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2019 Wedding Dress Trends


The Spring 2019 Bridal Shows gave us a sneak peek at what we can expect to be big this year. So, as you plan your bridal dress shopping, here are some things you can expect to see -- other than champagne, which is always a celebratory staple.


This year, tie your wedding dress with a lovely bow. Bows were everywhere in the Spring 2019 bridal shows, and we get it. The perfect sash tied in an exquisite bow can take a dress from like to never-take-me-out-of-it love.

Geometric Lines and Patterns

Geometric lines or patterns can give your wedding dress an art deco feel when paired with other embellishments. We love to see the romantic fabrics often used in wedding dresses paired with the sharp simplicity of a geometric pattern for a dress that is simultaneously modern and timeless.

All Over Shine

Your wedding day is the day you get to shine, so why not do it literally? All-over sparkle is all-over for 2019. Embellished capes pair well with beaded skirts. Pair a beaded or sequin bodice with a light and flowy skirt, or go for full-sparkle that tapers into a mermaid silhouette

Puff Sleeves and Off-The-Shoulder Sleeves

This won't come as too much of a surprise to anyone who watched the meteoric rise of Batsheva dresses last summer, but puffed sleeves are really having a moment. Bridal dresses are getting in on the nineteenth-century inspired fun. If you've always dreamed of using your wedding as an excuse to embrace your inner Anne Shirley or Princess Diana, get excited because this is your year. If you want the old world elegance without the volume, try this year's sister trend of loose, off-the-shoulder sleeves.


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