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The Enchanting Vintage Villa Wedding with a Touch of Magic with a Texas Sunshine!

A wedding is as much of a visual experience as it is an emotional experience. Why else does a couple spend so many hours deciding the perfect shade of white and why there are meltdowns regarding having 12 flowers in the bridal bouquet as opposed to 11 flowers. As one can imagine, details are extremely important in a wedding so that the comprehensive picture on your wedding day is nothing but absolute perfection. Every hairpin, ever sequin in the fold of your dress and every petal of a flower is equally crucial in the creation of that perfect mixture! Sure, at the end of the day it is about two hearts becoming united for life, but it is also probably the only day you can create your specific kind of fairytale, and it is very much worth the effort! While there are various little things that go into the making of the perfect wedding day, one not-so-little element is the wedding venue. A wedding venue is one of the imperative factors of a wedding and can give a language for your wedding and helps you express with more clarity!  

If you and your partner are from the beautiful Austin, the capital city of Texas, you must already have access to some of the most beautiful settings in the country. From its easy southern hospitality to its vibrant and heady mix of music, food, and style, Austin provides just the perfect vibe for a wedding day. From pristine and panoramic views to the upbeat hustle and bustle of big city life, Austin has everything from sprawling vineyards to luxurious ballrooms, historic mansions to rustic barns. If you are looking for tourist attractions like Texas Capitol or Zilker Park or natural oases like the Lake TravisMcKinney Falls State Park, and Barton Creek, there are a lot of exciting locations which will make the perfect picture for our Austin wedding photographers to capture during a stunning engagement photo session or your post-wedding photoshoot. In addition to that, there are a lot of picturesque wedding venues to explore if you are tying the knot in this beautiful city. From luxury-laden ballroom to stunning natural recluses, there are opportunities everywhere. Having this stunning city as the backdrop to your love story will make any background stunning and won’t leave you disheartened for any kind of celebration. From meticulously landscaped grounds, gorgeous sunsets, to aesthetic beauty all around, Austin is a one-of-a-kind wedding photography location waiting to be explored. 

Out of the many gems of wedding venues that Austin homes, one of the brightest stars in the Vintage Villas. A stunning location with a stunning waterfront wedding venue that will take your breath away. Located in Austin, Texas, this beautiful location boasts pristine landscapes and sunny views with the shimmering sheet of water in the background. Situated at the convenient distance of just 30 minutes from the heart of the city, Vintage Villas Hotel and Event Center boasts architectural details penned by the well-known architect Sinclair Black and overlooks the shimmering and refreshing Lake Travis. Adorned with meticulously manicured gardens and awe-inspiring Texas sunsets, a wedding in this location is enough to stimulate an artistic revelation! One of Austin’s crown jewels and a top-rated wedding destination, Vintage Villas Hotel offers award-winning services to ensure that the couples go back to their life with a handful of irreplaceable and beautiful memories in their minds. Every Austin suburbs wedding photographers’ dream wedding venue, this gorgeous location comes with pristine landscapes and a ravishing banquet hall to make all your dreams come true. Romantic views that are clean, crisp, and clutter-free, this is a wedding location that promises that every frame captured on your special day is perfect and refreshingly beautiful.

The story of this wedding venue started with Jack Strong, the Texas State Senator from Longview, who built a successful hotel business by constructing roadside hotels and motels sprinkling throughout Texas. He nurtured the dream of building a gorgeous villa-style hotel that opens its doors to friends and family so that they can come together. He found the most idyllic location on a wide expanse of land overlooking the gorgeous expanse of Lake Travis and witnessing the most gorgeous of sunsets ever, and the deal was sealed. From there, the plan progressed fast as the site was chosen and the design etched by the famous Austin architect Sinclair Black. Later in the year 2000, Thomas Porter, the current owner joined as the General Manager. Coming in with a career in the hotel since he was 18, Thomas worked at the Hilton Hotel while pursuing his education at the University of Texas. His abundant experience in luxury hotels acted as an extra edge which he brought to the Vintage Villas Hotel & Events. Thomas, accompanied by his wife Vicky, who also happens to be in the hospitality profession, seems to be cut out for this job and began making the little transformation to Vintage Villas Hotel & Events, leading it to the way it is right now. 

The gorgeous Vintage Villas Hotel wedding venue can easily accommodate up to 299 guests and you will have two event spaces to choose from, allowing you the opportunity to choose from both the indoors or the outdoors. With whichever option you choose, you and your partner along with all your guests would be stunned by the stunning features offered. No matter where you look, your eyes meet one panoramic view after another, ensuring that every photograph from your wedding day is nothing but pure gold! While the outdoor locations are romantic and full of amazing views, the indoor event spaces are designed with a minimalistic elegance and a class which is not overbearing but meets the eyes in a harmonious agreement. No matter which option you choose, you will have a stunning wedding nonetheless.

The Gazebo Event Center option offers a magical view of the shimmering Lake Travis as you say your vows under the arch of the vintage gazebo which is delicately laced with winding wisteria. As you promise all your tomorrows to the love of your life, your guest can cheer for you as they marvel at the glorious scenery in front of them. Exquisite views of the lake aside, the outdoor wedding comes with wonderful shade and a charming outdoorsy feel. Let our wedding photographers in Austin suburbs capture the romantic elegance of gazebo and the natural beauty of the area in some gorgeous frames! In this package, you can take advantage of the stunning patios with lighted live oak trees which will add a bit of dazzle to your wedding reception.

The Event Center is recently refurbished and is adorned with dark wood floors and vaulted ceilings, providing you with a moody backdrop to design your dream wedding. The neutral hues contrast with the deep woody tones of the floor, creating the perfect setting for our wedding photographers in and around Austin to capture some candid shots of the evening. Moving to the second event space, the venue comes with gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows allowing your guests to take a peek at the sparkling Lake Travis.

The duo of the Arbor and The Travis Room includes the arbor and covered outdoor ceremony space with a contemporary feel, perfect for your wedding ceremony. The Arbor provides majestic views of the sunset and is complemented by the grand oak trees and surrounding greenery. The Travis Room offers the perfect setting for an intimate wedding reception and comes featuring shiny wooden flooring, sparkling chandeliers, and abundant natural lighting to ensure that our Austin wedding photographer gets that perfect shot. A stunning location that can easily accommodate 80 wedding guests, this is the perfect choice of event space if you are having a smaller wedding. There is refreshing complexity in the event space as the rustic and simple ceremony space contrasts yet compliments the reception space perfects. Let our wedding photographers in Austin and its suburbs capture the ceremony silhouettes with striking details and the splendor of the wedding reception in all its glory!

Vintage Villas Hotel & Event is a full-service wedding venue offering two gorgeous event venues but that is certainly not all that it offers. Along with its aesthetically stunning views and spaces, Vintage Villas comes with its stunning range of unmatched customer service from their skilled event staff and coordinators. They also have an experienced catering team that works diligently to ensure you have a wedding day that you absolutely love and perfectly suits your tastes and theme. A wedding day which is the closest to your dream wedding as possible that the Vintage Villas Hotel endeavors towards. The team works intimately with the couple to ensure that the wedding day is nothing short of a dream. The venue’s experienced staff will assist you through every aspect of your wedding starting from the ceremony to the reception, rehearsal dinners, and overnight stays, and more! The service includes all-inclusive packages and accommodations, in-house bar and catering, outside vendors, wifi, along with assistance in planning your event. The wedding venue also offers tasty and savory cuisines that will win your guests' hearts. They work closely with you to create a customized wedding menu, and deliver fresh and artfully curated meals!

There are days which are good and then there is a wedding day. A day you will always want to look back with fond memories in heart and smile on your face. Every bit of preparation done to make your wedding day special is worth the happy memories. You want this day to be special in every sense of the word. Weddings are special as it is, but sometimes a wedding venue comes along and adds its own special touch of ‘special’ to it, making it a truly enchanting backdrop that your dream wedding deserves. Vintage Villas Hotel & Events with its special golden sunshine and blue waters and romantic vibes climbing up the gorgeous gazebo, this wedding location will steal the couples' hearts away and make their ‘I do’ moment a truly magical one. While marriages are made by two hearts, weddings are made by a village of people, and the Vintage Villas ensures your wedding day makes you smile even decades down the road. Each memory captured in your wedding album will be a treat to go through and relive, so that you can live through your wedding day again and again, forever!

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