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A Purely Romantic and Mystical Wedding Ambiance At The Farmhouse Calls You To Host Your Houston Wedding

They say of all the days in your life, your happiest days go by the fastest. So, you can imagine how fast your wedding day would go by! Wouldn’t you want to save as many precious moments from this day as possible? With us, you can relax and enjoy the best day of your life while we save all the moments for you! And just like how you put your trust in our Houston wedding photographers, trust The Farmhouse to make all your wedding dreams come true! The Farmhouse has been witnessing the stepping of newly engaged couples of Houston and its suburbs into marital bliss since its establishment in 2017. It is a classic rustic Houston wedding venue for any kind of wedding - intimate or large

Located in the countryside in Montgomery, The Farmhouse provides a rustically-romantic wedding experience away from the hustle-bustle of city life. It is conveniently located a short distance from Houston, The WoodlandsConroeBrenham, and College Station. This spectacular Houston wedding venue houses a gorgeous white barn, a courtyard, a wrap-around porch, suites for both wedding parties to get ready in, a chapel, a beautiful pond. The Farmhouse can host all kinds of weddings ranging from an intimate count of 50 guests to a large count of 300 guests. Not only that, but The Farmhouse also serves newly engaged couples based in the suburbs of Houston like The Woodlands, Sugar LandKatyFriendswood, Clear Lake, PearlandCinco RanchGreatwood, Nassau Bay, Spring Valley Village, Seabrook, Bellaire, Sienna, Meadows Place, and many more. 

From the moment you and your partner decide to get married, your mind gets bombarded with so many things. Starting from your bridal gown, the bridesmaids’ dresses, the cuisine,  that perfect invite which will set the tone for your wedding, to the decor and theme of your wedding, the list is long but definitely doable! Have you picked a wedding date yet? Well, your wedding date also depends on so many factors such as the venue of your dreams being available on that day, your loved ones’ availability, and the season you wish to get married in. Be it the pastels of a summer wedding or the deep hues of a winter wedding, or even a thanksgiving touch to a wedding around that time, it all requires a lot of planning.

Coming to the wedding venue, finding the perfect wedding venue in Houston not only makes your wedding dreams come alive but also brings out the spirit of your wedding celebrations. Houston is a vibrant city bustling with southern charm and rich cultural and historical vibes. The Farmhouse is a wedding venue in Houston and its suburbs that blends style and the urban culture with scenic beauty that’s so astounding that it’ll leave your guests awestruck and leave you looking at your wedding photos in awe!  

This rustic chic wedding venue in Houston is a great place to step into the marital bliss with your life partner and beautifully document this transition in the form of artistic and soulful wedding photos captured by our Houston suburbs wedding photographers. Looking every bit like a work of art, your The Farmhouse wedding photography would be your passageway to hop back into time and relive your wedding day. You’d love to flaunt your The Farmhouse wedding photos captured by the talented team at George Street Photo & Video in a ‘this-is-how-it’s-done’ expression!  

Let’s explore more of the features and facilities at The Farmhouse to familiarize you with this one-of-a-kind wedding venue in Houston and its suburbs. 

This country-inspired wedding venue, which is home to an angelic-white barn, boasts waterfront property and boundless photography options! We assure you that when you sneak out from your wedding party to take a few shots, you won’t want to stop! 

The Farmhouse provides the gorgeous bride and groom suites where you can indulge in having your pre-wedding photography. Allow ourHouston wedding photographers to capture you and your partner as you both exchange your first look against the backdrop of lush landscape, overlooking the river. 

Picture this setting - as your partner looks at you walking down the aisle in the 2,800-square feet chapel overlooking the serene pond, feeling like the luckiest man on earth, our Houston wedding photographers capture all his priceless expressions! Wouldn’t you simply love looking at that forever? Slowly, you join him under the wedding arbor, that you both have meticulously designed, and feel like the skies are smiling at you. Your wedding vows just add to the eternal beauty of the moment and lend more romance to the settings. And while all this happens, the sun shines on you a little brighter and warmer - the glow is unparalleled. Our Houston wedding photographers love capturing candid moments of your wedding ceremony under such lustrous natural light as it transforms into an unmatched radiance in your wedding photos. The breathtaking views of the 45 acres of rolling hills and private lake leave your guests spellbound and at that moment, you’d give a little pat on your own back for choosing this wedding venue to celebrate your happiest day! Did you like the picture that we painted? And this is only an imagination, you can feel all of this in real life at The Farmhouse. 

Before you head for your wedding ceremony, allow our Houston wedding photographer to capture you two as you share your first look or even a no-look first look. The landscape, the water, and the natural light form a spectacular combination and would look stunning in your wedding album! 

Picture yourself cutting your wedding cake in the 10,000 square feet of gorgeous white reception space at the Barn, the natural light brightening up the whole place, giving your Houston wedding photographer the perfect setting to take stunning shots of your wedding ceremony! Surrounded by your loved ones against the mystically white interiors of the barn. The natural glow will be visible in all your wedding photography, at some places even creating a halo-effect. Imagine all this against a perfect backdrop of green land and contrasting blues of the water! 

The Barn has everything you need to have a uniquely memorable wedding- breathtaking views, elegance, luxurious whimsical decor, impeccable service, and an intimate wedding setting. So you’ll be away from the cacophony of the busy city, surrounded by solitude and gorgeous skies, totally unbothered in your own happy bubble! 

Have you thought about a wedding theme? A vintage-theme looks stunning on your wedding photography and transforms the wedding photos into timeless and classic images. To give your wedding a vintage feel, you could use various elements in it in the form of wedding accents. Check out our blog for more ideas. To match the elegance of the interiors of the barn, you could opt for a timeless wedding cake. Click here for ideas. You could also try out a unique wedding seating that suits your style, check out our blog to explore more. How about taking the glam quotient a notch higher by introducing some glitter in the decor and wedding details. Imagine you both, drenched in the happiness of your wedding, dancing to your carefully curated song list that is perfect for the romantic and celebratory mood. The round soft chandeliers add to the dreaminess while the all-white interiors set an uber mushy tone. And such moments are where time simply freezes. You wish for it to never end and just keep dancing to the tune of love forever, with all your loved ones around you, where everyone is glowing with the idea of love, happiness, and celebrations! It’s this moment when you want all these romantic moments to stay with you for life and our Houston wedding photographers know that pretty well. Trust our professional wedding photographers to capture these precious once-in-a-lifetime moments while you revel in the celebrations of your big day. Let that feeling of being newlywed sink in. 

Post the wedding ceremony, you can get wedding portraits captured with your family and friends as the sun lends a stunning glow. You can grab all your bridesmaids, who have been waiting to get portraits clicked with the bride and let our wedding photographer capture all the nuances of friendship. How about letting go a bit and celebrating your friendship like how you always have! After all, this was the moment you all were eagerly waiting for! From selfies to wedding portraits, you’ll realize that life’s come a long way. It goes without saying that it’s also an ideal time to take portraits with groom and groomsmen. Here are some interesting ways to capture groomsmen. 

The surreal sunset casts a beautiful spell on the wedding vibes in amber and red hues - another great time for timeless wedding photography. And we absolutely love silhouette photography against such magnificent backdrops. As the sun goes for slumber, the whole setting is transformed into a glittering resplendence, with lights and stars shimmering all over! 

As we mentioned earlier, many couples are opting for wedding portraits to be captured before the wedding ceremony so that they can fully partake in the cocktail hour. However, if you do not wish to do so, you could get some couple-wedding-portraits right after the ceremony or during the cocktail hour. When all your guests are busy enjoying themselves, you and your husband can sneak out for a bit! How about stealing a few moments just for yourselves. Take to the gardens and let our wedding photographers capture the effervescence of your new-found marital status. We absolutely recommend the bride and the groom to find some escape to let the magical feeling of being newly married sink in, in complete solitude. And while you both cherish those precious moments, your The Farmhouse wedding photos would get the most romantic photos of the day. 

Houston has now been glamorized by sky-high skyscrapers, lavish restaurants, and a bustling nightlife. Whether you are hip and trendy, a nature-loving, or a traditional couple, Houston and the places around it don’t disappoint. From the lushness of gardens and parks to the rusticity of the ranches, Houston and its suburbs offer lots of photo ops for unforgettable wedding photography.  

If you are seeking more options for your post-wedding photography, in and around Houston, here are a few locations that you can choose from. We bring to you a compiled list of nearby locations where your post-wedding photography will prove to be a trendsetter! So, whether it is an on-the-way-to-your-wedding venue photoshoot or a post-wedding photoshoot on the way back, either way, these locations are a great idea! Moreover, these places make excellent engagement photo locations in Houston and you can have your Houston pre-wedding photography at any of these. Take a look.

Old Town Spring

Located just about 45 minutes from The Farmhouse, Old Town Spring comes at you with an adorable setting that is soft with pastel tones, allowing you to get that romantic engagement shot that you have been dreaming about. Not only is it a perfect amalgamation of rustic and romantic, but this is an ideal Houston engagement location that can also serve as a great post-wedding photography location in Houston. It brings along a vibrant history that dates back to the 1800s, which adds a bit of story and texture to your Houston wedding photography. Home to luscious green grass fields to quaint nature trails and gazebos, rustic commercial areas, water parks to country houses, this location is like a playhouse for your Houston wedding photographers or to create art in. There is a distinct feeling of serenity and historic charm in this location which can do wonders for your wedding photography or engagement photography.

Sam Houston Park

Just an hour away from the wedding venue is Sam Houston Park, which is located in the heart of downtown. The 19-acre park houses some fabulous historic structures and spectacular landscaping. The tree-lined pathways, the serene pond, historic pillars, gazebo, fountains, and a cottage, all make for great photo ops! 

Fernland Historical Park

This one is the nearest. Located just 12 minutes away from the wedding venue, Fernland Historical Park is a place rich in American history and scenic beauty. Boasting Greek revival architecture, lush landscaping, and fields of golden grass bordered by the deep green of the forest, Fernland Historical Park is an ideal place to extend your wedding day and get romantic wedding portraits clicked by our Houston wedding photographers. 

Hermann Park

Located about an hour from the wedding venue, Hermann Park is an area filled with various assortments of picturesque statues, architectural structures, and water bodies, this park comes packed with options when it comes to post-wedding photography and engagement photography. Nestled in an area filled with beautiful houses, one prettier than the other, this location comes as the cherry on the cake. 

White Rock Lake

Now, this is a bit far, but if you wish to get adventurous for your pre-wedding photo session or your post-wedding photo session, it is an amazing choice! If you wish to indulge in a long drive of about three hours, feel free to explore! The White Rock Lake. The lake offers spectacular views of downtown Dallas. There are plenty of photogenic spots for romantic Houston engagement photography, like the trails and benches. To add a little more romance, you could bring along wine and a throw, and cozy up on the docks. It will absolutely get your romance levels high and let our Houston engagement photographer capture your love like a dream! 

Most of the places mentioned above are close to a 45-minute drive. Depending on the timing of your wedding, you could head to any of these locations right after your spectacular wedding exit. However, if you are staying on or the after-party leaves you with very little time for your post-wedding photography, you could simply make the most of this wedding venue. The Farmhouse is not just an ideal place to celebrate the happiest day of your lives but also a photographer’s delight! Witness our Houston wedding photographers capture all the nuances, raw emotions, every little tear, every joy accompanied by smiles and laughter, and relive your wedding day anytime you want! 

We at George Street Photo & Video provide an exceptionally talented wedding photography team and highly competitive packages, starting from USD 1,500. Click to know more about our wide range of wedding photography and video packages by scheduling an appointment with us!

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