the middle of the random everyday life, cherry in the cake, a choco-chip in the cookie. It lets one escape and take in the solace and the magic that the environment provides. With such a unique wedding venue being a part of your wedding day, you will have nothing but good memories to look back on. The acres of blueberry bushes bearing luscious fruit waiting to picked, the white barn which rises amidst the farm like an oasis, the gorgeous pond with the achingly romantic white boat, and the oak tree which brings with it decades of perspicacity, the location is a treasure trove of sights and sounds which are a treat to your senses. As the last of guests leave, and you and your partner sit by the oak tree, thinking back about the evening, you can be sure of one thing that every one of your guests has had a great time and was leaving with a smile on their faces. Isn't that what is a sign of a good wedding- love in the heart and smile on the lips?

Ever After Farms Ranch Wedding Barn

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