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7 Ways To Get Your Garden Party Started


 Spring is nearly in bloom. Before you know it, everything will be coming up roses—and tulips, and daffodils. Perfect timing for a garden party wedding theme, if you ask us. Nature practically does the wedding planning for you.


There’s something very Alice in Wonderland about this idea. It’s whimsical yet classically beautiful. Capturing the fresh, playfulness of the season, you can get lost in the vibrant imagination of nature. Here are seven easy ways to bring it to life.


Be a petal pusher

First and foremost, you need an abundance of fresh flowers. The more blooms, the better—from save-the-dates and succulent favors to invitations, programs and weddings signs.


Spring for seasonal blooms

Peonies and tulips are symbolic of spring with full, lush blooms and gorgeous color. Extra points for hand-tied bouquets or wedding centerpieces that are literally fresh from the garden.


Fresh fashion ideas

Halo your look with a flower crown to bring the theme full circle. And don’t be afraid to branch out with alternative dresses patterned with subtle (or bold) floral patterns. Love!


Take root

Get in touch with nature by choosing a venue with a great outdoor space. We love the idea of incorporating natural elements, like wood and wicker. Or, add some fine-feathered charm with accents of birds or woodland animals.


Wow with whimsy

Mix and match china or table settings to evoke a vintagey, tea party feel. Bite-sized apps and treats are a fun way to serve up the garden party wedding theme.


Floral favors

Let guests can bring a piece of nature home with them. Potted flowers, seeds and tea make the perfect favors.


Under your umbrella

Embrace the possibility of spring showers and have plenty of umbrellas on hand. They double as spontaneous shelter and charming photo props, especially in clear, patterned or solid complimentary colors.


Such a breath of fresh air.


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