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Viva Magenta: The 2023 Pantone Color That Screams Blushing Bride


We love weddings, and we love talking about what to look into when you’re planning your wedding. Above all, we love Pantone! Pantone’s Color of the Year has been one of our favorite brain fodder for years now. Every year, Pantone brings out a beautiful, and unique shade. This prompts us to think a little deeper to understand how these colors can be incorporated into a wedding in any season. From discussing the beauty of the color to the wedding details, we have it all! In today’s blog, we’ll talk about the latest Color of the Year, and then talk about how you can incorporate this into your wedding planning. Today, however, we’re going to use the color of the year specifically for a bride


Viva Magenta Pantone’s Color of the Year 2023


Pantone, the authority on color, has just announced its Color of the Year for 2023, Viva Magenta 18-1750, and it's a showstopper right off the bat. This vibrant, bold fuchsia-meets-red hue is described by Pantone as "brave and fearless," and we couldn't agree more. In fact, we're already envisioning how this color is going to make a statement in the world of weddings, be it a moody fall wedding or a delicate summer wedding. Viva Magenta is a pulsating shade that exudes confidence and makes you think of a joyous, optimistic celebration. It's a color that's rooted in nature and descending from the family of red shades, with a new signal of strength that's sure to inspire anyone who sees it. And, while it may be bold, it's a color that's versatile enough to be incorporated into any wedding style, whether you want to go all-in on a magenta-themed celebration or simply add a pop of color to your wedding theme, or even go for a regal-esque wedding theme, which we’ll get into in a bit.


To us, the appeal of the color comes from the fact that it is full of vim and vigor, inviting experimentation and self-expression without restraint, which we love. It's a boundless shade that welcomes everyone with its rebellious spirit, making it perfect for couples who want to break away from tradition and create a celebration that truly reflects their unique personalities. The Viva Magenta is also a color that's deeply connected to nature and the real world. It's descended from the red family and inspired by cochineal, one of the most precious and brightest dyes in the natural dye family. This gives the color a primordial quality that connects us to the forces of nature and helps us build our inner strength. With Viva Magenta as the Color of the Year for 2023, we can't wait to see how couples incorporate this vibrant hue into their wedding design. From bold, eye-catching floral arrangements to stunning bridesmaid dresses and unexpected accents, the possibilities are truly endless. So, if you're planning a wedding this year or in the coming years, don't be afraid to embrace this brave and fearless color and create a celebration that's truly unforgettable with the ideas we have, or more!


Incorporate the Beauty of Viva Magenta to Create Your Bridal Look 


Since our blog is centered around creating the perfect bridal look, we will get into bridal accents and pretty ways to make your wedding day look perfect. And then, before we conclude the blog, we will also add a few more ideas that you can include in your wedding, only because we love the color so much! 


  1. Wedding Dress Everything Starts Here


Your wedding day’s look is as important as the wedding decor ideas and the wedding venue. The look you decide to go with is not only for your satisfaction, but also for amazing photos, and stunning portraits to remember the day by. What’s more, since you’re stepping into a new chapter of your life by marrying the love of your life, it only makes sense for you to dress the best and be the showstopper of your show. That said, we have a few ideas that you will definitely love. One of the first ideas that you can incorporate into your wedding look is to choose a Viva Magenta bridal dress. Since this color is bold, refreshing, pops out of the surroundings, and is quite romantic as well, we feel that straight or A-line dresses will look good, but not as good as ruffle wedding dress choices. Also, we feel that a princess bridal gown will be befitting for the shade. Another type of wedding dress that we are absolutely sure will rock in this color is the ball gown wedding dress. To be honest, any wedding dress with frills and ruffles will look stunning in this color. If you’re looking to put in an order for a customized wedding dress, you can even have your designer create an ombre effect with the ruffles in the skirt. The ombre can go from Viva Magenta to deeper and darker shades, the last stage being black, or can go the other way, which is to say it can go into lighter shades with the last one being a pink-ish shade. 


Another idea that we have for your wedding day look is to choose a lovely viva magenta evening gown that exudes opulence. This can be your second dress for the day. If you’re into changing outfits for your reception party, and think that you’d love the traditional ivory wedding dress for your wedding ceremony, then this idea is the best. A second outfit helps you not only incorporate the color but also helps you stand out and give you mesmerizing photos! This will help you attain the perfect look without moving away from pristine wedding dresses. Unlike your wedding gown options, which we listed above, here just about any kind of dress will give you the look of perfection. 


  1. Accessories to add the Pop The Details to make your Look Complete 


For the brides who are looking for a traditional look, with ivory wedding dresses, we have more ways through which you can exude the charms of this beautiful Pantone Color of the Year. Instead of looking for a wedding dress in this color, you can simply choose the perfect accessories to go with it. In this section, we’ll list down a few bridal accessories that will help you add a few accents to your overall bridal look, all the while making viva magenta a part of your outfit. The first thing that you can have in the color is a pretty pair of bridal shoes. You can choose to have velvet heels or go for glitter-laden pumps, the choice is yours. Whether you have a short wedding dress or one with a long train, these shoes will make your wedding outfit sparkle! Another way to add more touches of shade to your beautiful look is to choose lovely bridal jewelry that matches the color. For example, you will find a bunch of limited-edition jewelry that will work perfectly for your wedding day. You can find the perfect viva magenta jewelry pieces befitting your wedding, and wear it with your outfit. Loads of jewelers across the country have rare diamonds and other precious stones in the shade. 


If you’re still looking for a few more ideas for your wedding look with Viva Magenta taking center stage, then worry not! Another way to add a few more details to your wedding day outfit is to add a beautiful belt. You can choose viva magenta broad belts for your wedding dress, or you can also have a big bow in the color. Another way to use the Pantone color is to use a clutch or purse for your wedding day. Purses and clutches are a great way to style, beauty, and ease. Purses, or clutches, are not only cute and stylish, but also help you carry around some of your essentials without a worry! You can also use pretty bridal pins for your hairdo to add this color to your wedding look. 


  1. Bridal Veil The Frills to Your Wedding Look 


Apart from this, another way to add the Pantone color is a pretty veil for your wedding day outfit! We love bridal veils, and we feel that it helps you add style and depth to your wedding day look. There are many kinds of bridal veils to choose from, and our favorite is the chapel-length wedding veil. However, there are others that look good with different kinds of wedding dresses. The kind of veil that will look the best for your nuptials will depend on many things. A few of those factors that you should keep in mind are the bridal hairstyle you’ll be rocking for the day, the kind of wedding dress if it has a train or not, and the details of your wedding dress. Apart from this, you should also consider your budget, and along with that, you should keep your wedding budget in mind. Also, the kind of wedding you’re throwing, like the aesthetic, the wedding venue, and the wedding theme will play a role in the choice of wedding veil as well. Lastly, if you’re choosing a veil for your wedding gown, you can choose a simple one or have one with studded rhinestones, pearls, or any other detail. 


  1. Bridal Make-up The Pretty Last Details of Your Wedding Look


The last step to having your “blushing bride” look perfect, all you need to do is choose the right kind of bridal makeup for the day. Viva Magenta is such a versatile shade, and you can choose a variety of styles to suit your preferences and your wedding day look. Let’s start with a subtle wedding makeup idea, instead of going all bold, you can have your wedding makeup artist add shades of pink, which transform to the deep shade of viva magenta as it progresses, with some glitter. For a subtle wedding makeup look with viva magenta in mind, you can also use glitter, or even pink glitter for your makeup. Another idea is to have dramatic eyes for your wedding look. The Viva Magenta palette is a great choice for dramatic bridal eyes. That aside, you can use make-up products that help you attain the look without using many steps. Some shades of lipsticks, blush, and eye shadow palettes can bring the Pantone color directly into your makeup. Now, for summer weddings, we feel that a subtle makeup look with light shades will be perfect. Summer brides usually go for softer make-up looks. And if your wedding date is planned for the fall season or later, then you can choose moody shades or even deeper and brighter make-up, your all-glam look will go well. However, the thing to remember is that there are no hard and fast rules. You can choose to have whatever viva magenta makeup idea you love for your wedding regardless of the season. 


Wedding Ideas Use Pretty Viva Magenta for a Romantic Wedding 


Since we love the Pantone color and have in the past, we understand that you’ll not only want to include this color in your wedding outfit and your makeup look, we know that viva magenta transforms your wedding aesthetic and vibe. So, apart from your picture-perfect bridal look, we have a few more ideas to make your wedding day look uber-stylish. 


  1. Colorful Accents


Let’s start with the surprising elements for your wedding day decor, which not only help you attain a dreamy look but also add a lot of styles. Accents can be anything, you can use a monotone or dual-tone wedding tablescape, and you can have magenta or viva magenta-like glassware. Another way to add this color to your wedding day look is to choose cushions in the color and pair them with escort cards or even the seating chart for your guests. Another cool way to add viva magenta accents is to add lovely ribbons to the mix, strictly for decor purposes.


  1. Floral Details 


If you want to go heavy on the color, you can use magenta flowers for your wedding floral decor. You can choose a variety of colors ranging from deep pink to magenta, from purple to lavender, which will help you create a wonderful look and make the entire arrangement look exactly like the viva magenta shade. For this, make use of the color inclusions or a palette to understand which shades will help you get the desired effect. Burgundy Double Impatiens, Lascar Verbena, Cerise Queen, Arcado Pink, and Spring Matrix Rose Pansy are some good choices to use for a viva magenta-inspired wedding floral decor. 


  1. Cocktails and Desserts 


Be it delicious wedding cocktails or lip-smacking desserts for weddings, you can use the Pantone Color for 2023 easily anywhere. Being versatile, you can absolutely find a wedding signature drink that imbibes the beauty of the color. A few cocktail drinks to serve at your wedding, which are perfectly “Viva Magenta” are the delicious The Fearless Club, the pellucid Pear With Me, the refreshing El Pavo Real, and the stoic Lost Upstate. For wedding desserts, let’s start with the most important one, your wedding cake! You can use a fondant frosting, with the viva magenta color, or have a marble print on your cake with streaks of gold, black, silver, pink, and magenta. Another way to bring this color to your wedding cake is to have a red velvet cake on the inside and pretty frosting on the outside. For a wedding dessert table, you can think of including lovely cookies glazed over with frosting in the color, or have cream-topped muffins! You can also have custom cotton candy, or ice cream with viva magenta as the color. Lastly, you can also have ombre macarons, raspberry eclairs with stuffed cream and frosting, hibiscus pastry with vanilla frosting and speckles of red and pink in it, pretty beetroot and raspberry brownies, and delicious chocolate pomegranate tart are good options. 


Although we have touched on bridal looks and some accents for your wedding decor and details, we have plenty of inspiration blogs that will help you choose the perfect wedding idea! All you have to do is use an idea that you like, and add the Viva Magenta to the detail you love, and boom - you have a Viva Magenta wedding idea. We have only mentioned the ideas and the things we think are interesting and important. You can tweak pretty much any idea as long as you have an idea about the color palette and the color family. We hope you have an amazing wedding with these ideas!


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