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The Historic Piedmont Room Wedding with an Elegant Makeover!

Your perfect wedding day is a picture that is brought to life by strokes of colors brought in by various factors. Each little thing has an important role to play in this. Be it the perfect dress or just the lighting or maybe it is the wedding venue that you chose. Speaking of wedding venues, it has a remarkable role to play in completing the masterpiece that your wedding is. It provides the perfect set-up for you to paint out your wedding day and essentially give your dream wedding the perfect destination. If you are a couple who is knee-deep in wedding planning and are from the lovely city of Atlanta, and have chosen this stunning city to be the perfect canvas for your special day, we applaud your decision, and can’t be happier for you and your significant other.

Atlanta is surely a city that is easy on the eyes and you can’t help but fall heedlessly in love with. Dressed with sweeping skylines and vibrant sunsets, Atlanta holds the coveted position as the capital of Georgia and has a world of beauties and possibilities laid out in her lap. An engaged couple will surely find many treasures in this city to capture in the pre-wedding photoshoot and even for artistic post-wedding photography, the options are many and each one more stunning than the last. Right from the glorious Centennial Olympic Park to the old-school World of Coca Cola museum, from the Georgia Aquarium to the Atlanta Botanical Garden, the city is strewn with photo opportunities to blow your mind and add gems to your wedding photo book in the most special way. Be it photo locations or picturesque wedding locations, Atlanta comes with options to sweep you off your feet. Flavored by the juxtaposition of southern charm and fast-moving city life, Atlanta has a unique persona of its own. Among all the glorious stars which shine brightly in the name of Atlanta wedding venues, there is one special wedding venue that shines with a  special twinkle of its own.

Standing proudly in the heart of the city, this wedding location gives the couple and the guests a true taste of Atlanta- a piece of nature with the city lights not too far! The Piedmont Room and Piedmont Garden Tent are two of the most acclaimed and one-of-a-kind wedding venues in Atlanta, Georgia. Both of the wedding locations are situated in the heart of Midtown Atlanta and its suburbs are known for their unique ability to blend the historic charm of the location with contemporary elegance. Being situated quite close to the Atlanta Botanical Garden, this is the perfect location in case you or any of your guests want to drop by this tourist location to just visit or take a couple of photography shots in. With several of the best restaurants in the area and all convenience at hand, your wedding guests can hop out before or after the wedding day for all the fun activities out there. However, speaking specifically of The Piedmont Room, it is surely a wedding venue that swiftly whisks you into an enchanting world of its own. Constructed in 1928, The Piedmont Room was a building originally built as horse stables for the local racing enthusiasts and has gone through its own varying stages of fabulous transformations, each more enticing than the last. From 1928 till the late 1970s, the venue was the golf course clubhouse and the official Men’s Club. Later it grew towards being a center for hosting special events since the late 1990s. It has now graduated to some of Atlanta’s most proficient special occasions. 

You surely don’t need much convincing when it comes to this gorgeous location, as it woos you in the first step towards it. The gorgeous rustic outdoors complete with stone details along with the iron clad entry is instantly arresting. The original Stone Mountain granite walls and the romantic ivy-covered windows spruce up the foyer while the main room carries quite a modern feel with soaring windows, dark bamboo hardwoods, and gorgeous ceilings. Armed with the capacity to hold 50 to 200+ guests, The Piedmont Room is ideal for a small wedding brunch to a full-on reception with the whole nine yards. The Piedmont Room features dramatic thirty-foot ceilings and comes with 5,500 square feet of space, enabling you to create the wedding day of your dreams. The magnificent twelve-foot windows offer stunning views of the Piedmont Park and the Midtown skyline, enthralling your guests with the perfect wrap-around scenery. This is also the perfect window for your Atlanta wedding photographer to capture the newly-married couple against the gorgeous backdrop. 

The Garden Tent comes adorned with soaring ceilings with white silk lining and remarkable crystal chandeliers and ivory cushions and table linens and checkered dance floor, ensuring a good great time ahead. The festive white Chinese lanterns dress up the evening, adding to the merrymaking and festivity of your special day. However, it is the stunning skyline that steals the show, as the location boasts of a rich history with a skyline view to take the newlywed’s and the guest’s breathe away! Warped around in a gloriously unique setting, The Piedmont Room casually looks out towards the Piedmont Park and the Midtown Atlanta skyline, setting the most romantic mood, which is perfectly apt for something like a wedding!

The Piedmont Room with its ivy-covered details, castle-like building, and iron-clad touches set quite a romantic mood for your special day to come alive in. The rustic touches of wood and stone provide just the perfect balance while the glittering chandeliers add to the subtle elegance of the event spaces. The contrast of the historic Atlanta wedding venue and the wide-open windows and natural lighting work perfectly, preventing the wedding venue from looking dated or stuffy and rather opens it up to a stunning view. Let our Atlanta wedding photographer capture the precious moments with the most gorgeous backdrops. Whether it is capturing candid moments by the large iron-gate entrance, or the lovely Atlanta skyline peeking through the wrap-around windows of the reception area, this wedding venue is full of promise and warmth. The stories of yesteryears, the remarkable beauty of the location, and the beautiful scenery surrounding the area, all the elements come together to create an epic wedding day for you and your special one.

Being a full-service wedding venue, The Piedmont Room & Piedmont Garden comes with on-site catering and event coordination along with bartending services, a gorgeous bridal suite and add-ons like tables, linens, gold Chivari chairs, and more! From a classy wooden dance floor to optional staging, The Piedmont Room comes with every bit of flexibility to enable you to make your wedding day just as special as you imagine. With the most enchanting romantic corners for your Atlanta wedding photography to come alive in and a setting that will wow your guests and keeps them talking for years, The Piedmont Room is the perfect home for your wedding dreams. A wedding venue is best defined by their crew of people who ensure all services are smooth in operation. The staff is responsible and eager to help, which ensures that your wedding day is a smooth series of events and will be perfectly flawless.

All said and done, we are sure that The Piedmont Room will surely capture your heart in the most charming way. From being a charming building with rustic touches to the most quaint and beguiling decor details, The Piedmont Room enthralls one from the moment one sets foot in the property. If you choose to get married in this stunning location, you will be blessed with an enchanting setting that will grace your wedding album in the most special way, adding a special something to it which you can't deny. From the moment you arrive at this location until the time you take your official wedding exit, The Piedmont Room will be an exhilarating experience every second of the way. You couldn’t tell whether it is the historic charm that whispers tales of yesteryears or it is the rustic elegance of the place which makes you feel quite at home, but it all works together, and the result is endearingly enchanting! When you ride off into the sunshine, with your new spouse in hand, you will be so happy you chose this location as the one to be your canvas.

The Piedmont Room

500 Tenth Street NE
Atlanta, GA   30309
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