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April shower wedding tips!


Is there anything more magical and romantic than a spring wedding? From the abundance of spring-inspired wedding flowers decking up each corner of a wedding reception to pretty pastel hues getting translated in a dreamy garden wedding party, there is something indeed whimsical about the season. As the weather starts to warm up, nature becomes alive after the spell of winter, and days get longer, many brides around the world begin their new journeys, as the season of spring also signifies rejuvenation and renewal. From magical wedding color palettes featuring light pink, purple, lilac, powder blue, and white to picture-perfect table settings and centerpiece ideas featuring in-season blooms featuring daffodils, hyacinth, garden roses, and tulips, spring wedding inspirations can be a beautiful place to tie up your wedding planning details as our general advice would be to get inspired by this magical season itself! We also see so many brides planning their wedding to infuse the spirit of the season- from wearing pretty blooms in bridal hairstyles to getting floral bridesmaid dresses for a picture-perfect spring wedding!


So when you are planning for your dream spring wedding, from deciding on the wedding cake design to the last seam of your wedding dress, there is one thing you cannot control- mother nature! As unpredictable as it may sound, April showers can ruin some of your outdoor wedding plans. Even the most foolproof wedding plans can get slammed by April rains and it is always advisable to have a contingency wedding rain plan in place.


You might have a hard time believing that raining on your wedding day can bring good luck for not so surprising reasons. But wait, a rainy wedding day doesn't have to be a bummer! Sometimes raining on your parade can have some hidden benefits that can be surprising! In this article, we have come up with rainy day wedding tips that will make you believe that rain on your wedding day makes it likely that you are in good company! You can think of it in this way- ten years down the line, when you flip through your wedding photo book, the wedding day weather will be rather cherished and fondly remembered, and all the associated anxiety will be a forgotten chapter. After all, you will be marrying the love of your life and that is for a lifetime. In the grand scheme of things, a rainy wedding day is the last thing you will remember!


What if we tell you that the ball can be in your court if you turn things around in time and plan a rainy wedding day? So if your wedding forecasts say April showers, it's time to put your worries to bed! Firstly there is a high chance that the forecast turns out to be false and it wouldn't rain throughout the day, and even if it does just have a positive attitude and roll with the punches, and have a rainy day inspired wedding photo album that looks straight out of a Nicholas Sparks book!


Tips to tackle a rainy wedding day:


Go for a transparent tent reception 


"Rainy weather" does not necessarily imply "indoor wedding." The opposite is true! We adore the idea of renting a clear-top tent for a rainy outdoor wedding. The tent offers unobstructed views of the sky, the raindrops provide soothing white noise, and the romance factor will be amplified by the transparent roof. It will also create amazing wedding photo ops! To protect your guests from wet gusts of wind, make sure the tent has clear sides. If it's a cold day, you might also want to rent portable heating towers to keep your guests warm during the reception. You can also go for a large white tent for the reception if you are having an outdoor wedding! White tents are ideal for wedding receptions because they provide a defined space for you and your guests to celebrate, as well as beautiful lighting for wedding photos!


A venue with both indoor and outdoor event spaces 


When planning your wedding, be sure to book a wedding venue that allows you to use the inside or outside event spaces if there is a strong chance of rain on your wedding day, like April showers on spring weddings. If you are expecting rain then speak to your venue, they will no doubt have a plan in place, your drinks reception may be outside, and still can be, if it does rain then there is a room or area set up where your guests can move to. If you do this, you will have an automatic Plan B in case you need it. Large windows indoors would be ideal for letting in the soft light from outside, which would be great for photos and create a nice, warm atmosphere! Pick an area that is white and spotless and is ideal for a wedding photoshoot! 


Stay dry in style 


Hunter boots are in vogue right now, so why not pair them with your wedding gown? They will not only keep your feet dry, but a variety of colors and patterns such as bright yellow, vivid blue, gingham, and tartan can be matched with your wedding style. Think about how adorable a sneak peek of those wellies will look in photos! Just make sure you bring a change of bridal shoes so you can change into them on the dance floor comfortably. Also, to protect your wedding dress against rain, you can rent a bridal petticoat so that it can lift the hem of the wedding gown up ever-so-slightly and keep it from dragging on the ground. You can also ask your bridesmaids or flower girls to hold the train of your wedding dress as you walk to different photo spots or even when you walk down the aisle. Or wear a short wedding dress and pair it with gorgeous waterproof flats altogether as a solution to all problems!


Umbrellas are a must


Just like we love creative engagement photo props that bring out the best in a couple's chemistry, we love innovative wedding photo props that celebrate the unique personalities of a to-be married couple! And what can be a better prop for a rainy wedding day than clear transparent umbrellas? Clear umbrellas are the best choice for rainy day wedding photos because they don't block the view or cast shadows on the faces. If you want to take pictures outside, you will need an umbrella or two for you and your partner. For the group wedding shots, you might want to consider giving them out as bridal party gifts. Umbrellas as wedding photo props have been around to keep the rain off of wedding guests since at least the 1700s! Gorgeous transparent umbrellas are ideal for a rainy day wedding photoshoot because they allow the soft light from the sky to shine through! Your skin and clothing will appear as they would on a normal cloudy day without rain. Bring a couple of clear umbrellas to the wedding day, but if you know it's going to rain on your wedding day, we strongly advise you to buy some for your family and bridal party to use in photos. These transparent umbrella thoughtful wedding gifts will look adorable while keeping everyone dry! 


Get some epic rainy day wedding photos 


If it appears that rain is in the forecast for your wedding, don't worry: your wedding photos won't be harmed! We have a list of creative rainy wedding photos that wouldn't be as magical without all the thunder or lightning! You will understand what we are talking about if you have ever seen wedding photos taken in the rain. The mist and soft light create a romantic atmosphere that is difficult to replicate on a sunny day. Not to mention all of the fantastic rainy day photo props available, such as clear umbrellas and bright rain boots. Many wedding photographers will even tell you that shooting on a cloudy or rainy day is their favorite for all the razzle-dazzle and extra drama! And we haven't even talked about the best part. What comes after a hard and strong shower? A rainbow! A rainy wedding day could lead to a rainbow photo session; that’s why wedding drizzles are actually a good thing. Mother nature's arch can be your ultimate dreamy wedding photo backdrop on a rainy day!


Hire professional bridal hair and makeup 


We all are fans of DIY wedding details and inspirations. But if you are on the fence about hiring a professional hair and makeup artist for your wedding because you are trying to save money, a storm in the forecast should hopefully sway your opinion and convince you that you need one! On a wedding day in the heat, rain, or snow, a professional hair and makeup artist is essential. We strongly advise using one at any time of year for any professional photoshoot, but it is especially important when dealing with inclement weather. The right bridal hair and makeup artist will make you look stunning in photographs and will know how to help you prepare for your rainy wedding day. Their makeup is designed to last all day, and they can even help you with a storm-proof updo hairstyle! We want you to look stunning to rock the rainy day bridal look, and make the most of your drizzly wedding day! 


Plan for a 100% rainy day 


When planning a rainy wedding day, the best advice is to keep your expectations low and assume that it will rain the entire day. With such low expectations, whether it rains all day or just a little for part of the day, it will still be an amazing experience. We also recommend sticking to your timeline as closely as possible on your wedding day, assuming perfect weather. Enjoy yourself at your wedding and do what you want!


Taking care of yourself and loved ones


When you are trying to make the best of the rain on your wedding day, it's crucial to remember to look after yourself. Bring towels for yourself, your family, and your bridal party, just in case you get a little drenched. Also, bring an extra pair of shoes that you are comfortable wearing with your wedding gown. Bring an extra pair of shoes and socks for your partner as well. There isn't much worse than walking around all day in wet shoes and socks. Consider serving warm drinks at your luncheon, dinner, cocktail hour, or wedding reception. You and your guests will be cheered by hot chocolate, coffee, or wassail! Setting up a coffee or hot chocolate station for your reception can be a great start for a rainy wedding day!


Create your own photo ops 


A drizzle or downpour clears the streets of people and cars, so you will have those charming streets to yourself. Stroll through the wet empty streets with your sweetheart by your side after the wedding-day rain if you want to take photos on a busy street or walkway which wouldn't have been possible on a normal sunny day. The shared umbrella pose is one of the most intimate rainy-day wedding photo poses that we adore! This pose is reminiscent of old Hollywood, with a romantic appeal that is enhanced in black and white. Also, we understand how the first look is one of the most exciting parts of any wedding day, but an outdoor first look with a downpour is completely out of this world. Rain adds drama to these magical wedding photo moments, making them even more memorable and magical- almost like a fairytale scene.


Any couple planning an outdoor wedding ceremony should make sure their venue contract includes a weather backup plan, whether it's an indoor room, a covered outdoor area, or a last-minute tent setup. You will have something to fall back on if the weather forecast unexpectedly calls for rain on your wedding day and no need to panic.


There's no reason to let the rain ruin your wedding, whether it's a drizzle or a downpour. Stormy weather may not be what you had hoped for and it is true that no one chooses a wedding date while hoping for rain. But a shower on your wedding day is not as unlucky as you think and you have no control over mother nature's plans! The good news is that a shower is actually a sign of good fortune! And there's plenty of preparation you can do ahead of time to ensure that rain doesn't ruin your wedding day. So you don't need to be nervous about your wedding day variables like "what if my bridal hair turns frizzy?" or "what if my wedding dress gets ruined?" or "how will my rainy day wedding photos turn out to be?" If it rains on your wedding day it can actually be a good thing and the above-mentioned wedding planning details are just proof of that.


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