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11 Retro Wedding Accents to Inspire the Vintage Lover


Adding retro touches can instantly make your wedding feel timeless. After all, retro accents are the trends of the past that have already been vetted by time. Here are some of our favorite ways to include some glam-from-the-past on your wedding day. 

Touches of Lace
Lace is such a timeless and romantic fabric. Bringing some lace into the accessories for your wedding will make the mood feel more retro. Lace applique hair combs look exquisite in bridal hair. Lace can be included in veils for an old-world feel. We recommend trying a scalloped lace veil. If you're wearing a garter, consider wearing one that's all lace. 

Pearls and Beading
Pearls are a classic to make a retro statement. You can wear pearl jewelry or pearl accents in your hair. If you want to go all in-you can opt for a beaded wedding dress or carry a beaded clutch for the big day. 

Birdcage Veil
Birdcage veils are such a mood. They instantly transport you back in time. Why not rock one for a modern vintage feel?

Cameos are wonderfully old fashioned. You can wear a cameo pin for your wedding for a vintage touch. For a fully Edwardian vibe, you could even pin the cameo to the collar of your high neck dress. 

Flower Crowns
Depending on how they are styled, flower crowns can evoke the American 60s or European folk dress. Whatever vibe you're going for, these crowns feel vibrant and fresh. 

A retro umbrella can make you look like something out of a studio movie. Umbrellas are wonderful for a wedding-- rain or shine. If you see clouds on your wedding day, a couple of umbrellas can liven up the pictures. Or, you can use an umbrella as a parasol to ward off the sun-- how retro. 

T-Strap Shoes
Look like you're ready for a night at the dance club-- ready to try out the Charleston -- with some t-strap shoes. This vintage silhouette is a classic for retro-weddings. 

Art Deco Jewelry
You can go for antique jewelry or vintage-inspired designs. You can mix art deco and geometric jewelry for a look reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties. Art deco is the perfect style for couples who want an antique look for their rings. 

Pocket Watches
Pocket watches are dashing and of-the-past. We love when men rock a vintage timepiece on their wedding day. 

White Jacket
White tuxedo jackets used to be more common fare -- they were often used in the summer. Tap into the style of the past by choosing a white tuxedo jacket (with black lapels? yes please) for the wedding day.

Keep Your Loved Ones Close
You can affix photos of your loved one who have passed away to the bouquet. We love the way these vintage photos include family members who are here in spirit!

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